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  1. Air dryers & blowers

    On reading your original Blaster review, especially the vacuum function, I am reminded what a joy it is to look after the FLR interior dash TFT screen, compared to the filly instruments and dials on the original . Screen is proving to be easy to clean (ladies make -up soft brush, then G6 perfect glass and merkin), harder than Perspex and all together a better proposition. 😀
  2. Handling when pushing it hard

    I find that you still have to come off the throttle slightly (or sharply( to get back to move out any (or a lot). By booting it into apex, then easing the loud pedal, weight transfer does the rest. In steady-state hard cornering i.e. balanced throttle to apex, then power it, I find that the front weight bias makes rear just follow. Maybe with more steel behind the rear axle, the weight transfer effect is more apparent.
  3. Handling when pushing it hard

    Summer tyres, cool temps, greasy roads? Not best time of year to be assessing ultimate grip and balance. 🤔
  4. What Warranty claims have you made?

    Keep it clean - gunge builds up around hinges, making it sticky. A clean up of flap, hinges etc every now and then, with all purpose cleaner/degreaser and small paint brush, is all that's needed.
  5. Air dryers & blowers

    I use a small Metrovac Sidekick blower on mine. I love it - quick to deploy and effective where it counts. Not so much on the larger panels, but perfect for all seams, traps, lights badges, door handles, window seals, grilles, and above all alloys and tyres. At 75quid its been a bargain. Also gets used in house for showers bathrooms etc, when I deep clean. I was going to go for the larger Metrocvac Airforce blower, but never got around to it - thinking it would get used less, as its more cumbersome to get out and set up every time etc. Seemed expensive at GBP225-385. Many do use them and rate them for all the same reasons as the Sidekick, just bigger and more powerful. I recall Rebecca has the combo blower/sucker vac n blow variant for dual purpose, and rates it. For me the Sidekick, along with DI water open hose sheeting then dab with towel, is quickest method to dry car, particularly if you take equipment set up and tidy away into account. Lotsa folks on Detailing World use pet driers, cheaper but they dont look too robust for outdoor damp work.
  6. Golf GTE

    ^which is great until the Chancellor moves the goal posts for car tax again to include fauxbrids. 😉
  7. First clean after a ceramic coating.

    Easy: First: Sheeting dry with DI water and open hose. This removes most large water drops and beads. The stuff that soaks towels fast. Like so: You can see not that much water left after sheeting. Second: Then I get my spray bottle of C2 and distilled (tumble dryer) water 50:50. Mist lightly panels (roof, bonnet etc) from above (2-3 ft), then sides and wheels letting mist fall down on surfaces. Key is not to over-apply. Third: Traditional dry. I take my Wooly Mammoth large towel (or my new Gyeon Silk yet to be used) and lay over panels bonnet, roof then glass n sides - and just pat dry, lifting off C2 in process, but without dragging across. Roof takes six 'lays', bonnet 4 lays n dabs. Car is all but dry by now. With ceramics as base, this will have taken literally <10 minutes, and is good enough for many. But... Fourth: If I have time, I then get my Sidekick blower and drive out excess water from front grilles, seams, mirrors and wheels (last) with a smaller fresh towel to dab up the runs. If I dont do this stage - I dry wheels and lower silly etc with new smaller towel as part of previous step. Fifth: Again, if time, I may then go over here and there with a QD if I missed a bit during wash, or if there is stubborn bug mark, grease mark etc That's my routine. Its fast and easy once all your gear is laid out. Results I think speak for themselves. I didn't mist panels on this wash BTW as coatings newish - so I skipped second stage above. But ethos is: dilute 50/50 (you can vary depending on your water and outside temp), mist from quite high: dab off with yer drying towel.
  8. Replace 'will' with 'might' and I'd agree. 😉
  9. First clean after a ceramic coating.

