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    The 6xxHP Beas7 - Guy's 6MT 7R

    Rolled the golf out for a few obligatory snow pics. Getting it back in nearly gave me a hernia [emoji23] Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
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    Akrapovic Exhaust

    Video here of the Akropovic
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    BCS and Unicorn review

    Well, I left the house at 0430 this morning for a 3.5 hour drive to BCS. The car was only serviced yesterday so its nice and fresh, and in good mechanical order, ready to receive some mods. Nige and his staff have a impressive set up and are a very friendly and knowledgeable. I was made comfortable in a nice waiting room and given Netflix and coffee to keep me happy for a few hours. I was shown the parts to be fitted beforehand as they cant be fully appreciated once woven through the engine bay, which is definitely worth while as the downpipe and resonator delete I was having fitted are truly exquisitely made. Being an engineer myself, I can really appreciate the skill that’s gone in to making both parts. Fitting took a few hours, then it was off for a test drive. Normal - slightly louder, and noticeably more pops/crackles and DSG farts. Race - considerably louder and comical pops and crackles. Basically, as I said to nige, I feel like I have had a 2 grand full system installed for half that. Plus its still switchable depending on my mood or if im attending a funeral 😄 Overall, very impressed with the product and service from BCS. 👍. Now with the hardware installed, it was a 30 min drive east to see Rick at Unicorn. Again great customer service. If I’ve got a coffee, a sofa and some car mags, I’m a happy man. The car had stage 2 map, throttle map, DSG map and ‘switchable impulse mode‘ all installed. The car made just shy of 390 bhp and 385 ft/lb. not bad considering Im on a factory intercooler. Supporting mods were... DIY modified OEM air scoop snow grate removal ram air panel filter forge intake pipe BCS 200 cell downpipe BCS resonator delete Most impressive was the power/torque curve. Very smooth and relentless power delivery. The throttle map is sweet as well, and does kind of do away with needing a pedal box, although I may keep it as I like playing with the settings, again, mood dependent. The dsg tune has made the normally redundant sport mode totally useable and has obviously upped the clamping pressure to deal with the extra torque. On to impulse mode... 😉 it’s truly comical. Had lost of fun on my way back, going through rush hour traffic in Glasgow sounding like I have anti-lag installed, or im letting off short controlled bursts with a Uzi 🤣 again its switchable, so you can just use it when the mood takes you. It is very loud though, even with a standard back box. I’ll try to get the mrs to film us going through the Clyde tunnel 😉 it’s definitely not suitable for use at a funeral 🤣🤣🤣 Again, I would recommend Unicorn. Very knowledgeable about this platform and very good maps. So another 3.5 hour drive home, and I can now say Im now happy with my car and am going to spend no more money on it! with the exception of a set of PS4s. And a couple of little cosmetic jobs. And probably a load of other stuff I’ve not thought of yet 😄 Lew.
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    Cayman GT4

    From a Golf R, to M4 to GT4, I'm still pinching myself... I can’t believe how incredible this car is to drive. The communicative feedback it gives you whilst driving along, be it at 10 mph or 70mph is telepathic. From the moment you sit in it (carbon buckets from the 918) you feel like you’re something really special. It's the best handling car I've ever driven. It isn’t like driving a boxster/cayman or 911 nor is it anything like the M4. It feels like the biggest and best go-kart you’ve ever been in. The car rotates around you from dead centre there’s so much balance and grip with laser pin point steering it feels like you can go twice as fast around corners than you’re willing to go. The M4 didn’t inspire confidence this thing is almost obnoxious saying yeah I did that corner last week at 500mph, come on mate lets go!! It’s a manual and wow what a box, short fast satisfying clunks reminds you how much fun it is to bang it through the gears. I drove up through Wales yesterday and then drove to Scotland today, 780 miles over the weekend on some brilliant twisty roads. This car reminds me of why driving can be a beautiful thing, meditative concentration and connection between man and machine. Simply stunning... untitled.jpg by Tom Gutteridge, on Flickr untitled-2.jpg by Tom Gutteridge, on Flickr untitled-3.jpg by Tom Gutteridge, on Flickr untitled-4.jpg by Tom Gutteridge, on Flickr untitled-2.jpg by Tom Gutteridge, on Flickr
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    How do you go fast?

