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    Buy a steering lock and fit that. Also, take the accelerator pedal on holiday with you. It's held on with 1 screw and a plug.
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    Snow Driving

    Race ESP Off Winter tyres on ... and then realise that none of it makes any difference as you'll still be in a queue of traffic with sh!t summer tyres, FWD and driven by terrified OAPs. ... Why did I bother,,.
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    Golf 7R Photos - Part 2

    Picked up my new one today (white silver with black everything!). Just need to keep it clean!
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    Golf 7R Photos - Part 2

    Have a couple of my reflex silver [emoji6] Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Golf 7R Photos - Part 2

    Picked up my new one today. So for a few days I’ll have 2 R’s. Feels very different to my 2015 car. Doesn’t feel quite as racy or alive, feels more normal.
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    Akrapovic MK7.5 R

    Just been to collect the R. I’m in love....! Had to park up behind[emoji16] The Akrapovic is incredible, completely changes the car for me. The sound on upshift is literally like a gun shot. I’m so happy!
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    DSG Cooked!!

    I fully support VW in this approach, why should they pick up the bill for a car which has been taken out of manufacturing spec/tolerances. I modded my car at 1 year old and accept I have kissed my warranty goodbye...if you can't afford to pay you shouldn't play.
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    Sunrise at Tescos

    1st thing this morning..looking good so deserves a pic 😜
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    Nice and clean

    So I finaly had some time to show my R some love after weeks of bad weather. I striped all wax and sealants from the car. Did a full decontamination fallout remover, tar remover and then clay bar. Next was a one stage polish, I used CG V38 with a DA as I take great care in cleaning my car, so only very minor swirls to be removed. Topped of with at coat of Dodo Juice purple haze pro. 5 min after I'm done the rain starts!!! Tomorrow I plan to give the wheels a coat of wax Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    March 2018 - Photo of the Month competition

    @quietresonance on insta.
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    shiny red R

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hi Phil and everyone, I would like to again thank you all so much for your very supportive comments which I really appreciate. Latest updates are the Police believe they now know the identity of the criminal. Thanks to Rob who saw the CCTV footage of another victim of the same crime recently in Sunbury-on-Thames I was able to view this footage and immediately recognise the thief to be the same person who stole my car. In addition, several more clear photos were found of the thief by various people who were helping. Police said his photos would be distributed on the Police network and also social media. (that was before they stated they believed they knew his identity). Also that there had been several cars like this stolen in the past few weeks in the same way. I have just completed all the forms sent by my insurance company so should hopefully hear something quite soon as they requested the documents were sent to them urgently. Myself, well, I've felt absolutely awful after this. Very low, with constant thoughts of what could I have done to stop it. I've also spent hours researching vehicle security and have thought about the fitment of an Autowatch Ghost as well as something like a Smartak 5 tracker. I certainly know I must have something robust and effective security-wise on my next car, when that happens. Right now, I'm not even interested in cars to be honest. But I'm sure I'll feel better as time passes. A huge massive thank you to you all for your kind support which means a lot to me. Best wishes, Greg
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    Not exactly detailing but today I jacked the car up and gave the arches and underside a good clean, the salt is driving me loopy. I know it's a complete waste of time but it had to be done, will do it again once roads are in better shape
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    Just Picked her up!

    Picked her up, just in time for Snowmageddon !
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    Well she is 4 years old now and still very happy with this car, ticks all the boxes for me , sailed through the mot, only done 28000 , had to change the battery (bosch) , short journeys have not done it any favours , RS7 spark plugs added at the same time as the service .
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    White stuff

    It’s been trying all day but finally!
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    Mines a 2018 7.5 but no issues or noises when starting in the cold. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Gareth Drewery

    Ceramic coated today ....😁

    So I had my lapiz blue 7.5 ceramic coated today ... was still cheaper than the dealers auto lifeshine... Pics do no justice to shine and clear looking coat. Just wondering if anyone has had this done / or got good or bad experiences
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    Got the carbon fibre mirror covers today VW gave me free of charge for a mess up. Think they definitely work better with the grey than the silver ones Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    White stuff

    Jaysus! How do you turn this snow foam yoke off....... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Joyride after my first MOT

