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  1. The most I ever got out of my RS3 was 30mpg on careful motorway journeys! Normal running 25-26 A fast 30 mile blast from work 14-16[emoji23]
  2. Got mine booked for next month [emoji23]
  3. Yeah I can only repeat what you've said. Dealt with Nige and the team loads over the past 5 years or so. Top work boys[emoji1303]
  4. It's up to you but when my RS3 pump failed the error was very similar to yours. The dealer ordered a pump and a controller because they said that previously they'd replaced pumps and it hadn't cured the fault and had required the controller also. Would be ok if you could find a used one to try.
  5. I think if you've tried the pump it's more than likely the controller, Something wrong inside the controller causing the code.
  6. Dave is this with the new pump or old pump fitted? On my RS3 they said it was common for the control unit to be faulty too?
  7. When I first got my R new last year, has 19" prets, I found a couple of times when above 100 the car was very nervous and unsettled. When I say unsettled I mean I was nervous to move the steering much as it felt like the car would spin out. Now 16 months on and only mods since are maxton rear spoiler and rieger front splitter I've never experienced it again? Now the car fills me with confidence the faster I go, really not sure if it was the tyres not worn in or what as it'd only done about 800 miles the first time.
  8. I wasn't meaning your pump was knackered [emoji4] More if when the oil gets changed if it dislodges all the crap and this blocks or restricts the flow from the pump.
  9. What's also strange is like most others the pump seems to fail shortly after a service. On my Audi I had the haldex service at 21k and the pump failed at 25k Makes you wonder if all the shit gets circulated when filling with new oil?
  10. Kev[emoji23]
  11. The haldex pump failed on my RS3 about 25k. I always wondered if the heat from the exhaust had any impact on this, the later RS3 had a little heat shield to protect the pump slightly. Hardly a deal breaker if it's £200 every 2-3 years.
  12. Pretty sure one side is an engine oil cooler and as above the other side is a dsg oil cooler. A manual car shouldn't have one on the left side.
  13. Jamie? Must be with your list of cars[emoji41]
  14. Thanks for that Sean. I'm probably going to fit mine today.[emoji1303]
  15. Back on topic! My Bcs res delete arrived yesterday so I'll need to get that slipped on over the next day or two[emoji4]