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  1. Hi

  2. Resonator Delete ordered!!!

    Finally it's fitted and sounds great! The guys that fitted it were impressed by the workmanship, as was I. Thanks Dave (BCS).
  3. Hi just got my Golf R 2016

    Welcome Matty. Only been here a short while myself, but great bunch and loads of tips and help.
  4. Resonator Delete ordered!!!

    Got mine today 😊 Can't get it fitted until Tuesday! 😞
  5. Resonator Delete ordered!!!

    http://www.powervalve.co.uk 01744 610244 Yes anti-drone not S3 version.
  6. Resonator Delete ordered!!!

    Not received it yet.... From what I've seen on tinternet it can be DIY, easier if you have a pipe cutter. Guessing an hours labour at local garage otherwise. Others on here have already done it so just keep an eye on this post.... Yes requires cutting of OEM but apparently the kit has a sleeve to replace OEM if you want to remove the delete.
  7. Well I can't afford a Milltek at the moment so spoken to Dave at BCS and ordered the res delete! ☺️ Batch being made by this Friday!
  8. SamS

    Welcome to the site πŸ™‚
  9. Newbie Taunton area.

    Thanks for all the welcome messages! 😁
  10. Newbie Taunton area.

    The new toy 😎
  11. Hi all. Has anyone wrapped their roof black on a White R? Average cost? Local lad quoted me Β£200. Cheers.
  12. Newbie Taunton area.

    Ok... Should have been Piano Black gearstick surround! 😏
  13. Newbie Taunton area.

    Hi all! New to the R Mk7 2015 in white, standard at the mo.... Any one local to Taunton? Local meets? (Looking for replacement Piano Black gearstick if anyone has one- without the rest of the console.) Cheers H.