    The brake test had been carried out in the adjacent cul-de-sac. when the MOT was finished the keys were handed to a mechanic and he took it for a joy ride. This was not part of the MOT procedure. The driver didn't even work on my car as he was a mechanic not an MOT tester. With regards to the speeding he took the car out without my knowledge and floored it exceeding the speed limit. He could of got caught speeding and the fine would of come to me. And also it wasn't his car and he didn't have a right to drive it. When I hand my keys over to a company to carry out a job on my car a expect a professional service. I don't expect boy playing with other people toys. The main manager came to see me today at work (as i work around the corner) regarding what happened as he wasn't there yesterday. He apologised and I showed him the videos. He was very annoyed and he offered to fix all the MOT fails on my wifes car (approx £120 - £180) and he will carry out the work himself. He also said that the issue will be sent above and the guys driving will be punished (most likely lose his job) and the assistant manager will get heavily disciplined for allowing it to happen. I know this isn't a nice thing to happen to someone but it was snowing and if he caused an accident then it would of been way worse. There was a c63s in the workshop imagine if he tried that in the same conditions he would of killed himself. If i speed and drive like a tool its my fault and its my car and licence that would suffer (if I didn't harm anyone in the process) this guy risked someone else's car and licence and was new to driving my car. If I hadn't checked my camera I would of never know what had happened and they didn't tell me they had taken it for a spin as they knew it was wrong. If they would of asked me I would of let them ride shotgun and taken them to the faster main roads close by but at a reasonable speed (50mph speed limit duel carriage way with no predestines) Also i would of put it in race mode and gear box is sport. 😆
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    new car collected

    heres the beast
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    Well, I have had the Car a week now, but only covered about 165 miles (36 of those miles were delivery miles). This is in part to the dreadful weather (It was snowing the day I picked her up) and being busy with other issues such as work and my busy social schedule - but after a week, it's mixed feelings at the moment. (Remember, I am coming from a C63AMG 6.2 V8) To me it lacks power, (really? I hear you say) this is to say that, when I was driving on the Autobahn in Germany the other day (Erherm), and wanted to haul - ass, from 60-*** to test out the mid rage, it lacked the grunt that I have been used to. (But this, I almost certainly expected). Even the wife commented at how it did not seem to make such rapid progress, in the same way as 'The Beast' did. (Which coming from her, it must be true).This is something I have spoken to Kim Collins about, at QST (Old Friend), which he assures me, he has a solution. (I wonder what this could be?). Experimenting with the different driving modes is fun, testing economy and seeing how bad I could get the percentage score on the 'Think Blue' thingy (Anyone else done this? - we should set a a league table) in different set ups etc. I do like the 7 Speed DSG compared to the 6 speed that I have had in previous VAG Cars I have owned too. I also like the Sat-Nav and other settings in the display. The Satnav Pro, suffers from dirty finger marks which I believe is well known, but is something that is rectified easily, by keeping a Microfibre Cloth handy (The ones you get for cleaning reading glasses at Specsavers for free) and giving it the occasional wipe as required. The technology (Without Reading the Manual), I have pretty much got this sorted out now, I think, and a lot of it I find there are some really clever elements, and some not so, but one of the things that really, really, really, annoys me, is that it (and I wasn't aware that it would do this in such dramatic fashion) keeps braking for me. The first time it happened, I nearly Cra***d myself, as I thought I had hit something - I was backing up out of a private parking space, and there were some bushes that I was backing towards, the warnings were pinging away, as they do, and just as I was going to brake gently and change to D, for the direction change, it slammed it's brakes on, obviously to avoid me hitting the wispy brambles and stinging nettles that would have almost certainly written off the car! I do not like this feature at all, although I do understand why it is there, but that's just me, firmly digging my heels in, as I remain steadfastly against the car industries tracks towards autonomous vehicles, This is a prime example as to reason why I am against it. (Such Cynicism, right!) I have found the space inside the cabin, to be better than I had remembered, but the boot is smaller, but it's a hatchback, so I have no reason to complain. Talking about the cabin, and I am not one for reading manuals (Partly because I am unsure where it is at the moment), I looked in the Glove Compartment to have a look around it (as you do) and see a slot for CD's - so my question is, is this a CD/DVD player, or is it to load in software for the Satnav? am sure if I do find the manual, it will tell me, but in the mean time, if anyone can answer this, I would appreciate it? Finally, the swirles (already) It's only been cleaned once, and I cannot believe the amount of swirles it now has in the paintwork, but I suspect that this was due to the recently gritted roads and my lack of attention to this, when I cleaned it. (Doh). My fault totally - I'm going to have to invest in a buffing machine and chemicals no doubt! I am not trying to be negative, it's a hell of a car and I am liking it more every time I drive it, and I am certainly looking forward to spending more time playing, as the better weather arrives (Which I hope is soon). I'm just trying to share my true feelings as to my experience with her, In a somewhat lighthearted way, over the last 7 days. That's it for the moment - will try to give an update when I have a few miles on her. if anyone is really interested, that is? Cheers all. David
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    Golf 7R Photos - Part 2

    Managed a half decent wash with a sprinkle of quick detailer ....
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    Jamie's Oryx White Golf R

