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  1. I’ve asked several times if the exhaust is the reason and have been told thats not the case. For me, it’s the fact no one can give me an answer or any clarification as to what the delay actually is. If I’d have been told on placing the order, if I spec the exhaust expect delivery in 7 months rather than 14 weeks , I’d understand. And what about the value of my current car when the new one does arrive, I’ll end up having to pay more on the part exchange.
  2. My spec is white silver, 3 door, DSG, carbon mirrors, Black prets and Akrapovic exhaust. I’ve subsequently been informed the delay is due to the Black prets being in such high demand. I was under the impression it’s because of mine being a 3 door as most of the ones I’ve seen being delivered are 5 doors. I’m going to contact VW again today, I’m loosing patience!!
  3. Genuinely must be the unluckiest person on here ordering! I placed my order early August and I’m still yet to receive a confirmed date...[emoji24] it keeps going back and forth, early to mid February, preliminary build date. No one from VW can give me an answer as to why mine is so delayed. People are ordering around the same time and taking delivery now. I don’t want to cancel but 7 months from order to delivery is killing me!
  4. It’s weird! When I quoted that it showed up.
  5. It’s weird, it says I don’t have permission to view these images, then in the quote it shows up fine.
  6. Which watch does a Golf R driver wear?

    Raymond Weil Freelancer Tissot PRS200/PRC200
  7. Golf 7 R exhaust tips

    Oettinger exhausts? They don’t look like the Akrapovic system.
  8. Ceramic Coating? Recommendations?

    SiRamik is the one I went for. Incredible product.
  9. I can’t view the images you post!?
  10. Newbie, deposit on 7.5r paid today

    You ordered in August? How many doors? I’m trying to get an answer from VW as to why I’m still yet to receive a build date. They are saying unconfirmed date of 12th Feb 2018. I ordered mine August 14th....!
  11. Valve or non valve exhaust.....

    I just deactivated the exhaust flaps through VCDS, much better imo..and free!
  12. Don’t open your window when its been raining and your roof is wet. You’ll get soaked[emoji23]
  13. It always happens with mine. It’s like the headunit is delayed and only gets some of the current track info.
  14. New Golf Questions

    The exhaust is a separate option. The performance pack is essentially, different wheel option, Clubsport brakes, a different spoiler (hatches only) and derestricted top speed. No additional suspension or steering adjustments.
  15. STICKY: Recommended professional detailers

    Nigel from GLOS DETAILING, fully accredited SiRamik detailer. Address: Unit 1 Sheldon Nurseries Stanboro Lane , Elmstone Hardwicke Town: Cheltenham County: Gloucestershire Postcode: GL51 9TN Mobile: 07861 489 518 Landline: 01242 680 991 Email: nigel@glos-detailing.co.uk Cheltenham and Gloucestershire areas. Very professional and comes highly recommended.