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    Very Excited Stage 2 Today

    Well my cars off to Awesome today for a couple of days for some more mods She currently stands like so APR Stage 1 High torque Sachs Organic Clutch VWr600 TT Intake VWR Springs And other stuff like wheels club sport brakes etcetc She is being treated to Sachs Sintered Clutch Wagner Intercooler APR Downpipe ECS Resonator delete KW Variant 3 APR Stage 2 High Torque remap Been waiting well over a month to get in to have the work done since I booked it all but due to my work and waiting for parts I've had to twiddle my thumbs for what seems like a year Anyway very excited to see the difference in the car when I get it back tomorrow
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    June 2017 - Photo of the Month competition

    @r2avo #datenight www.charlieraven.com
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    Golf 7R Photos - Part 2

    The wife took my car to the local car wash!
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    Golf 7R Photos - Part 2

    Clean for a change and out in the woods...
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    What fuel do you use

    To save you time in searching forums: Standard fuel will ruin your car, spark plugs will rust, it'll cause back-firing, severe damage to every single part of the engine, affect your marital performance and you'll be considered an illogical peasant by everyone you meet. Premium fuel, on the other hand, is a glorious golden nectar that hugs your car's engine like a pure cashmere blanket on a cold day.
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    That shouldn't have gotten in there surely?!

    Found some hay in my engine bay and remembered that there are 300 horses in there! 😂
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    Golf 7R Photos - Part 2

    That was the whole idea he he he Hey back off you lol. Decided I'm keeping these now for a while, gave the car a good wax yesterday, bit of tyre shine and I have to admit I couldn't stop looking at it. Just loved how it looked, will see how it looks today🤓 so instead of losing a horrendous amount of money in a week (again) I'm gonna enjoy them. Couple pics just For you Karl, wheels are clearly visible 😄
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    L500 Turbo Development

    We have been working closely with Littco tubro company testing various turbo combinations with some very nice results. Shown here is a development version of the L500. This is being run at around 1.85 bar of boost. In terms of flow, it is half way between a TTE470 and TTE525. Car spec: Wagner Intercooler, Induction kit, Decat down pipe Standard back box. We can supply these turbos as complete brand new units for £1900+vat. Conversion of your unit £800+vat. Fitting £300, Mapping £800 + £250 DSG Rick
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    R lacking excitement

    Some of us prefer the Q Car approach. Had an Impreza STi with Prodrive Power Pack and exhaust. Happier these days with same great performance, less low flying jet noise. Each to their own.
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    Pragger's Golf R 7.5

    So it's been just over a week now since the Golf came and I wanted to share with you all my initial thoughts and impressions and the mods undertaken so far. I've shared some quick pictures on the Facebook page but thought I'd give a bit more of an in detail review and discussion here. I got the car on Wednesday morning, delivered by Nationwide cars. Cars looked brilliant and was taken straight to Tesco for a tank of momentum and then a several hour trip up to Newcastle with a slight detour over the A686 through Northumbria. A brilliant revolutionary drive and experience. Confirmed I'd made the right decision. Spent the night taking out friends and family, mostly keeping below 4000rpm, no launch yet but 450 miles done. Loving: Engine Gearbox Seats DCC on comfort Dynaudio Sunroof Not loving: Pedal lag Washer jets initial lack of pressure Plain cadiz alloys Lack of exhaust sound Amount of bugs on a sunny afternoon
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    May 2017 Map Update can be downloaded from here : http://www.navigation.com/is-bin/INTERSHOP.enfinity/WFS/Navteq-NavteqEurope-Site/-/-/-/View-Promo?&cwt=application/ApplicationFrame_campaign_light&Page=VW_Europe_Golf7Landing
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    DUB R4XX

    Golf 7R Photos - Part 2

    Better stopping power!
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    New wheels are on!!!

