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  1. So I picked up my Golf R Today!

    Wow, that didn't take long to make your mind up and ditch the RS4 idea lol !Guess if your asking questions on a Golf R website your mind was pretty much made up, nice car you have and some tasty mods in store, gonna be a good buy for the next owner, IF YOU SELL IT ??????????? We will have to wait and see Enjoy 👍
  2. Jacking Points

    Thats what i use with the standard jack and it works just fine , do drive onto a bit of wood first to raise it up a bit 👍
  3. 225 vs 235 Tyre width

    I've got 225/35/19s on the front for clearance over the bbk and still fit inside the wheel arch and it seems to be fine.I'm also gonna put them on the rears as well , if i get a puncture up front the space saver can go on the back and i can move one of the rears up front, mine are 8.5 wide BBS wheels .
  4. R owners Age Group

    48 for another couple of week !Had a few nice motors like others , RS turbos , 205gti , porsche 996 , 325i , RS4 , Golf gtis but think the 7R is the best of the bunch , certainly great performance for the money, well built and average running costs, just wish they held onto there value a little better but they are just not rare unlike previous R32s or 6Rs .
  5. Deposit down!

    to the club , sound like someone who has great taste wanting that spec!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Scorpion sportscat downpipe

    Or maybe an APR one Kev, are they meant to be a bit quieter?
  7. Bindle's Oryx White 7.5R

    Nice car, didn't realise they were now painting the side skirts black , looks good 👍
  8. London R Driver saying Hi

    to the club , love the R in Reflex silver and you've found 1 with lots of goodies on it, good find 👍
  9. RAVOs Pure White 7R

    Looks better without it imo , great looking R
  10. Mk7.5 R or Clubsport S

    Well i wouldn't swap mine for one with my light mods!! ETTO though , do love GTIs though, my mk5 was fantastic and plenty fast enough in the real world, the R is just the icing on the cake 👍
  11. xds settings

    Thanks Veneering man and DV52, have now put it back to standard , wasn't locked out Don and it liked 20103 code so good work men 👍
  12. Rotiform alloys - Quality?

    Hmmmm BBS 😍
  13. Just passed this

    Ouch , hope they have gap insurance and are all ok
  14. Golf R mk7 VS Audi B7 RS4

    your right, my mistake, i had 235s on cadiz replica wheels which were 8J.