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  1. Golf GTD vs R

    My Wife had a 2014 GTD, I liked it so much (from a package perspective) I chopped my RS4 in for an 2104 R. The driving experience was different, obviously, but steering weight was similar so jumping from one to another wasn't that different. Having just received the 7.5R VW have come on leaps and bounds re: ride and handling. The GTD was noisy and not very fast.
  2. Winter snow predicted

    I like the new roof spoiler..... I treated the car to an HD waxing the day I got it....the snow on the bonnet couldn't hold on...
  3. 7.5 Haldex + Snow = Rear bias?

    Hasn’t the Haldex v5 been like that since MK7.0?
  4. Took my manual Mk7 for a snow test *Video*

    Looked fun to me. 4WD + snow = FUN.
  5. From really bad to bad.....

    Black Shadow
  6. OBDELEVEN exhaust flap deactivate

    does this work on 2017MY cars now.....? I want to open the exhaust flaps.
  7. Running In

    I haven’t read the thread but at no point did my sales chap mention ‘running in’ so therefore I assume it’s drive it as you would using common sense.
  8. From really bad to bad.....

    £400 and they’d look like this...
  9. Golf 7R Photos - Part 2

    Same car pics taken 15 hours apart.....
  10. New car has arrived.....feedback and a poll.

    Thanks, everyone has complimented the colour combo so far.....even the Wife who though I’d ordered ‘another white Golf R’ Black wheels/mirrors were a bit of a risk but I love them.
  11. New car has arrived.....feedback and a poll.

    I have mine done by a tyre place where they also sell and refurb wheels. A tyre only company is a no no for me. You can quickly assess an establishment by the people who work there. Elite Wheels in Reading are the ones for me. Used them to swap my tyres over prior to PX. Did so with no worries.
  12. Golf 7R Photos - Part 2

    In daylight:
  13. So my second R has arrived and I am very chuffed. For the first time in 20 years of buying german cars I received something other than Pirelli tyres on a brand new car.....mine's been shod in Continental. I had my MPS4s removed from the 2014 car and the original dealer-fitted Matador Hecctora 2 MP46s re-fitted and and the MPs are currently in the shed. I'll wait to see how these perform before I swap them for the Michelins. I bought my June 2014 R on November 27th 2015 so I had almost exactly 2 years driving it, covering just 11k miles. It had cloth (which was immaculate when traded in today having had 25k miles), Discover Pro Nav, std stereo, Oryx paint and Prets. After an RS4 I was really impressed with the R and enjoyed every time I drove it. It was easy to drive and could be ragged whenever necessary or driven like Miss Daisy. I ordered the new car with leather, Dynaudio (my Wife's GTI had it and I love it) and NOT Discover Pro as I used and loved ApplePlay in the GTI too so apple maps does the job. I collected the car today and have noted the following significant differences: The engine is quieter The steering is still weighty yet seems lighter and smoother The gear change is way smoother The ride is better The leather makes the interior feel, look and smell completely different (no sh*t sherlock) The power delivery is much smoother In summary it feels a lot more grown up and refined and, for a new model of a previously owned model, it feels like a completely different car. I've never re-ordered a car consecutively (I had three TTs in a row back in the noughts - convertible, coupe with 17s and a coupe with 18 over a 1 year period) and am pleasantly surprised at how different it feels...without losing and of it's appeal. A few Carista changes will be made tomorrow morning inc. the exhaust flap delete...if I can get it to work. I started this thread I am well chuffed and can't wait to get back init tomorrow. Poll: Who else is on their 2nd R having owned one for more than a couple of years previously?? The colour in natural and non-natural light.
  14. Official MK7 Golf R Order thread - Part 2

    GOT IT!!!! White Silver by the way....looks Oryx🤩 It is a totally different car to drive vs my 2014 R. I wonder how many people on here are on their 2nd R? Poll? 3.5 months later....