    Wouldn’t be pootling along in Eco mode in the first instance. 😁 S manual.
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    Golf 7R Photos - Part 2

    It's definitely yellow.
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    Happy Christmas from us to you!

    Good afternoon all and in advance of the big day the chaps at VWROC Towers would like to wish you and your families a very happy Christmas and new year. It's been another record year for us and we'd like to thank you all for your inputs into the site, after all it's only as good as you guys make it. Also a very big thank you to our wonderful Mod team who work very hard behind the scenes. Your work guys is greatly appreciated as it takes many many hours to keep things running smoothly!! One final reminder is that the VWROC 2018 calendars are now in stock and available via the Store so if you haven't already got one please do before they go! Stay safe and thanks again to you all, wherever you are in the world. The VWROC team.
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    Golf 7R Photos - Part 2

    White Silver
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    After 300 miles mixed roads. Time to get up close and personal. Didnt do many before pics. Despite a few wet miles the coatings shed well. Wheels so so. Wanted minimal touch to try and preserve finish and above all the gloss black bits. - no brushes used, even around grills n badges and wheel spokes - no drying agent, or QD to finish. Here's the kit. NOTE I LEFT MY 2BM rinse bucket after having done car and wheels. Not too bad and very few bits n grits - in bottom With emphasis on pre-wash, rather than post wash tart up, I used Wet car from overnight rain to start with ( I would normally snow foam dry car). But wet car carries softened dirt Pressure wash all over. Pressure foam gun W4 Citrus foam all over then dwell Pressure Rinse Citrus pre wash 10:1 Di water handsprayed. sprayed over all black bits, wheels and tail pipes + under wheel arches Pressure Rinse 2BM with G wash and one cap ONR to slicken wash water and add more lube. Used Gyeon wool wit on paint and gloss black plastics, then Merino mitt on wheels, just tickling spokes with sodden fronds, determined don't to apply pressure or rub. I should have used small wheel woolly behind the Pret spokes at this stage (note for next time) Then I pressure rinsed. Then I connected up DI vessel with open hose and sheet dried. Car retained very little water on paintwork and gloss blacks. I used my Sidekick blaster over front end, and wheels then seams etc propelling most of water off car in process. Dab - dried with W Mammoth towel - except for a couple of sexy beady bits...that I clicked off. Didn't have to use adrying agent or any QD, then have to buff off and risk marring. Not even BSD Every panel crystal clear, smear and above all mar free. Wheels less successful - I had left a couple of brown bits behind the spokes where these meet the rim. But I used ONR and couple of MFs to remove. I shall use the tiny WWooly and a little W^ to work around the rim in future. Pics. MY FOCUS WASH ON THE GLOSS BLACKS Didn't even need to get these two out of the packet, so little hand drying needed. Another time I am impressed with the inside doors finish. Wheels not perfect, but not rubbed either. Going to finesse my method. Zero tyre dressing applied.. All comes together: The money shot: Brightens up a dull day, doesnt it. tidy garage, stack logs next. Thanks for reading.
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    OK, I wrapped my key in a piece of aluminium foil (yes, the same stuff I use on my head) and it would not open the car, even standing right beside the car. So - yet another good use for alli foil!
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    BCS and Unicorn review

    Here you go... This is just my iPhone camera, about 30 feet away. A few bursts in impulse mode, a couple without (switched to normal mode) so you can hear the difference, then flick it back into Race to activate impulse mode again...... Enjoy the snow! And this was a quick clip from inside the car, just showing how it sounds on the over run... Lew.
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    Don’t open your window when its been raining and your roof is wet. You’ll get soaked[emoji23]
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    What Warranty claims have you made?