    So for a few months now I have been trying to decide on some new wheels for my R! Mainly because my prets are running with winter Tyres on, so I wanted a new set for my summer Tyres. The excuse worked with the wife 😜. I decide on the ispiri isr6 in sterling silver with machined face. 19 x 8.5 offset 45. I fancied trying something different.. even tho there similar design to the prets 🤔 When they were fitted yesterday I thought ooooooh,mmmmm! I wasn't a 100% sure if I liked the look! After cleaning the car this morning and doing my errands this afternoon the car looked pretty nice in the sun 😉 and the wheels were growing on me. A couple of people commented how well the car looked, which is always nice when you've put a fair bit of effort into something. just thought I'd share with you lovely people who since joining have cost me a small fortune 😂, the wife seems to think I'm having a mid-life crisis at 33! Hope it lasts until I'm 40 😁👍 Cheers everyone The wife was even happy with the wheels, as she made good use of the box 😆
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    Wheel Offset, what you need to know

    One thing I get asked a lot is what VW wheel offsets are and how to work them out. The first thing I'll add is a link to one of the easiest to read calculators I've found online: http://www.1010tires.com/Tools/Wheel-Offset-Calculator Wheel dimensions are funny things, partly in millimetres and partly inches, so are a truly international blend of confusion. Obviously everyone is aware of wheel diameters and widths being in inches. The width of a passenger car wheel is often referred to as J (e.g. 8J X 19) which is an industry marking to do with bead profile and not something I'm here to bore you with. Also on wheel markings/stampings you'll often see an H along with possibly another suffix too, this is quite simply for the hump in the wheel which is positioned to increase the strength of the wheel, e.g. H2. Google is your friend here if you're interested in specifics or this post will just get bogged down with pointless info. Then we have the PCD, the Centre Bore and the Offset. These three things will determine whether your wheels will fit your hubs and the latter will be the deciding factor as to whether the wheel will physically fit in the wheel arch. Offset This is measured in millimetres and referred to as ET (einpresstiefe which is the German for insertion depth). The Golf (& Scirocco) are based on FWD chassis despite the former's R models being 4WD. FWD cars tend to have what's called positive offset (this helps with keeping the wheels pointing straight ahead when moving and aids stability). If you have a look at the wheel diagram on the link I posted it shows how offset is calculated. There's an imaginary line running down the middle of the wheel profile and the offset is the distance between this and the rear of the hub mounting. In very simple terms when dealing with modern passenger car VW's the lower number ET means the further the wheels will stick out, or in current fashion terms "stance" or "poke". Lower ET = more poke. Or in English the wheel face will stick out more. How much is too much? I can't really answer that as there are a lot of variables and whatever I state here someone will argue the case that they've done bigger and better. In layman's terms if you want to fit bigger or wider wheels, or even just change the offset by fitting spacers there's a certain amount of room to manoeuvre before you have to resort to more drastic things like changing the suspension geometry and flaring the wheel arches themselves. Factory wheels on a mk6 Golf R are 7.5 x 18 with an offset of 51 or 8 x 19 with an offset (ET) of 50 The mk7 Golf R gets much bigger wheel arches so the 7.5 x 18 wheels get a whole 2mm less offset at ET49 and the 8 x 19 wheels keep the same offset as the mk6 R at 50mm. If the reason you're putting wider wheels or spacers on the car is purely to fill out the wheels arches (or 'stance' the car if you're down wiv da kidz) then how little offset is too much? I can't answer that as different people have different opinions and different uses for their cars. If it's an occasional driver or used for static show displays and MaccyD late night cruising then I guess your version of filling the arches will be different to someone who needs to drive in rutted lanes or potholed urban rat runs that are infested with speed humps. As a guide I'll say that an 8" wide wheel on a mk6 should be ideally around ET44 but I've personally got away with ET41 using 235 tyres on a non lowered car. With a mk7 you have much more wheel arch space to play with. You can get away with ET40 on the front and probably ET35 on the back or possibly even slightly lower offset, again using an 8" wide wheel. With an 8.5 inch wide wheel I'd say ET45 and maybe slightly less ET at the rear. BBS seem to prefer ET46 on a mk7. I've never tried 8.5 wheels on a mk6. PCD & Centre Bore As far as mk6 and mk7 Golfs are concerned (plus Sciroccos and Passats etc) then the magic numbers here we need to see are 5x112 for PCD (Pitch Circle Diameter) which refer to the bolt holes. And our wheels require a 57.1mm centre bore. This is the hole that runs through the centre of the wheel and is needed to mount the wheel squarely on the hub so that you don't get vibrations and wheel bolts that undo themselves randomly (or even snap). Centre bore can be higher so long as you fit a spigot ring to reduce the hole to 57.1mm
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    Engine swap

