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  1. What Warranty claims have you made?

    Rear screen replaced to rectify the DAB signal issue and a secondary issue of the top 2 lines of the heated screen not working! Apparently the 2 vertical lines on the rear screen are the aerials and they had been broken at the junctions of the top 2 heater lines! New sill trims replaced. Fuel filler flap still refusing to unlock intermittently! Rectified the heater issue myself, replaced the factory original Pollen filter with a new one and the heat has returned!!😎
  2. Running In

    I drove my first R sensibly for the first 1k miles then changed to oil and filter and enjoyed the next 17k miles before giving it back!
  3. First service cost

    Sorry to hear of your loss! I paid £150 for my first service at my local dealer!
  4. Which watch does a Golf R driver wear?

    Daily wear is a Garmin Fenix 5 Sapphire or Apple Watch Weekend and special occassions a Tissot T Touch or an Omega
  5. Help Identifying Options on Golf R

    Both cars are LC9A Pure White!
  6. Handbrake recoding

    Does anyone know how to go about reprogramming the handbrake to get it to disengage without the need to clip the seatbelt in? I thought coding out the seatbelt warning might have done it but it hasn't!
  7. What Warranty claims have you made?

    Dealer updated software for DAB signal issue, better but still loses signal. Awaiting release of the next update! Replaced coolant for heat issue, better but still not as good as my last R or the GF's GTI! Seat bolster replaced no quibbles! Explained issue with trims for a second time when dropping car off to has bolster fitted! On collection the service advisor said they spent 20 mins trying to identify the problem until he cut his finger!😂 Two new trims ordered awaiting fitting when in for software update! And now the fuel filler flap is refusing to unlock intermittently!!
  8. Good news everyone!!!

    Lucky you.... so far mines cost me £2000 and an RS4!!😱
  9. Golf R mk7 VS Audi B7 RS4

    Having recently sold my 2004 Spring Blue RS4 Avant and bought another R, I would rather be in an R pushing hard!! As much as I loved the RS4 it was a big car and even with the DRC it still wasn't as 'chuckable' as the R!!
  10. What Warranty claims have you made?

    My dealer covered it, car going in next week for replacement!
  11. Back in an R

    Going to fit the DTUK tuning box I had fitted in the last R!
  12. Back in an R

    Plans are to have the front alloys repaired, some warranty issues resolved and enjoy it! 😎
  13. What Warranty claims have you made?

    Just bought my 2015 20k mile R and left into my local dealer to get a number of issues looked at under warranty.. DAB signal disappears when the heated rear screen is switched on Even with temp turned up to HI the air out of the vents is no more than luke warm Fan speed at MAX is non existent D/S seat bolster has collapsed, original owner must've been short or fat or maybe both! 😆 Aluminium sill trims are starting to lift where the Blue Illumination is Waiting patiently for the call to see whats covered and whats rejected!!
  14. Back in an R

    After handing in back my Red 5dr lease R in September and selling my B7 RS4 Avant to a bloke from Reading in found myself longing for another R! After an week of searching, there was nothing but 5 door red and blue cars for sale in Northern Ireland, I stumbled across this example just 8 miles from home! Within 5 mins of completing the test drive the car was bought and collected next day!😋
  15. Drove my R fairly easy for the first 1200 miles then changed the oil and started to enjoy it!!