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  1. I would assume if your not running the forge hose in conjunction with some kind of aftermarket elbow then the TT hose will be far superior as thats were the bottleneck lies. If your running an aftermarket elbow with the hose probably little in it.
  2. Here's a launch from my car with both off, bare in mind the car was spinning as it was on gravelly road..
  3. Not really sure as i went from standard straight to stage 3 at around 1200 miles lol there off anyway 😀
  4. Theres also another option called torque limitation you can disable aswell if its not already.
  5. How does this compare power wise to the VWR600 closed intake have you any comparison data? Just out of interest
  6. Mines disabled, i believe you cant fully turn it off on older models
  7. Nice one appreciate the feedback mate 👍
  8. Yeah sure they will... I'll have them on before i go to shakey on the 13th. Gunna leave the spacers till i gt wheels sorted in next couple months so im not buying them twice but should get a bit better launch with the springs on 👍
  9. Nah wouldnt say thats slip on mikie22's the revs stop and start not keep rising. looks like some kind of torque restriction to me..
  10. The HR ones are a progressive spring which ive heard are harsher at lower speed but was just wanting some feedback before i stick them on. There brand new so assume lastest version, model is 28816 i think..
  11. Got a set of H&R 25mm lowering springs to go on, but seen mixed reviews, most of the bad ones though are from people with DCC, I haven't so was wondering if anyone had any feedback as such ?
  12. Try revolution motostore if your newcastle way..
  13. Just get a local exhaust fab shop to 'Make' it fit.
  14. The standard A45 amg was slower than the standard RS3 wasnt it ? so i'd imagine the new 400BHP TTRS would see off a stage 1 A45. Doubt that A45 is 450BHP though