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  1. 7.5R engine mounts

    Long shot this one but does anyone know whether the 7.5R has the same engine mounts as the 7R? I’m about to get a SuperPro set but someone mentioned that the 7.5R may have a different rearmost mount.
  2. Project 7.5R - ARBs

    Thank you. I reckon I’m going to be brave and go for the SuperPro ARB 26mm on the back, no change to the front. Will be combining the ARB with SuperPro lower control arms and the Ohlins dampers. Planning to take some photos and will post after fitting later this week all being well. Now need to know whether the 7.5R has the same engine mounts as the 7R. I’ll post on the main board - long shot but someone might know!
  3. No it’s the 7.5R hatch but talk to Powervalve about the estate. Nige Leeming is the guy to speak to. He’s often on here. I think one of the issues they have is keeping up with demand such is the popularity of their exhaust for the R. I know that Nige is aware of the differences in the size of the exhaust cut outs on the 7.5R compared with the 7R (for the hatch anyway). They’re really clued up on VAG cars.
  4. Trying to work out what to do on the anti-roll bar front with Project 7.5R. SuperPro do a range of rear bars - 22mm, 24mm and 26mm. I’m thinking rear bar only to dial out some of the inherent understeer of the car as it’s 4WD. I’m inclined to go for the 26mm bar but am not sure of the size of the standard rear bar on the R. Advice appreciated. Whilst I want to dial out some understeer I don’t want to go too far the other way and create an oversteering monster!
  5. I have just had a BCS Powervalve fitted to my Mk 7.5R. Quality is as good as you will get. The guys that I used to fit it, Hi-Tech Performance in Northampton, were really impressed. One of the added benefits of the Powervalve system is that it sounds pretty much stock at low revs (so you won’t upset the neighbours!) but makes a fab sound as the revs rise and the exhaust valves open. Price is not silly either considering the quality.
  6. You might get a better price from one of the Ohlins Centres. Go to their website - there’s a few of them around the country. Justyn Potter at Aurok Ltd (Ohlins Centre) near Andover fitted my kit and knows his stuff. He may be able to do a deal including fitting. The quality of the damping is sublime - it’s difficult to explain without riding in a car with Ohlins dampers fitted. Granted they’re expensive but i’ve tried pretty much all the other brands over the years and have been blown away by the Ohlins.
  7. I think that a pad upgrade on the rear would be good. I like the idea of increasing the size of the rear discs from an aesthetic point of view too. They look very small now compared with the Revo Alcon set-up on the front. Have tried the dogbone insert - bit harsh for a road car with a significant increase in NVH. Recent engine mods including BCS Powervalve exhaust and Wagner FMIC has got me up to 400bhp and lots of extra torque. With the big brakes and Ohlins suspension it’s coming together nicely. I’ve been driving a modified 235i over the last week and great as the engine is on that car, it’s not close to the R in terms of ride and engagement. The Ohlins more than anything else transforms the car - just can’t get over that it’s more comfortable and the handling is much better. The best mod I’ve ever done to a car - worth every penny!
  8. Thank you. They’re due to go a week after next. I would love to put on a set of SuperPro engine mounts too. I know that won’t help the braking but people tell me that they make a huge difference in general driving by removing the engine and gearbox movement but not increasing NVH. I don’t think people realise how much the R’s engine moves under heavy acceleration and of course the problem only gets worse with more power.
  9. My Revo Alcon big brake kit is superb but the trouble is I think it may be too good. Whilst the car stops on its nose it now feels a bit squirmy at the back under heavy braking. Is there a brake bias adjuster or do I need better pads on the back or even a brake upgrade? Any advice appreciated
  10. And yes I do have the Revo stainless steel brake hoses all round. It has lovely pedal feel and the brakes feel progressive. When I had to stomp on them to avoid rear ending a car on a dual carriageway that had stopped suddenly the back did feel a bit squirmy. Brake bias issue? Is there anything I can do or is it a case of upgrading the brakes on the back too? I thought that the back only did 20% of the work.
  11. How good do these SuperPro lower control arms look? Something good from Down Order. Look like exceptional quality. SuperPro products keep coming up as suggestions for the car. I’m guessing that their engine mounts and sway bars are pretty good too. Some more photos when the lower control arms go on. Follow Project 7.5R @simonharper96
  12. SuperPro lower control arms are due to go on before Christmas. Getting tempted by their rear sway bar and engine mounts too!
  13. The Revo brakes are one of the best upgrades so far. A couple of grand plus VAT from memory, decent value when you consider that they’re made by Alcon. Second only to the Ohlins I would say. Not really had a chance to experience the exhaust yet but it should be good. Only BCS Powervalve does a boost valve operated system with a bypass pipe at the back. Very different to Milltek and the other manufacturers. Unfortunately you can’t just buy the tips - well not from BCS at least.
  14. As Project 7.5R is about modifying a new car, i want to hear about what you chaps would like to see tested and reviewed. Someone has already mentioned the benefits of SuperPro lower control arms so we’re going to try a set with the Ohlins road and track suspension. We’re not just looking for performance upgrades, but also cosmetic changes to the inside and outside of the car. Any thoughts on the Clubsport S rear spoiler that I believe is now part of the R performance pack? In the last two weeks the R has had a big brake upgrade and one of Nige’s BCS Powervalve exhausts. The brakes are truly mega and may have already saved me from rear ending someone. I’ve not had a chance to drive the car with the new exhaust yet but it is superbly made. I don’t like four silver exhaust tips so have gone for more discreet black tips. I’ll be writing up on each upgrade as the project develops. in the meantime, tell me what you like to see covered In Project 7.5R. Thanks Simon
  15. Intercooler

    Thank you - I can see that there’s a clear favourite!