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  1. Good review, thanks for the info 👍
  2. Turbo questions

    Really? That's shocking to hear! I assume it will be the same turbo on the 7.5 R?
  3. Diagnostics- £60 Thermostat, seal, antifreeze- £250 Fitting- £180 VAT - £97 Why so expensive? I asked myself the very same question. I'm sure it's not the most complex or expensive part that could fail on the R though. So good luck!! 😂
  4. If I upgrade from the 7 to the 7.5 I think it would be indium grey and black prets 👌
  5. She's a beaut 👍
  6. It does sound like yours may be faulty also but in the opposite way mine was behaving!
  7. 2014 - 22,000 miles very poor for it to fail in my opinion. No, different symptoms. I would just get it plugged in and diagnosed. It was clear from the diagnostics than my thermostat was at fault. Temperature went above 90 and limp mode activated to protect the engine. Needless to say I stopped driving the car until it was sorted.
  8. New in Harrogate

    Nice. Get some pics up of the fleet! 👍
  9. Difficult one, sensible head says leave alone until out of warranty but I think the R needs a remap to make it more interesting. I held out until I had 6 months warranty remaining. I ended up having to pay for a thermostat myself which was just short of £600 fitted. I had about 6 weeks warranty left but was pretty certain I would of been refused a warranty claim so just bit the bullet and sorted it myself. I think most stage 1 tunes give clutch slip as the standard clutch is known to be weak unfortunately.
  10. New Cars first wash

    Great reflections 👍
  11. Golf r trade in

    Seems reasonable to me for a trade in price 👍
  12. Private Number Plates

    I'm loving the black and white contrast on the 7.5. I'm sure white must be great for hiding light scratches and swirls also. Happy days 👍
  13. Private Number Plates

    Is that solid white? Very sexy!! 😍
  14. Sod it........

    Hi, i'm guessing from the power you were running that your DSG box was mapped also? I read this helps with response? I'm running a manual R and I do think my next car will be some form of dual clutch transmission. I would like to try it out and see if it's for me. I have only ever owned fast manual transmission cars.