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  1. Do I paint my Prets?

    I have a set you can buy for £1200. You'll just have to get them painted. 🙃
  2. Do I paint my Prets?

    And you won't if you only want to pay £700 for them. 😂 The alternative is paint yours, and wait for a pair of OEM colour to come up.
  3. classified issues ?

    I haven't tested if it is working again, but I had this error when trying to post an Ad in Car Parts - Wanted yesterday (Sunday).
  4. Any stealthy exhaust options?

    I took the chrome tips off my R to clean them up and the exhaust is definitely stealthy as you can't see it now!
  5. Do I paint my Prets?

    Do what I did and buy a second set, have them refurbished and finished in gloss black and then if you don't like them you have your originals as a backup. I am back to owning 2 sets of Pretorias so am thinking of having one lot done Anthracite to go with the silver car. The Black was horrible for showing dirt and swirls even with a ceramic coating on.
  6. Apple CarPlay

    It's not about that. It's the difference between CarPlay and Android Auto. One allows it, one does not. My Navigation app of choice is Waze which isn't compatible with CarPlay because of Apple. Apple CarPlay integrates well with native iPhone apps like Maps, Messages and Siri. If you want to use anything else, forget it as it's just not supported which is why Android Auto is better. If you use Apple Maps for navigation and think it's good then you're missing out on far better options like Google Maps, Waze or TomTom.
  7. Golf 7R Photos - Part 2

    Not a fan of that style.
  8. ROB2k68 Lapiz R Collection & Build thread

    Mine was the same with nearly 21k miles and only very slight rust on the hubs. I believe it’s more to do with cleaning product and keeping the car clean than anything else. The new car that hasn’t been as looked after has badly rusted hubs and missing R calliper logos.
  9. If I do, I can't get them in the Crystal Black as they don't look as good as I had hoped. I'll have to get them in the Platinum colour with polished face. Which basically means Diamond Cut. Which means corrosion!
  10. Thanks for that, now I'm not so sure!! I tried to do a quick mockup but it seems like they're a lot different in real life and on a car than they are in the online images.
  11. Dynamic Door Mirror Indicators

    Looks pretty good! Just need something for the front indicators too.
  12. I'm looking at these wheels but in 19'. Have you got any more photos?
  13. Apple CarPlay

    I'm an Apple iPhone user and I have CarPlay in my R. It's crap. Android Auto is leagues ahead with what it can do. I think CarPlay works well if you're happy to use the Apple apps like Maps, Messages and Music. If you use apps like WhatsApp or Waze. Don't bother. One thing I did not realise was CarPlay takes over the phone screen. If you have Waze open on the phone but use CarPlay for Siri, Messages or Music, it will put the app that your using on CarPlay onto the phone screen. So if you've got Waze open, but want to read a message, it will close Waze on the phone and open messages. You cannot get Waze on the head unit screen in the car via CarPlay as it's not an Apple app. On Android Auto you can have Waze on the head unit, you can have messages displayed via WhatsApp. This is coming from a guy who has been using Apple hardware for at least 10 years, currently owns multiple iMacs, MacBook Pros, iPads, iPhones and uses an Apple Watch and has a subscription to Apple Music. I'm 100% in the Apple Eco-System yet think Android Auto is better.
  14. Carjacking Again!

    If any of you have a wife/girlfriend that drive your car it's worth having a chat with them and giving them pointers on what to look for. This could include not having windows fully open, cars following for an abnormal length of time to taking similar turns or mopeds with 2-up. One of my wife's friends was assaulted in her front porch whilst trying to open the front door a few weeks back. They were after the keys to her Mercedes. 2 males on a moped spotted her driving and had followed her (confirmed via CCTV). She stopped to get petrol and they hid round the corner and then followed her home. As she was in her porch unlocking her front door one of them opened the door, grabbed her and tried to get her keys and bag. They failed to get the keys or car as luckily someone heard her screams and interrupted things but obviously the poor girl was very shook. Police attended and said there had been a similar attack a few roads away 10 minutes after hers where a man was dragged from his Mercedes and beaten up. They failed to get that car also as they fled when neighbours saw what was going on. This happened near Morden, London so isn't the usual target areas of Birmingham and Manchester, it's also not the usual phone swiping, bike theft moped crime.