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    August - Photo of the Month competition

    insta @r2avo
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    I quite like it, it saves me a sore throat trying to make the noise.
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    Here it is: I've posted it on quite a few Facebook groups so sorry if you have seen it already. Being the home of all things Golf R related please can you give me honest feedback on the video. Likes, dislikes, what worked well, what didn't... It's my first video of reviewing anything, well first video ever so I can only improve from this point. TIA and hope you enjoy it.
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    In fact like my new stickers so much, here's a full on side pic.. with my phone.. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    DUB R4XX

    Golf 7R Photos - Part 2

    New wheel but not alloys this time!
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    Emergency rear seat removal

    The day started so well. A family trip out, some great roads to drive, out early enough to beat the cloud of Sunday camper vans, caravans and motorcycles. 45 minutes out, carving some pleasant A road bends, cheekily in Race despite four up, and my daughter pipes up that she has a 'tummy ache'. Now this 5 year old is no stranger to the 'tummy ache'. This is a card played regularly whenever the vegetables to anything else ratio on her plate exceeds a certain (and secret) number. The girl who cried wolf has been warned many a time about overplaying this one. Unfortunately two salient points are about to make themselves known to me. Firstly, this is the beginning of a gastric apocalypse. Secondly, she had yoghurt for breakfast. We pull into the car park of a local attraction, eyes up to select a suitably defensive parking spot, when my daughter warns that her 'tummy really hurts'. Just as I pull to a stop, her stomach engages launch control, and goes straight to eleven. Rarely have I exited any car faster, in a vain attempt to get her free of seat beat and car seat before the torrent abates. Wife and son are already out and wisely putting space between themselves and ground zero. I survey the back of my beloved R, while simultaneously trying to choke back the tears and stifle the gagging. The ancient army issue towel that has sat in the boot heroically steps up to the absorbent action. An entire pack of babywipes sacrifice themselves to the cause. Quietly I thank my local dealer for being generous with the paper workshop mats, that I have left in the rear footwells. I thank the benevolent gods that I insisted my R have leather upholstery. Fifteen minutes of scrubbing later, and it's looking a lot better. But I know that a slosh of dairy goo slithered down the inviting seat belt socket in the seat base. How do I sort that? On a hot day, the risk of it turning into a cottage cheese stench bomb is too real. I glance at my phone, the thought being that I could post a 'mayday' on the forum. Somebody will know how I can reach under the seats. Not enough signal. Today, if I had a pet goldfish, it would have drowned. I've stripped the boot floor out, no luck. Seats folded down, fruitless. Forlorn, I tug at the seat base side, and it starts to lift. With strength born of desperation to banish this whiff of Beezlebub's Barf, I heave and the bench comes free. And lo, there is a dished area of metal around the seat belt anchors which is tailor made to welcome that insidious goo, and let it fester on a sunny day. And there is a little lake, the source of the smell. I pounce with towel, and finally I've prevailed. Consumables: a pack of babywipes, my faithful army towel, the old shirt I wrap my bottle jack in, most of a bottle of Megs Quick Detailer spray (deodorises surprisingly well), two microfibre cloths, two paper footwell mats, and nearly my sanity. We stop at Tesco on the way home for carpet cleaner. Just to make sure. TL;DR: if you need to get under the bench seat base, it releases simply by pulling at the corners. I heartily hope that none of you ever do, particularly in these circumstances.
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    Driving tips

    Don't shit on the windows. Smears everywhere especially after a curry πŸ˜€
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    Haha, I know everybody is entitled to their own opinion, but I don't think you and I would get on
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    August - Photo of the Month competition

    My R in Norway. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I can put up with it, but it did get a bit silly whilst on our way to/from France a couple of weeks ago. 1. UK Boarder Patrol police at Dover, waved me to a stop at their hut. I wind down the window and the officer asks...."Is this the R model?" "Are you happy with it?" "What's it like to drive?" "It looks cool! Enjoy your holiday!" πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜† 2. A gentleman in a Mercedes AMG C43 tried to outrun us for several miles between roundabout's leaving Biscarrosse, France (national route/fast road I might add and not in a town or built up area, it involved lots of accelerating, braking and handling). Suffice to say that he gave up and pulled right into the 'Slow' lane whilst I casually eased past. That made me chuckle A LOT! πŸ˜ˆπŸ˜‚πŸ˜† 3. We are queuing to board the 00:30 ferry on the return leg of our journey and french boarder guards pull us over ask me to stop the engine, get out and open the boot up so they can take a look. Not at what I was carrying or anything like that, but purely to give them time to walk around the car admiring the car whilst chatting between themselves asking me things lile "This is the R model, yes?" "How much power?" "DSG?" "How fast?". Makes me laugh, I can't think of any other downsides to owning my Golf R! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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    DUB R4XX

