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  1. M2 Anyone?

    Coming from the 'm lite' 235i to the R I would say keep the R! M2 looks mean but as a daily they just spin in damp wet conditions. It's the UK and winter is coming you will miss the AWD and think of the extra cost for real world less go!
  2. Not good for the poor guy in house or three in car! Not good example of R driving either! Must be stolen?
  3. Hmm not sure you could live with tippy toeing about in the wet and winters ahead! I know I went from a M235 to the R! Traction is night and day in comparison! Tail out for TopGear not real world (imo). My R is a keeper like others have said where else do you go for price v performance!? The R is a mini GTR/RS6 and the like!
  4. Clunk!

    Was only teasing mate! My first DSG after years of manual cars and don't think I would go back! DSG and R makes the car imo! Hope you get sorted.
  5. Clunk!

    Clutch is quiet quick and effortless in my DSG😂
  6. Golf 7R Videos

    https://youtu.be/FfIROsbwuEM R v GTI v GTD
  7. Tiguan R five pot!?

  8. Well prepped?

    Disgusting that a true R owner handed a car back so neglected (don't care as it's a company lease?) Shame on you if so! Disgusting that a professional can sell a car in such a shite state too! Shame on them! The R is an enthusiasts car and both parties should reflect that! Nobody buy it! If it ain't looked after cosmetically then it ain't mechanically (imo)!
  9. Can I just say that in the slowest of hot hatches it is difficult in the real world to exploit the car on real world roads without bumping into the car in front or getting a speeding ticket! Manufacturers are just creating a pissing competition so we jump ship and buy the next best thing! Where will it end? A 600 bhp carbon fibre hot hatch at £75k til the next one comes out with 650 bhp! Let's take stock and get a life! Yeah I thought R should have been the DSG (cos I have one). No I didn't regret not taking the RS (because I deposited on a Stealth Grey one). I admire the A45 but like the Golf there are loads round and you have to squint to see if it's a cooking model or full fat! Yep the RS3 had a great engine ( I had a Volvo 850 with a 5 pot and that sounded nice)! But RS3 is just a quite boring A3 with a lick of sex and a nicer engine but I bet it ain't £10-20k better car! If you had the money then..then it's the hype getting you! The R is still the best all rounder for the money! Oh I forgot the Type R well WTF it's hideous! It's stupid! Four pipes on the Golf and S3 etc but a 468 three! That's worse! If I had £50k for RS3 I would buy an RS4 or even S4 Avant and not follow the pissing crowd! C'mon guys and gals pinch yourselves! Your R is a great car regardless of all the hype and competition! Where will it end!
  10. Oil service due

    Ignition this morn and 1200 miles til first oil service then 8 mile steady drive to the gym and 1100 mile til service! WTF 8 mile made it drop 100!
  11. Oil service due

    Would you buy a second hand high performance car that didn't have dealer stamps in the service book on a car worth over £20k!? Whilst the car is still newish in age with big money outlay to buy Jo Public wants that reassurance.
  12. Golf 7R Videos

    I ordered a Stealth Grey Focus RS love that colour but couldn't live with a £30k on a Focus! Great car but not quality enough for me.
  13. Service Schedule Confusion

    Hi glad this thread was created as I recently scrolled through the menus to see what mine said! My car is 6 months old from new with 8k miles and said Oil change in 1300 or 158 days. Inspection 12000 or 523 days. Man maths works out that my oil change is due at 9300 ish and just short of a year. My car is driven with mechanical sympathy and not a lot of stop start just thought that the oil change is coming a little early at 9300? (Car is private purchase and a long term keeper. Not had to top up yet either). Will see how it goes before the car tells me. Cheers for any observations.
  14. Tyre pressure - Cadiz

    My sticker says 36 psi! I am on Cadiz too.
  15. Golf 7R Videos

    Hope link works of this Stealth/Nardo type grey 7.5R would look the dogs do das with black prets: