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  1. Mobile phone ban in cars.

    My latest IPhone update has a "Do Not Disturb" setting so I do not receive distracting notifications when the phone senses I must be moving in a vehicle. Surely it is not far away that phones can be programmed to deactivate at speeds over 10mph ?
  2. DSG maintenance

    So I went the independant route for my DSG Oil & Filter change and had it carried out at V-Hub in Tewkesbury. Initial discussion & booking in was helpful & friendly, the work was carried out quickly & efficiently while I watched with my coffee they made me. All for the grand total of £130, more than half what VW quoted. The book is stamped up and fully detailed invoice for records. I would thoroughly recommend V-Hub to anyone thinking of the independant route.
  3. DSG maintenance

    My DSG oil change is due and VW quoted £303, reduced to £258 after haggling. I am off to find a cheaper independant.
  4. Whether or not you can justify spending £x on an exhaust is a personal thing. However, I recently found myself watching a youtube video of a tour around the Akrapovic R&D and Production Facility (you have to ignore the drone produced by Shmee 150 !). Surely anyone interested in cars cannot fail to be impressed by what is involved ? Either way, as the death nell of internal combustion looms over the horizon, we should all appreciate that these companies keep pushing boundaries to squeeze the last bit of exitement before it's lights out, even if we cannot afford it ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FGgyXIMBVnE
  5. What Warranty claims have you made?

    I had the instrument cluster replaced after 2 months as the fuel guage was faulty. The electronic range would tell me I had 250 miles when the gauge read quarter full ! Also had something replaced on the roof lining due to rattling around sunroof. German engineering isn't all it's cracked up to be.
  6. Any Bikers on here?

    I do about 5000 miles a year of 'spirited' riding in the summer around France,Germany & Spain and every year have trouble with gear selection. Normally have to find a dealer to get the system bled, usually followed by warranty replacement of slave or master cyclinders. Just seems they struggle with prolonged hard use in hot conditions. Also had quickshifter replaced, exhaust springs melting through fairing and currently exhaust heat shield about to part company with bike. The Italian Experience, and not another bike that floats my boat, hence on my 4th.
  7. Any Bikers on here?

    I am also on my 4th Ducati. Yellow 748 White 1198 Red 1199 Red 1299 Hoping the next will be a Black V4. Despite what they say, stuff still falls off & breaks if you properly use them !
  8. VW Specialist in Wiltshire for Service

    My concern would be the lack of documentation to show buyer when the time comes, and also, how would I reset the service indicator notification on the dash ?
  9. So it's that time when my VW service plan has ended and I need an Oil Service. Does anyone have a recommended VW Specialist in Wiltshire they trust with an R or am I stuck with main dealer ? Cheers
  10. The A45 has gone. Long live the........

    Leased or purchased ?
  11. SNOW!

    What I really thank VW for on a snowy morning is when you open the door and it dumps a souvenir on your drivers seat just to remind you for your journey, and I was too tight for heated seats so it doesn't dry out !!
  12. Whoever said don't cry over spilt milk was a liar !

    Thanks for the ideas. The issue is the area I have yet to get to deep under the seat, hindered by all the electric crap. Will try some of the potions and keep my eyes open for mice after the forming cheese ! Thank God she wasn't using the R !
  13. Help. My wife spilt a pint of milk in the passenger footwell of her Touareg over xmas. I vacuumed and washed the mats then a few days later had a valet and all seemed well. Wrong. It absolutely stinks now, to the point where you can smell it as you approach the car. I assume it has made it's way under the seat carpet which is impossible to access. Any idea's ? My wife's was to sell it but it is only a year old and would be a bit extreme for a pint of milk. Please help our noses.
  14. Porsche Cayenne

    I ran a 3 year old Cayenne for 2 years and it cost me about 4k to maintain without the cost of 20 mpg super unleaded. Unless you can carry out maintenance yourself I would give yourself a slap around the face and move on. Brake pads & discs were over a grand. Tyres (20") were over a grand. Original crappy plastic coolant pipes split, 2k repair as the top of the V8 had to come off to access. Electrical glitches. A leeking power steering pump did me in the end and I bailed out. There are much better options which will be cheaper to run, more reliable and you will be able to afford to eat !! Saying that, glad I did it and ticked a box.