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  1. Smooshed pride and joy

    Spoke to them today and only reason they removed front is to correctly blend in paint The whole of the right side, bumper front and bonet are going to be painted as it the only way to get a good match but yhey may do tge whole car Im very pleased as we all know the paint isnt strength isnt goid so getting a spray job is brilliant It will then go to a dealer repair specialist to have it checked so its perfect
  2. Smooshed pride and joy

    Just propper stressing about it
  3. Smooshed pride and joy

    Update on progress of repair Been at luton since 2nd feb and not 100% happy No comunication from repairer and only just got photos which have worried me Twice they have ordered a rear quarter to have it delivered damaged and so the car wont be ready before the 20th feb Just dont understand why yhe front bumper and gead lights have been removed ?????

    Ok sorry

    Hiya i have thought about doing this for my golf but would you mind sharing how to wire the connectors to the 2 diffrent plugs please
  6. AUDI RS7 ngk plugs 06k 905 601 M

    Hiya mate That is fantastic thank you Id love to have a set defo please
  7. AUDI RS7 ngk plugs 06k 905 601 M

    Its really frustrating I cant find them anywere not even at opieoils which someone sugested on another thread Grrrrrr
  8. I need help Apart from the US and stealers were can i purchase some of the RS7 Ngk plugs from I just cant find a uk site to buy them from Thank you
  9. Smooshed pride and joy

    Thank you Because im new to this accident stuff i havnt a clue as to what to ask for or what i should or shold not get Ive been lucky for 22+ years
  10. Smooshed pride and joy

    I was tucked in to the left and he came flying down the hill at us No skid marks on the road either but he took a huge chunk out of the mud bank
  11. Smooshed pride and joy

    I live near bordon hampshire and there were taking it to guildford to be fixed but have decided to have it taken to luton which is better equippend to repair it
  12. Smooshed pride and joy

    Thank you guys im just stressy guy and like you understand we work hard for these cars and i coudnt bear to be with out her lol I dont think the guy could get out of it beibg his fault as he ended up on his side and also hit a car infront He didnt care at all which just i couldnt get my head around
  13. Smooshed pride and joy

    Thank you wrxsti15 Your a star proper got upset
  14. Smooshed pride and joy

    I need some help please Ive been involved in an accident were i was rolled in to by a mini whilst stationary I have never had an accident or had to claim on insurance before in my 22 years of driving and i really unsure of what yhe outcome might be The car is 100% mine and it goes in for relair on 1st feb Question is because they wont give me a straight answer is it going to be ok or am i looking at a right off It has just done 20k miles and untill this didnt have a mark on her Just proper scared
  15. Help with 2015 lower chrome bumper trim

    Thank you for your reply But they are only diffrent in little details The three piece chrome section is the same fitment as i have them know fitted to the car wrapped in gloss black