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  1. Extras you regret getting/not getting?

    Ahhh that’s ideal, I’d no idea it could be retrofitted. I may have to look in to that when I collect. Many thanks
  2. Extras you regret getting/not getting?

    I’d have to say the rear camera. Not so much a regret, just the fact I overlooked it and it’s such a low cost option.
  3. new car collected

    You must post photos!
  4. No they shouldn’t penalise you. Tbh they didn’t even notice the stone chips on mine when giving me a valuation when ordering the new one. As long as it’s clean, they probably won’t even look at it.
  5. Golf 7R Photos - Part 2

    That’s incredible, I have the Revo turbo muffler delete, never thought it’d go like that. How long did you have it on the car?
  6. Golf 7R Photos - Part 2

    Hi, Many thanks, the Revo kit really does smarten the engine bay. I love carbon fibre! Benefits include, increased air flow due to the bigger inlet hose, and a much better sound over stock. The box at the front of the engine is part of the carbon series kit as well, it has an opening at the back allowing more cold air to flow over the engine which is better for cooling over the existing box which is sealed at the back. I will hopefully be starting a new thread soon, I take delivery of the Facelift 7.5R in a few weeks and hope to do a few bits on that as well. Enjoy your new R when you collect, you’ll love it [emoji4]
  7. Yes as far as I’m aware it can be done instantly. awaiting delivery of my new 7.5R and have my current 7R still with my private plate. I’m told by the dealership as long as I collect the new one- handover during the week, ie within the working hours of DVLA online service, it will be a instant swap.
  8. Mk7r to mk7.5r

    Passenger seat position is another key.
  9. Mk7r to mk7.5r

    Excellent point. For me the short doors push the pillar closer, it’s completely in the way due to my seat position when I look right. On the 3 door the pillar is much further back.
  10. Mk7r to mk7.5r

    Agreed, personally I’ll only ever buy a 3 door Golf. I just don’t like them in 5 door format, the doors are too short. I fear they won’t make a 3 door in the future, like the Polo.
  11. Chris' Wolfsburg Edition

    Welcome [emoji1] Looking incredible in the sunshine!
  12. Mk7r to mk7.5r

    I. Lapiz 7R 3 door DSG, White Silver 7.5R 3 door DSG with some additional goodies incoming. [emoji4]
  13. 7 months later............ [emoji1316][emoji1316][emoji1316][emoji1316] Finally!
  14. Akrapovic Exhaust

    After waiting this long for it I don’t think I could bring myself to sell anyway!