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  1. Irish R owners thread

    I've heard the MK8 will start appearing around the middle of next year but the performance versions usually take a while longer. So I'd say it'd be 2020 before we see the GTI, maybe longer again for the R. I can see myself looking too when that happens
  2. Irish R owners thread

    Imo if you’re serious about selling it you really need to rethink your asking price. You can’t compete with main dealers offering long warranties, comeback and finance. Or make tentative enquiries with VW dealers to see if they’d buy it off you. Might do better than you’d think with that approach.
  3. More damage

    Yup some sh1thead tried and failed to nick your mirror cap(s). Same thing happened to mine last year except in my case they were “successful”. I had screw driver marks all over the black part as well so if you’re fussy you’ll need to replace that too - but that part is cheap - less than a tenner per side if I recall.
  4. Irish R owners thread

    The resale value of them all fall off a cliff tbh.
  5. Irish R owners thread

    If an estate is needed, there’s the Seat Leon Cupra AWD, which comes as an estate and is far better looking than the Golf estate imo. A mate of mine has one ordered!
  6. Irish R owners thread

    It can vary a bit but why sweat it? Your car still has the wrappers on. It’s been driven from factory - train - onto ship - onto truck. Anything more than 50km I might query but then again I think they can reset it to zero when it’s still in transport mode.
  7. Irish R owners thread

    Exactly. I ordered a few weeks after you. A car I subsequently cancelled and it landed in before the end of January!
  8. Irish R owners thread

    Your car was probably factory allocated before they got deleted from builds. The exhaust and paint job then likely delayed your actual delivery.
  9. Irish R owners thread

    I’m deadly serious 😄
  10. Irish R owners thread

    Whip out the drawers and the other missing bits from your current car before you trade it in...
  11. Irish R owners thread

    From what I saw, the leather in the facelift is a bit better. The perforated effect (those speckled dots) will probably help alleviate the sagging that they are prone to. Mine were OK after 30k kms. The passenger seat still looked almost new but then again I didn't carry passengers in it that often! The drivers seat used to go shiny which looked crap but I found a bit of leather cleaner helped and brought back the matt finish. I used to find they heated up quick enough but never really roasted you. On the top setting in the BM seats you'd fry an egg 😂
  12. Irish R owners thread

    I applaude your bravery but that’s an insane price to pay for what was a standard €600 colour imo. VW are taking the Mickey. But fair play all the same, it’s a nice colour and if you’re happy that’s the main thing! that exhaust should be very lovely though! Won’t see many Irish cars with that - or the paint!
  13. Irish R owners thread

    Looks great. But 2.8k for silver metallic paint? Wtf... stone mad! Surely reflex silver is not a “special order” colour?
  14. Irish R owners thread

    Are you thinking of changing to a new one Neil?!
  15. Active Display Toggling Miles and Km

    As I said in my first reply, you need VCDS or OBDEleven to get the speedo itself to switch units.