    I lifted this out of a test frame this morning - it has a capacity of 76 litres and runs 12 turbo chargers and should be good for around 3500 bhp - only problem is, it weighs 11.5 tons. If I make a subframe from old scaffold poles, will it go into my Golf? Over to yous.......... [emoji12] Sent from my HTC One using Tapatalk
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    I think you've earned the right to wear this.
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    Golf 7R Photos - Part 2

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    Pragger's Golf R 7.5

    Day 3: Wheels: The car looks fantastic and I really am in love with how the thing looks.... except the wheels. I know some people like them and to each their own. But they were too lease / rep car looking for me. Luckily I'd spent countless weeks on the forums waiting and lurking for my R to arrive so I'd seen every wheel combo going. I'd hit all of the big alloy / tyre sites and I'd already made my mind up. I have Silk to thank (who also has a Lapiz Blue) for the inspiration. A set of 19" GMP Italia Atoms in Anthracite Silver (RS6 alloys). I've already sourced where sells them locally and I'm now off to LK Performance bewtween Bradford and Halifax to go and pick up the alloys I ordered an hour before the car had even arrived! The lads there were excellent and really friendly. I asked if I could go round back and see the alloys and tyres and it wasn't a problem. Sadly they didn't have Michelin Cup Sport 4s so I had to settle with Goodyear Eagle Asym 3s. I went with a 225 on the 8.5" alloys giving a slightly stretched look which I think really looks the dogs bollocks! Get put on the car and it gets brought round the front of the shop, all the staff are out and what seemed like all of the customers who were asking about and complimenting the car. Never got this in my 05 Volvo S40!!! Here are some pics of the car at the shop!
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    New R collected today (560BHP on the drive)

    Some random pics..including the old R32. 3.5 hour train ride to Kent, 10 minutes to collect and a 3.5 hour drive home (in pretty poor traffic). However, the R is very refined and top quality. Its also got some go when you give a little bit :-) Still getting my head around setting up the head unit / internet connectivity etc 560bhp on the drive! :-)
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    Golf 7R Photos - Part 2

    A couple quick shots after a quick run out to the coast. Not to be outshone by the R, my 10 year old girl thought she'd try to get in on the act, lol.
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    Nice Golf in Platja d'Aro

    I think our definition of 'nice' Golfs might be a little ways apart.. 😋
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    The early bird gets...the best parking space.

    Ain't nobody scraping down the side of my R or opening doors on her when I park here! It's worth getting to work early to get this spot! Anyone else get paranoid when parking up? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Golf 7R Photos - Part 2

    Just took delivery of my R this weekend . Here are some pics.
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    Simon ST

    At last I've found a R that ticks all the boxes

    Well after searching through autotrader day after day looking for the rite car I have finally found one that is rite for me. I wasn't bothered about the colour as I think they look good in all colours but a Tornado red DSG 5dr caught my eye. So I went to have a look and test drive and all I can say is Wow. The car is immaculate with not a mark on the body work or alloys and has only done 9500 miles. When on the test drive I put it into race mode and planted my foot to be thrown back in my seat, and the sound that came from the back of the car was a really nice growl yet when driving normal and relaxed the car is like any normal family car. So I cant wait till next Tuesday to pick the car up and have many years of happy trouble free Golf R ownership.
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    R lacking excitement

    I totally disagree that fast needs to equal noise. I LOVE the fact that the R is fast but doesn't shout too much about it. Anyone that needs to let everyone know they are coming by making a lot of noise about it, whether in their car or not, is the sort of person I would go out of my way to avoid. I feel the R is designed for people like me, if you want noise for the sake of it, you've got the wrong car. And any 3" turbo back exhaust IS definitely chavvy, ricer and boy racery, you are wrong, not those of us with style, restraint and taste!
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    South East England Meet, June 25!

