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  1. Bec's Guide to Detailing

    Brill thanks Rebecca, I thought as much. So is best not to agitate the iron x or tar x? Just let it do it’s thing and rinse? Thanks
  2. 65 Lapiz Blue-Hexham

    Spotted you yesterday Lunch time coming down through Hexham towards TVR garage. I flashed you, was in silver R
  3. Bec's Guide to Detailing

    Hi , Just got round to reading this thread, brilliant by the way. Just about to do my winter prep this weekend and just wanted to check something out. So I will snow foam, 2 bucket wash etc, then I want to iron x and tar x it. In-between these stages should I dry the car fully or do I have to fully wash the car again ( 2 bucket wash) or can I just rinse off then dry at the end. After this I will be claying, then have Gyeon prep for the surface then going for poorboys ex-p sealant and 2 coats of dodo juice supernatural. Got Gyeon Rim for my new prets which go on tomorrow also 😁
  4. What Warranty claims have you made?

    I can’t pm you for some reason. What is the damage to your wheels? Any photos?
  5. Wheel Cleaning

    As every booth, you have been extremly helpfull. Thank you very much and the others also
  6. Wheel Cleaning

    Thanks, yes I saw that 20% off, is that every order or just my first? Fancied one if there wheel drying towels also!
  7. Wheel Cleaning

    So, it’s looking like a set of wheel woolies might useful. So are the ones from clean my car the ones the go for, there is lots of eBay and there all different? I might get a wowo wheel mit to replace my meguires microfiber one I currently use.
  8. Wheel Cleaning

    Yes mate got the Gyeon rim and prep ready. Thanks for help
  9. What Warranty claims have you made?

    I will PM you mate as they tried to fob me off with my, honestly nothing but poor serivce from Lookers in my experience
  10. What Warranty claims have you made?

    Hi, what dealership did you use in Newcastle? If you search my thread on “pret concerns” you might find it of interest. I am also from Newcastle. I am getting 4 new prets next Friday under warranty but not from a Newcastle vw dealership! Drop me a pm if you want to discuss.
  11. Wheel Cleaning

    Is wheel woolies a actually make? As type this google and you are offered all sorts of variants, all claiming to the wheel woolies? Some with wooden handles...
  12. Wheel Cleaning

    Thanks for the replies. I did see the wheel Woolies also. I presume both of these have no metal bit in? I do do need a brush for my front lower grill also, good point! hmmmm what do
  13. Wheel Cleaning

    Hi, I don't normally use any type of brush, always been wary of them on my wheels and I guess always had the luxury of never having wheel with lots of close spokes on. I currently use a wash mit to get behind the spokes and inside the rims on my prets and although this is a little bit of pain (for my hands) it works relatively well. I have however been looking at these, just mainly for the bit behind the calliper and to give me hands a rest. Any one used these and if so what size is best? http://www.cleanyourcar.co.uk/wheels-and-tyres/wheel-brushes/gyeon-q-m-wheelstick-kit/prod_1756.html With my new wheels coming next Friday (also prets) I will be so worried about marking them, so please warm if you think these brushes are a bad plan!!! Thanks
  14. Pretoria paint finish...

    If you search “pret concerns” you will find my post. It is a differnat situation to yours in that my car is 2015 with 14k on, but all 4 wheels have bubbled in places and paint flaking.
  15. Pretoria paint finish...

    Having just had all 4 of mine replaced under warranty, I would be making them order you up a new wheel. It has clearerly had a poor repaired carried out, probs bashed coming off the transporter