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  1. Anybody use one of these on a manual with sintered clutch?
  2. Golf R to BMW m140i shadow edition

    The current pcp deals on the M140i are crazy, £399 a month and nothing down or £379 with £379 deposit. I previously had an M135i on a similar deal as I had missed the boat on the R deals. Only issue was that even 3/4 way through the pcp I was still in negative equity when I had originally been told I would be good to trade about half way through. Guy at VW said I wasn't first customer from BMW in the same situation. Think they are a bit hopeful with there sums. Great car though!
  3. I don't have a slot booked either, don't want to be embarrassed by you stage 3 boys! I but will hopefully see you there, dying for a look round your beast.
  4. Quickshift

    A few of us on here use short shifts of varying models. I personally run a Neuspeed short shift kit. It reduces the throw length by 40% apparently. Takes some getting used to and occasionally its a struggle to find neutral but otherwise it feels great, much more mechanical.
  5. Is your car at Ecotune at the moment? You heading down to the rolling road day this Sunday?
  6. Guy, your just showing off with your non squeeky clutch!
  7. I went straight to Sachs Sintered. I don't mind the heavy pedal but I will be honest and say it's a pig in traffic, the judder and bite means it's hard to get smooth stop start crawling. Once up and running though I have had no issues with it. Also fitted Neuspeed short shifter at the same time which has the max reduced throw so the whole car feels angry and more mechanical now. If the car was a daily I would defo have gone DSG. I decided on sintered over HS Tuning due to cost and the fact that knowing me the modifying wont stop at stage 2..... Hope this helps
  8. Spring recommendations

    Campbell mentioned they were looking at them, I told him about the group buy on the forum. Will give him a bell tomorrow regarding fitting. It was a while ago when I first enquired so possibly things have changed.
  9. Spring recommendations

    Did ecotune supply them? What they come in at? Didn't think the fitted springs? Spoke to Campbell last week about springs, was going to go vwr.
  10. Calling all sintered clutch owners

    I did it before putting the clutch in, also removed helper spring. Massive difference on fast changes. Sent from my EVA-L09 using Tapatalk
  11. Calling all sintered clutch owners

    Thanks guys, this is making me feel better. Was cursing not choosing the DSG for a while, but do enjoy manual shifting.
  12. What a caR

    Welcome to the forum! Glad your enjoying the car. The vibration could be as simple as balancing however I had this many years ago and it turned out to be a buckled alloy. Get it back to the dealer for the once over.
  13. Calling all sintered clutch owners

    Appreciate the feedback mate, hoping the same will happen the more I use it. It's all pointing that this is normal for the type of clutch, just does my head in at lights!
  14. The 6xxHP Beas7 - Guy's 6MT 7R

    That sounds exactly like mine, in stop start it's definitely more noticeable. Suppose I need to follow Guy's advice, take it for a proper run and give it death!
  15. The 6xxHP Beas7 - Guy's 6MT 7R

    Cheers mate, must have been well run in. I don't get any slip but the squeek does my nut in! Sent from my EVA-L09 using Tapatalk