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  1. As said, it'll be the soundaktor which, when in Race or Sport (in Individual) is terrible for vibrating the dash. I can't tolerate the vibration with it at max, so always have it se to Eco under Interior Engine Sound in Individual. Or use VCDS or Obdeleven to turn it down to a lower % sound setting.
  2. Seating Comfort

    I find them really comfortable to the point I find almost every other car seat uncomfortable especially those with non bucket seats.
  3. Newbie - Mk7 Silver 3dr R

    Welcome along! That's the new second Reflex Silver (and owners) to grace the forum this week, can't have enough of those, beautiful colour.
  4. What an Awsome Car !

    Congratulations on your new car Andy. It's the kind of car that makes you want to do totally unnecessary journeys. 😁 Extra fuel costs....pah! Bring it on. Enjoy. 👍
  5. Pedal box plus review

    Yes, man up and get it done! Lol. It's very easy to do via the cubby - just feed the cable over the back of the cubby, or remove the cubby if you absolutely feel the need (see P.4 below). There's a how to here, it's the old style and the pedal box Plus has the better oem clip so is even easier. This shows removal of trim plate but the cubby access is another method. 5 min job really.
  6. Pedal box plus review

    You are messing with the signal input between ecu and throttle pedal, that’s the point of it. It’s a shame vw didn’t mess with it before it left the factory. If it were dangerous, there’d be an awful lot of people on this forum to tell that tale. Consequently there aren’t.
  7. I think the R can seemingly lack a bit of drama in its stock form but that’s testament to its refinement, something easily addressed with some choice mods if needs be. But, as a car to drive every day, on all sorts of roads in all sorts of conditions - from a hoon round the countryside to a motorway schlep to supermarket shop to work commute, I think you’d be hard pushed to find something that can do all that quite so well. What drama it does have is down to the driver, and if you want it too look like an explosion in an amateur dramatics theatre, buy a CTR.
  8. Use of a 0W30?

  9. Use of a 0W30?

    Just be careful that they do put the right oil in though as examples on here of dealerships using other oils.
  10. Use of a 0W30?

    That’s a question for VW. Let me put it this way, when mine went in for 2nd service a couple weeks back I phoned in advance to check that they would be using 5W30 504.00 and nothing else. They were and did. If they said they were using 0W30 there would have been an argument. This is their latest updated website infoz http://www.volkswagen.co.uk/owners/recommended-oil
  11. Use of a 0W30?

    It’s come up a few times in a few oil change/service threads, where VW have used other oils instead of the VW recommended 5W30 504.00 oil. If you do a search in the mk7 section you should find the threads. Here’s one.
  12. We now have a new dedicated Classifieds section. Please start by reading this thread. Rules here.
  13. Washer fluid warning - standard?

    Low washer fluid warning always been standard on the mk7, despite it being listed as part of winter pack which itself became standard later.
  14. Just saying Hi!!

    Haha, well it looks good. 😆 Get your own pic up. 😉 And welcome also to Deep Black Pearl Club. 👍