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    Stobsie Departs.

    Well as they say all good things come to an end? After the worst couple of weeks of my life with the passing of my wife (it was her daily) and the kids constantly saying what we doing with mummy's car I just can't bear to look at the R anymore so I've decided it needs to go, so from Monday I will be R less and it'll be replaced with a nice German SUV. I'd just like to thank everyone (well most) for making this a great place to hang out and I've generally met some really nice people on here and a select few have become good personal friends because of it. I'll still drop in from now and then but for now it's goodbye. Stobsie. ๐Ÿ‘
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    What an Awsome Car !

    Well have collected the beast today, what an absolutely AWSOME car. My drive back should have taken 3 1/2hrs and 200 miles, unfortunately it took five hour. Nothing to do with traffic as such, just that I decided to take to the 'A' and 'B' roads, found the motorway and Dual carriageway driving booooooooooring.โ˜น๏ธ๐Ÿ’ค Vehicle was an absolute dream and stuck to the road in bends like S*** to a blanket. Passing vehicles was certainly not an issue, the only issue I had was with the speed limits, would have been back well before the five hours if there were None! And we would not have to contend with the wonderful speed cameras. The previous car a BMW X1, is just a distant dream already,can not wait to get the R back out on the road. Have to find an excuse for the wife to pop out tonight may be. One very very happy Old Boy Racer!
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    New MK7.5 owner

    Its true I'm tellin yer! ๐Ÿ˜
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    Back in an R

    After handing in back my Red 5dr lease R in September and selling my B7 RS4 Avant to a bloke from Reading in found myself longing for another R! After an week of searching, there was nothing but 5 door red and blue cars for sale in Northern Ireland, I stumbled across this example just 8 miles from home! Within 5 mins of completing the test drive the car was bought and collected next day!๐Ÿ˜‹
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    So I've just tried launch control in my 7.5 R and all I can say is wow! Well actually I said a lot more than that at the time. I swore my head off. I've been in some fast cars, Ive owned Imprezas, ST's, Megane RS's, but that was something else. It made me feel sick, i honestly doesn't expect that. My eyes felt like they went to the back of my head for Christ's sake lol. That was bloody fast! I had to stop and compose myself for a few minutes after haha Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
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    Bindle's Oryx White 7.5R

    So headed on over to sunny Kent from cloudy Wales this morning to pick up my new Golf R. The 3 1/2 month wait has been excruciating but OMG it has been worth it. Had the luxury of a 200+ mile trip home to get used to the car - something I was a little worried over as my wife suffers from chronic back pain and I was convinced the roads and the firm(er to what she is used to in her Golf Estate) ride would cause problems. I needn't have worried at all; she said the seats are the most supportive and comfortable seats she has ever sat in. She actually got out of the car feeling quite refreshed. I hadn't actually driven an R before - I bought it off the back of how good I thought her car was (plus of course some extensive research) - but all I can say is that it has all the bits I liked from her car, and then the added extra fun that I have been looking for since I had to give up my 350z some 10+ years ago to look towards more family oriented cars. What an absolute beast. I love it. Spec: Oryx White 3dr DSG Vienna leather Spielberg alloys DynAudio sound system
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    R owners Age Group

    What about a category for 60+, I am 61! (mental age 12)
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    Golf 7R Photos - Part 2

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    Hello and WTF just happened ๐Ÿ˜ต

    Hi all, Just a quick hello from Bedford. Ive recently become the owner of a 2016 golf R and have to say I'm very pleased with the car. I was planning to hold off with the modifications until end of warranty...........................however, I was loooking at the vwr r600 intake system thinking to myself how nice they look. I then realised they are made in the UK, and found out they are based in Milton Keynes, not only are they in Milton Keynes, they are in Tanners drive in Milton Keynes..............OH NO !!!!!! That's where I work. I've worked on my estate for 15 years and had no idea they were even there. So yesterday lunchtime after tucking into a chicken tikka slice I had half an hour to kill. I walked over to Volkswagen Racing Uk to see if they had any products to view in a showroom. As soon as I entered the building the vwr600 intake was displayed along with all of the products they produce. The team are very friendly and a chap named Scott offered to take me out in their demo car. Obviously I agreed and was sat in a sweet 7.5r moments later. This R was stage 1, full sports suspension, Milltek system, special rims, and all the bolt on vwr goods and graphics. It was awesome. During the drive, he said "Pop your car round and we'll put the map on it now if you like, it will only take half hour or so" And so it begins...................I literally pulled his arm off. He dropped me back at work to grab my car, and I followed him round the corner to Volkswagen racing UK for the stage 1 map to be installed. After leaving my details for him to give me a bell when ready, I went back to work. I started thinking about the intake again, I gave him a bell and a deal was struck. Stage 1, along with VWR R600 intake, intake hose, and the turbo inlet elbow which is a beautiful piece. They even fitted all the parts free of charge for me, presumably as I work just round the corner and the fact Scott seems a top notch chap. Anyway.........what the hell happened. I had no idea, even at 1.30pm yesterday my car was having anything done let alone a full map and intake system modification all completed for 4pm collection ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ Anyways, on collection, I went for a run with Scott in the car, and all I can say is wow. Feels smoother, but more urgent at the same time. It sounds awesome too. I had to go back to work until 5.30 which felt like an eternity, but eventually the drive home was a blast. I dont know what's next, but I feel Scott will be responsible for whatever it may be after the offer to come back whenever I'm ready for more ๐Ÿ˜‰ Anyone else running this tune yet, I only hear about Revo/APR/Unicorn etc ???
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    Clubsport S Brakes - Review

    So having just done this upgrade and then tried them out on track I thought i'd leave a review for others who might be thinking about doing the same. Disclaimer - I'm not the worlds finest racing driver and if you are your results may differ. Up first the answer to a common question - if you buy the Clubsport S front pads and discs they are a straight swap for the pads and discs on the R from the factory, there are no issues with installation and they don't cause any problems with the front alloys (18's). I put just over 500 miles on them before using them on track and got them properly hot on a couple of occasions before so they weren't completely green when I hit the track. I ran the car at Bedford on the GT circuit last weekend, which has a couple of very hard (120 mph+) braking zones and I was running 7 lap sessions so about 20 - 25 minutes on track at at time. Short summary is that they did ok, not brilliant but ok. From my perspective the biggest issue was pedal feel, on track before I've been used to big brembo setups and they never faded all day long, the setup on the R doesn't give that level of confidence. It kept working, my fastest laps were at the end of the day with the brakes in their most used state so overall performance wasn't bad but they just don't inspire you to push harder. They do get hot but as long as you give it a full cooling down lap then I didn't find it to be a problem, the only time they got smokey was once when I didn't cool them down coming off track. So for occasional track use, maybe, I've had it suggested that braided brake lines and some improved fluid might help retain pedal feel but I've yet to try it. But if you're putting some thought into doing more than a couple of track days during the year then i'd definitely look at an improved aftermarket setup instead. I know once the warranty lapses on mine that's what I'll be doing.
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    Golf 7R Photos - Part 2

    Quick wash and scrub up.
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    Creaky doors permanent fix

    I thought I'd share the ultimate fix for the infamous creaky R doors caused by the door felts where they meet metal. Up until now advice here has been to use Krytox to lubricate them, which seems to work in the short to mid term. I've just taken my R to the dealer for its first 'makeover' ie list of faults after 15,500 miles, and asked for the creaky doors to be fixed. I mentioned to the master tech that I'd tried the VW equivalent of Krytox, and he was pretty horrified that I'd done so as he said it degrades the felts. He said the creaky door problem occurs because of badly adjusted doors, and the correct fix is to adjust the door strikers. He's done this for all four doors and sure enough all the creaks have gone. Gorgeous silence reigns at last. Cost nothing too, which was a lot cheaper than ยฃ35 a pop for a tiny bottle of Krytox. Makes perfect sense too. When I was self-diagnosing the creaks, I narrowed it down to the felts by pushing on the windows and hearing them creak against the paint. Now when I push on the windows there isn't any movement = no creaks.
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    My custom built exhaust

    So on Monday I took my car down to EMP Performance in St. Albans after discussions about what system best suits my requirements, I told them I was after something louder than stock but not over the top, to which they told me a catback (centre and rear) system would be best with one centre silencer and no rear box as they create too much drone. With that said, I paid a deposit and booked a date! Dave tended to my car on the day, I told him I want the tips to poke out slightly and stagger them too, he reassured me none of that was a problem, so I let him loose on her for the day. This was the end result, and it exceeded my expectations, Iโ€™m so over the moon with it and glad I went custom!
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    Collection Day! And now I have got the beast home, only driven 40 miles but wow wow wow what a car! I placed the order on July 7th but can defiantly say it's worth the wait! Keep the faith guys! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Gtr gone rs6 arrived

    Not a bad bus Sent from my F5121 using Tapatalk
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    Stobsie Departs.

    Just like to thank everyone for all the kind messages received. ๐Ÿ‘
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    Today I set about wrapping the chrome surround on the front VW badge. I was also going to wrap the chrome strip on the grill, but after some consideration I've decided not to as I like the way it ties in and goes through the lights. I will however, be wrapping the lower chrome strip that's on the front bumper. Hopefully I'll get around to this next weekend and I'll be taking the front bumper off to do so. I'll update this topic or make a new one on how to do that too for those who are interested. There are guides out there explaining how to take the front grill apart but I didn't find them very informative and thought I could do a better job myself, so here we go: What you need 2 flat head screwdrivers. A small driver and a slightly larger one. Doesn't need to be a specific size as long as you have one that is bigger than the other. Below is the 2 I used. T20 and T25 torx bits. Hairdryer/heat gun. I used a hairdryer as it gives off more than enough heat for what you need it for. A heat gun will do the job too but you'll need to hold it further away from the wrap as it can melt it. 4 old cards. I just used old credit cards, tesco cards etc. An Iphone repair kit. This is not really needed but I had one to hand so used it. I used the plastic pry tools from it but again you don't need one of these. Some gloss black wrap. 3M Series 1080 is the best to use. Here's the one I bought off ebay. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/3M-Series-1080-Gloss-Black-G12-Vinyl-Car-Wrap-60x152cm-Scotchprint-UK-SELLER/272300890216?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 Crafts knife or Stanley blade. A clean work bench or do what I done and wait for the misses to go out for a few hours and use the kitchen work top ๐Ÿ˜‚ How to remove and separate the grill First step is to remove the front grill. This is easy and literally takes 30 seconds. Remove the T25 torx screw on the top corner of each side of the grill. These are the only 2 screws holding the grill onto the car. Once you have removed these 2 screws, gently pull the top of the grill towards you. It doesn't take much force and the grill comes away from body. You can then lift it upwards and off the car. As easy as that the grill is now off the car. Now comes separating the parts of the grill and removing the badge off the front. Before you start anything, take the 4 old cards you have and cut them up into 6 pieces, You'll need 24 pieces in total. Flip the grill over and place each piece in between every clip on the rear of the grill. I used the smaller of the two screwdrivers to gently open the clip so I could slide the piece of card in between. Do this for all 24 clips. Take your T20 torx bit and remove this screw off the rear of the grill. This allows the R badge to come off, Once the screw is out the R badge should just fall out into your hand. Now all 24 clips have a piece of card in between them and the R badge is removed you can start to separate the top half of the grill. Take the bigger screwdriver and carefully place it flat in between the edge of the 2 pieces you're trying to separate. Then twist it 90 degrees. Go all around the edge of the grill doing this every few inches and the 2 pieces of the grill should start to come apart. Don't force it just do it a bit at a time, if you try to force it you will mark the plastic. Not that it matters as its on the rear of the grill, but why damage it when there is no need. Due to all the clips having the cards in between them the grill comes apart fairly easily. It should now look like this. You can now get hold of the outer part of the grill and pull the 2 pieces apart. Again don't be too heavy handed just work your way from each edge into the centre and it should come apart easily enough. Now its time to take the VW badge off. This is the hardest part of the separation, be patient and don't try to force it as its the last thing you want to be leaving marks on. Take 3 pieces of card and put them in between the 3 large clips on the back of the badge. Again using the small screw driver to prise the clips open just enough to slide the card in. From the picture above you can see the small silver clips all around the rear of the badge. Please be careful as these are not very strong and can snap very easily. I apologize I forgot to take a picture of this step. Using the small screwdriver, from the front of the grill place it around the very edge in between the VW badge and the chrome surround and VERY GENTLY try to prise it away, at the same time use the other screw driver and push on these small clips from behind the badge. Doing this at the same time allows the VW emblem to come away from the black background. Don't prise on it too hard, if you feel too much resistance stop and move on to a different bit. The emblem and chrome surround can be easily marked with the screwdriver so its important you take your time. This is also where I used the plastic iphone pry tool. I used it to put in between the VW badge and the black background to lift the badge off. That's the hardest part over with. The chrome surround comes off easily, the 3 pieces of card should still be in each of the 3 clips and just push it off from the rear. I decided not to wrap the chrome strips so I left these on the grill. But if you want to remove them to wrap them just use more pieces of card, again to put in between these clips as shown below. And pull/push them off. How to wrap the chrome surround I apologize for the lack of pictures for this part as I was concentrating on getting the wrap bubble and crease free. Its also quite hard to wrap, hold the hairdryer and take photos at the same time lol. Whether it was fluke or not I successfully wrapped the surround first try without any bubbles or creases. This is the method I used. HEAT IS YOUR BEST FRIEND WHILE DOING THIS. CONSTANTLY KEEP HEATING THE WRAP AS IT REMOVES THE CREASES AND ALLOWS YOU TO STRETCH IT TIGHT AND SMOOTHLY OVER THE PART YOU ARE WRAPPING. Lay the chrome surround on the wrap and cut out a piece about this size. Peel back the film and lay the surround face down on the sticky side of the wrap. Using the hairdryer heat the wrap up from the front and working slowly from the top of the emblem around, pull the wrap tight over the surround. The reason I worked from the top was because it has the biggest area to cover and by the time you get around to the bottom of the surround you have a lot of creased excess wrap to worth with. Because the bottom only has a very small area to be covered its easier to do this bit last. It'll look like this during but be patient it will come together. As I've said above constantly keep applying heat to the wrap with the hairdryer as it makes it so much easier. When it looks like the picture above and you have the face and the biggest chrome parts wrapped you can start to cut away the excess. Don't worry about getting in between the gaps of the chrome bits that bit is done last. Using the crafts knife or stanley blade cut off the big bits off excess so you're left with this. Don't cut too close yet just get rid of the big bits hanging over. On the front inside of the surround use the knife/blade and cut closely to the rim of the surround. Leave 2-3mm so you can tuck it over the edge but cut enough off so the really small clip holes can be seen. Like the picture above. Go around the front of it with the hairdryer and fold it over the lip and stick it down. Now flip the emblem over and go around trimming off all the excess on the rear and going in between the shape of the chrome surround. Leaving roughly 5mm all the way around so you can tuck it over and stick it to the back. Make sure you use the hairdryer again as it will really help with it folding over the edges and sticking to the rear of the surround ensuring it doesn't lift off. You're kind of vacuuming it on. Once you're happy its all covered and stuck around the edges you can go around the rear and tidy it up with the crafts knife/blade so theres not too much excess there, allowing it to clip back onto the grill properly. It should look like this. Re assembling the grill is easy. Start by putting the surround back on first, then the VW badge and then the big half of the grill followed by the R badge. It all clips back together nicely and takes 60 seconds to re assemble. Finished product and a few before and after shots. Hopefully this will help anyone wanting to do this as in my opinion it looks much, much better. Should have come like this from the factory. Before: After:
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    Just been to JCT600 VW Bradford today and bought a new UP for family member. They need to get a few more new cars registered and are offering some very very good discounts, far better than any on the web brokers. If you're in the market give them a buzz and ask to speak to Jimmy Mallinson sales manager who has told me Rs are available and say that Mick From Golf R forum has made you aware. There's nothing in it for me, just hope to save members a good wedge of money. *I have got permission from Mods before posting this. Happy hunting.
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    So I've spoken a little about pedal boxes before but a recent test drive with a customer highlighted an important point. The customer was moving from pedal box and tuning box to a custom map, and asked that we improve the throttle response. We all know the R has a very lazy throttle response. Pedal boxes work by amplifying the voltage from the pedal that is sent to the ECU. So if you depress it 10% it gives a signal of say 20% to the ECU. This is linear across the RPM range. The problem arises with a DSG gearbox. The kickdown routine looks at the pedal position to determine when to drop a gear. As the pedal box multiplies the pedal position this results in the DSG shifting down with only small presses of the throttle which gets quite frustrating. You can try and turn down the sensitivity but then you just end up with the same lazy response. This is the problem the customer was having, which I'd not even considered to be honest. When we tune the software, we can tailor it to behave exactly as required. Internally, the pedal position is translated to a torque request. This torque request varies with pedal position and also with RPM. In order to get rid of the deadness, we increase the torque request for a given pedal position. As standard, the torque request at small pedal positions is very low, especially at low RPM making the car feel heavy. We alter the torque request at these low pedal points, and then gradually smooth it out as RPM increases. This results in a much sharper throttle response, but also maintains the modulation of torque at high RPM. The kickdown of the DSG is unaffected, which means you are able to ride on a wave of torque at light pedal presses without the gearbox shifting down unnecessarily.
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    Damian Mac Donagh

