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  1. Is that a SEAT? The skin doesn't look like the VW units.
  2. On my phone and in the middle of something so forgive the short reply: Disco Pro MIB2 Engineering Menu Already Enabled Never heard of MapCare Retrofitted Unit Map version number DID change hope it helps
  3. Regardless of where people drive them those Ferraris and McLarens aren't really designed to get the best out of them on public roads.
  4. Maybe, but I can't seem to stop looking at RS6s on Autotrader.
  5. Depends what you want. I had an E92 M3 shortly before this one and felt I never really justified having it. I prefer how the Golf sticks to corners. You cant really drift properly unless you're on a track anyway. Having said that, you do get used to the power pretty quickly. I think I'll keep mine for a couple of years and then buy something bonkers.
  6. Mine is only showing 2017 maps as well but it's definitely an update from what I had before. Discover care will download the latest maps available for your particular head unit and region. Do you and Roberth have the same system (MIB1/MIB2/Discover/Discover Pro)? If not that would account for the difference in map version. Doesn't mean that one is actually any different from the other in terms of content. I wouldnt get too hung up on the label.
  7. How does this work on the R with the shallower boot floor? Can the floor still fit in on top of the spare wheel? I'm thinking not, based on pics I've seen.
  8. Looks like a corrupt download which has resulted in the files being damaged. I'd bin them and download them again. Took ages in my connection so I let it run overnight. Also, contrary to what someone else has said I don't recommend unzipping to the SD card. Better to unzip in the same location and then drag and drop the unzipped files to the SD card manually. Thirdly I used winRAR without any issues so again most likely a corrupt download.
  9. Definitely updated. I had 2016 before and my new build estate is now on the map when it previously wasn't. For everyone else note that the card must be FAT32 not exFAT and windows cannot format an SD card as FAT32 if the card capacity is higher than 32gb. My my card is 64gb and I used a third party freeware tool to format it (can't remember the name but I found it in Google)
  10. Latest update that got from Discovercare is 2017.
  11. Mine wouldn't work either after I went the DiscoverCare route. The unit wouldn't recognise the update files on the card, so I did this: Hold the "menu" key until you get to the hidden green menu. Select SWDL update. Select SD card. Wait for it to read the card. Select all. Follow the prompts to complete the update process. The unit will restart and your maps will be updated.
  12. Yeah. Those LEDs are controlled by the door controller module rather than being part of the "leuchtsets" otherwise it wouldn't be a problem to code this. Would be handy.
  13. What door LEDs?
  14. I like the new TFT displays and had specced the Audi Virtual Cockpit in my (now cancelled) S5 order but I have to say I really do think the one on the Golf looks a bit shit.