    Thanks for all your help guys, my car has today been confirmed as having a major paint defect and VW are ordering me a replacement . I’m not a paint expert and this means nothing to me but apparently the paint depth isn’t sufficient and it’s showing early signs of top coat failure. Although the last month has been a total nightmare I can’t fault the way VW have handled this...granted they messed up the second respray but without me ever asking they suggested we cut our loses and they would order another one. I get to keep my old one in the meantime and the new one should be ready in 6 weeks ( apparently it’s being marked as a priority order...time will tell ) Happy ending at last!! Thanks again everyone
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    Cleaned the beast. Last clean was nearly 7 weeks ago. It's so nice to have a clean car!! Started with a bit of snow foam. Rinsed it off. Gyeon Q2 Rim make the wheels super easy to clean. Then my camera died. Also did: Normal 2 bucket wash. Wheels Wet Coat sprayed on and then rinsed Air Dried with Metrovac thingy Final towel dry Also gave the interior a vacuum and clean. Result: Yes, the blue sticker is still there. Clean Clean Clean 😁 (until it rained about 7 minutes after being finished)
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    I'm running reps without any issues at all:
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    How do you go fast?

    Leave them to it.
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    Just keep a fresh can of 'man up' in the glove box 🙃
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    Golf 7R Photos - Part 2

    Rear Diffuser Fitted Friday. 😎
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    Vas Motion (Guildford)

    Just like to say a big thank you to Gavin @ Vas Motion for sprinkling some magic on the car today. 😉 If anyone like me is sick and tired of the stealers BS finding a decent Indy is a godsend, truly knowledgeable and top bloke fully trained @ VW with all the dealer kit. Hopefully I've convinced him to make an appearance on here in the not to distant future. **I have no connection with the company but just a happy customer who gives credit where credits due.
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    BCS and Unicorn review

    Thank you for the kind words Lewis Throttle mapping is free of charge with the map - not all people want it though so we can customise. Impulse here is on it's most aggressive setting, active over 3500 rpm for a max of 3 seconds. Rick
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    What detailing have you done today?

    Washed the winter muck off.
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    Thats my golf in the above clip that got the bcs treatment today. Not long back to glasgow after my epic road trip. Big thanks to Nige and his staff. Highly recommend. Im gonna do a separate thread with a wee review 👍.
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    A Day at the Beach

    Had some great walks this week and some great drives (when I am actually allowed to drive lol). the car is actually filthy, but luckily Tornado Red seems great at hiding the muck Of course I had to get Ballach a coat to match the car Overall a great Dog in Wagon
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    Cheers all. ''Tis Crystal Serum Ultra (new) topped with Exov3. Asked Matt to put in extra time refining finish. Seems to have worked....3 hours on front NS wing to correct/refine. 😳 Not had had chance for proper photos, and wet today😂But... Will be concentratung on minimal touch washes to preserve finish and underlying clear coat. Paint is soft (there was a lapis blue in as I dropped off) and was told the TR is as soft, but should harden over time as per NB. Satisfied with choices. 👍
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    Golf 7R Photos - Part 2

    Had my car detailed a few month ago and had it in every 2-3 weeks for a safe wash and top up ! Think you guys will agree looks stunning.
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    Golf GTD vs R