    R600 VAG

    Regards Damian Mac Donagh
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    Seatbelt thingy

    The loop is to stop the buckle on the passenger side from rattling against the B pillar when driving round, the drivers side doesnโ€™t need one as it โ€œshouldโ€ in theory be fastened at all times while the drivers in the car. [emoji1303] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Golf 7R Photos - Part 2

    my friend did some polish and ceramic coating before winter sleep Sent from Huawei P10 using Tapatalk
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    Stereo theft

    Might stick a sign in the window 'mine is the shitter one without nav' Meant to include link in original post with the unit lock system http://www.cartechuk.com/rns-navi-locks/
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    The swirly paint on my Lapiz has resisted all attempts at correcting by hand. I think it's seen too many ยฃ5 car washes, and I had to admit defeat. I don't own or have access to a DA, nor do I have any experience, and I didn't want to start practicing on my beloved car. Combined with a lack of time recently thanks to work, I concluded that a professional detailing was the way forward. Luckily for me, some of the techs at my local dealer are just as enthusiastic about detailing as I, and recommended Adi Longden at Deep Shine Detailing in Lincoln. He's had my R since Monday, and I'm collecting it this morning. Can't wait! He's carried out a complete correction, and GTechniq coating on paint & (newly refurbished) Pretorias:
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    My white 7R

    Thought it was about time I stuck some photos on of my R. Obligatory car car park photo.
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    New MK7.5 owner

    Just a quick hello, had my MK7.5 now for almost a month and loving it! Came from a massively overrated Focus RS Mk3 and not regretting my decision at all. My first VW and I'm totally a convert! Got myself a manual 5 door Oryx White R in the following spec: Dynaudio Black 19" Prets Vienna Leather Privacy glass Rear Cam Keyless entry Been lurking a while and its already cost me a VWR inlet hose and elbow, Ramair panel filter and a DTUK pedalbox! (I wasn't going to mod this car lol).
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    First go with a DA

