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  1. No he only knows the town. The missus just pointed out to me the that the new guys text said he expects to send me a deposit tmrw and transfer the rest...maybe i got a little over excited...but still all sounds very positive :-)
  2. Only 25kgs :-) Part of me has a sentimental attachment to the car as ive treated it with kid gloves for years and looked after it....its been releatively quiet on the buying interest front....i never feel selling cars is much just need the right person and a bit of luck! Well its not over til im grinning behind the wheel of the new beast! I did quite fancy a pic of the R32/R side by side! Thanks
  3. Haha, PITA - but the right thing is to probably refund him. However, ive been strung along for a few weeks with no shows, excuses, odd requests, stress, buying, not buying, wiring money over, illegal insurance requests, worrying obsessions with paying cash and waffle. Ive also felt the need to drop the price to get backup interest and be prepared to turn people away... The latest is for him to phone me tuesday for the possibility of collection friday....howver this is well past what i feel was the sensible time to get it viewed and purchased. Been in no mans land.
  4. Well, had to stick with it really. The less palletable plan B was always WBAC. Logically i was prepared to walk through the process with the idiots but not enjoy the process. Told James @ VW i want to collect Thursday. Boom!!!! :-) Awaiting confirmation but its ready from wednesday. Bizarrely all my insurance quotes have jumped up since last week by a good £70. Into the £400s.....was £330-340 (which was a bit more than my R32) Cheers!!!
  5. Some good comments and appreicate the support. Got a bit stressed with it on occasion. Random bloke still in the pipeline. If his dog hasnt eaten his passport and the moons aligned he will let me know tuesday if he can collect soon....but...... Heres some great breaking news!! A new chap called today. Came to view within 2 hours. An enthusiast, particular, professional, reasonable, friendly and normal. Took him for a test drive. He had a good look around and let him go through the paperwork. Explained my potential uncomfortable buyer situation. Hes come back to me tonight to say he wants to pay me a deposit tmrw and bank transfer the balance on collection. Music to my ears!! :-) :-) We agreed a couple of hundred lower that what i agreed with the other guy but absolutely worth it. Fingers crossed. This may even be looking like sell wednesday, collect new r thursday! :-) :-)
  6. Its ok to say "i dont know" :-)
  7. If DSGs on the plan and discounted and in 4 years time i find it doesnt have oil it wont be the end of the world...can get it doubt will ask more questions and see posts on here in the meantime. This is a long way off. Just wanted the plan all squared away due to me planning on keeping the car 4-6 years.
  8. Yes no doubt. Bet noones had a DSG done yet in FL R :-) I wonder if the missus R line tiguan will have dry or wet? Only a 150bhp diesel.
  9. i said to the misssus belive nothing anyone tells you. She ordered a tiguan r line DSG 7 SP last week and who knows what that will need.
  10. Yes, my inner monologue was saying the same thing. Should be heres my reg, you tell me what it needs. Oh well now clarified :-) We are just geeky enough to know gearbox part numbers and detailed information. Th diesl particulate filter doesnt need doing til 50k :-)
  11. No, ive setup a plan beyond the 2 year plan that im buying with the car. I did it with my last car. Itemise all service requirements ie dsg, mots, air con dsg,30,40,50k and then carve it up in £15 monthly direct debit ot whatever....the prices get locked in now and money comes out of the pot and into the pot as you go along. You can cancel and get a refund at any time. Im transferring 500 from my R32 plan. i googled it and i reckon its a wet clutch DQ381....emailed her back and shes spoke to a tec and agreed and apologised. I apologise – just confirmed with parts – this one does indeed have a filter so would require changing.
  12. Im in the process of finalising a multi year service plan with my dealer on the FL 7 speed DSG and they came back with: " This vehicle I believe would not need a DSG service as it is a 7 speed gearbox which is a sealed unit , therefore would not need a service. " Would i be right in saying this is wrong? I thought wet clutch and oil change....but please correct me if im wrong.. I hope the dealers correct. Dont like to think i need technical knowledge of cars to get the right service schedule. Thanks
  13. Looks great. It came with Michelines too? which are they PS4?
  14. Probably been 8 weeks total......keeps coming forward all the time. Ive got a train booked from derby to london, and kent on thursday 1st to collect.
  15. WBAC 5800, evans 5200 or something. private 7400 agreed (300 paid) yes will make it clear friday is the last day. will now have to pay another months road tax £40 for 2 days and have 2 cars overlapping at the same collect thrusday 1st, sell friday 2nd. Its what i was trying to avoid as that formed the deposit and complicates insurance and storage. Was pondering take him to the bank with any cash...wouldnt that cover me?