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  1. Diamond cut alloy damaged - Help!

    Now offered a 50% refund. It just takes the cost from a full refurb to a smart repair cost. Obviously, the compromise being the finish isnt to expecatation.
  2. Extras you regret getting/not getting?

    Glad i specced the DCC. Notable difference between modes. Dynaudios ok. Was fed up with poor audio in the R32. Dont have it loud often but nice to crank it up now and then and get quality. I tend to bluetooth via deezer/spotify etc. Not sure if thats bad for quality though. 19s set the car off. Leather and Oryx all good too.
  3. Pothole damage

    sounds like we need all need 4x4s or a bigfoot!
  4. Diamond cut alloy damaged - Help!

    Discussed my wheel refurb today in person. Both discussed our point of view. The upshot at present is the manager doesnt think he could have done a better job or redo the wheel at any higher standard. I dicussed expectation was set as 'like new' - not a compromise! and i paid the higher end of the price range. No concession so far. Allegedly hes passing my complaint onto the owners for futher consideration. Im expecting an email this week.
  5. Golf 7.5 R...or not?

    Dont forget Oryx White! :-)
  6. Golf 7.5 R...or not?

    Go with your gut really. Its all subjective to your tastes/budget/priorities. The golf feels like reasonable bang for buck. The RS3 offers more but at a reasonable premium . In real world terms i im not exploiting 310bhp all of the time. Instead im enjoying modern tech, sensible running costs and a great daily driver. I loved the old RS4 v8 noise (mate had one)....had the baby R32 VR6 which had a great sound (not an RS4 obviously). M2s and RS3s are of interest to me. However, i waste lots of money on numerous other activities and this extra outlay would detract from the other things i like to do. Something that struck me when i recently took my mates RS6 across europe was although it was blazingly quick you can never really tap into that performance potential - obviously we had a few spirited blips on unrestricted autobhans...when i got back in the golf it felt nimble, light and as quick as ill ever need. Girlfriends bro has a new 718 boxster . Looks and sounds good....but i think probably on par with the golf for performance. Another 40-50k car. If moneys not object go for the RS3...sometimes for most its about the sweetspot where perhaps the extra 10k isnt quite justifiable.
  7. Soon to be Golf R Owner :)

    Congrats. Enjoy the process! Black car very rewarding when clean but discipline needed to keep it perfect! Im on a timeout with a white R this time around! :-)
  8. Road tax band

    I paid £500 for years on the R32. Looking forward to the 7.5R tax bill! Cant recall what it was £140 sounds good to me! I guess i paid a premium year 1.
  9. Manchester airport parking

    I prefer the on-site multi stories these days...usually pricier.....none of that leaving your keys business and valet parking (whatever they call it!)....
  10. Mk7r to mk7.5r

    Mk5 to 7.5 :-)
  11. Diamond cut alloy damaged - Help!

    I will obviously factor in my inconvneince ie repeat visits and the fact i cant be without the car for 2-3 days that they need to perform a full refurb + i dont want the wheel being done again really. Fair point on the polishing...i dont want them to waste time and risk the finish by faffing around with over polishing the laquer.... I think i have a feel for my approach now. Cheers
  12. Diamond cut alloy damaged - Help!

    This was the expectation that was set from the outset! "completely refurbish and re-cut your wheel, this would make it like new again"
  13. Diamond cut alloy damaged - Help!

    Hi all, I pondered the options and went for a diamand cut full wheel refurb. I paid through the nose somewhat with a local trusted company ive used before (probably a well know franchise but will disuss later). Considered lepsons but by the time id paid postage etc the price was the same. I collected my wheel saturday. At a glance very happy. I later Gtechniq ceramic coated it and put it back on the car. Later on when it was dark and i had the garage lighting on i decided to whiz over the face with a follow up ceramic coat and due to the lighting noticed imperfections / scratches in the diamond cut finish. Ive since emailed said refurber and they talked of perhaps it was their tyre fitting process and perhaps needing to buff out any perceived marks with a light compound for me. I then rang and dicussed this stating it may well be the dimaond cutting under the laquer. He was quite quick to mention diamond cutting picking up inperfections (dragging them over the metal) and that there may not be much he could do....sort of is what is! I said hang fire.........will discuss in person. I guess the potential scenarios are: It polishes out of the laquer, great. It doesnt polish out. I ask for full rectification (potential full refurb again to correct it which is massively inconvenient as it leaves me without a car for days). A full refund as not to expected standard. A partial refund as a compromise ie 50%. The curbing has been fixed the wheel looks pretty good unless really scrutinising it with a bright light. But why should i accept a compromise when i paid full whack. The expectation set was a smart repair would be notable if scrutinised but a full refurb would be like new! Anyone have experience around this process and are my expectations too high. I also paid on a credit card. Any protection here if all goes wrong? Cheers
  14. Thinking of a golf R

    Loving the new R. The M240 looked better IMO that the 140 but the boot wouldnt be practical for me and the back end looked a bit of an afterthought. Would be in no doubt that 6 pot would be great! Opted for the Golf 4wd platform again for its usability/surefootedness all year round. DTD offered pretty good deals on the M140..not a looker though. Just checked prices out and they seem to have crept up from 25k to 27k ish...new
  15. DSG Issues

    mmmm grim...the latest 7sp has been flawless so far...smooth and no strange behaviours.... Good luck! The faff of going in to the dealers is half of the pain!