    Well, sort of! I use DA's a lot with my work as i've been doing wood related stuff for over 20 yrs, but i've never had a go at polishing/paint correction with one. Had my R for about 2 months, 15 plate, Oryx White, 1 previous owner who's looked after it, but i could see the ol' swirl marks every time the sun hits it. Being white it's not half as bad as my previous MK5 R32 which was Pearl Black, but still i've been wanting to have a go at them swirls, and hopefully bring the Oryx back to life a bit. I think it just looked a bit dull, and a lot of the time it just looks like Pure White. Luckily for me, i have a good mate who was big into his detailing a couple of years ago, and has a DAS 6 Pro sitting in his garage that he said i could borrow. I was thinking of getting the Meguiars Microfibre paint correction kit for it, but he also had the Auto Finesse 3 stage kit sitting there that he kindly leant me, and even chucked me some AF Illusion wax to use - result! ๐Ÿ˜› After some great advice off Bec @Booth11 on here, and reading through a few threads, i got some stuff together to do the full decontamination, polish, and seal up for the winter. I had most of the weekend free to do it, from about 1 o'clock on Saturday and then all day Sunday. Dirty(ish) R First up was a Snow Foam, PH Neutral DoDo Juice 'Apple iFoam' ๐Ÿ˜‚ Obligatory SF shot ๐Ÿ˜ I have to say, that stuff is more clingy than my first girlfriend, i used it neat out of my Karcher lance and tweaked the the mixer on the nozzle. Smells good too! Whilst that was doing it's thing i dragged this out of the many bottles of stuff i've got laying around in the garage. 2 or so years ago i thought this was a full decontamination ... A rinse off and a wash with that, one bucket ๐Ÿ˜ฑ I don't have 2 yet, that'll be something i'll get later to try and keep the swirls away. Lambs wool mitt though, Microfibre for the wheels ... full rinse again, dried it off (Meguiars water magnet). Then onto this, CarPro Iron X That stuff is one of the most disgusting smelling things i've ever come across, absolutely vile, it says 'Cherry Scent' but don't be fooled by that, i've smelt better butt-holes than that haha! Started on the wheels. spray on, leave it for a bout 4-5 mins whilst it does its thing and bleeds purple, rub it with a microfibre mitt, thoroughly rinse it off. Then onto the paint, one panel at a time. Karcher rinse and dry the whole car again. I can still smell it 2 days later! Then onto CarPro Tar X, same process as above, time consuming! I found this stuff to be a bit more stubborn, also better not to leave it for quite as long, it bleeds like a rusty orange colour. Rinse off, then another full wash with the shampoo, then dry off, i pulled this out, AF Aqua Deluxe, damn these things are thick and heavy, top quality, better than my bathroom towels actually! Also the car is much cleaner than me by this stage too ๐Ÿ˜ฎ After all that i'd pretty much had it for the day, starting to get dark, i'd been thorough in every stage so the time just disappeared tbh. Fun though, and the car was looking damn clean and clear. I got up and outside on Sunday by about 7:30, car covered in dew, next process was the clay bar ... Meguiars again, the kit with their Quick Detailer spray to lube her up a bit. That knee pad came in damn handy by the way, i'd recommend one if you're thinking of giving this a go. I was quite surprised at the amount of crap that it picked up actually, especially after all the obsessive cleaning the day before! Also good to feel the paint nice and smooth after this stage, again, took a while but worth it. Sun started to come out just after that, gave it an open-ended hose-off as recommended by Bec, got soaked, jeans/trainers saturated, car now cleaner and drier than the mug with the hose pipe.. Had a look at the paint in the sun .... Some scratches on the rear quarter, looked like a drag against a hedge or something. The Galaxy 'Oryx' ๐Ÿ˜ .. With light swirl marks highlighted by the Sun, quite hard to photograph the swirls, really need one of them torches but they cost a bomb don't they! If anyone has any recommendations i'd be interested. All depends what light it's in as to what state it looks i've found, it looks hideous some days, especially the black door pillars, ugh! Anyway .. Pearl looks mental close up like this. So here went nothing ... Auto Finesse 'Revitalise" kit has 3 stages, they say to try stage 2 to begin with, if it's not removing the swirl, then to go back to stage 1, which is basically what i did, tried 2, no good, went back to 1. The polishes are colour coded with the foam pads so it's quite simple to use. That DAS 6 Pro was a rattly old beast to use at first! Also very awkward to find the speed dial while you're on the go as it's right on the end of the handle, and it's shaking around so you can't really read it either! Alright once you're used to it though, couple of passes and i was away. I found it worked best to start on speed 1 and move it around quickly to spread the polish out, then onto about speed 3.5 to 4 and move it slowly, one hand over the top of the pad, one at the end of the handle to balance it. I found, if you up the speed much more than this, it becomes a bit of a handful, it wants to 'walk' (travel under rotation of itself) and grab .. if you then put more weight on it to stop it from walking and grabbing, all you'll do is slow it down by putting the motor under strain, so there's no point, find the sweet spot where it rotates and oscillates nicely with just a little pressure on it and you're laughin' ... About this much polish seemed to work for me on the larger panels. Any less i found i just didn't cover enough of an area on the larger panels. Keeping the pressure light and spreading it out quickly from the start seems to be the trick, then keep working it in. I did several passes on some panels with the Stage 1 and 2 polishes and pads, i'm not sure if the polish is getting old either as it was really runny, had to shake the bottle upside down every time i dotted the pad or it'd just come out like coloured water... This is the Stage 3 red pad and polish ... Another thing, damn it kicked off some dust! More so Stage 1 and 2, Is that the polish drying out? I cleaned the pads before and during use a bit, they weren't brand new pads either, but hadn't had much use. The Red Stage 3 was brand new and felt smoother to use. As for getting the swirls out, i'd say i was about 85% successful? It was a huge improvement but if i'm fussy and got in the right light i could still see a few. Maybe the clear coat is hard on Oryx? I think the final red pad stage helped mask the swirls a bit too, being finer, maybe it works a bit like filler glaze? I think i was at it for over 5 hours ๐Ÿ˜จ This was near the end of the final stage, i was on the floor, pretty much dead, but damn look at that Oryx White coming to life! It's hard graft on your shoulders/neck/back being on your knees or bent over working the polish in! I gave it a quick jet wash afterwards and watched the water fall off it, quick dry and tidy up, looking good! Smooth as butter! Dried the wheels and put some Meguiars Endurance tyre gel on with my new Meguiars tyre gel applicator, can't believe how much better they are to use than a microfibre cloth that i used before. Then onto this stuff, with the Auto Finesse black/white applicator on the fine black side, just cloud it on, leave it to haze then buff it off, easy to use, great stuff. One coat on the whole car, another on the bonnet and front end/wings. Just about found the energy for a coat of wax too, again, really easy to apply with an AF Waxmate .. Sun had dipped by now! Scratches on the rear quarter = gone Done. for now! I didn't get time to seal my wheels, that'll have to wait, the Cadiz will be my winters as i'm getting a set of Prets together. Also to do, those black door pillars, the swirl in them is horrible, i think i'lll need a smaller pad to hit them with or i'll catch the window rubbers, anyone have any advice on that? Also the window seals and black bits need going over, i got some AF Revive for that, i'd just ran out of time. Over all i'm pretty happy with the result though, paint is as smooth as glass and everyone is saying it's changed colour, definitely worth it for that, the pearl has really come to life now, it's just (being fussy) there are light swirls in it that i just couldn't seem to budge, i'm not sure if that's down to old polish and pads, or they're just not abrasive enough. I'll try the Meguiars Microfibre paint correction kit next rime, maybe in the spring
  33. 6 points

