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  1. Buckled Pretoria

    Take a pick of the repaired hole. They will know when they repaired it vs when you hit it. If they repaired it they can’t deny it existed. I had three buckled prets repaired at £100 each.
  2. Handsfree - very quiet for other end

    I have a an iPhone X and don’t have this issue in a 7.5 non-pro Nav. But......and not wanting to teach sucking eggs. I’ve found the best way to get the dealer to help with tech issues is to gain as much info from the web as possible so that when you describe the issue you (at least) sound like you know what you’re talking about Have you tried resetting to factory settings?
  3. Golf 7.5 R...or not?

    I went from RS4 to R in 2015. I loved it but a change in travel circumstances meant I did less than 300 Miles a month in it. The R is equally as sure footed (no spin when diving out of a T junction in the damp). It is way more nimble and chuckable. I also found the R more drivable in the edge due to its lack of weight compared to the RS4. You won’t be disappointed...I am on my 2nd R. (I do miss the V8 and Milltek Non-Res though) “The current fifth-gen Haldex can sends about 10-15 per cent of power to the rear in normal driving and more when the fronts slip. How much more is a matter of debate. Not more than 50 per cent is generally agreed, although Ford claims 70 per cent for its new Focus RS (not confirmed as Haldex, but likely). All Haldex will say is that it depends on the customer.”
  4. Really crap paint

    Spray bird crap with a weak bleach/water mix from spray bottle. Easier to remove when wet. Also, during the summer, to get the flies off, I use a big towel, wet it and hang it over the bonnet. Leave for 10 mins and the flies just wipe off.....same for windscreen too. Bird poo and flies are my arch enemy!!!
  5. Really crap paint

    I have had a Daytona Grey TTRS, did 24k init and not one stone chip. Was my own company car and was typically up and down M4/M40. I’ve done 1700 miles in my new R and none yet....however as I now commute I rarely go near motorways/dual carriage ways anymore which probably explains that.
  6. Step Down Pause

    I was in S....
  7. Calls and Media-Is this right?

    My 7 with MIB1 Pro Nav had a software update in the summer for doing something similar. Trip to dealer.
  8. Talk me out of buying a Mk 7.5!

    Some may have driven one for an extended period and owned other RWD cars maybe. RWD doesn’t suit my driving style. And like golf (the game). I am not about to change my driving style to suit a car....it’s the other way round.
  9. Step Down Pause

    Mine makes a muffled sound similar to when launching at 4K rpm.
  10. Step Down Pause

    Thing is I don’t remember the 7 doing it???
  11. Step Down Pause

    DSG and yes it’s more than a single gear. You’ve hit the nail on the head I guess. Still a bit disconcerting.
  12. Step Down Pause

    I noticed last night that when I am travelling on a motorway at say 50, car in front plus out, I then stamp down to get to 70 mph. I get a noticeable pause and blurb from the exhaust before the power kicks in. Anyone else get this?
  13. The law of the sod

  14. The law of the sod

    Grow some and pick it up. I picked up my first (and only) porker on March 1st 2005. It snowed, I didn’t crash!!
  15. Snow Driving

    No changes for me. Race mode and maybe traction at half volume. As others have said, it’s other people you need to worry about.