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  2. What number are we on now??!! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. If you don't mind me asking, what induction kit and exhaust did you opt for? These are two things I've been researching for my R!
  4. Would love to see some pics of how the beast sits on the new VWR coilovers, especially now that it's had time to settle after a few miles. Torn between the VWR TrackSports and KW ClubSports at the moment.
  5. Just been on vw chat and they say my car is at the dealers!!! Going to give them a call [emoji4][emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. The roccos not the best car for the wet tbh lol, I nipped over to maxtreme this morning to have a chat on where to go with my car power wise, and yes I did just cruise along at 50mph in 6th gear lol better to be safe than sorry I say
  7. I'm going to add a vote to the Q car/ glad my standard R doesn't have a rorty exhaust note. Had Scooby PPP for 12 years, and now wife & neighbours much happier each morning not to be woken up But will probably Stage 1 in a year's time when it's 3 years old for some added thrill. Don't get enough opportunities to chuck it about; hope to rectify with NC500 trip in the autumn
  8. Welcome and both cars look nice. Rocco R are cool in white and always wondered why no AWD like sibling Golf? How do you get the power down especially in days like today? Will look out for your threads. Happy motoring :-)
  9. I bought them off eBay I'll try find the link later currently at work. In the mean time you'll need 10X M14 X 1.5 radius seat 40mm in length and 10x M14 x1.5 45mm in length. Same goes for locking wheel nuts if you'll be fitting them 2 of each above. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. I would guess you need those but with longer thread length to suit the spacers.
  11. Hello, I'm hoping someone can help, I've just ordered the 11mm & 16mm Forge spacers for the standard Cadiz wheels, can someone please tell me where to get the correct bolts or what size I require? Many Thanks
  12. Same here Greg, loved the mk2 since it arrived in 2009, it used to be my wife's daily driver, very expensive though to run, trips to the petrol station were a regular accurance, especially if I ever went out in it because I'm a great believer that a car should be driven and the rs was a drivers car! ! ! All the rs fanatics rant about how the 5 cylinder engine is so great though, yet I didn't get it, as the engine came out in about 2002 as it was in the old volvo t5.
  13. Think week 36 is the 11th sept (may be wrong) I'm build week 25 ie this week. also, I echo your sentiments on leather, I do a big mileage and leather always gets baggy and saggy...(perhaps it's my Hugh Jarse !) 2k£ to be too hot in summer and too cold in winter seems a bad deal to me , however the nappa carbon leather looks Fabulous. once again, Welcome mate !
  14. AgentFruit: my budget only permitted T130S but it's a great colour and damned good bike just about got past the "what's wrong with your current bike?" inquisition as last bike was 6yrs old
  15. Cheers fellas With research on here I already knew more than the salesman at one franchise, to be fair he's only been there a couple of weeks after moving from another marque. Ended up getting it from another dealer anyway as they matched the Drive the Deal price. I did toy with the idea of leather but personally think although it looks better its probably not as comfy as fabric. It's also a lot of money to sit on a dead cow. Tried he app today, for some reason i cant log onto it or the web version yet. The dealer says due to popularity my build week is 36 which is the 1st September, with a 3-5 week build time after that. It's going to e a long three months!
  16. I think Splats is 6 (me too) as he came from the JB1.
  17. Some good info in here and suggested power increase - If you had asked me a week ago I would have said no to remapping the DSG as thought the stock clamping pressure could handle the extra torque. It will depend on how aggressive your settings are though. There's another thread on the DSG slipping which is worth reading -
  18. What's the difference between the Rocco & Golf 19" Cadiz?
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  20. Welcome, the R looks nice but I've always had a soft spot for the FRS.
  21. Sounds lovely, get up some pictures when you collect it.
  22. I think it really just depends on the dealership, I actually gave up trying to purchase my 'R' from VW Oxford, they wouldn't answer emails or return calls so I went elsewhere.
  23. I've done the same in the past but the Audi isn't a bad downgrade.
  24. BBT430 too. . . .
  25. Nightmare. I've decided to dial my settings back a bit more after reading this to the point I'm only requesting 4psi over stock at peak. Will log it later and see what it looks like. The benefit to this will be reduced stress on the clutch/turbo and hopefully it will be enough extra grunt to keep me happy. Otherwise I'll be swallowing the same pill until I'm ready for stage 1 + DSG map. I do intend to check my DSG oil level anyway, not so I can run more power, just because I now want to know now. I'll probably take it to an independent to get it checked/replaced properly though. Will also have a look at VCDS and an adaptation. The joys of trying to tune while keeping warranty!
  26. Is yours a 6 or 7 speed DSG?
  27. What stage of cleaning would you do this?
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