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  1. Pets and Petrolheads!

  2. Pets and Petrolheads!

  3. Disappointing Dynaudio?

    My experience is that Dynaudio 'works' (shows its talents) best with FLAC files, CDs - with BT streamed audio being both lowest detail and fun. But, even with lower res files, the underlying sound is very pleasing (to my tastes). I run a pair of Dynaudio £2.5K active speaker at home, so I like the DA house sound - as do many studios as DA are a reknowned monitor manufacturer. The boot sub is weakest link (esp compared to Helix sub) , but the door cones and especially the A pillar tweeters, are very good. System does need some running in (cones are moving parts and stiff out of box, x-over electronics etc pass current better, once warmed) - plus One's ears acclimatise. My suggestion is that Dyn is superb value but needs different settings for different music (unlike their domestic setups that work best 'flat'. So, you may need to tinker with the EQ, if you are interested and your tastes are varied or eclectic. High mid ranges can be tiresome, too much low EQ can cause clipping. Trial and error - I couldpost some setting for various Muzak types that I enjoy for reference. My live ridding advice for Dynaudio is to let it come to you over time. Pick some fav sounds that you know well. Pick some hi res, well recorded and mastered material and try it at moderate volumes.
  4. What detailing have you done today?

    ...think it's preference. I do go bottom up in summer sometimes when its v hot - just to keep the wetted surfaces wet and prevent drying by using the falling rinse water. I can also see the logic of pushing foam about. I see you foam twice, so that debunks idea that the roof can hold most dust and fallout, and you don't want that stuff left running down sides of car and settling , without rinsing away as you go prior to 2BM - hence top town. For Gyeon Wetcoat, I ran into trouble first use occasion, when I went panel by panel application, then rinsed roof last, allowing runoff of excess product (I also over applied....😭) WC) down flanks some of which dried on adjacent panels. Was a pita to get off. Anyway your car is looking great. ..or did you drive it on the mucky roads since washing?
  5. What detailing have you done today?

    Admirable efforts there Ashley. Esp at this time of year. ....,rinsing SF from bottom upwards? I’m a top down sort myself....😏 i still I’ll have the blue sticker too
  6. Ceramic Coating!

    Me too.. . Repels water like a duck...
  7. Turmeric on Order

    I like it. Especially with black contrasts. Needs to be detailed with Paint clarity to within a micron of its very existence. And then driven in the bright sunlight. A lot. bravo. Poppers Delight!
  8. Why no heated steering wheel option

    I think we all understand the ever-growing 1st World Snowflake problems that can seem so rife within the modern diddums culture 😂. However, not everyone has the Millenial Factor 21 empathy levels required to support, and therefore some might substitute good old jocularity as a foil.
  9. Which watch does a Golf R driver wear?

    "Santa Baby..."🎅 much as I like a bottle of Amaretto, some self=procured detailing stuff, socks, and chocolate coins, how about
  10. Counting Using Images

  11. Bridgestone S001 differences!

    Bridgestone is a good tyre - as it is very predictable and uniform in the way it consistently performs both wet and dry. Those are all characteristics of 'good' tyres. However predictable does not equal grippy tyre. I had last R shipped with Bridgestone RE050s, an even less grippy tyre than the S001. Sort of fun and easy to drive as it's limits are low and progressive. Didn't really do the R chassi justice imho. So changing from RE050s to MPSSs in early summer 2016, was a revelation, wet and dry, day and night. Dry warm grip at front end was transformed. My new R is on Contis, after 1000 miles, I haven't rally pushed them, and we are in cooler months, but I look forward to swapping them out for MP4s's , when I see a little deal ro sales window in the current Michelin pricing, which is very steep for 19s.
  12. Why no heated steering wheel option

    Bifocal windscreens and a colostomy bag ? 😂
  13. Why no heated steering wheel option

    Touchscreen also unheated and may therefore be a tad chilly for some, if the wheel is too cold❄️
  14. Dealers willing to match broker prices

    I used Carwow, then dealt with dealer direct on last 3 cars. Used Orange Wheels previously. Deals and discounts are transparent between the two. CW and OW are not brokers as such - more of a buyers and sellers matching with a finders fee. I don't know CW fee structure, but do know that OW received £50 for each 'clean' lead provided to the dealer. I dont know the difference between quote and lead and then lead and subsequent order - but it is a structured system. As Ashley points out above, the declares have their margin to play with. Issuspect the larger dealer groups like Inchcape, consider the OW/CW model a lead generations scheme, and that probably means that the fees come out of a Dealer marketing or their Biz Dev budgets. Carwow sent me 2*£20 Amazon vouchers post order and post review. Carwow apparanetly sold 25,000 cars worth £600m in 3 years. Their business model is clever and low cost low risk to them. Carwow Guardian Article
  15. Why no heated steering wheel option

    Suit you etc 😀