    gfb dv+

    So you basically indicate that unless someone is running more than 500+ bhp they don't need a DV+ and you class that as recommending it which in turn makes me an ignorant fool because you can't back up your ridiculous claims previously of being able to help others get a bargain APR replica DP? You my not so friendly or honest lying buddy are deluded and live in fantasy land with what seems like the onset of dementia as you've also forgotten I've already got a BCS DP (and a DV+ incidentally) meaning I have no need for your fake pipe and also know what the difference is between having or not having the GFB part fitted instead of speculative ramblings of a madman. Your posts make no sense and in case you weren't aware, normal sane people go on owners club forums in order to share knowledge and help each other not try to make out they are clever and rich due to having access to cheap replica parts and finding some weird idea of inner power over others from keeping it a secret but there's always one. PS I wouldn't take advice from someone who stole their username from a phrase coined by George Bush [emoji23] Take it easy tough guy [emoji6]
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    Alloy stolen advice needed

    Hi Dave, That is awful that someone would steal a wheel from your car!! Some real B*stards around . If I can help with the replacement at all please do let me know. I would be happy to sell it at cost as its such a sh*t situation. Ash.
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    Vw R and audi S imposters.

    Only had the R a month, but as with my last car (TT) I find regularly get cars right in my rear as if I'm in the way. It happens a lot more with the R and always in traffic where I couldn't go any faster even if I wanted to. i try and ignore them and more often now once the gap in front opens up I wait a short while to give some room, and then floor it. Exactly the same as you found, they disappear rapidly from view. Sometimes find that after a few minutes I go back to normal speed, and then ten minutes later they go past doing a couple of mph faster like they have just achieved something. Had a fun one last week, whilst out on my bike (CB1000r). Had an Audi A4 repmobile right (and I mean right) on my rear wheel in a 40 zone. Seemed like two car salesmen or mobile phone sales guys in it from their look. I had come the other way about 30 minutes before and had seen a police speed trap in the next lay-by, so sat there with him trying to climb all over me until half a mile before the bend where the cop was a bit earlier and then slowed, edged to the side and waved him through. Then continued on my way bimbling along at just under 40. Big cloud of black soot as he roared away with the passenger giving me a big w@nker wave as he passed. Caught up with him, stopped at the side of the road being talked to by the cops. Slowed and gave him a wave as I drove past. Not really that nice, but very satisfying
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    Cooling down
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    I'd get all your dash cam footage onto your laptop, ring the dealer and demand an appointment with the dealer principal and suggest that the service manager should attend. Tell them as little as possible about why you want that appointment, only that you are extremely unhappy. Don't tell them about footage and audio. When all are present, 'roll video', sit back, and don't take your eyes off the service manager's face. When your footage finishes, explain in calm tones whether they wish to deal with this internally or would they prefer that you tweet/Facebook/YouTube the lot while sending hard copy to VWUK & Trading Standards. Then for good measure, tell them you want a full refund for the original botched service or you'll take action under the Supply of Goods & Services act. I'd love to be a fly on the wall in that office. πŸ‘Ώ
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    Stolen R recovered

    Personally I wouldn't want a car back if it was stolen, untold damage to the transmission etc and a heavy knock on value as it will be recorded as stolen recovered now. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Is your rant seriously that when its raining/been raining, and you have the window open, standing water from the roof comes in? Not sure how this could be "fixed"? Fit a gutter? ....or, just keep the window shut?? Let the AC / Climate control sort out the windows steaming up. (Which is will do in seconds) If water coming in an open window is your main complaint (you mention other niggles but no detail?) then Id say your on to a winner of a car
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    MC's 7R

    Fitted the Rieger front splitter and Maxton side diffusers today. Chuffed with how it all looks now, nearly done with aesthetics, roof spolier and vinly wrap the bit inbetween the vent then done (maybe). Onto power bits next. PIC HEAVY!! 😜 Maxton Side Diffusers.... Rieger Front Splitter..... And all fitted......
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    Golf R Wedding Car

    My buddy asked if he could use my R as his wedding transport. Of course I said yes, even put a little bow on it. His new wife now wants a car that pops too. It was very hard to restrain myself from driving 10/10ths on the country lanes as requested by the groom from church to reception as I didn't want to bin it and kill us all. We did have some fun though but driving with ribbons reduces visibility considerably. 😁
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    Golf 7R Photos - Part 2

