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  1. speedy_un would seemingly
  2. No. They close until you re-select race or sport
  3. Ok your confessions are worse. Bravo sir! Are you sure it's ok to have an Indy service? Thought lease companies insisted on main dealer...
  4. In January 2017 I handed back my first Mk7R to VWFS and took delivery of a nice shiny new one. People often ask why they might want to avoid a pre-lease car….. well, here are some of my confessions. (NB I’m sure owners/PCPers may also do similar things, but as I was leasing lets blame it on that) First a minor one…. I ran my car exclusively on super unleaded. However, one day I was running low on the motorway and at the service station I stopped at Shell V-Power was £1.60 per litre. I refused to pay it and put in 95RON. I then regretted this until I’d filled up at least three more times, certain I could feel a power drop. Won’t be doing that with this one…. I have three kids and use the R for long journeys despite having a Diesel Tiguan too (which would you use [emoji6] ). Once they had an argument in the back of the R and eldest kicked both the air vent directional controls off the rear seat’s vents. I left them off for over a year and then superguled them back on the day before I returned the car…. In December 2015 I had a particularly heavy Christmas do, rolling in well after it was light. I had left my car outside a hotel overnight. The next evening, still feeling extremely rough I collected the car and drove it home. The oil low light came on during the journey back. Being completely hungover and not thinking straight I went to the garage and put in a bottle of 10w40 left in there by the house’s previous owners over 4 years ago (the wrong type of oil and god knows how old it was). The next day I realised the error of my ways, booked it in for an early service and drove the car extremely gingerly for three weeks until it had received a full oil change. Not long after the oil incident I got put into the kerb by a Nissan Serena van, which I may or may not have been undertaking. I kerbed my front nearside Cadiz quite badly, around about a quarter of the rim. A few weeks before the lease hand-back inspection I took off the wheel and sanded down the blackened section so that it looked silver again. The finish was far from perfect but unless you were looking for imperfections you would probably not spot it. It wasn’t picked up by the BCA inspection. J I drove the car quite hard (occasionally giving it full power and max revs when cold – but this was a rarity). After 16 months or so the clutch started slipping. I nursed it for a while and stopped doing wide open throttle changes – this fixed it but I knew it would start slipping again if it had much further abuse… Finally, after two years of treating the paintwork very well and waxing the stunning tornado red fairly often I did something unforgivable. The car was inspected by BCA one week before collection – I had made sure it was immaculately clean. Then, it rained and/or hailed every day until collection day and its final inspection and I had been to Centre Parcs and got it filthy putting on 500 winter motorway miles. The morning it was being collected and with my shiny new 7R sitting on the drive…. I had not had chance to wash it before the collection , so I took it through an automated car wash with those dreaded spinning bristles… Oh the guilt when I saw the swirls… So, I thought I treated by first R quite well, but looking back I clearly didn’t. Does anyone have any confessions they’d like to own up to….?
  5. I agree. At least it's a lease car [emoji6]
  6. Yeah it's that patch, which looks white in the picture due to the way the light has caught it, but is actually the same colour as the rest of the panel. It appears as though a piece of debris/dust has been on the bodywork at the time it was painted (or was in the paint dip itself) and is now underneath the paint. Ah well....
  7. Noticed this imperfection in my paint when cleaning the car today. It seems that a contaminant must have been on the metal before it was painted, it's definitely underneath the metallic [emoji849]
  8. Ah, I see. It worked on my 2014 R but won't work on my 2017 car. Even the app fails when I try it on my current R.
  9. Have you got an OBDEleven?
  10. My mistake. Nationwide cars sounds similar to a popular lease broker. If you insist you should be able to stop them washing the car. It may come with a risk though as if any damage is missed and you leave the premises they are going to refuse to rectify it...
  11. It sounds like it's the lease companies car not yours so they (not the broker or the dealer) will have the final say. They will want it washing....
  12. Welcome Very few water pump issues really. (And very few turbo issues in reality - a minuscule proportion of owners) Post details of the car you're interested in before purchasing and we'll happily give our opinion (which you're free to ignore of course [emoji23] )
  13. Horrible story in Manchester about a man who was run over by his own Audi S3 last night. Enhance your locks etc but don't risk your life for replaceable metal
  15. I had a red car for my first 7R lease. I have a Night Blue now [emoji6] I got the red because it was mega cheap but it looked stunning.