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  1. There's quite a few threads on pressure washers in this section, so take a look through those. Think you need to weigh up what else you might use it for and that might inform your decision. I've always used Karcher and they've been fine, but some favour Nilfisk which I think have more robust motors. As as well as a K4 (new one bought today) that does for household and car duty, I also have a K2 Compact which is very light and manoeuvrable and perfectly adequate for car washing duty. Prices vary but good price at John Lewis atm. However the pressure hoses on Karchers (and I heard same about Nilfisk hoses) aren't the best and get very kinked and twisted and you can spend longer wrestling with the pressure hose than washing the car, so I (and others) replace the hoses with longer rubber and metal braid hoses (standard are nylon and plastic braid) that do not kink. Price depends on length. Maybe a future upgrade?
  2. I haven't tried it on the car yet, as doing patio cleaning with patio attachment, but had a play with the vario lance and although nifty to see the led lights showing the level of pressure, IMO, it's essentially a gimmick, you still adjust it manually - no different really to previous lance.
  3. IF the paintwork state warrants it, I would push for contribution to a pro detail. Who cares what the neighbours think, lol. I've iust put a scene of crime tent up on my driveway to do spring detail under cover and they probably thought a body had been found. 😱 😂 Here it is.....don't laugh..... Well plenty of pro detailers include single stage polish in their new car detailing packages so don't think there's much to worry about in the paint front, and the paint should be cured from the factory. But paint hardens over time. When I collected my car, the paint was unblemished and since iron remover and tar remover brought away all the embedded contaminants, claying was not necessary, so I decided to skip a DA polish at that stage (I only clay if following with a polish) and leave it till later in the life of the car when the paint had hardened. My recent spring detail is the first time the entire car has been machine polished (have done spot sections before) and the paint was definitely harder than earlier in its life.
  4. Ah sorry, I misread the post. If the paintwork is in poor condition when you collect you'll need to take it up with the dealer, and agree a course of action, but if that was the case I would not entertain letting the dealership 'put it right', themselves, I would press for correction to be carried out by a pro detailer of your choice. Yes it is hard graft doing it yourself (but satisfying), I recent spent 4 days giving mine the works - exhausting workout, lol.
  5. Because it ticks all the boxes - performance, practicality, purpose, punch and prettiness!
  6. Hi, welcome along. Got an R?
  7. That's one option, if you feel you can and want to do that, and have the time, will need a bit of initial investment in some basic detailing kit if it haven't already got it. Alternatively you could book it in for a professional detail, and then set about just doing regular maintenance washes (again if will and lifestyle permit). Lots and lots of good and useful info on both approaches in the Detailing section of the forum which might help, and plenty of members on hand to help with advice and questions you may have about specific things. 🙂
  8. Lots of choices of products out there, but most basic set up would be: PH neutral shampoo 2 buckets (with grit guards) Washmitt (Lambswool or microfibre) Drying towel (microfibre) Protection product - sealant or wax. Lots of other things can be added such as snow foams, pre-washes, wheel sealants, interior cleaners/dressings, tyre dressings, metal polishes, etc, but these can be added as you go along. WoWo have some good starter bundles and 20% forum discount with code VWROC20. Add some protection and that's the very basics covered. Have a look in this thread too which covers gear and processes in basic and comprehensive forms.
  9. You don't know how lucky you are Leo, I would kill for water like that, much better not only for car washing but also skin and hair! My reading in South East Kent is 310ppm. 🙁
  10. Yes, but suddenly shops that are much further away will become 'local'. [emoji6] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. I forgot to mention....there's a fundamental error in your statement above. Because after you take possession of your R, you will never ever walk to the shops again, instead you will find ridiculous reasons to pop out to the shops (the likes no way) for something you have absolutely no need for. [emoji23] Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  12. 1st choice satin anthracite. 2nd choice Gloss black.
  13. Cheers, and bookmarked for future ref. 👍
  14. According to Andrew at DTUK, for users with current (and FL) models, it's not worth changing. The controller looks much nicer and for those that have had some hesitation issues, it may have improved things (I have no issues with my existing box), so mainly for looks really. They are geared towards cars with SENT digital sensors, which current crop of R's don't have. Have a a look at marshy's review of it.
  15. Hi Alex, welcome aboard. What's your spec?