    Havent done a moving shot in a while
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    Eco mode and not too much silliness ! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    To me it looks like it's driven straight through Halfords.
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    Would be a different story with a DSG Golf, it is quicker than the Focus, so would be 3rd in that group.
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    Alloy stolen advice needed

    Trust me I'm no mug and I know what I would be doing in a situation like this, but it wouldn't include stating on a public forum I'd commit insurance fraud. πŸ˜‰
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    What's your fu**in* problem with plumbers pal. I happen to be one and have worked extremely hard to afford my R and even harder to pay for all the goodies to make it better including the suspension. Oh let me guess you think aftermarket intakes are awful too. Why get a tte450 the is38 has never gone wrong such a good turbo. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    Next you'll be telling us all that you need to be a butcher to enjoy a good steak lol.
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    jdjd Do you work for Lookers at this dealership ?
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    Golf 7R Photos - Part 2

    Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    Deep Black Pearl

    I have a Deep Black Pearl R. I love it when it's clean but getting it clean and keeping it that way is a labour of love. I sometimes regret my colour choice, nearly swapping for Oryx and then nearly getting an Indium but both times things fell through and the change never happened. I doubt I'll have a black car again. But if you have the time, facilities and more importantly the patience and skill then it's well worth it! My car is by no means perfect but look at her... 😊
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    rain is very annoying, whenever i walk in it i get wet.
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    An open letter to Ayrshire Roads Policing Division:- I was passing Grassyards interchange on the A77 above speed limit, you quite rightly stopped me and were about to issue my penalty when I informed the officer I was sorry as I was taking pain-relief medication to my terminally ill mother and had not noticed my speed of 83 in a 70 limit He immediately told me to watch my speed and hasten on my way to my mother. I just want to publicly thank the officer for his compassion, discretion and of course not delaying me. I was wrong and will be careful of my speed in future. It’s nice to know that they are human and only have our safety at heart. That is all.........except ACC will be used !!
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    These drag races really annoy me. Why weren't they all manuals (or all DSG)? Not like for like comparisons.
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    Hi all, i just wanted let others know about my experience with Lookers of Blackburn and the purchase of CE15UFD. I will I'll try not to go on, but it's a bit of a tale! I had been looking for a 5 Door DSG golf R for good while and I was very certain about it having to be Lapis blue. The car listed was Β£22.5k , 1 owner with 19k miles and to be honest was around a 2 grand out my budget. It had some spec, (nav, keyless and winter pack) which after speaking to wife we both agreed we could spend the extra to get it as it seemed just perfect. A video from lookers confirmed it "immaculate and perfect condition" so I bought it over the phone and hour after it was listed on the lookers website. I didn't get a penny off, but went with it as it just seemed so perfect and I such a fanny! Fast forward 3 days and my me and my wife get lift down to Blackburn from Newcastle from her parents (on there way down to London) on inspection all looks ok, but straight away I notice a loose bit of internal trim, no problems says the sales man, takes it round to work shop to fix it. 10 minutes turns in to half and hour and believe it or not this turns into 3 hours. An engine management light had come on and they could not shift it, claimed it was something to do with the brakes? 4 hours after arriving he comes back out and we jump into it the car and get on our way. Just wanting to get on the road as 2.5hr trip back. When stopping for fuel around Carlisle I noticed a grinding coming from the rear brakes, great! This was to be the start of a whole host of issues. Over the next 3 weeks the car was in and out of my local lookers dealerships, it was recovered twice due to it over heating and with engine management issues, limp mode and loss of power. lookers advised it had the fan replaced at some point and the wrong fixings had been used, I asked how this could happens as should have been done under warranty. The tech basically said he thinks that was done in back street garage and the car might have been in a front end smash, but wouldn't put his name to that. At this point I send long and detailed complaint to lookers about my experience. Before they have a chance to respond and whilst washing my car and having it in my mind about a possible smash I start looking closely and to my horror the whole driver side had been a repaired, over sprey under wheel arches, masked lines all up on roof line and sills and all in door jams, there is area around 200mmx200mm under the drivers mirror that has been filled and you can see brush marks where it had been repaired so poorly. I was totally gutted! I told my wife and she could see by my face how gutted I was, she