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  1. Golf R - 7.5

    £1500 (plus £1000 from VW) down 48 months at £475 a month. £39,500 spec, paying £34k for it 4.9% apr
  2. Decision made - 7.5 R on order

    Different folks.....I saw it as more grey than blue.....took a picture on my phone and it did not represent it at all.
  3. Decision made - 7.5 R on order

    B7 RS4 had to be Sprint Blue (I had one).......I went through same dilemma re: Indium and Silver Prets as thats what I went order originally but saw a white silver GTD and that was it.... It will look a bit max power but **** it.......this will be the last car I buy new. The 17 year old won
  4. Decision made - 7.5 R on order

    only ordered yesterday so I assume they can amend within a few days.
  5. Decision made - 7.5 R on order

    just emailed the dealer....black prets and black mirrors....I hope he can amend the order???
  6. Decision made - 7.5 R on order

    I know, it should be a Jag but the 17 year old in me wins when it comes to cars........I don't like big cars......I had a B8 RS4 and it lasted 18 months as it wasn't a "hot hatch" Out of circa. 35 cars I've had, 8 have been Golfs! (Cab, 1.6L, 3Gti, 3Gti, 4Gti, 5Gti,5 R32 and R)
  7. Decision made - 7.5 R on order

    .......17 on the inside hence the dilemma
  8. Decision made - 7.5 R on order

    But I'm 46.....
  9. Decision made - 7.5 R on order

    Damn, I promised myself I wouldn't do this.........should I have specced Black Prets??????
  10. Scratched windscreen, Repairable?

    My Wife had a screen put on her S3 and it had a defect right in the middle and would distort vision.....she got used to it......I didn't sold it and got a GTD.
  11. VW Dealers in Berkshire

    How about Reading VW or Slough VW? I've used Reading for years and they are so much better than Audi ever were. I ordered a 7.5R yesterday via carwow (they pretty much matched the best price within a couple of hundred) and they were as obliging as ever to do a deal and I've had my GTI and R serviced there recently and they were great. Lift to station when dropping off or a loaner when needed.
  12. Discover Media Mib1 Issues

    They did update it....had to wait two weeks for them to successfully download from VW!! It did fix the issue and I don't have Dynaudio.
  13. Discover Media Mib1 Issues

    Mine was in at VW a few weeks back. They had to wait for a new update. Mine would not increase volume past 50% and sound was distorted. Take it to VW if in warranty.
  14. Decision made - 7.5 R on order

    Cheers all. Car ordered at £34k on the nose. Changed colour to White Silver having seen it on a GTD in the showroom. Got great PX on mine too (spec as above with 24k miles) Now the wait.