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  1. I got my 7.5R last week and mine has DCC,you really notice the difference between comfort and race especially on bumpy roads,the car literally glides along its very comfortable.i have 19s and I'd spec it again.
  2. Do these work with the 310ps golf r aswell as it's relatively New and doesn't mention it. thanks!
  3. What's the cost of shipping to the uk? My wife is American so I can have it sent to her family home in California and pick it up in a month or so,do people tell their insurance about these as technically if the setting is on 0 nothing's changed ? What have you declared it as if you have. edit:just noticed you won't ship it to California
  4. Told my dealer not to wash mine,found a dig in the spoiler and what looks like a particle of dust/fluff under the paint on the rear bumper. Don't think I have a leg to stand on now,I'd have them wash it or even ask if you can go wash it yourself lol
  5. That's cool,is it true for the 7.5 too then? Don't wanna get caught out.
  6. Does this box bring up any fault codes or anything that can effect Warrenty,I've read through the thread but also read elsewhere on the forum that vw changed the ecu and can now detect when boxes have been used?
  7. Are these detectable ?
  8. Picked up my 7.5 R on Thursday,loving it,especially the noise,modes and comfort 🙂🙂🙂
  9. I tried what you said to get it to pop,just can't get it to happen have I got the settings dialled in wrong?everhthing is in race. the car doesn't Rev over 4k in neutral/park if that's where I'm going wrong lol It does small Burbly pops but not the bang I heard the one time I got it to do it
  10. My cars parked in a residential car park as I live in flats,am I pretty safe in saying they're unlikely to break in for keys as they would t know what flat I lived in for a start,and every neighbour would hear them doing so 😄 Tracker is a must on any desirable car imo. i sold my disklock as I'd read these cars were too hard to steal via obd. Maybe I'll invest in a Rottweiler 😄
  11. How easy are these cars to steal without the keys if the car doesn't have keyless entry and push to start. what deterrents can I look into. yesterday in traffic I gave the throttle a press and got some good pops and bangs from the exhaust,I can't seem to get it to do it again 🤔
  12. Haven't got my R yet,but even my fiesta st is a prat magnet,I don't mind a bit of fun with a rival car,but it's always nobs in normal cars riding my ass because I'm in a quick car I should be doing double the limit or something...
  13. Yeah,salesmen was a nice person,didn't force anything on me,I test drive the golf r there on Wednesday. I don't like being told lies or forced into stuff and he definately didn't do that. Everyone's gotta make a living at the end of the day. Not the best discount but its still an ok price I can live with. not like thefiesta I ended up paying £19k for and buying all the throwins like a fool when drive the deal were doing them for 14,700 :/
  14. It's refundable* it late for me 😅
  15. And will be here and ready in two weeks.