    Hi, I have had my Golf R for just under 3 weeks now so decided to finally start a thread for it. Previously I had a mk5gti but had been looking at an 7R for a long time. I recently transferred from part time in the Fire Service to full time so thought now was the perfect time to finally get one and to get something to show for my hard work. I looked everyday online for the right one, initially I wanted a Lapiz Blue 5dr Dsg with both full leather and pretoria alloys. I came across one but when I rang to enquire it had already been sold😬 It was then when I looked a few days later when I saw an Oryx white model fairly locally, so I rang up and organised to view it the next day. Once I saw the Oryx white in the flesh I knew it was the colour that I wanted. The car itself has a really good spec in my opinion, Oryx White 3 door DSG 65 plate 25,000 miles Full service history Full heated vienna leather 19" Pretoria Alloys on Continental Contisportcontact 5's Keyless entry and go Black electric folding mirrors Sat nav with DAB First thing I decided was to get a fresh set of plates before I put mine on IMG_6889 by jamie kirk, on Flickr IMG_6890 by jamie kirk, on Flickr Once I had picked the car up, the DAB radio didn't have the icons so I uploaded them on a memory stick Before IMG_6897 by jamie kirk, on Flickr After IMG_6898 by jamie kirk, on Flickr Private plate fitted IMG_6916 by jamie kirk, on Flickr And finally after it's first clean IMG_6927 by jamie kirk, on Flickr IMG_6928 by jamie kirk, on Flickr IMG_6929 by jamie kirk, on Flickr IMG_6930 by jamie kirk, on Flickr IMG_6931 by jamie kirk, on Flickr IMG_6932 by jamie kirk, on Flickr IMG_6933 by jamie kirk, on Flickr IMG_6934 by jamie kirk, on Flickr IMG_6935 by jamie kirk, on Flickr IMG_6936 by jamie kirk, on Flickr IMG_6937 by jamie kirk, on Flickr IMG_6941 by jamie kirk, on Flickr IMG_6942 by jamie kirk, on Flickr IMG_6943 by jamie kirk, on Flickr IMG_6944 by jamie kirk, on Flickr My favourite so far IMG_6932 by jamie kirk, on Flickr The only thing that I have done to the car is I have had a security system fitted to the car for peace of mind after seeing some videos and hearing stories about keyless cars. Thankfully this will no longer be a problem! Thanks Jamie
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    Unlucky stu

    Sun out,sponge out

    After an unplanned day off it actually turned out nice so thought lets get the bucket and sponge out ,turned out ok I think
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    Akrapovic MK7.5 R

    Placed my order on 12th August 2017. White Silver, 3 Door DSG with titanium Akrapovic exhaust system, black 19” Pretoria’s and carbon fibre mirrors. After a long wait it was eventually built on 6th February 2018 and arrived at the dealership 10 day’s later, having avoided the PDI centre, as I requested nothing to be removed prior to delivery. Went straight down to the dealership the next morning to finally take a look at my new car...! So happy with the spec, although not as poppy as my Lapiz blue the white silver looks great in the sun, and with the black wheels and trims it’s just right. Once I have the SiRamik coat applied it’ll be perfect for me. I’ll post photos and definitely some videos of the exhaust here, I’ve watched every YouTube video in anticipation of the Akrapovic, hopefully I can make some good ones to post here too. I’m sure I’ll also have a few questions for other members regarding the new features on the 7.5R. Cheers
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    Has everyone forgotten that wind deflectors look crap! 😁
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    Golf 7R Photos - Part 2

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    Fitted the performance pack brake covers. I plan to get to the hubs and wheel arches when it isn't cold and raining. Before: After:
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    My R experience

    New wheels and tyres today, role on tomorrow so I can get tyres on and test fitted to the car
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    Rain + Window = Soaked??

    Give up the smoking and you'll be Dry and Live Longer? Win-win..!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    APR Stage 1

    Some nice healthy gains there. Took it a bit easy on the way home, far too much snow etc around but the most impressive thing is the acceleration from 60 up, it's much much better than before. Definitely quicker off the line too! Thanks to Will and the team @VRSNorthampton great jpb!
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    In the Snow

    Yea i didnt get too far lol..i wanted to go out to do a cool car photoshoot..but went straight back in the house 😂 This is what I was expecting..
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    DUB R4XX

    Golf 7R Photos - Part 2

    Quick pic from Sunday And earlier today!
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    White stuff

