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Golf R420 launch close! Plus 2016 MK7 facelift

The Volkswagen Golf MK 7 will get a facelift for 2016 which will debut at the Geneva Motor Show, and the Golf R420 will go in to production soon after.
We did think the VW Golf would get a facelift towards the end of 2016, but it seems like its arriving somewhat earlier and will debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

The facelift won’t be a huge one cosmetically – probably the usual bumpers, lights, colour and trim options – but it will be a bit more extensive on the technology front.

Auto Bild reports the 2016 Golf will be getting LED headlights across the range, digital instruments on the higher end models and a heads-up display too.

Other changes include the adoption of the electric powertrain in the Passat GTE for the Golf GTE, which will see an improvement for the Golf in both power and torque, and more three-cylinder engines to improve economy and emissions.

It also seems the early arrival of the facelifted Golf will mean an early arrival for the Golf R420 too.

It was reported last summer that the Volkswagen Golf R420 was due to arrive as a production take on the R400 Concept – becoming the quickest production Golf ever – by 2017, but it seems it will now arrive this year instead.

All of which may help shine a slightly more positive light on VW at Geneva. Unless we have any more damaging dieselgate news in the meantime!!

source: cars uk
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Interesting. Only six odd weeks until Geneva, so not long to go until we know for sure what the facelift model has in store.

same news (i.e. none) as the last few weeks worth of non conclusive autobild "reports"?
News without any facts whatsoever isn't news - its speculation

Will be fast though :)

belfast col
Feb 03 2016 10:49 PM

News without any facts whatsoever isn't news - its speculation
Will be fast though :)

"Will be fast though"....is that speculation?

Having had the thread about this for the last couple days, this is something I personally don't want to think about. HUD and digital dash are awesome! LED lights would be awesome. Gesture control not so awesome!


Good timing for all the guys who's leases are up though!

"Will be fast though"....is that speculation?

yes - was an attempt at irony  :imnew:

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Bad timing for me... taking delivery of my second R in silver next month :cry:


I did check with the dealer whether the R 420/ 400 was due soon!

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I wouldn't worry, if you'd waited then you know the Mk8 is the next one due so you are always chasing the latest model / facelift. 

Nick the Greek
Feb 04 2016 08:56 PM
Life is good. Golf R 400 BMW M2 What's not to like?
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interesting interesting!  think i will be waiting till geneva ms before making mind up on getting one of these new/used.. :cheesy:

Anyone know if dealers have taken deposits on R400/420 (whichever they are going to call it !!)

When I bought my R my salesman suggested only one car/deposit per dealer ?

Spoke to two local dealers today. One said this car is nothing but a concept at the moment and he can't take any deposit on a car that doesn't even exist, the other said the car is possibly going to happen but really no guarantees and he would take a small deposit to secure a first order or just put my name on his list and call me. Both said that it's unlikely to be a limited run anyway so I wouldn't miss out I'd maybe just have a longer wait than others without an early deposit.

Well, I guess it is a step closer now. Only time will tell I suppose.

Tiger's Wood
Feb 17 2016 01:49 PM

I wouldn't be surprised if LED lights are offered as an option but I can't see them being standard across the Golf Range.  Might be standard on the GTE though as they'll be looking to use as little electrical power as possible on auxiliary systems.  Probably the R420 too as it's a flagship/ halo car.


As regards the virtual cockpit, almost certain to be an option and not standard on anything (except maybe again the R420 and GTE).  With the Passat you need to have the Discover Pro option too, if you want the virtual cockpit display option.