    Launch control = bloody hell, wow!!

    It is good - but you should try it in a 730bhp RS6.....That truly is something else!
  34. 6 points

    Car battery cover

    At least everyone got batteries! :-)
  35. 6 points
    Fill your fuel tank with milk and Rice Krispies - you'll get snap, crackle AND pop........[emoji23] Sent from my HTC One using Tapatalk
  36. 6 points
    ? lol So your penalising others for people trying to make it a safer place for everyone? 12 posts deep I guess you've not seen the shit storm when things go wrong on here. Funny thing I was actually on your side ๐Ÿ˜•...I don't want one anymore but you should let other have one. no doubt it will be you saying why don't the mod's do/done something if you were a victim of fraud!!! Just relax and enjoy the community ๐Ÿ‘
  37. 6 points
    That makes much more sense now lol. It's... TTRS Brembo 4 pots DS2500 pads Vagbremtechnic fitting kit HEL brake lines Motul RBF 600 dot 4 fluid Mtec C Hook discs Std rear pads
  38. 5 points
    DUB R4XX


    Its been a while so here we are [emoji1360][emoji23]
  39. 5 points

    R owners Age Group

    Why does the age selection stop at 50, age discrimination????? As a 69 year old M7R driver I think the over 60s, 70, even 80s should be recognised - love the car by the way and its been tracked twice, Rockingham and Bedford Autodrome (highly recommended). So far only cosmetic mods and a Pedal Box to bring the car alive.
  40. 5 points

    Shiny Items to fit

    So, over the past few weeks packages have been arriving to lavish upon the trusty R... Whilst away with work this week there'll be a 5000 mile oil and filter change, then it'll be time to unleash the spanners: All to be fitted: Pedal Box+ (arrived in less than 48hrs from ordering!) Neuspeed shifter (picked up whilst in the US) - will do the other clutch mods recommended on here (stop, spring and grommet) soon BCS Res Delete with anti drone pipe (ordered on Monday, arrived yesterday, cheers Nige) VWR panel filter and Turbo Muffler delete (from Awesome, thanks Hassan) TT intake pipe (courtesy of Stobsies bud via the forum) Good starting point for an uprated clutch and stage 1 in good time me thinks!
  41. 5 points

