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  1. What strange things do you keep in your car?

    Is the Ice Plane any good?
  2. Sticky traction control button

    Hi all, I turned my TC button off yesterday and when I pushed it in it stayed in for some reason?? it slowly came out again! anyone else had this problem? I asked the Mrs if anyone had spilt a drink on it and she said NO!!! 🤔
  3. VW Extended Warranty

    Oh ok, thanks...
  4. VW Extended Warranty

    Tried to get a quote on mine, but when I put the mileage in it says I still have warranty remaining... mine runs out next june.
  5. Which watch does a Golf R driver wear?

    Like the Monaco 👍
  6. Eco Mode - DSG Issues

    My Mrs uses Eco mode, and forgets to turn that pain in the ar@e stop start off also!!! aaaahhhhhh......🙄
  7. Now I've Got the 'R'

    Me too
  8. What other forums do you use?

  9. What is one thing you are most pleased with

    How do you get the indicator to do 3x instead of 1x?? or even x4??
  10. Oil service due

    Cheers Slider, I will check it out!! I can't believe a main dealer would not do these because its extra money for them??
  11. Oil service due

    Ok, I will check with them!! All they said was oil change and my air con was due a re gas... no mention of Haldex or Brake Fluid..
  12. Oil service due

    Update: Just picked the car up from Vindis VW Bedford after it has just had its 3rd service, £164 total and they washed and hoovered it also... Very happy with their service and would happily go back again!!! And got the all important VW service stamp.
  13. Soundakator

    I like the sound on race mode, sounds like its ready for action
  14. Oil service due

    update.... just booked the car in for its 30k ( 3rd ) service and i checked with her that the price hasn't changed from £200.41 and she said its not that expensive for the 3rd service its only £164.. Happy days.... This was at VW Vindis Bedford.
  15. Oil service due

    Cheers mate