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  1. Since Milltek has the cat up at the turbo like the original one you might be lucky. Think if it was me I’d be fitting an o2 spacer at time of fitting which should reduce the risk of the light coming on even more.
  2. Tyre Pressure

    Like you but mines on 19” Been set to 36psi and I’ve just changed the fronts and if anything the centres are more worn than the edges. Wouldn’t like to run them any harder.
  3. Tyre Pressure

    My sticker for 19” says 36 psi all round.
  4. Bendy Headlights

    I may be wrong but I thought this was standard on the R
  5. Optimum Soundaktor percentage?

    Tried loads of different settings as depending on the mood how loud I like it. Currently on 40%
  6. Considering a switch

    Stage 2 Apr 0-60 time. First attempt wet road and 3 people in the car.
  7. First Oil Service Cost?

    Not sure but it gets oil and filter and pollen filter. All the info is on the vw website. Don’t think they get air filter or plugs until 40k it so
  8. Oil consumption

    People who drive their car hard on short runs when cold tend to use oil. It used to be a figure in the handbook stating up to 1 litre for 1000 miles was acceptable!! Wouldn’t be happy if mine was using a litre in 5k though.
  9. First Oil Service Cost?

    If your cars under 1 year old you can buy a 2 year service plan through vw for £287 This includes 1st oil service 2nd oil service + pollen filter and inspection
  10. Oil consumption

    My 16 plate stage 2 has done 3k since service and is still on the max. Probably depends on how the cars used but I have heard of some using a litre every 1500 miles being normal. Best top it up and check it every week to get an idea of how much it’s actually using.
  11. APR Stage2

    Thanks for today [emoji1303] Usual excellent service and software to match. Can’t beat a bit of crackle[emoji1] Sounds absolutely perfect [emoji1305]
  12. APR Stage2

    I’m making the trip back to Awesome Gti tomorrow to have the crackle map loaded.[emoji4]
  13. Budget Brake Set Up - MK7R Owners

    Yeah I know that wear indicators aren’t a legal requirement. The last ds2500 pads I bought had a sticker on the box saying not for road use. When I enquired at the time I was told that was the reason they didn’t have a wear indicator as they were not legal road pads. That was 2 years ago so unless somethings changed in that time.
  14. Here’s the one I used. https://www.screwfix.com/p/handy-parts-hp-162-oil-change-kit-1ltr/27283
  15. APR Stage2

    When I went stage 2 they insisted uprated intake and that the mod with elbow etc wasn’t enough. Also unless an intercooler is fitted you’ll only get medium torque file as the high torque requires the intercooler. As above downpipe needed and most likely dsg map too.