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  1. Think the powervalve catback with forum discount is near £1300
  2. Looking for opinions or reviews of the boost tap from Apr. The one I mean is where you tap the blank through on the manifold. Is this dodgy? Does anyone know what happens if you don't need it anymore? Like trading the car in, do you leave it on with all the ports sealed? Would be great to here from someone who has it or experience with it. This is the one I mean
  3. Had APR stage 2 medium torque done yesterday with dsg map. Running bcs turbo back Vwr 600 intake with Racingline pipe and turbo elbow. Car is brutal[emoji1303][emoji1][emoji1]
  4. You won't be disappointed [emoji1303]
  5. Pm'd you yesterday [emoji4]
  6. Having had my last 5 cars fitted with Bcs exhausts I'd totally agree. Nige and the team are excellent and helpful and produce excellent exhausts. Running a turbo back system on my R with cerakote tips. Absolutely gorgeous looking and extremely well made and fits like a glove. It's good to deal with a company who are as much of an enthusiast as we are[emoji1303]
  7. Thanks for that, I have a pipe sorted so I'll see what's on offer. Not in a rush[emoji4]
  8. As the title contemplating another intake. Would like to try the R600 intake, must be in excellent condition with a realistic price. What have you got?
  9. GNJ motorsport. Graeme will sort you a good deal[emoji1303]
  10. I'm running H&R hubcentric 8mm front and 10mm rears on Pretorias
  11. A good quality 200 cell sportscat will pass the mot emissions test
  12. You be careful with that power house[emoji3]
  13. Thanks. I knew Revo were but unsure on anyone else. Currently listening o king to map mine.
  14. Do you know if Rick maps through the obd port or does he remove the ecu?
  15. Not sure how many can obd tune the R I know Revo certainly can but don't know if APR or Unicorn obd map or it's ecu out. Someone should be able to answer though.