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  1. Sad day, passing of my dog

    Sorry for your loss, can only echo what others have already said , sad day .
  2. Coding newbie advice

    There is also this in the AWD section adaption for petrol-adaption for diesel -adaption for LOGIC The Logic one has 3 settings Standard Less traction Increased traction , may need the above codes again From memory 20103 worked for mine
  3. Coding newbie advice

    Change the xds setting in STG 03- ABS STG adjustment - function 10 Select expanded differential lock Options , weak /normal/hard May need a passcode to get in though 31347 20103 19249
  4. Finally got my dream car

    They do look very nice in the red, loved my red GTI , come up a treat when cleaned .👍
  5. Steering wheel alcantara retrim

    I can't contain my negative feelings about the shape of that wheel any longer. It's an abomination. Sorry. Well i quite like it tbh, seemed a shame to spend all that money and just have the same , so a different feel of the alacantara on the sides which is fine and yes , the flat top will divide opinion , but as it's my car and my money i'll have what i want , not what you like ok .
  6. Stage 1 to stage 2

    I know that there are different levels of maps with APR as in high or low output and at stage 2 you don't need an intercooler if you are low or medium output as Marshy had this for a short while on his R .
  7. How are your splitters coping with snow?

    Oettinger - last 1 without the silver splitter
  8. How are your splitters coping with snow?

    Thinking of refitting my silver splitter as it will perform better as a snowplough !!
  9. New Tyres

    In all honesty no, the Conti 6 had great reviews when they came out , as others have said, possibly may not have as long a life as PS4S , mine got worn out on a track day around Brands hatch in August where they performed superbly IMO. I would have quite happily have gone for the Conti 6p again had i not heard such good reviews on the PS4s so thought that i would try them for a change , think most here have had the Conti 5 and then changed to the PS4s , TBH, both are top quality tyres and will perform great on your car.
  10. Modding advice and warranty

    Gotta pay to play i'm afraid , my turbo went pop a while after remapping , cost a fair few quid to get back on the road, , didn't even bother calling vw !! Had it fixed, then had it mapped again lol,
  11. I ran Cadiz reps for a couple of winters and they were fine .
  12. New Tyres

    I had the Conti 6 and they were fantastic compared to the bridgestones , now have the PS4S for the summer and been just as pleased with them , both excellent IMO .
  13. Desirable options

    DSG DCC Keyless Pano roof Heated Leather Reverse Camera Prets Lapiz Disc pro
  14. Winter snow predicted

    Just rain in Sussex sadly 😩
  15. Winter snow predicted

    Thats great to hear, got my 225s on yesterday and hoping for some on monday !! Conti 850P 👍