    I’m not really a spreadsheet type of person although I have to use them a fair bit at work. However I’m sure there are an awful lot of GTD and R owners that spend an awful lot of time messing about with spreadsheets. The GTD is a spreadsheet type of car. Put it all down into a spreadsheet and it makes a hell of a lot of sense. Low company car tax. Tick. low running costs with strong resale value. Tick. Looks like a hot hatch. Tick. Hot hatch underpinnings. Same chassis and brakes as the well rated Golf GTI. Tick. Hot hatch performance. Flip back through some previous spreadsheets here. Yep, similar performance stats to the iconic mk2 GTI 16v and possibly better stats than quite a few other historic Golf GTI’s, maybe even comes close on paper to VR6’s and even the mk4 R32 in some commonly used acceleration tests. Tick. Hot hatch interior. Tick Yeah, it all stacks up there. Right, How does it compare to a Golf R on our spreadsheet? Same torque peak at similar RPM’s. Lighter so some BHP advantage nullified. Lower revving so you don’t have to wring its neck in give and take driving. Still looking good. In one of those “it seemed like a good idea at the time” moments around this time last year VW cleared out the last of the line production run of mk7’s with some massive discounts to be had, so I set myself a challenge of “how cheap can I get a performance Golf for?” It it did seem like a good idea at the time. I’d just sold my R as I wasn’t using it but realised I still needed a Golf in my life, I managed to get a factory order vanilla spec GTD for around £21k. Bear in mind in 2005 that’s what you’d have paid for a new 5 door Golf GTI which had no Nav, no keyless, no 18” wheels, no xenons, no bum warmers in the seats... Still looking good on the spreadsheet. In March this year I got the results of the spreadsheet quest in front of me which took the form of a White 5 door GTD. How does real life compare with a spreadsheet? Lets just say the GTD is a very good Diesel Golf. But, to an ex-R owner it wasn’t a very good option on so many levels that aren’t on spreadsheets. The best summary I can give is that it lasted me seven weeks before I chopped it in for a pre-registered Clubsport GTI. The GTD lacks personality. Yes, it has the looks, the spec, even the performance up to a point. The engine is slow revving and not as much fun as the old PD Diesels from ten years ago. The gearing is high so you have to drive it hard to get the best from it. The brakes aren’t the best. The biggest strengths of the GTD are steady state cruising where it’s quiet and refined with decent economy. Gentle driving is good too where you can ease along on the prodigious torque. And flat out it goes reasonably well. Get out of the GTD and step into an R though and you really do find the engine performance and response to be on a different level. The R just goes, no matter what the revs. The R engine spins around very quickly and seamlessly and sounds a million times better. It’s perfectly understandable why people buy GTD’s in huge numbers as it’s a very good car in its own right. But it just doesn’t have that ingredient X that makes the R shine so brightly. For those that think their R is a bit dull due to over familiarity, invest a couple hundred quid in hiring a GTD for a few days and you’ll soon be buying your R red roses again!
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    Grant's Pure White R Journey

    Hello all! I've been lurking here for a few months having made the decision to part with my mk5 R32 after nearly 4 years and 55k miles. Having not been enthused about the 6 or 7 R's in the past, the mk7 R took my fancy a few years back when my friend's lady got one and I experienced it first hand in all it's glory. The blue ambient lighting tickled my fancy more than 'race mode' I think... After returning to Uni this year and still managing to secure a good income working part time in my medical field I realised I could manage an R and still put some away for the future.. Keeps my lady happy! The R32 was getting on at 91k with my only issue being the steering rack being changed and basic servicing in my ownership I traded in for a 2016 R in pure white on the 19th of October! I believe the R belonged to a member on here after I stalked the name on the V5. His only mods being Audi 12v plug and cheap and nasty carbon paddle extensions. The R32 - not even nearly up to date - progress thread on R32OC: http://www.r32oc.com/topic/90378-grants-diamond-black-mk5-progress/ I miss the noise (but not as much as I expected to probably due to not missing the sheer un-subtleness of the res-delete) and I really miss the Recaro wingbacks. But I made extra selling them separately - an offer I could not refuse. I was between a glacier white S3 and the pure white Golf R. I was swayed by the R's interior design over the S3 (seemed a bit bland), more aggressive exterior and countless comparisons saying the R is sharper. The only thing i preferred about the S3 was the badge I guess! Enough rambling, having had the car for five weeks I have jumped into the world of personalisation rather quickly, purchasing a Maxton Design V2 splitter days before collecting the R. It's a 2016 DSG model in pure white, cloth/alcantara/leather interior and cadiz 18". Not the highest spec out there but white was my first choice by far, so much so it was chosen over a reflex silver R with leather & pretoria alloys. Still wouldn't go back! I managed to push for app-connect to be enabled for free as part of the deal too! A must for me. The free data plug was cool for 3 minutes. First photos I got after a rainy Scottish day after collection: 2016 model extras: Winter pack, discover navigation (DAB, blue R theme, car net & performance monitor), mk7.5 frameless rear-view mirror, colour DIS, park pilot, LED interior lighting, LED headlights.. And maybe some I've forgotten. Plans: App Connect enabled (Apple Car Play) Audi 12v plug OEM cargo net Felt lined driver-side cubby & sun glasses holder Brushed steel DSG paddles VCDS tweaks - pace car indicators, acoustic confirmation, FIS functions Dash cam with stealth mount Maxton Design front splitter, side skirts, rear side splitters Gloss black front grill Front bumper inserts AliExpress door latch covers AliExpress dead pedal Driver-side door pocket net Armrest storage tray Badgeskins visor covers Brushed black aluminium DSG paddle extensions Gloss black engine cover trims Eibach/Whiteline lowering springs Wheel spacers Wind deflectors Private reg Resonator delete Automatic boot pop system Dewiper + glass grommet OEM reversing camera Door warning lights Helix plug-in-play sub Dynaudio tweeter covers APR stage 1 high torque map
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    Steering wheel alcantara retrim