    Save the date for a June 25th Golf R meet. Mostly for members in Surrey, Kent, Essex, London, Sussex, Hampshire and the surrounding areas. Perhaps a few nut jobs from further afield. Sunday 25th June, 2017 - 9.00 AM Billy's on the Road Stane St, Billingshurst RH14 9AE
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    The Great Cat War

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    what a car

    Took delivery of my FL estate last week and blimey what a car. Im old(ish) and Ive had quite a few cars in my time, and am genuinely wondering what else you could ever need in a car??? Ive seen 38mpg on a long journey and smiled silly smiles in race mode. I love the noise. I love how it looks. I love the quality. I love the practicality. Only downside?? finger prints on the display.......but hey.......I can live with that :-)
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    Bloody hell it's hot!!!

    Police found the local ice cream man in his van on the floor covered in raspberry sauce, nuts and hundreds & thousands. They think he topped himself…....... I'll get my coat, no hold on it's still too hot!
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    Bloody hell it's hot!!!

    Sauce and sprinkles on those? Go on, imagine it. 😁
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    Highest average MPG?

    Is it just me, or is this "R" forum the wrong forum for a "bestest mpg" topic - surely it belongs in a "D" forum of some sort? I reckon if your mpg is 2 figures starting with a 3 you're in the wrong car.
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    Engine swap

    Well, the outgoing RS3 has an engine of similar weight, so it must be possible... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Hi Justgolf99 I removed your Pretoria sale thread in General Chat for a number of reasons but the primary reason being you do not yet meet the criteria required to be able to sell goods on the forum. I refer you to the VWROC Classifieds Rules. As many members above have already advised, there is a minimum post count requirement to enable you to participate in certain areas of the forum, the Classifieds section being one of those. The requirement for placing an advert in the Classifieds section is 50 posts and to reply to an advert you need a minimum 25 posts. These rules apply to ALL members. The only exception is those wishing to reply to Cars for Sale which has no minimum post count for replies. These rules are in place to protect members and to reduce the risk of fraudulent sales, which unfortunately there have been instances of on this forum. Indeed it is members themselves who requested these more stringent measures. There are NO exceptions to the rules, so if you do wish to sell items on this forum then you will need to reach the minimum 50 post count, achievable by participating in the wider forum. I must make you aware that any attempts to spam threads simply to rapidly increase post count will result in the posts being removed and your post count reset by forum Admin. Similarly any attempts to circumnavigate the rules by selling in threads outside the Classifieds will result in the posts being removed. There are plenty of interesting topics on the forum so plenty of opportunity to join in and make a positive contribution. Similar rules also apply to Group Buys and arranging discounts for members. Additionally the forum is a sponsored site so you will see we have official sponsors who pay to promote their products and offer members deals. Members are able to recommend products, tuners etc as those are personal recommendations. The difference in this is members are not selling these items, merely sharing information and signposting other members to where these things can be obtained, if they are interested, there is no personal gain involved. Moderators are also forum members. The bottom line is, if you wish to sell your items on this forum, then you need to get to the required post count in a sensible manner, by participating. If not, there's eBay and the like.
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    Mixing tyres on front vs rear ?

    Forgive me for boring you with this post... but, correct tyres and setup is absolutely paramount on a car like the R - and arguably any car for that matter! I never compromise on tyres. They are the only contact the car has with the road. As soon as my tyres hit 3mm they are off and a new 'set' replaces them. To mix and match different tyres of different tread levels is bonkers on a 300+bhp all wheel drive car. I rotate every 3000 which sounds a bit bonkers in itself but I deep clean the alloys at the same time. This ensures my tyres don't wear unevenly and don't go over 2mm difference in tread depth. Trying to save or not spend money on tyres is something you definitely should not do in my opinion. My father had a bad car accident some years ago now due to poor tyre choice (winters only on the front in winter) and I lost a friend a few years back arguably due to the tyres - using different tyres with low tread on the rear. The Golf R can only provide excellent all wheel drive grip with the same quality and brand/pattern of tyres with good levels of even tread. A tyre fitter (or main dealer for that matter) will probably never recommend this but VW insist on this on their maintenance package. That's says it all!
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    Misty Windscreen

