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  1. Oettinger spoiler photo thread

    Welcome to the club Dean. .
  2. How is your Res Delete, i hear you may have a BCS one now !!
  3. Who does the best Carbon bits

    Control custom steering wheel - find on Facebook
  4. Servicing @ Awesome GTI

    I take mine to an Indie and i'm really happy with who i use , they have had the car in absolute bits from upgrading the brakes, suspension, fitting an Intercooler, full exhaust swap and changing the turbo and it runs better than ever, they don't have a problem if i source the parts myself like oil,plugs,battery , tyres etc so a win win for me, mine is 4 years old now so well out of warranty but have no intention of selling and the car has a fantastic documented service history.
  5. Dazie00 s Lapiz R long term review .

    I think that they have could been like it for ages but as when i changed up to stage 2 and back to stage 1 with the exhaust in various states of BCS and res delete s on and off, i had just got used to it but never quite thinking it was right . Now as soon as i click the AWE remote it changes tone and from outside you can hear the flap operate.
  6. Exhaust Flapper Mod?

    2 new exhaust flap motors have solved the problem so happy days !! 😀
  7. Dazie00 s Lapiz R long term review .

    Car has been at the garage today - sussed that my exhaust valves were permanently open which was causing more noise than i was happy with. 2 new motors ordered and installed , not had the bill yet but around £150 ish , the motors are £65 each + 1/2 hr labour . Got rid of that awful drone around 1500 rpm The Guilty Audi parts !!
  8. After 4 years, what should I buy next.

    Yes it is a new one but the M2 is hardly an old car .Like both to be honest . Guess an RS3 is a practical TTRS , so maybe thats the one to have . Still a lot more money than a stage 2 R with similar performance but admittedly a posher badge and better residuals .
  9. After 4 years, what should I buy next.

    I have a mate who has got rid of an M2 for a TTRS and thinks the Audi is just better in every way .
  10. Pets and Petrolheads!

    Very kind of you to clear the path for him lol !
  11. TTRS calipers and wheel fitment

    No , sorry mistake there , 35 profile MP4S
  12. TTRS calipers and wheel fitment

    I am , fitting the wheels over the callipers did become an issue for me BBS CH-R 19 x 8.5 et48 spacer 8 mm 225 /35 /19 tyre - still very tight ! Team Dynamics 1.2 18x 8.5 et 35 no spacer needed , 225/40/18 loads of room First pic is with 11 mm spacer and rubbed like mad on wheel arch Bear in mind my car is lowered though so the more i pushed the wheels out to clear the calliper the closer they got to the wheel arch !
  13. Top Gear

    I watch both and enjoy them both so happy days .
  14. The best colour

    I still love Lapiz after 4 years, think it is a very different colour than most cars on the road, i do like most of the R colours and some grow on you over time , especially Reflex silver imo , Love the red and the whites , especially white with a Pano roof . Black is amazing when clean . ETTO on this one though. What colour do you have John?
  15. After 4 years, what should I buy next.

    He , needs 4 doors though , could always buy 2 of them i guess !