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  1. Prets with PS4S is boss.
  2. The service guy did mention they had seen the bolt covers go that way but not a centre cap....they didn't wash the car as I requested them not to and the wheels have brake dust on them still and the car is still grubby as I checked when collecting yesterday. Oh, well it's sorted now. Just thought others may have had it.
  3. maybe, but it was perfect at the weekend, I washed the car and only use car shampoo no aggressive wheel cleaner.
  4. Nope I have just been back there and they had one in stock and gave it to me FOC. Still interested in what has happened as the other three caps are fine.....just thought someone else may have experienced it...no biggy.
  5. Washed the car at the weekend so would have noticed this....wheel centre cap is...well, it looks burnt, the other three a fine!!! It was in at the dealers Monday and yesterday and I picked it up yesterday afternoon....stupidly didn't do a check round the car and not necessarily blaming the dealer but has anyone got any idea what may have caused this????
  6. It's a bit like Audi's Suzuka grey.
  7. I thought that was The Rock on " Ballers"? either way amen to that Just googled it....a bit like wikipedia but anyway... “If it flies, floats or f**ks, rent it, don’t buy it,” said the character Tommy Earl Bruner in Dan Jenkins’ novel, Baja Oklahoma (1981) I am sure many lay claim to it....but it's common sense.
  8. 😎
  9. Well done for being in the bracket of people who can afford to spunk their cash into the fastest depreciating asset out there!! I had a TTRS which was £10k south of its settlement fee....a £10k loss I let Audi suck up as I VT'd. Do you think the Lambos, McClaren eand Porsche Turbos out there are bought with cash?? Very few are.
  10. June 2014 23700.
  11. I like the design of the wheel but up close they looked very cheaply made...
  12. Cars was in yesterday for 30k service (at 23k) as 3 years old in June. I told them about a volume issue I was having with the Discover Pro. If volume went past half way it didn't increase in volume but started to distort badly. Anyone else had this? Anyway, whilst waiting I noticed a new GTI 7.5. There are a few things I noticed: The wheels look really cheap: The plastic scoops look cheap: The lights look very cool: It had extra sensors on front and back arches (auto park??): Saw a new GTD in the new pearl white.....wow is it orange peely.... Happy Friday!!
  13. car net is shite - app connect is great. Go with that
  14. See my post - Not where I live....hardly anyone has one so when they hear mine going off they crap themselves. Every year it's serviced and every year after the test there's at least one person looking down the road.....at night it's very quiet and would make quite a scene. I work from home most days so if I hear an alarm I go investigate...if it's nearby obvs.....community spirit is still in play on my street....thankfully.....sounds like it's not elsewhere.
  15. It's very sad and I feel for his family. I have a house alarm but almost none of my neighbours have (one says because he has cats he can't have an alarm!!!...he got burgled). The ones that haven't have been burgled at least once....me? fingers crossed, and even if they did break in....everyone in the street would know about it. The alarm is on when no-one is in.....and it's on at night without fail. Deterrents and prevention is key!! I don't leave my keys in view but I leave where they can be found easily....