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  1. Used DTUK tuning box

    cheers for the replys yeah I did mean the warranty on the tuning box but all useful info I will look into jb1 and 4 also thanks.
  2. Hi guys, has anyone purchased a used DTUK tuning box before and is there any reasons not to? I've read the warranty is void! thanks
  3. New member

    I did enjoy driving my BMW and i owned a 2.0D M sport before that but petrol over diesel all day long, also DPF issues are a put of for me.
  4. New member

    I bought the car second hand and it come with Pro Nav, 19inch pretoria alloys, keyless entry which was everything i wanted dynaudio would have been nice but the sound is pretty good standard, i also wanted pearl black so happy days.
  5. New member

    I haven't yet to be honest because the Golf feels much quicker to me.
  6. New member

    Hi everyone, Bought my Golf r Mk7 about 6 months ago in black, previously had a BMW 330D M sport but decided to go back to petrol and haven't looked back since, love driving the R and very impressed with it.