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  1. The old gal got treated today to a nice clean
  2. What company did you use? need to get mine done!
  3. With Pristine has anyone used their wheel exchange process? and if so how does it work?
  4. Hi Raffe, Thanks for the info, Im going to call a few tomorrow 👍
  5. ps, they were immaculate before this😤
  6. This is the damage, Mrs caught the kerb reversing on to the drive. Ahhhh....
  7. Cheers Guys and Gals, I will give them a call.. Many thanks
  8. Hi All, My Alloy got kerb damaged yesterday and need to refurb asap, can anyone recommend a good alloy wheel company in the Beds area please! Thanks
  9. Did you get these fixed ? any pictures? and who repaired them if you don't mind me asking? My Mrs just scraped my front one on our driveway wall. AAhhhh:(
  10. Do you just add this to your sd card?
  11. Thanks.....
  12. Can you do this with the obdeleven or do you need the pro version??
  13. Doesn't seem to matter what locks you have on the patio doors because what they do now is smash the glass and just push the glass out, no need to worry about locks!! Thats what they have been doing around my area lately according to the police! Its a worry isn't it:(
  14. If you take it easy, you can get around 35mpg so you can work it out??
  15. Your welcome👍