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  1. What Warranty claims have you made?

    I recently had all four of my prets replaced under Waranty due to them all showing signs of failing in places. Search “pret concerns” to read the thread. Like you I wash my wheels and car at least once a week (sometimes more!) because of this I don’t use any wheel cleaners at all, just my normal shampoo and my wheels where unmarked, not a bit of damage to them, one dealer tried to say that I had previously had them all fully refurbished and they are now all failing. Car only had 14k on and was imaculate! Next dealer new there was a issue and it did take a while but all four got down under warranty
  2. Leak

    Booked into dealer for next Monday, not using the car at the mints so no worries. It seems to be leaking in two spots, or at least that is how it is presenting its self on the floor!
  3. Leak

    Maybe it is oil then, it just seemed a bit thin. Even though I looked liked oil I thought it would be thicker. If that is the sump though it must be oil! Thanks mate. Will get it booked into dealer
  4. Leak

    So I moved my car out the garage today for the first time in 10 days and noticed the attached on the floor. I am not sure it is oil, seems thinner, maybe break fluid? You can seem to see where it is leaking from on the bottom picture, where the honey comb bit of plastic is . Any clues? Thanks
  5. Individual Settings

    I kind of did! Honest! Hahaha
  6. Individual Settings

    Does pulling the gear stick back and put th gear stick into sport mode intern put the car into race mode? Or are these two different things?i should know this !!!
  7. Yeti or Wookie

    Got some more budget in my Xmas stocking apprantly and was going to order either a Dodo juice yeti or wookie wash mit. so guys what do you think is the best? Thanks
  8. Sync Button

    Seems I am not the only one then, I don’t mind when the passenger wants a different setting, it just when I next get in the car alone then having to fiddle to get them the same again, pain with out the sync!!!
  9. Sync Button

    Just wanted to say that I love having the sync button for the temperature in my Golf. It used to do my head in constantly having to change both and resetting them after the passenger had adjusted there temp. My last few cars didn't have the sync button, I can never get why it is not always there! Only a little thing but it makes me happy! ha!
  10. What detailing have you done today?

    Bonny car! Nice work
  11. I was wondering.......

    Seen one in Newcastle last week with black prets,, still not sure about it
  12. Beadage

    Poor boys ex-p topped with 2 coats of Dodo supernatural hybrid
  13. What detailing have you done today?

    Thanks, I am very pleased with it. Yet to see another one in Silver in the flesh yet.
  14. What detailing have you done today?

    Ok a few more photos after getting out at lunch.
  15. What detailing have you done today?

    I just took at photo outside my work before and it was dissapointing! So much work! Maybe it’s because it’s silver and doesn't show off the work as well. Will get better photos up later. Might just be my crap camera and photo taking