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  1. Car Fest South

    Yep we are going and with friends.. should be a good weekend, we are staying not far from the venue. Looking forward to it.
  2. Just had 1st MOT

    Are these any good?
  3. Just had 1st MOT

    Yer like mine, when I bought the car last May, it had a complete health check by a independent inspector (RAC) and everything was a1 with the brakes and now about 10mths and 6/7000 miles later it is at 90% worn pads and discs (status red) surely somethings not right?? and mine is driven mainly by the Mrs and she drives it like miss daisy 🙄
  4. Traffic Bobbies in an R

    Wont take the scum long to break into the police station and nick the keys while the cops are napping😉
  5. Just had 1st MOT

    Thats a real good price!! I will have to keep my eye out..
  6. Just had 1st MOT

    32500miles and only done 7000m since we've had it and mrs only drives it in the week and really slowly😇
  7. Just had 1st MOT

    Are yellow stuff pads etc... any good?
  8. Just had 1st MOT

    Passed all ok but I got an advisory for rear brake pads and disc corroded and 90% worn. Didn't get them done there they quoted me £424.85!! I'm going to ring around for a better price.. Also I think they installed free of charge a VW Data Plug, I haven't had time to see if its working yet but are they any good?? Thanks
  9. DVLA credit card rip off?

    Yer I thought it was banned also and a awful lot of companies don't charge anymore but I've seen a few charge a handling, service or processing fee... obviously its a way around it?? Like anything theres always a way!!
  10. GTI / GTI PP / R

    Ive got a 2015 Golf R DSG and with 32500miles on the clock, touch wood never had any issues with it. I just get it serviced when its due from the Main Dealer and basically just put fuel in it!! Its the best all round car I have had!! Its quite a bit hard going over bumps and pot holes thats the worst thing about it.. But saying that some of the craters out there even shake my work van. Get the R 👍
  11. Snow Damage

    I know its very annoying, but its only cosmetic and the main thing is, your Mrs is ok!! My Mrs damaged our alloy wheel and I was mad but then I thought don't let it get to you she didn't mean to do it. Just another job to add to the endless list!! PS keep a eye on that tyre if its damaged the wall then get a new one not worth the risk of a blow out at 70mph.. She also doesn't like the DSG in this weather..
  12. Joyride after my first MOT

    Yep having about 2 weeks before my MOT is due!! When you book you MOT the dealership should say that the brake fluid needs changing, thats what they told me👍
  13. Joyride after my first MOT

    Mines due a MOT in a few weeks, but I have just booked it in to a VW dealer to get it done and they charge about £55 for MOT and Im also having the brake fluid changed at the same time, thats around £80 I believe. But one of the main reasons why I'm using VW do do it because its still under warranty and if it fails on anything then hopefully it will be covered by the warranty. Win Win hopefully!!! PS I'm also getting a free courtesy car also!!
  14. Extended Warranty ?

    Cheers guys, I need to find out if its transferable to a new owner ??
  15. Yet another theft

    Did you have Gap insurance??