then by chance put my reg into google (try it yourself? The car had been stolen back in September from someone's house. This whole thing just got so much worse, this clearly just put my complaint into a different Spectrum. I contacted lookers and they acted shocked, explaining they bought the car from vw finance in"good faith" and could not believe it was a car that had been previously stolen , in a accident then sold to them by VW. They said they did all the HPI checks and it was clear (which is true) The next 3 weeks and how they dealt with this from there and what I went on to find out can only be discribed as disgusting in my opinion. I went to dig out my log book, which I had barely looked at since getting it back and getting my private reg on. Only to see it was not in fact a 1 owner car but 2 owners. The previous owner having had my car for under two weeks. I was furious about this as it had been totally Miss sold . I wrote to this previous owner and ask him to contact me. The next day he calls and to my horror tells me he returned the car to them within two weeks after having a whole host of cooling problems, seeing the accident damage and finding out it had previously been stolen recovered..... , he advised them of all of this ....sold to me in "good faith"then. This once again put a different slant on lookers and there part in all of this. I contact them and advised them that I am refusing to use my car, I was worried If I had been in a bump then it might mess up my evidence. They agreed to supply a curtesy car and to find me a like for like replacement. I agreed to this as I need my car for work and was having to use my wife's q3, she is 6 months pregnant and she was getting annoyed at this. Any way they kept sending my offers of a car. All older than mine, more miles and with less spec. Not one thing like for like! I kept refusing, all the while this curtesy car never arrives. After two weeks of fobbing me with lesser cars then mine and a letter from there solicitor they eventually come back and say they can't get me a like for liked spec car and would only now offer me a full refund + Β£500 for my out of pocket expenses.... this for all the lies, time with out the car, hassle etc!! The top and bottom of it was there was load of cars, I sent them over daily. All where priced more than 22.5k with my spec but so what ,they messed up and should have sorted this out and helped us out, but that clearly would eat into there profit. Looking back now my car was cheap and you can see why. Take a look what Blackburn lookers currently have up. Standard 15 plate lapis blue ,5 door DSG Β£22.7k or another 15 plate , 5 door DSG with nav for Β£24k. All less spec than mine but considerably more. I have never in all my life had such poor customer service, people ignoring calls for days on end and not responding to questions put in emails, promising curtesy cars etc it has been awful! i got in touch with the police who confirmed the car had been stolen , it was then found a scene of serious road traffic accident where the driver had fled. He said he had the photos but could not show us unless we lodge a fraud claim against them , but he was very suprised that car had not been categorized due to being stolen and in such a bad accident. I got so sick last week that I accepted there offer, but not as full and final settlement, got my money + Β£500 and you can see in the members rides that I have a silver one now. And it is such a good car. sorry to go on, but I wanted to tell you my story. The car is in poor poor shape and lookers of Blackburn lied to me and would lie to anyone else to get there sale! If you see it pop up don't chance it, it's really not worth it. Any questions about the car please let me know and I sorry to go on and on. Thanks Nathan
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    Strange how people come on here claiming it's perfect as it is etc but don't seem to know a cock from a ARB lol In all seriousness though, your std setup is better than good enough for the vast majority but some of us like to make things the way we see as being perfect and how we want it. If it ends up actually being worse than std or we don't like it, we change it again. It's a choice [emoji1360]
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    jdjd, you really are an opinionated prat ain't you...The OP isn't moaning, nor has he said he's persueing it any further, he's just raising awareness to: 1: CE15 UFD (The car) and 2: The Blackburn dealership. Not once has the OP mentioned his Mrs's pregnanancy being a reason for recompense, I mentioned that and the stress it causes. Β£500 doesn't even scratch the surface of a few months hire cars should you have to lease one and all the pain and suffering, your time writing letters/emails and making phone calls, plus any legal advice you seek. I've placed a deposit on a vehicle without seeing/driving it, what's wrong with that if your travelling 200-300-400 miles from where you live to view it, it's called "holding" the car!! I guess it's just a shame that the planet isn't full of perfect human beings like you, who know exactly what their doing and are never mistaken!! we could all concentrate on the real important things in life then I suppose. [emoji85] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    is the R noisy under bonnet?

    You will find all sorts of noises under the bonnet in the R. Wait till you switch off and open the bonnet it sound like and old 90s printer. Nothing to worry about it's just the car electronics keeping everything cooling correctly etc. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    Good old Swissvax wax!