    I made it to work this morning no issues but again not many bothered. Some people are just terrified of driving in snow and actually if they are that scared I'm glad they don't drive. To be honest this morning there were more problems with people driving too slowly! I think it's about getting a balance of taking your time, using engine braking as much as poss, leaving plenty of gap and not being nervous. Hogging the car park once again!
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    Finally finished cleaning the chrome trims. They were in a right state and I assume hadn't been cleaned for 2 years. Beginning to look like new All finished I gave up trying to be gentle as it wasn't making any difference. Quotes to have them stripped and replaced were ridiculous. Ranging from £70+VAT to £90+VAT, new trims are £101 each. They're not perfect, but they'll do for now. I have a lead on a place who might be able to strip and plate for £35/ea so will see if that pays off. For now, they look fine and it's nice to have those signature chrome trims back on the car!
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    Crossshopping M140i and 7.5 R

    Not read over much of this topic, but I switched from a Golf R to M140. The R was Unicorn stage 2, 390 ish powers, decent suspension and brakes, so a nice package. I always say to people that's its hard to compare these 2 cars, they're both hatchbacks but in reality they're very different. The R is a proper hot hatch, the 4wd is awesome and gives you so much confidence, looks cool and does everything pretty damn good. The M140 is a bit more grown up I feel and more of a mini GT car rather than a hot hatch. The 6 pot in it is a peach and a proper torque monster, I think the build quality is slightly better in the VAG but I've really grown to like the interior of the BM's, the pro nav and idrive system pisses over the Golf, I know the Golf had the VD but the MMI system still can't touch the latest idrive with pro nav. The BM handles awesome, you just need to know how to use it, you can't just smash your foot down like the Golf, but its rear wheel drive, so obviously. My M140 has a quaife diff, which is THEE mod on these cars, they need a proper diff, it turns them into an absolute hooligan machine! Puts the power down so much better and goes sideways so damn good! And when you give it more boost, no R on a standard turbo is keeping up once rolling, mines got JB4, decat and meth, around 450bhp 500lb/ft on a solid dyno. Mid range is savage and they really go into speeds. 100-200kmh is 7.5 ish seconds. To achieve this on a Golf you need a big hybrid. The turbo'd 6 pot is a real monster. So if you want to make the change, try not to get to hung up on comparing it with the R, just accept its a totally different beast and enjoy them both for what they are. I know I do.
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    Filthy beast pic thread

    Deep Black Pearl with added salt. Beautiful!
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    BCS Powervalve resonator delete

    Got home to a nice parcel today 😜 For anyone that’s interested what it looks like here are some pictures. Comes well packaged unlike some of the cheaper ones on ebay that turn up damaged. The quality and workmanship of the pipe and welds are absolutely spot on. Also the little things like putting copper grease the clamp bolts and including some exhaust gasket sealant go a long way for me.
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    No confusion with a manual.........[emoji23] Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    BCS Powervalve REV III Exhaust System

    Nah, nah na nah nah 😁
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    curbed wheels

    I have noticed that nobody ever curbs an alloy. Its always the missus 😭
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    Pretoria Alloys - Aftermarket

    Yea the excitement usually last right up until they go on the car, 5 mins later I'm bored again...it's a never ending circle😁
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    Turmeric owners - good choice?

    My time to shine! In summary I love it to bits. I think my R is the best looking R on the road. It brightens up these drab winter days. Everytime I pass a Lapiz I love that look from the driver of oh my...that's a yellow R. But perhaps I'm a narcissist. Secondly, is it even yellow? Yes, but it's a pretty complex colour and looks very different depending on the weather. The car looked the worst in the dealers. What does it look like dirty? A dirty car. It's winter and I drive a lot of motorway. It's clean Sunday and filthy Monday. No car is going to look great dirty. I followed a Turmeric Arteon the other day and I don't think the colour worked as they had silver mirror caps, no sunroof and standard wheels. You need the black contrast of mirrors, Prets and I would argue roof. If you haven't ordered these I would consider amending your order if you can afford to and like the contrast look. You obviously like the colour enough to order it. You won't regret it. I haven't after 3 months. I get a smile every time I have that realisation, oh that's my car :-) haven't I done well to be able to have that and not care about what people think of the colour. It makes me very happy and I'm sure it will you too.
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    Talk me out of buying a Mk 7.5!

    I'll give you the engine but your having a bubble bath with the technology.
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    Winter snow predicted

    I’ve had enough of this weather now, car is utterly minging and didn’t enjoy the 4ft snow drifts yesterday. Saw this whilst waiting for the screen to clear this morning ..... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Golf 7R Photos - Part 2

    Couple of cheeky pics I took this morning😊
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    Snow Driving

    Sitting in front of the fire with a cup of tea mode.
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    White stuff

    First decent snow in east Kent for years. 🎉🎈🥂 Made it to work but no one else bothered. 😀 R on summer tyres (PS4S) perfect combo. 😂 Didn't miss a beat! pics taken by passenger.