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  1. My Mrs drives in eco mode and I usually drive in normal mode. I hate the stop start thing!! I also didn't buy the R because of its excellent MPG, if you want that get a small diesel car! The R is nearly supercar quick and still get around 30mpg, that will do for me
  2. No I didn't win, Never do I have crap luck ;(
  3. yer, I've put money on AJ to win in any round 5,6,7,8 hopefully!! like said good odds on at the moment..
  4. Who's watching and who's going to win?? AJ for me.....👍
  5. How are you finding the R ? Is it a keeper? Do you not go on cutters anymore?
  6. Thanks.....👍
  7. Will try but it's very hard!
  8. Hi Silk, nice to see some cutter bros on here! Do you drive a R?
  9. Hi Ash, love the new car, yours must be scary fast! Still on cutters floating between the two! Nice to hear from you. Cheers Mark
  10. DSG, drives fantastic- this is a great all rounder!
  11. Not that I know of??
  12. Thanks.....
  13. Cheers mate, really happy with it!! Amazing piece of kit!!
  14. Yer, I bet they are!!
  15. Ive got a 2015 so don't expect mine to have it!! surprised the GTI has it and not the R??