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  1. Car-net changes

    couldnt be bothered to read it. In fact i will object on that principal that they cant get to the point quickly and im not spending an hour reading that nonsense.
  2. Stolen Key

    With my old R32 it didnt come with a spare key....so i got the dealer to foot the £180 for a new key and also to remove the old key from the cars memory...that way someone doesnt rock up with the old key down the line and steal it!...or something similar. I guess the mechanical key still fits the lock but the transpomder doesnt disarm the immboliser (im guessing!)
  3. Stolen Key

    Cant vw uncode the key from the cars memory of accepted keys?
  4. TR/Black FL7R "I'm ready to go home now"

    Box Fresh!
  5. Mk7.5 Gripes

    Not noticed either of the symptoms with the 7sp.
  6. Car Choice - Help!

    Are you technically insured to drive with a cast on?
  7. Gap insurance - How much are you paying?

    I used ALA only after providing them a cheaper quote from Car2Cover to price match...who they then beat by 20%...would have been 450 rather than 280 ish.
  8. Gap insurance - How much are you paying?

    You should be able to get a GAP quote without a reg. I provided reg later when the car landed. Its more based on the financial values / term than vehicle type. ALA Car2Cover Cant remember - did approx 5 years with full cover..£39k car. approx £280 I posted a link on it a few months back in relation to getting price matched quotes and a discount.
  9. First mod

    Does it sound different...or feel any different on the road? Carbon looks good. Modifying early :-) Enjoy the new R.
  10. Tracker Depleting Battery

    Have the cover on my 7.5 for some reason....
  11. Which watch does a Golf R driver wear?

    Have a Longines knocking around although never wear it these days! A mate has an omega and it has a helium valve for diving. As a technical diver i find it quite comical that 99.99% of owners would never be able to make use of it.....including myself.
  12. Tracker Depleting Battery

    Great thanks! Stumbled upon a valuable piece of information there. Been occaisonally topping up with the CTEK when ive only been doing short runs! :0 That probably explains a plastic flap that obscures the negative terminal Think yours has been removed. Cheers for the info.
  13. Tracker Depleting Battery

    Ok cheers. Wow didnt know this.....and the -ve point is around the back of the battery?
  14. Tracker Depleting Battery

    Didnt know this!? So i should connect my CTEK to an earth point and not the negative terminal?
  15. 17 plate car on 6th week in garage

    Sorry to hear. Grim situation. Good luck with it all. Id be looking to go down the path of giving the dealer a reasonable chance to sort the problem and then formally rejecting the vehicle and following whatever processes need to be followed. I just dont see why the owner should own all the hassle. You have a life to lead, no car and are paying for it. On a short term lease you could argue that a proportion of the lease time has elapsed and you dont have use of the product. Like having a phone contract and no signal for 6 months. If they throw you a loan R for the duration i guess thats a reasonable stop gap...