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  1. Even mythbusters couldn't manage it, And there's enough petrol in that tank for it to go off like a bomb in that confined space, Not even close to real world conditions with i bet less then 98% of the vapour about as in the test when you are filling your tank
  2. Some underlying cause will have sparked the fire due to the operator not paying attention whilst on the phone Almost always its static electricity responsible The fear is that the electromagnetic (EM) radiation from a mobile phone could impart enough energy to ignite petrol vapour directly or that it could induce currents in nearby metal objects and trigger a spark with the same effect. But a study found that in 243 petrol station fires around the world between 1994 and 2005, none were caused by mobile phones. In fact, there isn’t a single confirmed case of this ever happening. Even a lit cigarette isn’t hot enough to ignite petrol vapour. You need a naked flame or a spark, and mobile phones have low-voltage batteries that aren’t capable of producing either. If your interested https://www.kent.ac.uk/scarr/events/finalpapers/burgess.pdf http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/kent/4366337.stm I'm willing to be proved wrong but I spooked and carnt find anything Latest study
  3. Exactly this, Everyone's happy when it suits them, but get passed by an A45 an it's instantly "what a nob" let's make a thread bashing Merc drivers Look retarded VW drivers everywhere Any of you? Fair play to the A45's for having the Balls to boot the car, and not sit on an online forum saying guys guess what I just got 38mpg on my way home, Can I have my milk and cookies now?
  4. How it should be sometimes or why even bother buying an R Some people don't like taking orders from others, The tone that the guy asked in is often the key, for example try and scold me like a school boy and I would give the 2 fingers, I imagen he got a snotty remark over the speakers on the forecourt? Obviously way to old to have fun and way to old to compare d*ck sizes with Mr A45 Maybe I'm not wired up right but if any A45 comes blasting round me I'm going to entertain him, Unless he's being an absolute retard, and my version of retard would be (overtaking on blind bends/running reds) Absolutely nothing wrong with a quick undertake during a mini GP
  5. And wouldn't you be nailing it 24/7 I know I would, After all it's a better car then a Golf R, Everybody loves kicking a lesser model
  6. Rightly so station worker needs to **** off Just a completely moronic rule abit like not using your phone on a plane etc... According to a report from the Petroleum Equipment Institute, there are no documented incidents at petrol stations related to fires or explosions caused by the use of mobile phones. In short, the scientific evidence does not support the hypothesis that these devices cause serious accidents.26 Feb 2014
  7. Only thing Sabine is good for is driving round the ring Show is better without Evans for sure. Ide of like to have Sabine catch the ring taxi's, CSS would of been buried
  8. So when and where did I call you an idiot / jobsworth and a scammer, I posted a general stereotype of people that like to troll that forum. But how about sticking your front teeth back in, And by crying about the rules now your nearly 50% there. If you don't like the rules there is eBay/scamtree. And whilst you might not be a scammer trust me sharks are everywhere online.
  9. Buy one from Awesome GTI for over 3k Still reckon its awesome? lol
  10. To be honest I am glad it doesn't let people post on the for sale section or send PM's without many posts. Stops some jobsworth coming on and buying everything up before a member who contributes gets the chance to buy it. + It weeds out idiots and some scammers. Your much less likely to be scammed by somebody who has been posting years as to somebody who just joins up
  11. Nutters in Birmingham still having a good time I hear https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=WmqWNNQBU7k Crazy guys
  12. Ha your not kidding l, Can you images something like that now? Or netherfield industrial drag racing/drifting
  13. To be honest some nice cars roll up and it's pretty well set out And yeah police do show up but they don't hang about long, Down there is as close as you will get to the fast and furious in this country, Last year had some plenty of 100k+ motors down @ 27 racing about when I went
  14. Surely you could easily blow your engine running lean?
  15. This thread needs removing super cringe worthy But a wrx sti is toilet paper and not worth 11k to begin with