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  1. Yup, I am a few thousand in and still get judder and squeek when pulling away. Also noticed when in stop start traffic or crawling a grind/crunch noise particularly under load on hills. These clutches don't like holding on the bite. I removed the clutch stop and its a bit better so can only assume the clutch wasn't fully disengaging sometimes? Getting it looked at next week. As far as I was aware judder never leaves its ar for the course on sintered clutch.
  2. Trading with an uprated clutch

    Yeah S3 is available in manual. Not sure if it's same part though.
  3. Trading with an uprated clutch

    I believe they do use sachs parts, just not sure which parts.
  4. BCS and Unicorn review

    Sounds great and is that how bad the snow is up by the braes!?
  5. Im planning some trackdays next year. Prefer them to straightline stuff hence why I went manual. I have a feeling yours will worry quite a few of the big boys on track with that speed! Hope to see you there.
  6. Trading with an uprated clutch

    I spoke to Awesome, they said no other clutches in the pipeline for them. They are a SACHS supplier.
  7. Was down at Ecotune talking to Stan yesterday and your car came up in discussion. That is an incredible terminal speed!!!! 3 or 4 mph faster than Stan's own 720hp RS6!!!! Can't wait to see this thing go in the flesh. With you on the corners thing, you planning Knockhill next year?
  8. Pedal box or pedal box plus ?

    I will keep an eye on the classifieds, just down the road from you.
  9. Pedal box or pedal box plus ?

    Is it the pedal box plus you have?......
  10. Trading with an uprated clutch

    Yeah, also some of the hybrid turbos run lower torque despite being stage 3 hp so would maybe suit that too. Hopefully some half decent prices become available. Spoke to ecotune and Tornado about that clutch and it literally started slipping at 480lbft on the button! Perfectly rated!
  11. Trading with an uprated clutch

    Yeah mate I have the sintered. I don't mind the heavy pedal, but it's not the friendliest in traffic or slow moving traffic which I tend to get caught in! I know user on here Tornado had the hs tuning and only swapped as he maxed the torque but it's fine for stage 2 I think. Yeah we really need a uk supplier of a friendlier clutch that isn't ridiculously expensive.
  12. Trading with an uprated clutch

    I am considering this route in time as it's looking a cheaper option to swapping to Dsg. Been looking for looking at a company called southbend clutches too.
  13. Trading with an uprated clutch

    This is exactly how I felt and to an extent still feel. When I'm on a Blackrod blast I absolutely love the manual. It's the day to day driving of the his clutch that ruins it slightly. I have emailed sachs to see if a newer more friendly clutch capable of stage 2 torque is likely. Also read a few reviews from America about clutches that drive close to stock but can handle much more power, they ain't cheap though! Wish there was something else available, as i wouldn't change.
  14. R600 VAG

    Any reason why you wouldn't get involved with it again? Just not for you? or poor experiences with suppliers?