    Good old Swissvax wax. Car has been sat at Gatwick for last 2 weeks, in rain and shine, picked it up last night and still looks nearly as clean as the last day I washed it prior to going away, apart from one bird poo strike on roof, now banished with some Chemical Guys Speed Wipe QD. Really impressed how the wax (combination of SV Crystal Rock, Oryx and Best of Show) has repelled the weather and grime. Even the Deep Black Pearl cat approves. [emoji1]
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    August - Photo of the Month competition

    Pic from a roadtrip (Stockholm, Sweden ---> Cannes, France) 5800km in 12 days
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    Damian Mac Donagh

    R600 VAG

    Few here for you Graeme after cleaning her up. Video files are to large to load it would seem but have a decent one through a tunnel earlier it was deafening inside. Regards Damian Mac Donagh
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    Emmanuele springs fitted with no rear pads over the top of 18" gloss black TD 1.2 with an et38 offset and no spacers. These springs feel great, slightly softer than Eibachs and far more supple and comfortable with the DCC than VWR springs were. The drop is perfect too without being slammed. Highly recommended [emoji1360]
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    Golf 7R Photos - Part 2

    Well after a bit of a wait, although shorter than the originally planned September I received my brand new Golf R Estate - Tornado Red. aplogies a bit photo heavy. A good job of rear tints carried out by dealership. also have Pzeros fitted rather than Bridgestones. i love the black R and Black VW badges, sets of the overall feel of the car. only had a brief drive down to RAF Cosford to see a mate and then back home. more write up once I get out to Harlech at weekend.
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    Golf R at gunpoint

    Your comment implies that they give it some thought, then dismiss it. They don't. Career criminals (burglars, car thieves, etc.) never give the consequences a thought, and don't give a flying FCUK how hard the owner has worked to buy the things they have nicked. If you really pressed them, they would probably mutter something about "just claim on your insurance", not realising (or caring) what long term psychological damage they have done. And 'not caring' about the more serious effects assumes they have the mental capacity to even understand such things, which is doubtful. You are dealing with a underclass who simply don't think like you do, which is why victims have such a hard time with the "how could they do that?" question. As for getting a job themselves, they would just laugh in your face and tell you that, to them, crime represents easy money - along with all the other (state-provided) easy money they can access if not working.
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    Contacting mrc

    Imagine how hard it will be to deal with them if you have any issues after software has been installed.....chasing horsepower is great but you need decent aftercare with modified cars. Just worth considering.....
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    im still here

    Hi people sorry not really been on the forum of late ,basically because of family illness. i have become a carer of late unfortunately.no doubt i will become an active member again as soon as i am able and have more free time .
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    Golf 7R Photos - Part 2

    I gave mine its first bath today, when I collected it from the dealer I asked them not to prep it so it was fairly dirty when I picked her up. I was meant to have it detailed on Monday just gone but I couldn't make it over to my mates place for him to do it. Day off work today, I'll clean the car.....look outside it's raining all morning, great. Check the forecast and it said it would be nice this afternoon. 5 hours later she's gleaming. All I have left to do is the inside, Hoover and clean the glass. Of which I will do at the weekend if the weather is nice again. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    MK7R - Is It Boring??

    In my opinion a lot of people look at the R in the wrong light. Due to it having 300bhp and 4wd I think peoples expectations of it are all wrong. It wasn't designed to be a weekend toy, something that scares the life out of you every time you drive it and to shout "Look at me" where ever it goes. It was designed to blend in, be a car that you can drive day to day and do every day things in it. Whether that be nip to the shops, chuck the clubs in the boot and go for a round of golf, take the family out for the day, or drive from one end of the country to the other in comfort. It does all these things and more, perfectly well. But then if you've had a rubbish day in work and fancy jumping in something that can put a smile on your face and do serious triple figure speeds in seconds, this car will do it all day long. Turn the traction control off, switch it into race mode and go for a spirited drive down some country lanes, mountain drives whatever it may be and then come back and say to someone "Yeah, that cars boring". I can pretty much guarantee no one in their right mind would have that opinion on it after doing so. A very small part of me can kind of see where people come from when they ask if the golf R is 'boring'? But I think boring is the wrong word. Its refined and although it can take the fun out of things it certainly hasn't ruined it for me. Its 2017, regulations are getting harsher, health and safety is getting out of control and the restrictions on production of new cars is getting tighter and tighter. Especially with emissions/tax hence why cars are sounder duller and engines are getting smaller. It's just the way the world is going. But if you ask me Volkswagen have done a fantastic job with the Golf R. There are things I will change on it, but that's just down to my personal taste. For example, I would like a bit more exhaust note so I'll modify to achieve this. As for a car straight out of the box, I cannot think of anything better for the price, performance, versatility and practicality.
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