    Yeah. Sorry. Just an opinion I've had the pleasure of holding it my own hands and it's very nice indeed...... Oh err Mrs.
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    Well I got the car back today and Barry has knocked it out of the park as he always does - my jaw literally hit the ground when I walked in and saw it. The car had an exterior new car detail with Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light and Exo v3. Now the pics ..... Check out more of Barry’s work and his contact details on the link below :- www.autodetoxdetailing.co.uk
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    Yes. I have a Blackvue DR650s 2CH Dashcam. A few months after getting it installed someone reversed into my car and drove off. They broke the number plate holder and scratched the bumper. It was dark when I got back to my car so I wouldn't have known about the damage until the next day but when I got in the car the dash cam said 'Impact detected during parking mode', gave the car a quick visual check and saw the relatively minor damage. A few people told me to report it so I did. I reported it to Police online, they came and got a statement, reviewed the video evidence and took a copy away and eventually after 5 months took the driver to court. The woman was found guilty of Failing to Report, Failing to Stop and Driving without Due Care and Attention. She was given 5 points and a fine.
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    Some quick pics of mine, before it went dark. So far -very- impressed, and feels very different from my Mk7 GTD, both suspension, steering and sound.
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    Seen you soon......

    Another Thread? Give over. Perhaps this lot can be merged?
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    Tuning box wise, the JB4 is the one to go for. Rick
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    So my second R has arrived and I am very chuffed. For the first time in 20 years of buying german cars I received something other than Pirelli tyres on a brand new car.....mine's been shod in Continental. I had my MPS4s removed from the 2014 car and the original dealer-fitted Matador Hecctora 2 MP46s re-fitted and and the MPs are currently in the shed. I'll wait to see how these perform before I swap them for the Michelins. I bought my June 2014 R on November 27th 2015 so I had almost exactly 2 years driving it, covering just 11k miles. It had cloth (which was immaculate when traded in today having had 25k miles), Discover Pro Nav, std stereo, Oryx paint and Prets. After an RS4 I was really impressed with the R and enjoyed every time I drove it. It was easy to drive and could be ragged whenever necessary or driven like Miss Daisy. I ordered the new car with leather, Dynaudio (my Wife's GTI had it and I love it) and NOT Discover Pro as I used and loved ApplePlay in the GTI too so apple maps does the job. I collected the car today and have noted the following significant differences: The engine is quieter The steering is still weighty yet seems lighter and smoother The gear change is way smoother The ride is better The leather makes the interior feel, look and smell completely different (no sh*t sherlock) The power delivery is much smoother In summary it feels a lot more grown up and refined and, for a new model of a previously owned model, it feels like a completely different car. I've never re-ordered a car consecutively (I had three TTs in a row back in the noughts - convertible, coupe with 17s and a coupe with 18 over a 1 year period) and am pleasantly surprised at how different it feels...without losing and of it's appeal. A few Carista changes will be made tomorrow morning inc. the exhaust flap delete...if I can get it to work. I started this thread I am well chuffed and can't wait to get back init tomorrow. Poll: Who else is on their 2nd R having owned one for more than a couple of years previously?? The colour in natural and non-natural light.
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    As it was such a fine day, I managed a long overdue winter prep; Wheels - VP Bilberry Snow foamed - AB Magifoam PW rinse 2 BM wash - Meguiars Gold Class PW rinse Ferrous decontamination - VP Dragon's Breath PW rinse Clayed - BH Auto clay 2nd wash and rinse Dried Wheels sealed - Gtechniq C2v3 Paint polished - AF Tripple Waxed - FinishKare 1000P paste wax Final dressing - Meguiars X-Press spray wax Tyres dressed - Gtechniq T1 Exhaust - Peek metal polish and coat of wax Still not overly convinced by the snow foam, seems to just sit on top of the dirt, rather than lift any of it away from the paint, perhaps I had my hopes set to high when I bought a lance a couple of months back, I'll persevere anyway seeing as I have about 5 litres of the stuff to get through! First time using a clay bar, reassuringly easy and didn't take long to do. Impressed with the FinishKare, I bought a sample pot a while back but have tended to use Collinite waxes and latterly 476S, but I found that a pain to buff off at times, the FinishKare was a breeze in comparison and will definitely use again. Was a pleasurable 3.5 hours and the time spent should hopefully see it through the worst of the winter. The light wasn't the best by the time I had finished, but hopefully the photos show the final result reasonably well.
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    New Owner- Main Dealer Issues