    Can of worms subject on here Ian, lol. Various remedies, such as dropping windows a bit, blowers on, aircon on, etc. I've had not a single misting issue on the R surprisingly. I run aircon all year round, started doing that back when I experienced misting problems on my gti (only ran aircon intermittently at that time) and it solved the issue, so from day one with the R, I've run aircon year round and so far, so good.
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    New Indium Grey Estate 7.5

    Hi all I picked up my new golf R estate on Friday 26/05. It is Indium Grey with optional Dynaudio sound, DCC and rear airbags. VW Coulsdon were absolutely terrible to deal with, but the car is a real joy to drive. At the moment it is on standard Cadiz which I am not a fan of, but will have second set for winter/summer use. Maybe 18" Pretoria's? Funny thing is I had two non car people complementing the wheels. Oh well... I've spent 5 hours today washing it, polishing and waxing, so it was right time to take few photos of it... First impressions: It is loud. It pops and bangs sometimes, quite cool. The engine note is not as good in flat 6 Subaru I used to own, but still good. I love all the driving modes, they do transform the car a lot. Fuel economy is reasonable. I get 25 mpg on mixed use. Low 30's on a run with lighter foot. I can imagine mid to high 30's is possible in Eco mode which I really dislike. Times of mid 50's from my Skoda Octavia VRS diesel are gone... Boot space is massive, which I need and reason to go for estate. Dynaudio IMHO is the best value optional equipment you can get. I had it on a Passat and loved it then since the upgrade on R. What I am slightly disappointed with is seat base is a bit short for me. I am 6'4" so maybe I have myself to blame for being so tall. Also Active Info Display while being a cool gadget, the level of it's customisation is a bit poor. Anyway, thanks for reading and please see some photos. Bart
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    Sad at 40 something?

    Having added Revo turbo intake/elbow and panel filter to stage 1 and the tune turned up to 11, I thought I would finally put the decal on.... Do you like my analogue photoshop skills☺️ Sent from my F3111 using Tapatalk
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    Car dropped off at Ecotune for sintered clutch!!

    So I dropped the Golf off this morning at Ecotune for Sintered 4 paddle Sachs clutch..along with release bearing! Also having the R600 intake with VWR elbow and hose put on. Hoping to not get a call informing me that the Flywheel needs changed 🙄..will report back tomorrow with the clutch feel etc hopefully if the cars ready!
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    My R experience

    Well I'm nearly 54 so def not a boy racer..... I did consider a Cayman briefly but Mrs Privatedoc said she would call it my Menoporsche !!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Sad at 40 something?

    Hehe, if you're sad modding at 40something (you're not btw) I must be positively tragic modding at 60something (I'm not either btw)! Just fitted the GFB DV+ and TT inlet pipe...
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    Sad at 40 something?

    My kid was with me when I had the work done and I got the techie to lie and tell me the total for the work was £120....no doubt this will filter back to the wife!
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    New facelift R

    Just picked up my 2nd owned Golf R facelift, absolutely beauty of a car.
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    Another satisfied customer at BCS....

    So I've just had my BCS Res Delete pipe fitted, it hasn't set off alarm bells with any of my partners family; though it is significantly louder on the throttle (especially around 3K Revs in any setting). I haven't had ages to test it but I can't fault it... no drone, a great rasp, deeper tone with that extra bit of volume! SENSATIONAL to Nige and the team. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The R32 drove away this morning with new owner. Everyhting is now complete....and breathe!! Wont be eating popcorn for a while now!
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    RAVOs Pure White 7R

    Lots of horses (instagram edit)
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    Scumbags on a new level

    https://www.google.co.uk/amp/www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/brave-mum-takes-desperate-action-10503079.amp Says Sirrocco but it's a golf R imo To anybody reading: try that bullshit on me and I will smash you straight over my bonnet without a care in the world, And tbh I will reverse over you for good measure
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    NeilP's White 7R