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  1. Dumped car.. Rant

    You could pop a note up on local selling site parts for sale 😉- you never know you might make so profit out of it 😀
  2. Warning lights

    Then I can’t help sorry, I got an oil warning light flash red and put it down to a rogue signal from my ghost.
  3. Warning lights

    Do you by any chance have a ghost fitted?
  4. Dumped car.. Rant

    Honestly I was so shocked by his reply I didn’t even reply. Two weeks later he didn’t even give me a fridge magnet🙄
  5. Dumped car.. Rant

    I get the ‘ I’m off on holiday brigade’ parking outside my house.. I kid you not I’ve seen one man nudge forward and Back in a space for 3 cars.. I asked him if he was ok and his reply.. ‘I want to make sure your cctv camera covers the whole of the car 😳’
  6. Will a washing machine fit in my car?

    I think it would ‘fit’ but how many scrapes and damage done to the inside.. and if it’s a pre-owned one that has been used they always leak some water out.. good luck- prove us wrong a show is a pic 😂
  7. Me hire car here.....

    Yep I agree.. that would be one hire car that didn’t have many miles on it from me.. looks dreadful and my gut says breaks dreadful with that shape too..
  8. Stolen without keys/Be warned & aware

    What really concerns me about this is.. the insurance companies. Where does the ‘you left your car open come into it?’ Years ago there would be proof the car was broken into by door damage and steering wires pulled out.. unless it’s on cctv and you have proof I’m sure the insurance companies will try and get out of it 😞. So not only will you loose your car you might end up in a huge fight just to get your insurance back on it !
  9. TR/Black FL7R "I'm ready to go home now"

    I’m not normally a red girl but I can honestly say those two pics of past and present I’d go red any day❤️.. yep really lovely!
  10. Car Choice - Help!

    do you have a bike licence? A moped would work for a few weeks, cheap to insure and run, no foot controls and better than bus with a gammy leg. No one will recognise you 😉. Job done 😀
  11. Tow Bar

    I love this site the knowledge you people have is amazing!! And I learnt a new word at my age 😀
  12. Show Plates - Recomendations

    Hi I got my plates from ‘plates for cars’, they space them exactly as you choose, (also giving legal guidelines), but you choose how your show plates are. Quick delivery and so far happy with the quality.
  13. Thanks becs, i wasn’t sure if there was. I guess not