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  1. Ooft... http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4848240/VW-Golf-ploughs-living-room-York-house.html
  2. If I hadn't been in a hurry to get rid before trade-in that week, I'd have taken out the Nav and added a grand to the price to be honest. Between purchase/selling price and mods I lost £5k on that car.
  3. It's unrealistic to expect to set a meeting with the dealer management team without alluding to an agenda (as fun as it would be to see their faces). Dealers get paid substantial bonuses and incentives from manufacturers that take into account a variety of metrics. One of these is complaints. They have a CRM system with the manufacturer that shows any open and unresolved complaints. Open complaints on that system can have a real impact on the bonuses paid by the manufacturer to the dealership. To be honest, in my view it's a bit of a storm in a teacup. Poor service, but this is what goes on behind closed doors and the service personnel's comments shouldn't be taken personally, but it does warrant a complaint to VW and I would clarify what work is required for that service and what has actually been done. I would definitely be playing on the fact that they revv'd the shit out of the car, were lax and insulted you as leverage to get some kind of compensation, service fee refunded and/or a great deal on a new car. The damage to VW's image and goodwill will be important to the them. Take it straight to the manufacturer and then wait for the dealer to call you back.
  4. So that's it gone. Gave it a wash and Hoover for its new owner. Had a wee tear in my eye....
  5. Actually if anything I'll miss the AWD of the Golf. The wife is in the Ghibli these days and I missed driving a bigger car. Also, eve since the lease ended on my M3 I've missed it. Considered an M3/M4 but always fancied an M6. Right car at the right price came up and I managed to haggle a good deal. Before I knew it I was past the point if no return!
  6. Ach I'm used to that what with the Maserati and having had an M3 in the past. Feel as if I'm never done buying tyres and brake pads!
  7. Thanks mate. Picking up an M6 Coupe on Saturday.
  9. If you click the link at the bottom of the first post you'll find loads of pics and info on the car.
  10. CAR IS NOW SOLD EDIT: This is definitely for sale. £18,000 No offers. Car needs to be gone by Friday or it's getting traded in. I'm seriously thinking about selling up. Yes bit of a shocker as I've only had it a few months and spent a fortune on it but the heart rules the head sometimes. If I can get the deal I'm looking for I'd probably let it go. Paid £20,500 for it in April. Spent about 3k on it since. I'm the second owner. Currently has just over 20k miles on the clock. Gauging interest at the moment and not sure what to expect for it on the private market but would like to loose as little as possible on it. 5 door manual. Reversing Camera, Disco pro MIB2 retrofit (everything works including Android Auto and Apple Carplay, except CarNet online features). Maxton splitter kit. 19" GMP Italia Atoms with Conti Sport 6 tyres (couple of months old). DCC, Leather, manufacturers warranty till Jan 2018. Member's ride thread here:
  11. Brakes Ruined?

    You could always get them skimmed but personally I wouldn't bother, as said you'll go through your pads a little faster. If you're not planning any more track days then I'd run them till they're done, otherwise might be time for an upgrade.
  12. Anyone seen this? https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/4132196/m11-car-fire-off-duty-cop-parademedic-sprayed-face-substance/ Didn't mention the car when I first read it but it sure looks like a Lapiz R to me.
  13. Discover Pro Map Update Help

    Is that a SEAT? The skin doesn't look like the VW units.