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  1. Hi Lawrie,

    I am a new member and also new to VW cars. I have a Tiguan 2015 and have a OBDeleven Pro version. I have successfully done some coding (mirror folding, needle sweep...). Now I want to have 4 (5) brake light (inner tail light as brake light), but I can not access the search screen for adaptation (general electrics) in order to go for Leuchte23 and Leuchte24 (when I touch adaptation, I could only go to the screen with the box for enter channels).

    Could you tell me how to go to search screen from adaptation screen in control module general electric? Thank you.

  2. 2017 Lease Deals

    That’s true [emoji1360]
  3. 2017 Lease Deals

    Better to get the tourer as it has 4WD
  4. 2017 Lease Deals

    Prices are high at the moment. Too high. This is slightly better, but still not great: https://www.contracthireandleasing.com/independent-brokers/leasehub/volkswagen/golf/246420086/
  5. Mileage check

    Yes. VWFS often offer you a revised price for the rest of the term if you’re much over or under your mileage. Often generous terms.
  6. 2017 Lease Deals

    I understand that but there’s no guarantee prices will fall. Many people seem to think that amazing deals are right around the corner, but if you look back through the forum you’ll see that they’ve been saying that for 6 months. My advice is that if you can find a DSG deal with decent mileage for between £4,000 - £4,500 per year you should probably take it.
  7. 2017 Lease Deals

    Nope... I included the admin fee. 336.49 x 35 = £11,777.15 Add 6 months initial of £2,018.94 Add Admin fee including VAT of £360 Total = £14,156.09 over three years. Divide by 36 = £393.22 Not sure what you did, perhaps you included 36 monthly rentals. I think this is about as good a deal as you can get right now and is less than the depreciation you’d suffer if buying. My first 7R lease was £265 per month with 10k miles but those deals aren’t around anymore. You have to take what is available.
  8. 2017 Lease Deals

    I make it £393.22 per month My current Mk7 R lease (66 plate DSG with metallic) works out at £350 per month over two years for 8k miles. It was the best deal around at the time and prices quickly went up. This isn’t too far off it.
  9. 2017 Lease Deals

    This is a three year deal. It’s only £390 per month which I though was pretty good.... given it’s a Mk7.5 DSG with 10k per annum mileage allowance
  10. Manual 'kickdown' pedal in Eco = Fun

    When I had a 2015 manual R I used individual mode like you describe above to turn off the soundaktor on the motorway. If I wanted to close a gap or increase speed quickly I always pushed past the switch as there was clearly more power. I thought it was the exhaust valves opening but I've later been told that eco mode runs much lower boost and pushing past the kickdown switch gives you normal boost, which is why you notice such a difference. There is talk of there being a 50bhp difference.
  11. How do you explain the mileage remaining in the tank?
  12. That's a GTD. The remaining range gives the game away.
  13. 300 motorway miles. 5 in the car, boot full of heavy luggage/booze, massive roofbox... 95-100 mph all the way with foot hard down passing the fast lane crawlers when they move over. Can't believe I got 300 miles from one tank!
  14. Delaying VWFS Lease Delivery

    Lease prices usually apply to a delivery in a certain quarter. The end of September will be the end of one of these quarters so delaying should be possible. If you asked for delivery in Oct or Later I expect you would struggle.
  15. Hesitation under acceleration

    I've had two 7Rs, one manual and one DSG. Neither did this. If your car is under warranty get VW to look at it before you get a map.