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  1. Mental!! Any info on the car?
  2. Welcome to the forum mate
  3. Looks beautiful. Nice spec 👍 What white is it?
  4. Clubsport S
  5. Test drive DSG and manual if you can. I have a manual, there are a few things you can do to improve the shift. I have a weighted gearknob, APR quickshift, 42 draft designs solid shifter bushings, 034 dogbone mount, ECS clutch bleeder mod, clutch spring removal, bigger clutch stop. All these things have given me a more satisfying shift. To be honest I didn't exactly thing the standard shift was horrendous, I just knew it could be improved (for me). Good luck in your search 👍
  6. Great thanks. Will have a look. I considered a S3 8P before the R but in the end I decided it would of been too similar to my S3 8l. Had my S3 8l for 4 years and really enjoyed it, was running a beachbuggy hybrid 350/330 with water meth. It was a really clean low mileage example, then a spanish HGV driver wrote me off! 😭
  7. Phone a different branch, withhold your phone number maybe? I just think if warranty matters to you, do mods that you can remove before you take in for warranty, service work?
  8. My experience with the dealer is they don't give a toss if a mod is the cause of an issue or not. If they spot a mod they will refuse a warranty claim because they can. Other people have been lucky and got away with it but many haven't. I made the decision to mod my car and void the warranty but I did only have 6 months remaining. Maybe sound your dealer out about it if you can? Although this would arouse suspicion I suppose.
  9. Just a thought............. If you don't want an ecu tune because you don't want it to show up, I presume for warranty reasons. Would the dealer not spot the fact you have a turbo back system on the car?
  10. Yeah the open intakes do sound good. I have the VWR600.
  11. I did exactly the same. I'm not a fan of mixing brands or having new up front and part worn on rear. Goodyear F1 asymmetric 👍 Could possibly sell your Bridgestones or just stick with that brand and buy two tyres?
  12. Well done on the times pal 👍 Do you have any more info on your car or a link to your build thread?
  13. That is some spec sheet 👌
  14. I've no idea what that car is, as in I have never seen one before! (I know you have put it's an Iso Grifo) Looks quite smart though.