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  1. How about bronze or gold? Never seen it on a golf r,might look good with blue. Just a thought!
  2. The M4 felt horrible compared to the m3,3.0 twin turbo 6 the m4 aren't they? Just felt lacking in anything special and too refined. This was on track though,my mates looking to get an 09 m3 soon,he thought the same as me.
  3. Driven an 09 m3 and 2014 m4,the 09 m3 was far better than the newer m4 in terms of driver experience,golf r feels faster to me though.
  4. Yeah used to do that with the fiesta,would last 6 or so laps of brands hatch before the brakes were too hot and I come back in for 10 mins.
  5. I know this is a new car and I doubt anyone has been on track with it yet,but are there any significant changes from the 7 underneath besides power and an extra gear? The 7.5 has vents for the brakes so I wonder how much longer they last before getting too hot compared to the 7. Would love to do track days in my R,just wondering how reliable it's going to be to take it round a few times a year and weather I'll need a bbk or just uprated pads lines and fluid. Had a stage 2 2016 fiesta st before my R so will be disappointed if Its slower than that 😅(although hopefully the R's brakes won't set themselves on fire like the fez 😆) Sorry if this is the wrong section,was unsure.
  6. Had them on my fiesta,scratched the windows,forced them out of position slightly which then made the windows rattle when they was half down,and then they broke...
  7. I found the thread with a search,so are my dampers manually adjustable then or electrically or not at all 😆 I'm getting the impression from a quick read that it just adjusts the height as you drive along? Don't understand anymore 🤔
  8. Page doesn't exist. I have DCC on my facelift
  9. I have a new facelift golf,the video makes the dampers look electric. Never looked at the shocks to see if they're adjustable.
  10. On the golf r video it has adjustble dampers,I've never seen a mention of these anywhere ...
  11. Not sure if it's been mentioned in here,installed the jb1 to my new 7.5R and it all works great!
  12. Had it since April 20th.
  13. The black plastic around the spoiler seems to be held on with just a sticky pad on the 7.5..
  14. Exhaust is getting louder now,1100 miles on it.will try to get the wife to video a run down and drive by.