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  1. No where near me sorry, but might be worth a shout out asking if anyone is close who can reset for you- to save dealer charging.
  2. New Golf R Estate Inbound

  3. New (to me) Tornado Red Golf R Owner - Hi!

    Hi, and welcome from another newbie it really won't talk long if you talk half as much as I do
  4. Where are you? I'm sure someone will reset it for you who is close.
  5. It's half an hour for me- go to house get them stroke the dog on the way, sit back down stroke the dog again ask her to go away while I do it, stroke the dog feel guilty stroke her again then do it- nothing is quick in this house with our dog 😂
  6. Autowatch Ghost Help Wanted!

    Brilliant thank you, and for your very quick response.
  7. Autowatch Ghost Help Wanted!

    Saving up for one next month and just had a thought.. if your car turns Itsself off at traffic lights etc - do you need to re enter the code each time😳.. I don't always have my mobile on me and this could be a huge pain as I'm now quite liking my car stop.
  8. Sorry it just makes me sad that for an extra half an hour.. anyway as you say working great so no problem
  9. 😞 lazy work - so sad to see an approved installer do this
  10. Last day with its old plates on ❤️
  11. Blackvue dash cam owners...

    Hi Ashley just checked back and I'm sitting at prob 1/2 - 1 second delay in record.
  12. Data Plugs?!

    This sounds a bit big brother ish to me.. i think I'll pass on this one.
  13. Is it too early?

    don't get me started on what my nan did in the war- we never knew until she died and suddenly reps of the army arrived to give her the burial she deserved😳- that's a whole different story.❤️ This old girl Is sky 10/11 ish had her for 7 years she is our rescue, seriously abused and in kennels for a year because they didn't understand her.😞 Now she is with me and still quite disturbed but fits me perfectly 🤣... and is the reason I have leather seats as it's easier for her to get in and out - I know expensive but she is so worth it.. not too keen on her new car but when she gets used to the new harness I'm sure she will be fine.. and no good at telling me if the camera is in the correct position I can tell you - so far she has licked it and tried to have a nibble lol abd refuses to get out because it's too windy for her