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  1. Any Black Friday deals?

    I'm interested too. I just hope tuners/manufacturers quote prices instead of this 'contact us for special deal' rubbish.
  2. What Warranty claims have you made?

    Did you manage to get VW to replace the bonnet insulation? Mines also shrunk and my dealer refused to replace it.
  3. The Paddle shifter extensions...

    I'd definitely bin the screws and only use tape. Even if you don't tighten them the screw will still rub the stock paddle and cause marks. Mine are taped on (no screws) and they're fine., I've never felt like they'll fall off.
  4. The Paddle shifter extensions...

    Mine are stuck on and they're fine. Not moved at all. It's all personal preference but the Pinalloy ones the screws go over the paddle and leave a mark if you ever remove them, plus you can see the screws which looks rubbish.
  5. Quick or slow engine warm up?

    Start Car Wait for revs to settle down and if required de-mist. Start out slow and gentle Stay off boost as much as possible until there is a temperature reading of the oil so it's at least warm and generally don't use Sport or manual at all until the oil is 90c or above. There are some times like today when I had to join a fast road within 1 minute of the car being on so I put it manual mode and let it hold gears longer but didn't shift super late. Not ideal but needs to happen.
  6. TR/Black FL7R "I'm ready to go home now"

    ok. I wasn't sure when you ordered it but damn that looks good. 😍
  7. What Warranty claims have you made?

    If you have a 3 door car, you have PPF round the rear of the doors to protect from chips etc... that's totally normal What isn't normal is the white stuff. I read that VW have machine polished the whole car so that white stuff is probably just residue which can be washed away. Looking at the photos you've posted your cars paint looks like it's terrible condition for being as new as you say. You'd probably do well to take the car to a third party detailer in your area and have them assess the car and take a paint depth reading. You may need to pay for this but that will tell you if the car has had any paint repairs or if it's uneven from the factory. The scratches that VW are talking about may be easily removed by a professional detailer. Obviously you need to give VW one chance to fix their workmanship but if after 1 attempt you're not happy you can try and reject the car and request a new one or you can ask them to pay for the car to be repaired elsewhere. It sounds like you've got a good tech who agrees there might be a paint issue but do your own research and get some expert opinions other than VW.
  8. Nationwide Cars and Dealers

    Have a look on Carwow or Drive The Deal. Carwow are usually £1000 more expensive for cash than PCP but the prices are fairly discounted, you get full access to dealer services and as you say you can take the PCP out and cancel straight away if thats your preference.
  9. Atlantic Blue R Estate Photos

    You need a long smooth road to get anywhere near. I've tried and had to back off as our roads are not built for anything about 71.
  10. One Way Street...

    You sound like you're on a windup. Why were they speaking to your boss and not you? Why did they show your boss ID but not you? You won't get any paperwork if they plan to deal with you later but still sounds all sorts of wrong. Even when I got myself in a spot of bother and an off duty officer came to see what was going on he still presented warrant card. Sorry but sounds like a wind up. All you can do is wait 6 months and see if anything happens. I suggest you don't disobey traffic signs in the future even if there is nothing around.
  11. Show Plates - Recomendations

    If they're 'Show Plates' why is stone chipping an issue? They shouldn't be on the road.
  12. Atlantic Blue R Estate Photos

    When I saw Atlantic Blue I really liked it but I'd have the blue with the silver and chrome accents. If I was going for Indium Grey then I'd have the Pan roof, black mirrors and black Prets. Half the reason I took the black wheels off my black R is because it just looked like a black blob any time it wasn't pristine.
  13. One Way Street...

    If he was going to get a TS30 wouldn't they have just done it at the road side? I though TS30 but then thought perhaps more seeing as they cautioned him and let him go.
  14. Atlantic Blue R Estate Photos

    That rear wheel looks very small. The thing about black wheels is they never look that great in photos but when clean and on the car it looks pretty decent.
  15. One Way Street...

    Are you saying you drove the wrong way down a one way street? That's probably going to be driving without due care and attention which carries higher penalties than speeding. https://www.sentencingcouncil.org.uk/offences/item/careless-driving-drive-without-due-care-and-attention-revised-2017/ If they didn't issue a ticket at the roadside, they've got 6 months to send out a NIP. When I got done for speeding and stopped at the roadside my NIP turned up 4 months later.