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  1. 20 Year Old - 7.5R On its way!

    I think you may have just made many a young man start raising his eyebrows :-p a couple of my mates at the age of 24 struggled with insurance to get one of these that's why I was asking and not to worry, mines on PCP, I wouldn't have been able to afford it otherwise lol :-D just be sensible bro (as I'm sure you are) and have fun, its an amazing car!!
  2. 20 Year Old - 7.5R On its way!

    What's your insurance quote just out of interest??? :-p
  3. How quick does your 7R get to normal running temp

    The Manual 7R comes with a bog-down feature for when you try to change gears smoothly, this car is weird on gear changes! Imperceptible gear changes are rare on this car, I get em sometimes but generally always get a dip in power for some unknown reason.. there seems to be a special way to implement the gear change so its smooth which is fricken hard to replicate each time :-p I should mention that this only occurs when I am racing...
  4. DCC

    DCC is pretty good actually, worth the money IMO, I tend to leave it in comfort mode to soak up the pot holes you seem to encounter every few metres :-p
  5. Today's poll

    He does smack it!
  6. Calls and Media-Is this right?

    You have to set the option for which device you wish to perform which function... one can handle calls only one can handle media only... or you can set for both but only on one device.
  7. Today's poll

    All I can say is....
  8. Servicing and PCP

    Yeah, stick with the stealers, its only an oil change, should have got it for free too?
  9. Brake caliper cover

    Or you can buy different coloured stickers that perfectly fit over the R, I had to fit 2 white ones to alleviate my pain at seeing them both blackened and faded
  10. Sorry to hear this... I hope they catch him!
  11. Turmeric owners - good choice?

    Nope.... its yellow... the worst colour :-p but saying that, it does actually look nice, I just personally wouldn't choose it, but each to their own! If that;s what you've put your money on then go for it, you don;t need our approval, its a great car and you will enjoy it!
  12. 2015 Golf R Haldex

    Yeah I did actually show them the posts that have been left on here and pointed out the exact part I was referring to so there was no misunderstanding... I will keep having it serviced in line with manufacturer recommendations and then if it fails I will point all of this out and hold my hand out lol :-p
  13. 2015 Golf R Haldex

    I forgot to mention, they had their little schematic to hand that showed nothing to do with the filter... apparently the filter is located elsewhere and bares no relevance to the service, which still doesn;t answer the question as to why there is one in the first place and why it doesn't get cleaned, I showed him the post where people have said VAG Manchester cleaned it for them... he looked bemused like a lost little child. P.s. This is the guy that was extremely rude to me when I requested that my caliper logos be replaced under warranty for turning black! He was so rude it was unbelievable!
  14. 2015 Golf R Haldex

    Personally I think that they avoid doing it because like someone mentioned before, the blockage causes the pump to overrun which in turn will lead to premature failure, I'm just going to let VW pick up the bill for it when it happens, I have proof typed on VW headed paper stating that I asked for the filter to be cleaned/replaced but I was advised there was none, so if anything fails it will be the pump which they can replace for me instead of trying to charge me in the region of £500 I think someone mentioned in another post!!
  15. 2015 Golf R Haldex

    Well, I got my car back, apparently that filter is not a filter according to their technicians, I couldn't be bothered having an argument with someone who can clearly see the pictures that you have all kindly posted. So, I asked for a note to be written on my receipt and here is what it says : Customer has requested to change the filter in the four wheel drive, checked all VW service regime and no filter listed to be changed and no part available from VW. Basically, if the Haldex Unit ever fails, I will use this as the reason why... I still can't believe they state that there is no filter.