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  1. These for all aftermarket alloys? I noticed my 19" TD 1.3 didn't fit my standard locking wheel nuts so running without any at the moment.
  2. Seen on another thread the TTE525R powered S3 tuned by MRC is a manual, wonder if he has had issues at that power. Don't see me hitting stage 3 but hate not having the choice.
  3. Gutted to hear the box isn't feeling too hot mate. Are there any other manuals running this kind of power? Anyone else having issues with the box.
  4. Mine too has developed a creak on full lock but only to the left strangely. Was in last week getting the clutch upgraded so was off the ground. Noticed its quieter in the morning and when car is warmed up gets gradually louder. Got it up on the stands last night and there is no noise when elevated. Noticed the shock sleeve had popped up due to the wheels dropping. Wondering it thats the issue. Sounds like its coming from the top mount area.
  5. Ecotune? Yeah could be in need of a Dsg tune mate. Some great numbers.
  6. Been keeping an eye on these threads, always wondered if the effect would be as noticable on a manual as I don't feel my throttle on race has the dead feel my Dad's dsg has on his S3. Do you feel it's even sharper than when you go from normal to race?
  7. Will keep my eye open for it. What kinda kit we talking 😉
  8. Had the 4 puk sintered version fitted Monday. Think it's down to personal taste but I had preconceptions of it being absolutely horrible. If you are used to cars with feather light clutches then yeah it will do on first use however I am used to heavy clutched cars and to be honest I like the feel of it. Coupled with the neuspeed short shift I think it feels solid and suits the character of the car. Get some slight clutch judder on pulling away occasionally but once I am through the bedding in process I am sure that will get better. Although finding neutral with the short shift has proven a pita at times but I am sure I will get used to it!
  9. I am sure a few guys on here run them. Can't comment on the block but can comment on the effect it has, I removed the delay valve on mine which is the pikey way before spending the money and I noticed a massive difference, especially when coupled with spring helper removal.
  10. That engine! Remember seeing a saloon with full remus exhaust come sideways out of a paddock. What a noise! Always fancied day! get a for sale page up with your R bits n bobs!
  11. How did the clutch feel? Massive difference between organic and sintered?
  12. have mine on order at Ecotune just waiting for the call it's in stock. Also getting short shifter put on at same time. Let us know how it feels.
  13. Love the wheels, car looks awesome mate 👍
  14. These look immense!
  15. I am going VWR next too, like how it sits.