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  1. neg's Oryx White R

    That looks stunning on those wheels.
  2. Selling Stuff Online Is The WORST

    Ha ha ha ha you did well to keep that going as long as you did mate!
  3. Revo turbo

    Interesting read on there website with regards to the features on this turbo. Wonder how it compares to TTE525. 🤔
  4. R600 VAG

    This has to be the tidiest install I have seen. Love the inlet manifold.
  5. Shiny Items to fit

    Let me know how you get on with the neuspeed shifter, would be nice to hear someone else's feedback on it.
  6. Stage 2 MOT time!

    It ran 1.37!!!!!!
  7. Stage 2 MOT time!

    Spoke to the lads at Ecotune, put my mind at ease. Sports cats need to be hot, car ran almost cold so this is why it failed. Cheers for all the help.
  8. Stage 2 MOT time!

    Cheers for the advice and tips lads, it was a standard MOT test station so unsure if they are used to testing performance exhausts and how long he had the car running for beforehand.
  9. Stage 2 MOT time!

    Wondering if that is what's happened with mine. It's kinda annoying me as I held out and paid extra for an exhaust with sports cat so I didn't need to worry MOT time.
  10. Stage 2 MOT time!

    Yeah mate running APR. It does look like the the wee lambda thing in my glove box. Got it from the classifieds in here, only had about 4k miles use.
  11. Stage 2 MOT time!

    Thanks mate, your some guy! Kinda looks like the wee lambda adapter thing in my glove box that I mentioned earlier. Brilliant will look at this tomorrow. 👍
  12. Stage 2 MOT time!

    Nice I will have a look. I never seen the exhaust as it got delivered to the garage that fitted it so not sure of the parts but will have a gander.
  13. Stage 2 MOT time!

    Is that different to the lambda adapter? As I don't have that fitted. Will have a look next time. It's on the ramps. Thanks for all the help Marshy. [emoji106] Sent from my EVA-L09 using Tapatalk
  14. Stage 2 MOT time!

    Sorry for being thick but what spacer?
  15. Stage 2 MOT time!

    I really don't know mate. I was a bit confused. The guy even sounded shocked at how high it read. I'm scratching my head. The car isn't overly loud except on boost, seems perfect.