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  1. Quick update, I have gone from WK44 to WK3 and now to WK46 (provisionally) Lets start betting if its my Xmas pressie for myself
  2. My order was placed 18th Aug, got a provisional BW 44 (30th Oct) now been told its BW 03 šŸ˜” Any idea what a Year change update usually entails ?
  3. Same for me, mine has gone from WK 44 to Wk 3 šŸ˜’
  4. My error Wk44 (30th Oct) šŸ˜Š My order is Golf R 5 Door - 7 Spd DSG 19ā€™ā€™ Pretoria Black White Silver Metallic Black Vienna Leather Keyless Entry Dynamic Chassis Control Rear View Camera Dynoaudio Excite Sound Pack
  5. Just contacted VW via chat to ask for a Build week update - had a provisional BW40 (30th Oct) from several weeks ago Was told its now BW 3 - end of Jan šŸ˜” Wish i never asked - hope its just an error on the system - i ordered 18th Aug
  6. Can anyone recommend where I can get some aftermarket gloss black wing mirrors covers i have a new r on order and Iā€™m looking to pick up some bits ready for its arrival thanks in advance Phil G
  7. Small update on my order, I placed my deposit with the dealer on the 18th Aug , got a order number on the 21st Aug, just been on the chat function and the car has an unconfirmed build week of 44 which I believe is the 30th Oct finders crossed its my xmas present to myself Phil G
  8. Can Someone please clarify something for me please on the track order app / website it has the cars Upholstery as 'Titan Black' I ordered my car with Black 'Vienna' Leather R the chat function is down so I cannot check with them Thanks in advance
  9. I got a notification to say my order is with the factory, and decided to ask a vw rep on the chat function if he had more information on a timeline for my order - wish I never asked šŸ™„ Build week 3 - 15th Jan, expect it at the dealers early March šŸ˜“ this is from an order placed 18th Aug anyone else had a 6 month wait for an order ??
  10. Golf 7R Photos - Part 2

    Can I request some silver white cars please, while I wait for one to be built šŸ˜œ Thanks in advance Phil G
  11. Checked this morning and it's now showing up, have registered for email updates and deleted the app - to stop me checking every hr šŸ˜œ
  12. Dealer just sent me through my order number How long does it usually take to be recognised on the vw tracking database ?, it currently says it doesn't recognise the number Thanks in advance Phil G
  13. 3rd Time Lucky

    Quick update to this thread Deal is done, deposit is paid, just waiting for my order number now so I can track the build Only thing missing from my build spec was black wing mirrors, so need to get a pair of aftermarket covers, this was purely to keep the MMRP below the 40K so not to trigger the expensive road tax bracket. lots of reading to do šŸ‘
  14. Will add my car to the order list Golf R 5 Door - 7 Spd DSG 19ā€™ā€™ Pretoria Black White Silver Metallic Black Vienna Leather Keyless Entry Dynamic Chassis Control Rear View Camera Dynoaudio Excite Sound Pack no idea when it will be here, placed a deposit for the car yesterday, yet to receive an order code will update when I get an order code and delivery date. Phil G
  15. 3rd Time Lucky

    Thanks for the welcome, My R32 was a Mk5 and deff one of the best sounding cars I have owned, it's poss I never really clicked with it because I parted company with a lotus Exige, and even to this day I wish I had kept that car and put it in the garage and bough a run around. My last car was an Audi S4 with DSG which I loved, that car also has a great sound, I'm hoping the new R will be a smaller more fun version of the S4