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  1. Hurdys mk6

    Hurdy had a quick car imo and was chucking the £ at his MK6 long before others. However things move on quickly. Shame old dave took a one way trip to con college. His car was shaping up to be something special How is Hurdy getting along with that Cupra running big power yet?
  2. Can dealer wipe a remap ?

    No flash updates all you need to say: no problems
  3. Nice scalp! Quick car Dare say in the dry that'de be different? I see afew high 9's on YouTube for Laferrari If that went on to 1/2 mile still in the wet would result be same? either way highly impressive
  4. Dave Lee's R stolen!!!

    Not really understanding that response, I get the car will initially go on the record as stolen that's undisputed, as the car is gone, they are not going to allow somebody to trade it in QuickTime, But the question that needs asking is are those markers removed if the vehicle is recovered without the insurance having to pay out as a total loss? I think that's the clarification we need I've posted a thread to Adrian flux, I think that sets out our precieved situation correctly