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  1. M2 Anyone?

    The M2 has a presence and rarity factory. I can see the appeal. I guess it is an M240 engine with some added diffs and tricks. I imagine its fun to drive. Id probably want the auto (is it the DCT in the M2?) Someone on here owned one as i recall. I get the impression it is always trying to kill you. :-) Swapping cars often seems to be an expensive game though. I think i need to get into some country roads in the R as im getting a bit bored. Its very capable but i rarily seem to tap into the fun factor.
  2. Car battery cover

    Oh, so you are only missing the lid that folds over the top!
  3. It takes a Special kind of Stupid

    Maybe its a new parking ticket!
  4. New MK7.5 owner

    Congrats. Welcome to the Oryx R club :-) Interesting how different the R cars look with different specs, wheels and colour combos. I park next to a work mates RS mk3 mountune most days. Didnt really consider an RS tbh. Throw in some RS reliability worries and i guess it makes ownership out of warranty an issue. I wonder if it really is a ticking timebomb for the RS or just a few unlucky owners. Coming from an R32 DSG for 10 years i knew id like the new format 7.5R. Generally a winning formula. Sometimes i find it a bit tame pottering around...i have started to chuck it in manual mode more and have a bit of a play.
  5. Collection next week

    Enjoy the R, i was unsure over the spielberg choice but love them....and wouldnt swap.
  6. New Owner of a 7.5

    How rude! :-) Enjoy the new R!
  7. Golf 7R Videos

    Loved the EP3 gearbox.....best manual id ever used....a pleasure to use!
  8. Mk7 vs. Mk7.5

    Not heard them opening. Just hear a difference and feel the suspension firm up.
  9. What Warranty claims have you made?

    Ive got a few dealer stories....but my inidcator is no biggy to sort....having replaced the mk5 unit recently...laughable the advice is the whole unit may need swapping.....i think they make this stuff up! I just get nervous when it goes in for primarily 1. damage to paint or alloys 2. ensuring they are doing what theyve been paid to do ie servicing. 3. quoting for unneccesary work 4. YTS kid washing it with a gravelly sponge. Ive experienced many of the above but super nervy with a brand spanking R. You dont want fogged up lights obviously....just looks wrong.
  10. What Warranty claims have you made?

    I think the new LED lights may now be sealed units? Good luck with it anyway. Mines not in til the end october. Got a few busy weekends!
  11. Car battery cover

    "Battery not included" :-)
  12. Car battery cover

    At least everyone got batteries! :-)
  13. What Warranty claims have you made?

    The issue! Noticed the crack has worked all the way along. Its fractured for some reason. Booked it in at vw today for a few weeks time. Sent a pic and was told it may need a whole new mirror unit....which surely is a nonsense! Having changed an indicator on my Mk5 its modular and not all whittled from the same block of plastic :-) Oh well. Should be a warranty fix!
  14. Car battery cover

    Gives an extra 0.1 off the 0-60. :-)
  15. Car battery cover

    Bizarre. Collected mine 1st June with cover fitted. I was used to the battery being under the boot in the R32 so rarely saw it.