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  2. Official MK7 Golf R Order thread - Part 2

    Is yours going into Grimsby and went into transit on 08/03/17 by any chance?
  3. Definitive / Official weights of wheels.

    More anecdotal weights (with tyres) But you can pretty much reckon that @ 9.5-10Kg a flow formed ally Pret with be minimum 1kg per corner before tyres, lighter the (always heftier) cast iron Cadiz or Santiagos items, whose designs also do feature a lot more metal than do the thin-spoked Prets. Reduced unstrung weight is desirable. Some say each 1kg saved is equivalent to 8kg chassis weight saving.... <<When cast aluminium alloy wheels upstaged pressed steel rims, significant gains were possible in chassis performance, and the science has continued to progress with forged alloy wheels.>> The Effects of Unsprung Weight on Suspension & Handling
  4. BCS Powervalve - Just do it...!

    No problem Paul Cheers Nige
  5. Handling when pushing it hard

    I know I know. I only use eco going to and from work. Steering wheel did bite my left hand
  6. Top Gear

    Yes, fewer American cars, please. However, this is clearly being done by the BBC to sell the show to the US channels for better money and/or make it more attractive to US viewers (without Clarkson & co. ?).
  7. Handling when pushing it hard

    ECO Mode? ECO bloody mode? do you hate your car? no wonder it tried to bite you. with it being DSG, try to use Sport more rather than just pushing the accelerator harder. personally I prefer having individual setup with some of race settings and have sound on eco in order to get rid of that fake bollox.
  8. Latest Additions

    It needs a bloody good clean inside and out - hopefully weather at weekend will bring out the sponge
  9. Handling when pushing it hard

    Might be just a one off then. Tyres are continentals all round. Car has been fine up until that day this week I pushed it harder. i'll it down to being a one off and maybe in the wrong gear. I had it in eco mode and didn't intend to floor it but the car in front of me was doing my head in and just wanted to get past him by this roundabout. For me the car I find very very fast a lot quicker than my S3 so maybe I just wasn't quite ready yet. I have the weekend to myself so I was planning to try out race mode a bit more on some quiet roads
  10. Air dryers & blowers

    Yeah but even detailed to high heaven it still looks sh!t. 😁 Joking, joking.
  11. Handling when pushing it hard

    That ^ And decent tyres (not Bridgestones) too! Check the various topics on tyres already here, you can't miss them. And yes, misalignment can upset the handling so good more to get it tested/adjusted.
  12. Irish R owners thread

    I've heard the MK8 will start appearing around the middle of next year but the performance versions usually take a while longer. So I'd say it'd be 2020 before we see the GTI, maybe longer again for the R. I can see myself looking too when that happens
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  14. Handling when pushing it hard

    If the car drives OK under normal conditions.....are you sure it's the car?
  15. Irish R owners thread

    You are correct Joe. I think I’ll hold on to it unless a good offer arises. Will be taxing it soon and not convinced I want to sell. Will try dealer when getting serviced next month. Wonder when MK 8 will be ready?
  16. BCS Powervalve - Just do it...!

    I'll give you a bell next week Nige, or even call up, I'm only 40mins away through the pipe, no pun intended.
  17. Air dryers & blowers

    I wouldnt bother with the Chemical Guys blower..its so loud
  18. Latest Additions

    I think I might get one of these, you need to clean your brake pedal to match 😄
  19. Clear Bra

    Yea its really bad here with the amount of salt and grit, and my last car was peppered with chips, even the studs from other car tyres fling off when your behind other drivers and can make some deep chips, so i think i will go for it. i am going to buy a pre cut kit and get a mate who works with wraps to apply it, the kits are 250€ and up.
  20. Definitive / Official weights of wheels.

    Have you tried just asking the VW parts department, this is likely on their system as it's a requirement for transportation.
  21. Handling when pushing it hard

    Was it just the one time that you nearly lost it? quite possibly you hit some fuel. used to live near a roundabout in Cambs that was just up from service station used by lorries, quite a few bikes and cars lost it due to fuel spilling from lorries, including at least one fatality. was the road cold, damp etc this time of year tyres can be skittish, both summers and winters can be on their tolerance levels. with its front wheel bias it is harder to kick back out, in my 330d xdrive you could quite readily get back end out. As mentioned pairs of tyres and full alignment check.
  22. Air dryers & blowers

    On reading your original Blaster review, especially the vacuum function, I am reminded what a joy it is to look after the FLR interior dash TFT screen, compared to the filly instruments and dials on the original . Screen is proving to be easy to clean (ladies make -up soft brush, then G6 perfect glass and merkin), harder than Perspex and all together a better proposition. 😀
  23. Handling when pushing it hard

    My suggestions are changing the tyres as a pair, wheel alignment/ geometry check. Chris at Centre of Gravity is one of the best around for geometry( raving reviews from 911 owners)
  24. Handling when pushing it hard

    I find that you still have to come off the throttle slightly (or sharply( to get back to move out any (or a lot). By booting it into apex, then easing the loud pedal, weight transfer does the rest. In steady-state hard cornering i.e. balanced throttle to apex, then power it, I find that the front weight bias makes rear just follow. Maybe with more steel behind the rear axle, the weight transfer effect is more apparent.
  25. Handling when pushing it hard

    Summer tyres, cool temps, greasy roads? Not best time of year to be assessing ultimate grip and balance. 🤔
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