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  1. An Iroz IMS780 Golf R did this stateside last night. Some way to enter the 9's !
  2. 2-3 hours i would say tops.
  3. Its at santa pod etc plenty if ya wanna see it going..
  4. Good guess haha but no couldn't be any different lol sure there off a 1.6 bluemotion or something 😂 He's got some custom lightweight wheels for the drag tyres it's the only thing they go over 😂 Looks like a set of cds lol it does also have a set of rather tasty Alcon 6 pots however 😎
  5. It's a golf course it does haha although he has built it based around drag racing. You'd be suprised what brake setup it has lol.
  6. He actually had had a couple more 4 cylinder engines after the blown one but was always down on power for unknown reasons. He was running the dq500 for quite sometime anyway so this was a logical step I suppose, it'd always been mentioned. Dave's a pal of mine speak to him quite a lot, unfortunately he just doesn't have the time to post on the forums although I have asked lol. it is indeed quite some feat for one man in his garage. The wiring I know was a pain, changing connecter blocks etc took along time but it's running real well, last night recorded a 6.6 100-200 time. Bigger things to come soon also 😎
  7. Momentum 99. For me personally I find no performance difference between that and vpower although i do seem to get slightly less mpg from vpower. Not that that bothers me lol.
  8. Half a day or so for Intercooler alone we dropped subframe out for downpipe as I had a engine vwr mount to go in aswell 👍🏻
  9. Yeah didn't break any tabs thankfully although thought I was going to! Thing was solid. Popped off without too much drama in the end though haha
  10. A bit fiddly yeah had to mod the mounts slightly. Getting bumper off on a brand new car was a bit daunting, but tbh was straight forward enough but time consuming. Plenty of good vids on YouTube etc to help.
  11. Few updated pics of the car.. The neuspeed rims look a lot better in the anthracite colour and the HR springs seem to have settled nicely. BLack mirror caps were a nice cheap and effective upgrade. More performance mods due August time 😁
  12. TTE470 Stage 3 here with supporting mods - north east Teesside area. Love it, you won't regret it.
  13. You'll be fine just as mentioned try to refrain from booting it I did about 300 miles or so inc a 3.5 hour journey to MRC with stage 3 gear installed no problem.
  14. It's never gone quicker than a 12.076 I believe. The car is fine, should see some huge improvements once somebody cracks a launch control with flat shift map for the manuals.
  15. He's manual not DSG hence the low times.