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  1. Absolutely....very corrosive and destroys the finish...knackers clothing too... Bilberry diluted for me
  2. Sumbled upon this old post. I also scuba dive regulalry in the UK. Also, Maldives, Malta and Egypt numerous times over the last few years. I often dabble with the deeper teccy mixed gas stuff (and the usual Padi courses , EFR, Rescue diver, TEC50 etc). Tried rebreathers also. Edited up a go pro video on youtube diving a range of wrecks in Malta. Some good wrecks including the HMS stubborn submarine at approx 55-60m. Plenty of good mid range wrecks too. Noticed your in Cornwall. Done quite a few dives from various dive centres in Plymouth.
  3. I pondered the m240..had a few emails back and forth with the dealer and got bored of the financial never went to test drive...still sort of knew the R would be right for me without even test driving (apart from a drive of a mates a year back). I chuck a load of kit in the Golf. Thought the boot of the 2 series might be restrictive. Great 6 cylinder/gearbox combo but then theres also the briritsh weather to factor in with the RWD. Theres always the remap/jb option if temptation creeps in down the line. Having come back from doing a lot of miles in a friends RS6 i still come back to the golf not wanting for much. The Rs6 has a massive price tag along with power you simply cant use....yes its fun for a bit on an autobhan with the v8 grumble. However, hatches have come on a lot.
  4. The ps4s i had on the R32 had amazing tead wear and all the other qualities..will go back to these eventually.
  5. I loved the Mk5 R32 DSG...4 motion...reliability...quick, not the quickest being a 2007 car and things ahve moved on a bit (no slouch either). Ok handiling a little bit clumsy with the V6 weight. It had a bit of theatre with the exhaust note at all speeds. Ive come back to the same winning format....4WD, DSG, Golf R after 10 years of R32 owership....The new R has loads of great tech, refinement and the usual build lacks that bit of exhasut noise when pottering....(but that was the R32s best attribute, possibly one of the best sounding hatches IMO). Then agian the R32 was always generally thirsty with high road tax (didnt bother me though). I love the civilised nature of the new R, top handiling, economy and blistering pace when you crack on...its quite shocking TBH...i have moments where i think **** me this is seriously quick and it just keeps going. In race mode it sounds good and cracks and burbles...very good in all too old for that max powery noisy dump valves kind of nonsense... A guess you need to drive one for a couple of days....The Rs possibly bit sedate at times if you want thrills all of the time. I was looking at a Porsche 718 configurator yesterday. These are all going 2L turbo and arent any quicker than the Golf. Wether they engineer in any more theatre i couldnt say without a test drive. Probably another 15K though.
  6. Thats interesting as we picked up the tiguan TDI R Line yesterday from the dealers and quoted up a service plan. I got onto the DSG dry/wet debate and they all look at each other baffled, came back and confirm its a sealed dry clutch.....but also that the haldex isnt serviceable either. Sounds like a bonus but its niggiling me.....Weve drafted up a service plan....will need to do some more resaearch....i obviously had to previously debate the wet clutch on the 7SP Golf R and was correct (the dealers werent!). So, thats at odds with your i need to clarify both the Tiguan 7SP DSG and Haldex servicing. Can the haldex be a sealed unit also?
  7. A new R arrival in tiguan form. Im not sure if the missus ordering a simialar kind of colour theme is a good or bad thing. :-) mmmmm The tiguan is pure white, leather, DSG, 4 Motion, TDI, Electric tailgate, 20" rims. Very nice. Looks quite imposing. Need to get theese protective sills fitted soon on both cars.
  8. Sorry to hear. Glad no serious injuries. I wouldnt want a car reapired thats had a major smash so at least its gone past the line. Obviously not an ideal situation. Good luck!
  9. Was with hastings for the last few years on an R32 and they couldnt get an underwriter to even cover the R...didnt make much premiums always been failry low. Got a refund with no admin fee before moving. Im sure the FL was causing confusion with only some sites listing the 310 model. Next year may be easier.
  10. In good company there.
  11. yes,,,,i debated with vw who took dsg off my service plan...and i debated the wet clutch and oil change....they conceeded in the end. The missus has a tiguan 7 sp diesel coming....dunno if this is a dry 7 sp dsg and therefore a sealed unit.
  12. yes, I think so...but ive hardly used it yet........just a faff connecting for short trips. find myself just playing deezer music via bluetooth....maybe i should explore android auto more
  13. Only about 6 week into ownership . No issues. Just for the a bit of an anorak browsing parts like vwr brake pads, genuine vw oil filters etc for additional servicing. I can ask the dealer but was after an online option.
  14. Wheres the best place to get parts and also genuine VW parts and prices? Went on the TPS site but didnt find much in the search. Eurocarparts doesnt list much specific to my registration (2017 FL). Cheers
  15. Forgot to post up my experience with GAP. Basically ALA were quoting £430 for 5yrs VR+ on a 39k car. I questioned why 'car to cover' were able to offer this for c£310 and was there any lesser cover involved. He confirmed they are underwritten by the same insurer and the same. They price matched and also knocked more off the price....just a handy little trick to get a lower price! "Hope you are well today. Thank you for your interest in our Vehicle Replacement+ GAP insurance. As you have spotted we offer a Price Match Guarantee whereby we beat a competitor quote by 20% of the difference in premium, should the policy terms be comparable to our own. I have checked over the details on and can advise that the quotation qualifies for a Price Match. We are occasionally more expensive on some bandings in comparison to other online companies. The policies offered by have nearly identical terms and conditions as our own as they are actually underwritten by the same insurer, Great Lakes Insurance SE. Please see below the Price Match quote we can offer: Vehicle Replacement+, £39,000 pre-discounted price, 5 years, £30,000 maximum benefit = £430.00 (£309.00 Our Price Match quote: £284.80 "