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  1. Build times

    Depends on options. I ordered mine mid August, I'm still waiting for a confirmation date. Unconfirmed build week via VW chat: 11th December..!
  2. 3 door DSG white silver with carbon mirrors black prets and Akrapovic exhaust. I've subsequently heard that the orders with Akrapovic or the performance pack are being delayed and they aren't being processed until October.
  3. I ordered mine 12th August and have been on vw chat and given an unconfirmed build date of 11th December[emoji30] so yes yours seems really fast..! What options have you chosen?
  4. Akrapovic Exhaust

    Ideal. Has the process on VCDS changed or is it a similar thing. Park up in sport so the flaps are still open then re code? Thanks again.
  5. Akrapovic Exhaust

    I've ordered the Akrapovic exhaust with mine, can't wait for delivery. I hope the valves can be adjusted, like on my mk7 I've set them so they are fully open - permanently not just in sport mode. This will be important as I definitely want a longer overrun sound with the Akrapovic too. Has anyone tried VCDS coding on the new 7.5 yet?
  6. Ordered a new R yesterday. 3dr DSG White Silver, with Akrapovic titanium exhaust, black Pretoria's and Carbon mirrors. I cant wait to hear what the Akrapovic exhaust sound like, roll on November!!
  7. Filthy beast pic thread

    Pretty filthy![emoji33]
  8. I'd be keen! Coming from Cheltenham, that sounds like a nice drive down south.
  9. What did you step out of?

    2014 (64) Golf GTI PP manual.
  10. What detailing stuff have you bought today

    Been on holiday for the last week, and I'm itching to get detailing again!! Finally ordered some woolly wheel brushes. I noticed Auto Finesse recently released their own, so I figured now was the time to invest! £29.99 for the set. And some Imperial wheel cleaner to go with them as I don't really think I need to use Iron Out every time I was my wheels.
  11. Hole in exhaust rear box ?

    I noticed the same thing the other day when I was detailing. It must be some sort of drain hole for water or other gases or something maybe, as said above. Although this does explain why someone has seen small amounts of sparks from underneath my car on heavy upshifts sometimes. I'd imagine it came out of here.
  12. Pops and crackles

    Yes.. Mine is on 3000+ now and I can definitely hear a difference. Once you get some more miles on her, she'll be popping and gurgling all day long.
  13. Golf 7R Videos

    His videos were also a bit stale as he seemed to baby it for at least 1000 miles. Like not even above 2.5k.....[emoji33] What a bore. [emoji23][emoji23]
  14. Golf 7R Videos

    Tbh I found his videos doing the exact same thing! I must have watched every single Golf R video on YouTube during the time I was waiting for delivery! I'd been doing some extensive research to the contrary at the time, and I just had to call him out on the things he was misinforming. He obviously didn't like being in the wrong.
  15. Golf 7R Videos

    The guys an idiot. It infuriates me that he deletes comments when you offer constructive criticisms. He's spouting all sorts of nonsense that people should be aware it's bull**it. Someone said it before. But I suppose it comes down to would you really take advice from a middle aged man in a beanie hat...