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  1. Exhaust Question for 7.5 R owners

    a vid from the first week or so of getting my milltek catback, one from the other day
  2. Unstable when high speed cornering

    had something similar on my fiesta,had the wheels balanced and tracking done and it was better
  3. This is on their website,all ive ever read is that any remap voids warrenty. "No. All codes and diagnostics that a main dealer might read when a vehicle is in for a service or diagnostics will remain exactly the same. We say it with confidence because of the rigorous testing regime all our remap files go through. In addition to this, EU Block Exemption Regulations it is illegal for a vehicle manufacturer to void your warranty because work has been carried out by a third party. This also covers vehicle tuning and engine remapping as long as the failure is not as a direct cause of the remap. We can say with confidence that no JFA tuning remap has ever caused a single failure and we are recognised as supplying some of the best tuning files in the world. To back this, we offer our customers 100% peace of mind knowing that our tuning files are fully insured for up to £2 million by Aviva."
  4. Exhaust Question for 7.5 R owners

    ive got a milltek non res valved catback on my 7.5R and it sounds epic,exhaust pops on overun,bang on upshifts,sometimes even bangs twice if you shift and let off,i never get round to taking a video of flybys,ill get the wife to video one and put one up here.
  5. put my 4 month old 7.5R into we buy any car just to see,we buy any car offered 21,690 lmfao
  6. Ayrshire Plod.......Respect & Kudos !

    only experience ive had with traffic police.. turned right at a set of lights following 10 other cars all going right,walked into the road andstopped me and told me i was caught on camera at a no right turn and would be recieving 3 points... checked over my dash cam and he was right,it was a no right turn.but a van on the opposite side of the road blocked their patrol cars view just as my plate would have been in view 😅.
  7. A decent specced golf R through drive the deal is about 32k,cheaper than the focus RS and slightly more than the type R GT model. Video reviews are almost always based on track times or drag races,or how much fun they are on a B road,simple matter of the fact is unless you're very rich and buying one of these cars purely as a toy these videos are irrelevant,the A45 and RS3 are way way out of the golfs, focus and type r price range,the golf and audi are the only under stated cars of the 5 with interiors that i could live with every day,the focus RS interior feels and looks very cheap,infact worse than my fiesta ST,the civic type R is OTT on styling and the A45 although has nice interior isnt a very day to day thing,dont like the look of them neither. A stage 1 map will see a DSG golf R more or less keep with the RS3 and a45,and if thats what you can do with £500,whats the justification for the 60k pricetags.On the road,unless you're both great racing drivers,youre not going to see the difference in cornering ability,as anybody stupid enough to be taking these cars around corners on the public road at the limit wont have their cars for long. To me the audi dash looks very bland,almost like a renault megane,and the bmw 240 looks horrible on the rear end. The Golf,as it has done for decades,ticks every box it needs to for day to day life...
  8. Vw R and audi S imposters.

    My wife drives the R to and from work,she drives at the speed limits and sometimes under as shes from the us and the roads arent immediately familiar to her,had to end up buying a rear dashcam becahse everyone was sitting on her bumper even when doing 40 in 40zones,then they realise theres a camera on them and back right off.
  9. 2015 Golf R TTE450 MRC

    Car is well thought out! Are parts in romania cheaper?
  10. CE15UFD

    That's absoloutely attrocious,exactly why i buy everything new now.
  11. Why is it so chuffing expensive!

    Good to hear the 7.5 isnt cheap on lease,might help the resals value later on.
  12. Yeah i think youre right. I know the exhaust for thr 7.5 estate is totally diferent to the 7
  13. If you order a cat back theres no cutting,its only cut for a res delete as far as im aware? Milltek make an exhaust for the 7.5 hatch,but the mid pipe is the same as on the 7,so perhaps the 7.5 estate can use the 7 estate mid pipe,and a 7.5 hatch backbox? Thing with a custom exhaust is its no brand,probably has no resale value,where as brand one does and you know what youre getting for your money
  14. Do i NEED a valved catback?

    Drove 230 miles today to pick up a mk7 golf r milltek catback......that doesnt fit the 7.5 as the exit pipes are totally different.
  15. Milltek

    The milltek from a 7 doesnt fit the 7.5....found out the hard way The tips dont exit the rear with enough clearence.