    So that is the Golf handed back to VW today! It has been stressful but I got the result I wanted!! Now to find a new car! Thank you to everyone who provided useful info!!😁
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    Golf R 7.5 Unicorn Stage 2

    I'm happy to say Rick and the crew have pulled out all the stops and have done a fantastic job on my 7.5R complete with DSG map and impulse ! Stage 2 hardware BCS turbo back exhaust with 200 cell cat Wagner intercooler Apr carbon intake Turbo Technics intake pipe GFB db+ diverter valve Racingline turbo delete Audi RS7 Spark plugs Note the car has only done 2000 mile !
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    APR Stage 1 query

    I think your understanding of spamming is different to most. I replied to a comment in this thread asking if I had lowered the torque in my tunes, and also confirmed the APR hi torque file does indeed make high torque figures. It's a great tune. Hope that helps. Rick
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    Golf 7R Photos - Part 2

    A few snaps from a Track day a few weeks ago.
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    We are bonding nicely. ;-) and beading.... things of beauty should not be behind bars though;
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    Alfred Hornung

    My R has had a cardiac arrest

    I can say that this story has a good and happy ending. Just had notification via the Ringwood VW service department that VW has approved the fit a new engine at their cost. Of course would rather not have an engine catastrophe, but three cheers this time for VW doing the right thing. The car was just out of warranty, and I was prepared to fight based on my consumer rights. So I will keep my R into early 2018. @Alfred Hornung Content edited by moderator. Reference to selling car removed as outside Classifieds section - please read see Classifieds rules please in VWROC support section.
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    Golf 7R Photos - Part 2

