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  2. Just had the res delete done

    So actually I'll enabme the exhaust flaps tonight and see how it goes.. as I drive on the mway everyday it may be an issue.. but that's what we have stereos and music for... Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  3. Active Display

    Gav, now I've got my car had a play today trying to set up what I have in the left and right dial, must be thick, could not find a way to get to alter the views. Step by step help would be very helpful.
  4. How much drone is drone?

    As already said it's completely subjective. It's my wife's daily and she loves it. I personally don't notice any drone just a slightly louder exhaust tone, and lots of pops and bangs 😜
  5. So I picked up my Golf R Today!

    Thank you, the plan is ideally it should be sold before new car delivery, I'd rather pay cash for new Mustang than have to finance it, but I do have some money aside so its not a 100% that I might sell it, as such it may be kept, hence why its being treated like a princess. As these are new to me, have I missed anything modification wise, also I looked at the turbo induction pipe after air box and it looks pretty girthy, not like it restricts, I will post a photo up, but I have read on these forums replacing the stock pipe is typically good for more ponies on a mapped car and if true at £150 seems like another quick easy must bolt-on. But yes, I want to try LC, but am going to wait until everything is serviced, it had a minor service 4000 miles ago, but now its in my ownership I just want to put my stamp on it and know exactly where I am with the car, not saying the previous owner did not look after it, I just want to be 100% and have peace of mind.
  6. Moderator Needed - Please View

    Ok. If that's the case I wont share the link. But what I will say is; 2100...check ebay
  7. Moderator Needed - Please View

    I totally understand and it's refreshing that you checked before posting. When anything is hinted at being for sale on here the norm is a mod will usually remind them all selling is to be done through classifieds so I'd expect the same to be true in your case. 👍
  8. Moderator Needed - Please View

    Thanks for the reply Ash. I'm close to the post count now anyway. I would rather leave the item listed on eBay, only due to the fact it is all set out with pictures and description. I was thinking of dropping the link in Mk7 Modifications for example.
  9. New Member - Owner since May 17'

    CQuartz is another one.. also good. Don't think these ceramic coatings do actually offer any stone chip protection though - certainly says that on Gtechniqs website. Would be be great to see some pics
  10. Moderator Needed - Please View

    You need a post count of 25 before you can access personal messages. You won't be able to communicate with anyone regarding the sale without PM so you'll need to get posting. If you want to sell via the forum I assume you will need to make an advert which will be approved. There is not a section on here to share eBay links therefore the usual classifieds rules will apply. You need 50 posts to post an advert. Best to wait for either @Booth11, @admin or @invisiblekid to come by and answer for definite. More information on classifieds can be found here:
  11. So I picked up my Golf R Today!

    Wow, that didn't take long to make your mind up and ditch the RS4 idea lol !Guess if your asking questions on a Golf R website your mind was pretty much made up, nice car you have and some tasty mods in store, gonna be a good buy for the next owner, IF YOU SELL IT ??????????? We will have to wait and see Enjoy 👍
  12. Hi from Newcastle :-)

    Welcome! 👍
  13. Spinning front wheels....

    Part number for the Haldex oil is G060175A2
  14. Spinning front wheels....

    For those of you changing the oil and removing the pump make sure that when you put oil back in you drive it a little then topup the oil again. I just drove mine a little on the lift ( Turn off traction control if you do this because if you don't it will go nuts ) it took an extra 100 ml or so after driving it. I changed my Haldex oil at 22000 Miles / 2 Years and it was in poor condition. My filter did not seem to be clogged up though.
  15. Hi there Well I sold my 500HP Mustang GT 5.0 (2016) beginning of this week and its replacement (2018 Mustang GT 10-speed) won't arrive until March/April next year and as I need another car thats good for Winter and I can't use my M3 track car (respray), I needed some wheels. After considering other cars like a GTR, B7 RS4 I decided to put my sensible cap on and get something that is just as quick across road, but does not cost a fortune to run, as such I picked this up today: Its a 64, 37k miles, DSG, 3DR, Lapiz Blue with an unmarked interior, full VW history, new ling long ditch finder specials on it which seem surprisingly grippy in the wet, but probably just me getting use to having AWD (Haldex). Its running a Celtic Stage 1 map, goes like a rocket, even though its a six month ownership proposal I take great care of my cars. So on the way home, full tank of Shell Vpower, yes sir! I've ordered the following for her: - Ram air panel filter - RS7 Spark plugs - Mobil 1 5W-30 VW approved oil - Oil filter - Sump plug - Brand new disc, pads all round Its going to Midlands VW for a major service using my above parts, DSG service, Haldex service, alignment and MOT. Midlands VW seem to get a lot of positive praise and they have being great replying to emails and their pricing seems super fair and they only use genuine parts. Once this is done, I shall book it in at Unicorn for a stage 1 high torque remap and a DSG remap. If I am then finding these ditchfinders struggling, I shall fit 4x Michelin PS4 or MPSS all round. In short that should have the car sorted for the next 12 months and will hopefully be around 370HP / 420lb/ft doing the quarter mile in high elevens, thats my hope anyway, gonna be a fun few months in the beast.
  16. Moderator Needed - Please View

    I have only used it previously as a base for advertising, I think you can privately message on there anyway...cheeky but saves the £.
  17. Moderator Needed - Please View

    To be honest I don't want the sale to go through on eBay. As you quite rightly said they charge you a lot of money for listing!
  18. Service book

    Quite a few on here and other forums would be quite happy to buy a car that’s got a stack of receipts from a decent inde. possibly better care over work that the average main dealer ...
  19. Moderator Needed - Please View

    I guess I’ll keep an eye on eBay in a little while then! (If you don’t hear from a moderator)
  20. Irish R owners thread

    I'm almost positive you don't need to do anything to the radar for wheel alignment. But if it is the other way around and you are calibrating the radar then you also need to do a wheel alignment at the same time. Anyhow I've had wheel alignment done twice without touching the radar and it still works fine. Don't waste your money.
  21. Spinning front wheels....

    Can anyone confirm the part number of the oil please. That or i might just reuse mine as it is so new.
  22. I got just under 14% including the £1k deposit contribution for finance, which I paid off by calling VWFS for a settlement figure after two days and then had 28 days to pay them the balance. Cost me £7 in interest payments ordered in April and used Car Wow quote with local dealer. Happy with that, which is all that matters. Will always be a better deal somewhere else at some other time, so go with the one that suits you
  23. Service book

    I have to agree ...
  24. Moderator Needed - Please View

    2100 it goes live. This was so that when the auction finished it would be at a time when people are sitting down relaxing, kids in bed etc.
  25. Moderator Needed - Please View

    Is it already listed on eBay?
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