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  1. Hola!

    Welcome aboard Ben. Great to know the provenance of your future R. And where to find the previous owner should you need to, lol.
  2. Driving DSG in Manual Mode.

    Yep, as above, it will shift up at redline, if you don't, to protect engine.
  3. Best paddles for the Golf R

    No I didn't, but I know some more recently have got copped for tax. I bought direct from S2T via a group buy back in 2015, so there was discounted price ($50 discount) plus shipping costs. The discount more or less offset the shipping cost. Nothing further was paid. I didn't get a later tax invoice and they weren't held up in customs. I bought B3s in anodised polished black. This is what I paid in total, so no later costs. There have been group buys organised since so if enough interest you could always try that. If you do go down group buy route, you'll need permission from one of us mods or admin first before kicking it off in the Group Buy section. It might be worth having a look through the previous group buy threads to see what import tax people ended up paying.
  4. MK7 G R finally....

    Looking great! Welcome along, sounds like you are enjoying the R so far (better than an Evoque, lol). What plans have you for the car?
  5. FL Golf R loan car

    Looks very good to me, and seems a really good price for what's included (not that I'm a pro detailer!). So it's wearing Swissvax Endurance? Like it?
  6. What detailing stuff have you bought today

    It's never sad. Well not amongst the folks in this section. To the wider forum, maybe. Great products there!
  7. FL Golf R loan car

    Looks gorgeous! Happy boy?
  8. One for people with no front plates.....

    ^^ This. In any case I think the car looks much better with a front plate.
  9. Which Golf R's have DCC

    Hello and welcome aboard. DCC was/is a standalone optional extra, never part of a pack in the uk. If the car has DCC specced then when you go into driver profiles via the mode button on the left of the gearstick you will see this: DCC at top of the screen, and Comfort Mode in addition to the usual modes listed in post above.
  10. Raffe's 3dr Reflex Silver R

    Look forward to seeing them as they are added Raffe. 👍 Btw, wholeheartedly agree on skipping the roof wrap.
  11. Best paddles for the Golf R

    There is/was a company in the UK called TDGPerformance that did S2T paddle shifters, but they had changed from stocking them to just being an S2T agent so don't hold stock in he UK, and seem very much a one man band company. It's a while back but I contacted them back in Nov 2015 and was told they could get any paddle as long as the supplier in the US (S2T) themselves had stock but the costs were not significantly different to buying direct from S2T. I don't know if that is still the case, but if you want to try contacting them, it's Tony - email contact@tdgperformance.co.uk. In the end I and others bought direct from S2T.
  12. Thoughts on the R - Bec's DBP

    Ha. I can assure you I am human with just the two legs. Car reflection distortions can bring about some real oddities.
  13. Raffe's 3dr Reflex Silver R

    Looks very good Raffe, I like little but effective details such as this. The car is looking so good.
  14. Parking

    Almost always reverse park unless easier access to boot is required, i.e supermarket. Never take up 2 spaces, that's just selfish parking imo. In any car park, all the usual precautions are observed - selecting spaces without trees nearby, end spaces, odd single spaces, spaces next to hatched areas, far flung spaces. Still, you can take all the precautions in the world and some prat will still park next to you and ding your door.