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  1. Hi, I am looking to change my car soon and just working out spec. I really like the Pretoria silver alloys so speccing them but just wondering what standard surspension is like with them? I have heard the R rides better than the GTI that I currently have. Was thinking the price increases above my budget but could stretch if people think it is definitely worth it. Would get a pure white or red R to keep costs down. Just wondering what what people's experience is off with DCC and without?
  2. Grants reflex silver R

    Car looks amasing Grant, and as people said I can't believe they dropped this colour. It was going to be a must colour for me getting a 7.5 and already have ordered the car by the now. Now I just make up my mind what colour to get. Might have to look for a 2nd hand Reflex Silver after seeing your pics haha
  3. Blimin brilliant ......

    Hi Wish, whats the the reason for the sale? Car looks amazing on Autotrader.
  4. Raffe's 3dr Reflex Silver R

    Raffe I will bring it back on topic. Great car, I am currently trying to find one just yours out there before facelift and every time I see your pics it confirms Reflex Silver is the colour to get
  5. Grants reflex silver R

    Great car and spec, ever since I have seen yours on here I have been trying to track down a silver 3 door.