    @StuGoo A new ceramic coating really shouldn't need topping up or tweaking for quite a few months. That's one of the points of going that route. but, If you do feel the need, as. Ashley said, I would stay 'in brand' with your base coating. Also 'go light' - e.g. just misting dilute C2V3 on Exo, as drying aid etc. Sonax BSD and Gyeon WetCoat are two exceptions I might make, but still wouldnt apply to new ceramic for a few months. Unless you get a bad bird strike or the dreaded hard water spots, then go for it. I have in my own armory (on Gtechniq CS Ultra + ExoV3 bases) for (SiO2 top ups), extra gloss etc Gtechniq C2V3 three ways (keep some neat, some 70:30 with distilled water, and some 50:50 drying agent mix) Gtechniq QD (as above but with some added cleaners for spots) Gyeon Cure (bought but as yet untried) Gyeon WetCoat (for lazy bead top ups and alloys) Gyeon Bathe Plus (for adding at wash stage) Sonax BSD (range of uses all over) I haven't used any of above yet in 4 months since I got car. BTW I dont use them all at same time, but these give a range of options, depending on weather/circumstance/time available. 😎I Might be due a tweak soon though...after this grimy late winter. Other thing is to 'reactivate' Your ceramic couple of times a year with deeper wash using fallout remover and 'in brand' APC. Works wonders with Exo, as all the above, plus yer shampoos etc, all tend to leave residual stuff on paint that clogs base coating and can compromise their effectiveness (beading, water repellency, gloss). Then is good time to also 'top up'
  10. Nice Suprise

    Lol. Yes, and hence need to switch off ABS and cadence brake myself. I am also old enough to remember that until 1992, all quattros had an ABS off switch - just where your R mode switch is... Effect is 10x worse on summer tyres and also downhill, where the ABS diligently keeps wheels rotating, not allowing lighter braking. ABS off should be same as ESP off, for certain conditions.
  11. Latest Autocar Magazine

    48V battery assist would be nice torque booster. As would electric turbo.
  12. Filthy beast pic thread

    I can sense that salt etching its way into the deep underside and dulling the fabric metal of the car, all as I sit here, helpless 🙀
  13. Nice Suprise

    Of course they test them, which is why when sensors get grubby, frozen etc and give strange readings, the ACC etc is programmed to be not available. Nanny gone. The parking sensors likewise can get fooled, so can be switched off manually from console. Nanny gone. Given the range of altitudes and climatic conditions these cars get driven in, I think VW does a good job and is improving all the time. Lane Assist and Dynamic light assist are also good examples of this. I'd rather systems be unavailable than sensors getting things wrong. However, I hurtled out-of-control down a snow over icy steep hill descent, in Torquay last Sunday, ABS allowing wheels to fully rotate, so with zero braking effect - freewheeling. I was between parked cars, family on board, and basically a passenger myself. Thankfully in the heavy snow, no cars were approaching the mini double roundabout that I slide across as road leveled and I was able to slow and regain grip. SO VW, MAKE ABS switchable! 😱 I really thought I was going to scrape her or hit someone. Contemplated pulled on leccy handbrake, but didn't know what would happen at 15mph. MY rant over. Just around this corner, left and down it descended and narrowed...
  14. Fitted my res delete.. but then this happened

    Nathan, I wouldn't want anyone to go through insurance hassles. Accidents are upsetting enough. The thing I learnt most and that we forget, is that insurance is a service, and the insurer has a legal duty of care to provide their best service. All to often folk are brow beaten and forget this basic. Just like Esure forgot the options values. Of. Course it was part of their service requirement to provide me with funds to buy 'equivalent' car. I got a better price in end than with my trade-in deal, so was quite happy. But I loved my car and took a lot of care with it, so it was a shme to see it scrapped. (I soo should have taken off the wheels/PSSs and the Helix P&P...) I no longer would worry about having to deal with insurers, now I found someone to do it for me. but would not want that again in a hurry. And as my man rightly told me, it's not so much getting one over, it's getting the service you pay for in first place, when you give them your premiums. Wishing you the very best outcome with yours. 😀
  15. Fitted my res delete.. but then this happened

    That's pretty much how the industry works. Plus the insurance negotiators are on quarterly bonus targets too - for screwing you, then the repairers have tight contracts where the insurer claws back yet more. Esure just quoted me 5x annual premium increase to renew. 🤔 Hmmm. Hello Aviva.