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  1. Tyre Pressure Monitoring System?

    It's only a golf :-p
  2. Software Upgrade for Parking Brake

    EBrake is cool until it decides to randomly not work and your car rolls back into the wall cracking the bumper for which VW say there is nothing they can do...
  3. Oil consumption

    Going by the responses people have kindly left, it appears that any particular R will either consume oil or not. To me this means one of two things... It is either leaking, or it is being burnt... What say you?
  4. Oil consumption

    Thanks for the replies guys, I just don't understand how or why mine is using so much.. it just doesn't seem right that I have my check oil light coming on at not even 2500 miles after a service... how can mine use so much yet others use little to nothing?? According to VW service manager, its within tolerance levels... It just doesn't feel right plus my warranty runs out in march so id rather get it fixed before then if there's a problem... What do you think??
  5. I have a manual R, was half wishing I had got DSG purely for ease of tuning but I had an R32 with DSG and it annoyed me after a while because the car never behaved how I wanted it to... I found DSG only good for traffic and beating people in similar cars that are manual ;-) my mate has a DSG R and its never worth racing because I'm never going to beat a computer at changing gears... my mate said just get a standard low torque map and centre res delete, thats it. He said fitting an uprated clutch for the high torque map is fine if you don't mind dealing with the difference in clutch feel... obviously the uprated clutch is not as smooth and is a lot stiffer... so all depends what you want, personally I won't be swapping mine for a DSG any time soon... I prefer being in control of my vehicle, buuuuuuuuuuut.... if I am to change vehicle in the future, I may consider DSG, purely for sitting in traffic like I do every day and purely for those moments when you want to beat someone at those pesky gear changes :-p Which reminds me of a fun little story... was once in a 1.8 escort, sporty looking thing... sat at the lights and another one identical near enough pulled up alongside... we were both on it... the lights changed we sped off and I literally annihilated him through near perfect gear changes, felt the booolax lol :-p Can't do that in a DSG... in a DSG the lighter dude/dudette will win... I weigh 18stone so if im racing my mate who's like 9/10 stone... he gonna win... guaranteed. They just become go karts like that... no skill, just foot to the floor and whoever doesnt crash or pulls ahead wins... bit boring to be fair... Moral of the story... Manual FTW :-D
  6. Oil consumption

    Hi guys, was just wondering how often you all top up your oil and how much you use when topping it up. Reason I ask is, I have completed around 2500 miles since my last service and the oil light has come on, is this normal? Should I be using this much oil?? Thank you kindly in advance for your helpful replies.
  7. How do you go fast?

    I probably should have mentioned I have a manual R but... it definitely feels slower to me, would love to know the truth :-p
  8. Plans in 2018 for your R's

    Still trying to decide whether or not to change into FL R with full spec... literally all boxes ticked :-p but then not really looking forward to losing half the value of my vehicle again in only two years so... maybe just a map and clutch upgrade for now, I wonder if the fact that a 35-40k motor depreciates to only half its purchase value in 24 months is a selling point??? No one actually mentioned it to me when I was buying the car... I wonder why :-p I still need to get my prets refurbed (pot holes mainly) It's so lovely paying road tax and knowing that when the road damages your expensive wheels due to neglect and lack of care in maintaining those roads we pay to drive on, no one will accept liability other than yourself. Us brits are so easy to manage its ridiculous, we are like the perfect servants for the elite's establishment. So yeah... Map, clutch, refurb wheels, machine polish/detail and a couple MP4S to the front!! Cant wait for the map, cars feeling slow these-days :-p
  9. Should I be annoyed?

    Nothing wrong with BBC 1XTRA I would take the car back to them immediately and complain...
  10. How do you go fast?

    Surely someone has the ability to time themselves in eco and in race mode?? If I could do it accurately enough I would but unfortunately I don;t have the kit!! Swear down though, as soon as I select eco, my car feels slower!!
  11. Rev counter racing but car not responding

    Get the map before upgrading your clutch, make the most of this new one :-p
  12. Rev counter racing but car not responding

    Not sure if it's luck of the draw, it probably boils down to usage, I have never launched my manual R, I never ride the clutch and I've never smelt it burning.. it has been fine through 30k miles, I bet the people who have issues have ridden their clutch and done hard starts... not that this excuses anything, a car like the R should be capable of handling what you throw at it from the factory... otherwise its not fit for purpose... bit of a tricky one. Anyway... at less than 30k miles I would be seeking replacement under warranty and yes I do agree that VW have skimped on this particular part, it should be capable of handling at least 20% more power without the need for an upgrade!!
  13. How do you go fast?

    You deffo lose some bhp in eco mode mate
  14. End of pcp - alloys

    Double check with others first though mate, just in-case im wrong!! But yeah that's what I would do :-p
  15. End of pcp - alloys

    Nah mate, think you need to stick on half decent ones at least, just look at the cheapest of the premium brands... give em the potenzas back lol