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  1. Full respray on the bumper is overkill. 60-70 for a chipsaway repair or equivalent, though if it were me, I touch it up and blend it in with T-Cut after a week or so. You'd never see it.
  2. If you buy from Alex, he supplies them with CP removed.
  3. I wouldnt even say it was "hard driving". More like "being a dick and bouncing off the rev-limiter by mistake" driving.
  4. This has happened to me twice. Both times I've been abusing the car much more than I normally would and both times I've been revving it way hard (harder than I meant to but the needle seems to hit the red line very quick when youre due to change up). Basically when releasing the clutch pedal, both times it has returned to around 40% of its normally open position and I've had to pump it once or twice to get it to return. It's only ever done this when I've been driving like an idiot and I've revved it further than I've meant to. On both occasions it's been totally fine afterwards. I've read about clutch lines needing bled but under normal use this problem has never happened so doubt that this is the case. Is it by design because I'm abusing the drivetrain?
  5. I didn't bother painting mine. Just swept it and then laid interlocking rubber floor tiles down on top. could be another option for you.
  6. Must be a Tapatalk issue. They display fine on the normal site.
  7. You have a pm
  8. MIB2 then I assume. Normal Nav, not Pro?
  9. What year is your car and how many doors? What infotainment unit do you have?
  10. There are workarounds for the component protection but it can't be removed from the car. If the Dynaudio components (most likely the amp) are subject to component protection then they need to be hacked to bypass it. The car's CANBUS system will still show a component protection fault but it won;t have any impact to you other than showing up on a diagnostic scan. I have the same thing with my Discover Pro retrofit. The guy I saw on Sunday said that he can sort out component protection so I've dropped him a text to see if he knows anyone in your area that can help (they all seem to support each other on a forum some where) and I've dropped @alexretro a whatsapp message as well.
  11. Component Protection may also be an issue but I'm not sure if any of the dynaudio components have this. Can't be removed by VCDS.
  12. Don't waste your time going to them. Either purchase a VCDS cable or find a local diagnostics guy who will do it for you. You may want to message @alexretro he hooked me up with a local guy recently for a tweak to my Discover Pro using Vagcan Pro. In terms of coding, it's a 10 minute exercise.
  13. Applied the same stuff to my new wheels and I'm not impressed. doesn't to have made any great difference in my eyes. Back to using Bilberry for me. Not bothered about stripping off the C5 if thats as good as it gets. Maybe I didn't do a good enough job of applying it in the first place but certainly won't be rushing into giving it another go.
  14. It's a common fault sorted by a firmware update from your dealer. But if it seems to be more noticeable via bluetooth, then go to settings > volume > Bluetooth level and make sure it's not set to "quiet"
  15. You were right!