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  2. Ayrshire Plod.......Respect & Kudos !

    only experience ive had with traffic police.. turned right at a set of lights following 10 other cars all going right,walked into the road andstopped me and told me i was caught on camera at a no right turn and would be recieving 3 points... checked over my dash cam and he was right,it was a no right turn.but a van on the opposite side of the road blocked their patrol cars view just as my plate would have been in view 😅.
  3. Curbing? I think not

    So to add to my list of things I need to sort another was added today and it was caused by Protyre. See photos of same wheel couple days before and after tyre had been fitted. Protyre are trying to say my misses must have curbed it when she left even though she went straight home(we have a driveway so no curbs) then back to garage with in 5 minutes (yep we live that close its a 5 minute walk) Now I am no expert but to me the damage clearly looks like it has been caused by one of those tyre crowbar things? I struggle to see how you could even curb a wheel in such a way. So this week windscreen looks like it could be incorrectly moulded or hasn't been fitted 100%, either my coolant temp sensor or thermostat is playing up (car not staying at 90c, inconsistently between 70-90 on the physical dial on left) and now this wheel after having them replace two tires... Grrrrr, good thing is I am after to vegas soon for the fight yay. Sent from my HTC 10 using Tapatalk
  4. 7 spd dsg

    so no ones got round to a map for the 7 speed box then
  5. Ayrshire Plod.......Respect & Kudos !

    Lol had very similar a few times. had a spec run from Scampton - Woodhall Spa - Coningsby - Marham and back to Scampton. managed to get stopped twice and just have a warning, luckily not same lot:) for some reason they build airfields right beside great back roads
  6. Tiguan R five pot!?

    Low output too....[emoji47]
  7. I got some of the Pinalloy paddle extensions in yesterday, not sure about the lairy silver ones but the black ones with the silver milled + and - look great in my opinion. Anyway these are the one that come with the 3 grub screws to hold at the top of the bottom of the paddle so not packaged with any 3m pads. I've seen a few posts with people saying they bought some 3m tape for a more secure hold and to not scratch the paddles up, what tape would you recommend?
  8. Another good reason to get a DSG then.....[emoji23][emoji23]
  9. My other Car is a.....Honda CBR600F

    20/8/17... Managed to get 120 Miles in over the Weekend on the New Tyres and New Wheel Bearings etc, It is a totally different Bike to ride and is super smooth now. The New Tyres have transformed it to be honest and even though I have been scrubbing them in are already in improvement over the old BT021's which where like 50 Pence pieces. Had a really enjoyable ride out on Sunday morning around Derbyshire...
  10. My other Car is a.....Honda CBR600F

    Thanks! Yes they are a pretty decent All-Rounder with that Bomb-Proof Honda reliability too! It was a Yellow Y-Reg which I looked at first but sadly it had no Service History so I walked away but it was a lovely looking Bike! I keep wanting something newer and very nearly bought a Honda 2015 CBR600RR "Money burning a hole in my pocket" but decided against it and will keep enjoying this one for this Year at least. Thanks Shug! I think it was only a matter of time before I did my Test, I didn't think I would get into it in such a big way but I have the bug! You are correct about the Bike Gear, I bought all Alpinestars Textile Trousers & Jacket but which are great for All Seasons riding but I am now looking a some decent 2-Piece Leathers to have aswell. As for the Garage, I had a friend tell me its cleaners than his living room 😂
  11. Today
  12. Tiguan R five pot!?

    Then they could call it the Golf R MK 9 😃
  13. Stop complaining - it's just an extra 2 doors. Which gives you better access to the rear, easier to get out of, and the seatbelts are closer, and your tall mates can go in the back!
  14. That's only on the DSG version. The manual still gets 380Nm
  15. Official MK7 Golf R Order thread - Part 2

    Mine showed up straight away, but I don't know if the order was placed the day before.
  16. For a bit of foolery this is ok, but for anything beyond that pretty pointless. The RS3 is the quickest in a straight line? really? O, the shock. The automatic gearboxes are quicker than the manual ones? really/ O, the shock. You get the drift so will stop there. The Ford, VW and Type R are the most comparable if specced them up like for like, so you would choose one of these on preference of AWD over FWD and then whether you want your car to be be a decent day or a performance ride, or with the Golf R, both The Mercedes has more power and costs a lot more and even then I would still choose the R and that leave the RS which I love and would trade my R in without hesitation for, maybe get divorced in the process as try to convince wife that the huge uplift in house expenditure was worth it, but love the new FL version of the RS and in that grey too. But in the real world, the R is a justifiable selection because its competitive in performance and price with its peers, and out on the road is not just about the drag race, the R is a car you can genuinely live with 100% of the time and more so if a family man who has to be dutiful around his personal need for some performance in his ride - Took 5 adults, including two very elderly to a meal in total comfort Sunday, went for a very satisfying burst through some open A roads up North yesterday. So for some tomfoolery and to see a nice selection of performance across a wide band and colours to, great video, for any real usefulness, none!
  17. Frameless rear view mirror.

    No need to remove the roof trim sorry, was referring to the bit that attaches to the windscreen to hide the wires - looks like it’s in two parts an upper and a lower that just clips to the mirror mounting cast armature - with the upper ‘half tube’ part removed it’s free to rotate. On the Audi at least there’s no need to remove the lower part and the new mirror included this.
  18. A decent specced golf R through drive the deal is about 32k,cheaper than the focus RS and slightly more than the type R GT model. Video reviews are almost always based on track times or drag races,or how much fun they are on a B road,simple matter of the fact is unless you're very rich and buying one of these cars purely as a toy these videos are irrelevant,the A45 and RS3 are way way out of the golfs, focus and type r price range,the golf and audi are the only under stated cars of the 5 with interiors that i could live with every day,the focus RS interior feels and looks very cheap,infact worse than my fiesta ST,the civic type R is OTT on styling and the A45 although has nice interior isnt a very day to day thing,dont like the look of them neither. A stage 1 map will see a DSG golf R more or less keep with the RS3 and a45,and if thats what you can do with £500,whats the justification for the 60k pricetags.On the road,unless you're both great racing drivers,youre not going to see the difference in cornering ability,as anybody stupid enough to be taking these cars around corners on the public road at the limit wont have their cars for long. To me the audi dash looks very bland,almost like a renault megane,and the bmw 240 looks horrible on the rear end. The Golf,as it has done for decades,ticks every box it needs to for day to day life...
  19. Tiguan R five pot!?

    Excellent idea. I really like the new Tiguan and a hot model would be awesome! Hopefully they'll consider putting the Audi engine into a Golf R at some point in the future. That I would most definitely buy if the price was right.
  20. Pret concerns

    I have spoken to Pullman today. The good news is that believe I have claim and are going to process it to VW to say I need 4 new wheels, however they have said that as I have just bought the car it might get rejected!? I have to send them in my V5 (still to get this through with my Private reg on) and they are saying that a few claims recently have been rejected when a new owner (under 6 months) makes a claim, they says this has happened 3 times with people claiming issues with rusty wings and it being rejected as they are the new owners. When I asked the reason why this would be an issue (baring in mind the cars are all still under 3 year warranty), they said as the person buying it might have already used the issues to get money off the car and it should have been spotted?! So he suggested that another option was to wait the 6th months and they do the claim then. He does say I have a genuine claim though, so he must be suggesting that VW are going to be tricky about accepting this. I have said I will call him back and advise what I want to do. but of course I thought it best I come on here to see what you guys think? Thanks
  21. OEM Exhaust Tipps! Can they be changed?

    Look on Remus tips guys. Looks almost same. NVMotorsport sells them
  22. New to the family, just got a 2015 Golf R

    That colour is a 'grower'. Didn't like it at first. Find myself stopping to look at it now!
  23. Dealer just sent me through my order number How long does it usually take to be recognised on the vw tracking database ?, it currently says it doesn't recognise the number Thanks in advance Phil G
  24. Tiguan R five pot!?

    Of course the Audi 5 pot itself originally started life as a 2.5 VW-only straight five for the North American Jetta, before RS got hold of it (an changed it beyond recognition). http://jalopnik.com/5927227/audis-25-tfsi-is-five-cylinders-of-awesome They could still fit it in the Golf if they wanted..but that's not going to happen
  25. Thinking of getting a G7R

    One of the very few cars that looks great in both 3dr and 5dr guise. Embrace those extra doors.👍
  26. Thinking of getting a G7R

    Honestly I do like the 5 door version. I was looking at something like this: http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201707187479626?make=VOLKSWAGEN&price-from=15000&advertising-location=at_cars&zero-to-60=TO_5&maximum-mileage=35000&colour=Blue&year-from=2014&onesearchad=Used&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=New&price-to=25000&model=GOLF&radius=200&maximum-badge-engine-size=2.0&transmission=Automatic&fuel-type=Petrol&quantity-of-doors=5&sort=price-desc&postcode=b462dg&page=2 2015 (rather than 2014), low milage and price seems fair enough at a glance as still will need inspection etc etc.
  27. front assist also becomes unavailable if you've clocked up a certain number of warning symbols for being too close. I know I did exactly that but I swear it was the hills in Wales that did it, confusing the radar
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