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  1. Air dryers & blowers

    Yeah but even detailed to high heaven it still looks sh!t. 😁 Joking, joking.
  2. Air dryers & blowers

    I switched from a Sidekick to Metrovac Vac n Blo some tome back as I wanted a vacuum function as well as a blower. Still going strong and does a great job on both, though I still always finish with a towel dab dry. My original review on Vac n Blo here.
  3. Clear Bra

    Unwrapping the package is half the pleasure.
  4. Clear Bra

    Bras belong on women not cars.
  5. Handling when pushing it hard

    +1 re the grip in cornering on PS4S. I’m finding my PS4S are wearing very evenly across both axles. I’m not rotating.
  6. R Newbie

    Nice spec! Welcome to the forum.
  7. Selling/buying parts

    Only selected areas of Classifieds are visible to members with less than 25 posts. Once you hit that post count you’ll see more sections within the Classifieds area and will be able to reply to adverts. To sell through Classifieds you’ll need 50 posts to be able to submit an advert. All sales must be done via Classifieds. On a computer you you can access Classifieds through the top menu. On a mobile or tablet it’s accessed in the menus on the right side like below.
  8. It should be advertised under Parts for Sale. Once you’ve reached 50 posts, as per the Classifieds rules and as advised above, you’ll be able to submit an advert for approval. Selling on the forum is only permitted through the Classifieds sections, not outside of that section.
  9. What detailing have you done today?

    It looks so good too!
  10. Filthy beast pic thread

    😱 😭
  11. Nice Suprise

    Feel better now Pete?
  12. Filthy beast pic thread

    The day it shows up in pics in the “What detailing have you done today” thread. Could be in a few days, or a few weeks, or a few months. 😁
  13. Filthy beast pic thread

    Yes it will be.....one day!
  14. Filthy beast pic thread

    Deep Black Pearl with added salt. Beautiful!
  15. New B

    Welcome aboard! All that wasted time! You’ve seen the light now though. 😁 Happy anniversary!