    Couple of pics from the seaside: Glad I don’t have to put to sea on a Friday on one those anymore.... or or have to think that maybe one dark stormy night this may be my lift home: torbay lifeboat - brave men. ..and definitely don’t want the R in deep water. Back to Bristol now.
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    Thanks folks. Good indeed to be back in a R. Just in time to start a new job. Initial thoughts and impressions. No particular order, will expand on these as time passes. 1. Inside Cabin impressions. Car feels smoother and quieter than the last. Pano roof makes it feel more spacious inside. the Vienna leather not as good quality (hide) as carbon nappa, but looks v smart. Stitching and finish is fine, although i suspect that it will sag a little more than last. It's sealed with leather guard. The 90% tints make it darker in rear, although pano offsets. I am very impressed with the active dash and the Disco Pro G2. Very good tech seems well thought out and intuitive. Gesture control not as daft as i suspected. Car Play is a doddle and Siri is on steering wheel button. Great for hands free eyes a heads txt etc. Spotify, Apple Music and Tuniin Radio apps (for Radio. Paradise) all well integrated. Active dash looks very good. Not an obvious screen. Far less dust traps than the old dials. Easy to switch tween views. Information very well laid out. Dynaudio - sounds best of course with FLAC files on SD. Needs to loosen up but it initially bodes well. More powerful and much louder than Helix, and more detail. But less bottom end (the wheel well sub is smaller. I am ambivalent about the Dyn selectable sound dynamic settings - it stays on Rock. £500 well spent. 2. Driving. Car feels more quiet and refined than 64 model. Gearbox is much better and smoother than 6spd, with 7th a great cruising ratio. Stop start is more subtle in operation and the whole drivetrain feels better-integrated. It was not poor previously but its top of the class now imho. Not sure if VW tweaking bushing etc, but NVH seems improved. I have no experience of the tyres though, so they may be a variable. Car is on Conti tyres and though that these were tramlining more than I recall the MPSSs did previously. BUT, then I realised that it was Lane Assist intruding making steering wheel tug a little. It's odd, but once you look for it and I used it on dual carriageway. Lane Assist and ACC are quite brilliant in conjunction. You can run (allegedly) for 16 secs hands free (hands close) on motorway, before system chimes to wake up. A bit disconcerting first time you trust it to follow your lane on a sweeping motorway curve, but very clever and it works. I am impressed. 3. Performance. Only done 200 miles so not really clogged it (OK a couple of 6K rpm excursions) and the engine is tight, so no performance noted uplift on 296 to 310 hp differences. Ditto tyres and brakes - not really leaned on them yet. Did a 100 mile Bristol to Brixham on dirty wet M5 yesterday. The R was a nice place to be. ACC, Lane Assist, stereo on. Cruised from 65-85, then picked up pace up Halton hill to some naughtier speeds for a mile or so. Havent check the appetite for Momentum yet. Suspect that the 7th will pay for itself. 4. Exterior. The FL to me looks as if it sits lower than the non-FL. The front appears wider and lower. Not sure if the headlight lower profile was changed, but the new lens make it less 'droopy- and add to wider/lower impression. Ditto the side skirts and rear pieces. Not convinced about honeycomb rear faux diffuser and the pipes NEED to be black. Black pano roof really sets it all up to be cohesive. I love the TR paint. A tad orange peels but with The Crystal Serum Ultra perp is uber slick. Water and dirt are not sticking much. Set off yesterday with it looking like this: That's after a weekend on the city street with all the dust n rain etc, but not driven in wet This morning 120 wet miles it's looking like this: Not too bad and holding the underlying red colour under a thin sheen of traffic grime. The coatings ding their job to resist dirt. Poor shots, but here's rear (usually worst bit of car and covered with sh!t after M5 in wet. Not too bad. The Gloss black prets, that I have been fretting about going brown have gone from this: To this: to this: Not brilliant, but not much worse than the silver prets would have looked and no different to how the black bits on Cadiz would come out after a wet dirty run. Am hoping the coatings (CS Ultra and 2 coats Exo on allloys, pay dividends come first wash. So far, so good. I am quite pleased.... I am am keeping an eye on the hubs, but they appear better coated than preFL items.
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    What detailing have you done today?

    Spent 4 hours turning this mess around. Was only planning on a quick wash but I gave it a full Decon and wax. Looks a bit better I think. Time for a beer
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    Mod 13 :- Phew !! Busy afternoon !! Just fitted Clubsport ‘S’ discs & pads PLUS ..... - New backplates painted in Smoothrite - Painted hub nut as these are prone to rust - Discs silver paint finish protected with 4 coats of clear lacquer - ‘Custom’ Performance Pack caliper trims fitted
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    Timmy Mallett

    Eco Mode - DSG Issues

    Right That's enough of this nonsense. Can we have a survey of how LOW we can get mpg whilst in eco mode please? I'd like normal service resumed as soon as possible.
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    Mother Theresa

    Eco Mode - DSG Issues

    Kids, eco is bad. Look at the negative vibe of this thread since it was mentioned. Stick to burying the throttle in race and we can all be friends again. Please.