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  1. Soundakator

    I like the sound on race mode, sounds like its ready for action
  2. Oil service due

    update.... just booked the car in for its 30k ( 3rd ) service and i checked with her that the price hasn't changed from £200.41 and she said its not that expensive for the 3rd service its only £164.. Happy days.... This was at VW Vindis Bedford.
  3. Oil service due

    Cheers mate
  4. Oil service due

    How much did they charge you?
  5. Oil service due

    Yep I think I'm going with VW service because when you sell the car buyers love the dealer stamp!!!
  6. Oil service due

    I Know but then you don't get that all important stamp
  7. Oil service due

    Phone two VW dealers for 3rd service price and it was Lancaster Letchworth £279.00 inc vat and Vindis Bedford £200.41 inc vat. £80 saving just with one phone call ( what a rip off ) its only for Oil and Filter
  8. Oil service due

    Mines on 28000miles and I take it will need the 3rd service, anyone had this done and if so how much?
  9. Oil service due

    OK cheers Guys...
  10. Oil service due

    Is this a minor service??
  11. Oil service due

    Hi, Do I go VW dealer or to my mechanic that I've used for years and does an excellent job?? Also it says on my dash oil service in 900 miles is that also know as a minor service?? Cheers Mark
  12. Home & Car Security

    Got one on the back garden also!
  13. Home & Car Security

    Yer there is a slight lag from when it picks something up to when it records, I will keep a eye on it and see what I can do about it if it becomes a problem!! A little tip with the geofencing, you can set that to work along side the schedule, i.e. if you are at home and the geofencing detects that you can also have the schedule to arm it say from 9.30pm to 6.30am also working along side!!! Im trying to get my detection sensitivity right at the moment!!! Boys and their toys
  14. Home & Car Security

    I took your advice 👍🏼But got the 3x camera hd Arlo system, very impressed so far, got some fine tuning to do! The geofencing is a great option! Cheers mate. Arlo is looking after the R 😉
  15. Home & Car Security

    You have the Pro version ? is that a lot better than the original Arlo? The Pro is expensive! I do like the concept though