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  1. I still don’t get it....and not everyone on here has one.
  2. OP - what a stupid post....stealthy "take on my lease" post??? "golf r is so good, I am going to get an M3" ???
  3. What happens when you do a good thing...

    Karma will come your way....
  4. Has anyone got one?

    Hi mate, get over it is all the advice I can give. Scratches are horrible but time is a healer
  5. Software update on 7R - increase in bhp?

    but they're not saying that Probably, silly people. There is no way in hell I'd pay for 10bhp.....60-70 yes but 10? (saying that I did buy the Wife a GTi PP which has 10 extra (but a few other bits too)
  6. Software update on 7R - increase in bhp?

    You'd hardly notice 10bhp.
  7. Understeer = bad driving. As said above get the right entry speed and a good exit will be acheived. Physics win. Enter too fast in the wet/dry = understeer
  8. Best wax for Indium?

    Pics when done please
  9. Alloy Wheel Paint Sealant

    Afternoon, I had my wheels repainted early summer and decided I wanted to protect them as best I could so I looked around and came across this - Carbon Collective Wheel Sealant - it means wheels off but it was worth it as now it's getting a bit dirtier out there the wheels still bead like they first did when cleaned. the dirt comes off really easily and they are proper shiny. Recommended. They do it for glass and paint too. When my new R arrives I think I am going to give it a go on all three. I'll report back. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Carbon-Collective-Platinum-Wheels-15ml-Coating-Sealant-Free-Recorded-P-P-/112347409239?hash=item1a286d6b57
  10. 7.5. 4 motion badge

    I'd have kept it...why oh why do they have to put in on. Quattro I can deal with but 4MOTION...rubbish, rubbish..rubbish!!
  11. Golf r trade in

    If the deal works for YOU.....do it. Different folks, different strokes. What looks like a good deal to one might not to another but thats not to say its a bad deal.
  12. Golf r trade in

    It all depends on the overall deal, car your buying, appetite of dealer to a "deal" and competition landscape....I have been given a trade in value of £19,500 for my June 2014 R with 24,500miles and minimal options (Prets, Rear Cam, Nav Pro. DSG, rear tints in Oryx) I was very surprised as it was higher than WeBuyAnyCar but they were competing against 2 other dealers. I also got very near maximum discount offered via CarWow (local dealer so worth a few quid not to have to travel...as I did for my current R...Reading to Harrogate and back!
  13. Golf R 7.5 performance pack

    probably not in S mode.... My 2010 TTRS Manual topped out at more than170 when tested on an airfield.
  14. Cooling Fan Mk7.5

    Me?..........never. What about the tinkling from the turbo....has that gone too? I find it therapeutic. [emoji12][emoji41][emoji12]
  15. Cooling Fan Mk7.5

    I am now really worried that this will happen on my 7.5 when delivered. I might cancel my order....😱