    Revo turbo

    Probably close the doors to the lady garden for a while. ๐Ÿ˜‚
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    <This is going to be a gif heavy post> One of the important options I wanted to get on my FL estate was the true Dynamic Light Assist LED headlights. I had the Mercedes equivalent on my C-Class and they were brilliant (ha!). I couldn't find any info out there specifically on the performance of this option on the 7.5 Golf so had to hope that it was the equivalent of the option on the Passat (where there is a little info out there). And it is. They are the excellent. Maybe not as good as the Merc for corner tracking as they don't seem to have as wider angle for when you are following a car but still very good. I got the Lane Assist including Dynamic Light Assist option which was ยฃ630. I know when I originally ordered my car in February, you had to do some kind of dance with this option plus another ~ยฃ340 for the actual LED Dynamic lights. I'm not sure if they have sorted the confusion now and it is just the ยฃ630 option (ยฃ1225 Lane Assist Plus option) that is needed. I will try to not mix my terms as I'm originally Australian and we call them low and high beams whereas here in the UK is is main and full beams. Whereas the standard car comes with auto full beams which will dip them down to main beam when it detects a car, the Dynamic Light Assist will effectively just dip the small area where the car you are following or is oncoming is and keep the remainder of the full beam on. It can only do this for a certain window in front of the car so if you are following a bit closer to a car, you may find it will only keep full beam on the left side and main beam for behind the car and to the right. This activates when you are going around 30-40 mph or above. Firstly, the turn on sequence is pretty nifty. I haven't driven a standard car so I'm not sure if it does this; When following a car, when you switch from the normal main beam to full beam, it looks like this; To give you an idea of how much extra light you get on the sides of the road with Dynamic Light Assist, this shows me switching it off back down to normal main beam that you would be on when you are normally following someone. You can see the huge drop in light on both sides of the road. Here I am following a car with Dynamic Light Assist on with an oncoming car coming around the bend. You can see it go back to full beam each side of the car in front plus it track it around the bend and switch the left side down to main beam when the car is further around to the left. This is the one area where the Mercedes lights were better as it would have tracked that car all the way around and still would have been able to keep a sliver of full beam on the left. Still great though! Lastly, a very hard test with crests, dips and bends and it reacting to oncoming traffic. Probably not as good as manually anticipating traffic coming ahead and dipping your lights before it appears but still very quick. I haven't been flashed yet from someone thinking I was slow to react. I hope that has been helpful to anyone thinking on if they should get the option.
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    Here is something that may interest the old skool among us. Mk2 Leon Cupra - Revo Stage 2+ vs Black Bess
  44. 5 points

    What other forums do you use?

    This forum on account of owning a Golf R, and Golfgtiforum.co.uk forum on account of owning several Golf GTIs. Detailing world gets a look now and then, but I prefer car forums that look at the whole rather than just one area of interest because it's that that interests me. Most importantly is the feeling of a forum to me, the sense of community, and, unlike social media such as Facebook et al, it is underpinned by a common shared interest/passion to keep things grounded.
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    R/GTI DSG/Manual comparison.

    I mean no disrespect, but unless you have paddle extensions and drive in full manual more than 75% of the time your opinion (while valid) is actually harmful to users wanting to understand the true differences between manual and DSG. Imagine you were tasked with reviewing a new Ferrari but were limited to 30mph city driving and <3000rpm. Unless you specified this to your audience, they would be none the wiser that the nature of the test didn't reflect the capabilities of the vehicle. So it is with DSG; I've lost count of how many times DSG has been criticised by users who, when pushed, drive it nearly exclusively in D or S or, worse yet, simply pull on the paddles in these modes and think they are in "manual". Ultimately, I couldn't care - each to their own and all that. But I do wonder how many people out there would actually love DSG more than manual if they actually drove it as a manual and understood how it works. I also wonder how many are put off to even try by internet negativity. It terms of driving time and distance, I drive my R-Estate in full manual more than 99% of the time. I'm also a big fan of a manual shift and heel and toe. Each has their place, but for me, the R is the sort of car that really suits a DSG gearbox. So you jumped in, put it in D, drove off and 5 miles of having the car shuffle up and down the gearbox you thought...."hmmm, this is a bit sh*t" ๐Ÿ™„ Genuinely, that's like accidentally brushing up against a girl on a bus and thinking you know what sex feels like. I soooooooooo badly want to do a DSG country run video and post it up but to make it worthwhile I'd have a to be a bad boy and in this day and age I'd probably get a knock from plod citing the YouTube video as evidence.
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    The 6xxHP Beas7 - Guy's 6MT 7R

    Testing the discs behind the wheels. Sent from my SM-G925F using Tapatalk
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    Golf 7R Videos

    AutoCar review on both cars ...
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    What detailing have you done today?

    My R has been neglected recently. It's not been washed since July! It got a little top up of oil in August but other than that it's basically just been driven and ignored. Today I finally decided to take some time out to gave it some much needed attention and gave it a clean inside and out. I even gave the engine bay a little tidy up as it was getting a little dusty. It's now raining. Typical!
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    Country Boy

    First full detail of my R.

    No pics of the process but a full decontamination followed by a machine polish, done over two days,resulted in this. Really happy with the outcome and reflection, lapiz does look great when properly polished.
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    Get togethers?

    I'm not doing anything for the rest of this evening if anyone fancies meeting up in maccy 'D's in Dumbarton? We could do doughnuts? ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