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  1. BCS Powervalve - Just do it...!

    To be fair I know exactly what you mean. I now own this exact exhaust that I bought from Tondy and I too on occasion thing they sit slightly out of line which upsets my OCD. Not seen another to compare. Other than that the exhaust is immense!
  2. ToRnado's Stage 3 Tornado Red R

    How you feeling it compared to manual mate?
  3. Drivers side Led drl

    Thanks for the help on this guys. Weirdly went out to car tonight and noticed that with the lights switched to O so only the drls should be lit when I turn on the ignition it lights both sides then the drivers large light followed by small light goes out which means that they are plugged in and working but seem to switch off one after the other!? Even more confused. The boys at Ecotune have said they will plug it in for me and check on vagcom.
  4. Drivers side Led drl

    Cheers guys, car is out of warranty so hoping its not a whole new unit as they ain't cheap!
  5. Drivers side Led drl

    Just noticed whilst sitting behind another car today that my drivers side Led drl is out. The main beam works fine. Connected the Odb eleven and no errors. Also turned drl off and the passage side goes off but no response from the drivers. Is there a fuse or something else I can try, had a Google search but can't see anyone with this issue.
  6. APR Unicorn

    Can only give an opinion on my experience. Went APR Ecotune as they were local and had an excellent reputation. Went for a chat and the friendly atmosphere and staff sealed the deal. Have been back since for all my work including service.
  7. BCS Powervalve in VW Driver Mag

    I run full BCS turbo back so am slightly biased but having been to a few rolling road days and heard golfs with all manner of exhausts the BCS has by far the nicest sound. Not raspy like some.
  8. 4 wheel alighment worry

    Feel your pain mate, did exactly the same after full alignment last week, I seem to have gotten away with a badly curbed alloy and sliced tire though......
  9. I like Tornado felt it was night and day to standard. Massively more heavy which I have become accustomed to but the judder and squeel and now crunching I get (possibly flywheel I have been told) is just horrible. Surely they are all fitted same way with same parts.
  10. Similar set up to my Brembo 4 pots DUB. Sent from my EVA-L09 using Tapatalk
  11. Yup, I am a few thousand in and still get judder and squeek when pulling away. Also noticed when in stop start traffic or crawling a grind/crunch noise particularly under load on hills. These clutches don't like holding on the bite. I removed the clutch stop and its a bit better so can only assume the clutch wasn't fully disengaging sometimes? Getting it looked at next week. As far as I was aware judder never leaves its ar for the course on sintered clutch.
  12. Trading with an uprated clutch

    Yeah S3 is available in manual. Not sure if it's same part though.
  13. Trading with an uprated clutch

    I believe they do use sachs parts, just not sure which parts.
  14. BCS and Unicorn review

    Sounds great and is that how bad the snow is up by the braes!?