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  1. Plans in 2018 for your R's

    Few bits going on February.. MRC Billet intake mani Leyo catch can custom 3.5” cat back MRC Map tweak.. Considering a bigger turbo and WMI also
  2. RS3 saloon 1/4 miles

    It wasn’t stripped out Stage one, it was a striped out car running e85 on an e85 tune and r888’s. APRs marketing division at it again making it look like a Stage 1 tune. Not sure why they do it as the times impressive none the less. Also as far as I’m aware no tune has been released they were just testing.
  3. Intercooler

    General consensus from several of the tuners is that the Wagner performs the best. Hence why I went for one myself.
  4. Mk07 bye

    Youll see a big difference with that unicorn stage 1 my old manual R was unicorn stage 1 rick knows his stuff completely transforms a stock car. Mine is TTE470 wagner IC Turbo technics Turbo intake pipe r600 air intake neuspeed discharge kit scorpion decat downpipe VWR lower engine mount and dogbone NKG plugs millers Nanodrive oil HR Springs Neuspeed rse10 Wheels MRC ECU/TCU software 465PS / 561NM also got Leyo catchcan, 3.5” catback exhaust, MRC Billet intake mani to go on but waiting till after new year and fitting some wmi and possibly a bigger turbo all at same time. It goes well very happy so far.
  5. Mk07 bye

    @Pehen22 Yeah that’s me pal haha small world 👍🏻 Give me a shout if you want a blast see what stage 3 is like lol 😊
  6. Running revision K could here Stage 3 no issues.
  7. Private Number Plates

    Got mine from this very forum haha
  8. December Dyno Day?

    If I’m home I might pop over 👍
  9. Revo turbo

    Is it still a turbo technics hybrid?
  10. ELSAWIN program... you have this ?

    Not personally but I know someone who does. I can ask them if you need to know something ?
  11. Dogbone Mount, which are your running

    VWR Lower mount with dogbone. Had virbration for a couple of months seems to have settled right down now. Great quality price of kit. Subframe has to be dropped to fit.
  12. R600 VAG

    That the 666? Still got a lot to prove that kit ! Should be very interesting indeed mate! Will have to try and catch you at some point when work allows !
  13. R600 VAG

    Looking good mate looking forward to seeing what she does when fully wound up 😜
  14. Scorpion down pipe decat fitting

    I fitted mine whilst the subframe was out for fitting the VWR lower engine mount. Was indeed a bit of a chewy job getting everything right.
  15. Gtr gone rs6 arrived

    Wicked motor. And make silly Power with a remap 😎