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  1. Fragile climate screen

    Can somebody show me what you get in the car or on the MIB unit to show that you have the climate screen? Thanks.
  2. Thanks for the mini review. I enjoyed reading and the 7.5 sounds like a good improvement over the 7. The design of the 7.5 is really nice and imo a better "looker" than the 7. The red and black works really well together as has been said time and time again. Good choice on the pan roof (I would like one). I agree about the exhaust tips, they would suit black for your colour combination. I take it you could have the tips coated black without warranty issues??? 😀
  3. Atlantic blue

    Yeah, it does look nicer in those pics 👍
  4. Common Topic - Standard Speakers

    Ah, I think it may have been £380 because you had it fitted at the time of your car being built (new car)? To retro fit, it is more expensive, as opposed to a factory option.
  5. Common Topic - Standard Speakers

    Hi, so that was £380 supplied, fitted, coded etc with the main dealer? Which VW main dealer was this and how long ago was this? The helix sub is supposed to improve the sound of all the speakers in the car or so it has been said by people on here. Not a fan of using main dealers but at that price it's possibly worth the risk! Shurcomb - when you reply, if you use the quote feature I will know you've replied as I get a notification 👍
  6. Pics all ok for me too!
  7. Common Topic - Standard Speakers

    My guess would have been Helix. Hopefully the poster will confirm as that price seems good.
  8. Common Topic - Standard Speakers

    Good question 👍
  9. Beautiful! What are you thinking about the change from 7 to 7.5R? Does it feel like a different car?
  10. Atlantic blue

    Very dark!!!
  11. Atlantic blue

    I have again only seen online pics but think it looks lovely 👍
  12. Fragile climate screen

    The build quality/longevity on certain parts of these cars does seem poor. I'm not impressed with the interior plastics. They seem to scratch and mark very easily. I've already replaced the glove box lid! 😀
  13. Tornado was stage 3 I think and the HS tuning rsr clutch was good up until 480lbs ft which is quite a bit more than stage 2. I'm running 450/430 so should be fine for me. If you look on hs tuning website they have introduced a new clutch recently the rsr hybrid. Handles more power I believe.
  14. A Day at the Beach

    Great pics! Love the last one with your dog in the boot 😀
  15. Feedback on here is good for the rsr clutch not sure about the southbend option. I feel like sticking with my manual R until I find a more oem uprated clutch (hopefully uk supplier). Also i'm holding out for the no-lift shift and launch control mapping.