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  1. Burger Tuning JB1 Information thread

    Yes, this is the one I used:
  2. Burger Tuning JB1 Information thread

    Yes you will need the data cable with a micro OTG usb cable /connector along with the JB4 mobile app.
  3. Thanks to Rob2k68 I went down the same route and installed Wi-Fi in my boot. The only difference is that I positioned it further down against the side trim using a strip of Velcro with the hooks, slightly more out of the way there. Works a treat and really pleased with it. http://www.vwroc.com/forums/topic/23678-rob2k68-lapiz-r-collection-build-thread/?do=findComment&comment=386625
  4. Latest Map Update (2018) for Nav Pro

    It doesn't matter which link you use, its the file name /version number that's important. The 7.5 Pro is :- P166_N60S5MIBH3_EU_NT.7z
  5. Latest Map Update (2018) for Nav Pro

    Just like to add that the latest maps for all Nav Pro units are showing. (same file number in each case). Also Nav Media MIB2 and MIB2.5 are showing the latest maps. (same file number) However Nav Media MIB1 is showing a different file number which is also half the size ! Could be the latest.
  6. Latest Map Update (2018) for Nav Pro

    This is the one for all Nav Pro units :- http://vw.download.navigation.com/automotive/VW/MIB2/MIB_High2_Single_File_EU/P166_N60S5MIBH3_EU_NT.7z
  7. Latest Map Update (2018) for Nav Pro

    You need to copy both folders and both files. Your device will select the MIB1 folder.
  8. Latest Map Update (2018) for Nav Pro

    This is the one you need:- http://vw.download.navigation.com/automotive/VW/MIB2/MIB_High2_Single_File_EU/P166_N60S5MIBH3_EU_NT.7z
  9. Just a thought, but a screen shot from 'System Information' showing the new version details may be helpful for those with the non pro unit.
  10. Latest Map Update (2018) for Nav Pro

    Its only for Discover Nav Pro.
  11. Latest Map Update (2018) for Nav Pro

    Only use my direct link to the download from my first post which covers all the Pro units. Other links in that thread are bad and will not load !!!
  12. Latest Map Update (2018) for Nav Pro

    VW Discovercare which downloads directly to a SDcard is always several weeks behind this popular download site:- http://www.navigation.com/is-bin/INTERSHOP.enfinity/WFS/Navteq-NavteqEurope-Site/en_GB/-/GBP/View-Promo?Page=VW_Europe&NewLocaleID=en_GB&NewDomainName=Navteq-NavteqEurope-Site&cwt=application/ApplicationFrame_campaign_light However I found another link to the 2018 map update here:- http://www.golfgtiforum.co.uk/index.php?topic=282606.msg2580554#msg2580554
  13. Rather than wait for the latest update from Navteq, which is overdue, I found this link over on the GTI forum which is for the Nav Pro only. Downloaded, extracted and installed without problems. http://vw.download.navigation.com/automotive/VW/MIB2/MIB_High2_Single_File_EU/P166_N60S5MIBH3_EU_NT.7z
  14. South East England Meet

    Thanks to fastgolf for organising the meet today. Although a bit chilly a hearty breakfast and a hot drink were the order of the day. A good turnout and nice to see new faces. GoRt made me laugh when he attempted to leave in my car !! similar colour but mines not a 7.5, must have been affected by the cold.
  15. Found this over on the VWVortex Mk7 R forum, not good news if you have one of these. http://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?8928777-APR-Turbo-Inlet-Pipe-Warning&p=108777673&viewfull=1#post108777673