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  1. Can I have a whinge about autostop?

    Mine has a life of its own too. You can do the same thing in exactly the same place and sometimes it does it’s own thing. I’m just resigned to putting petrol in it and go along for the ride whatever mood it’s in 😂
  2. R owners Age Group

    I’m cough cough a new 50... that is my physical age.. my mental age is.. far less😂.. i have always loved cars - fast cars.. I tend to hold onto mine and look after them and drive them until they cost me more for a service than what they are worth.. I’ve had the grandma comment driving the R - get over it young stud 🙄.. but mostly people I’ve met who drive the R are far more interested in the mods which is what I love. I couldn’t go back to a less powerful car so will keep this one until I don’t smile each time I turn it on - or It outlives me and then my daughter will get a used R to play with 😀
  3. Stobsie Departs.

    Stobsie, I have written so many replies to your post and keep erasing them. 😢 So all I will say is hug and talk to your children they will get you through this terrible time. Remember it is ok to be mad and scream and shout and to cry. There is nothing we can say to make it better. One day at a time. X
  4. Just passed this

    Hope everyone is ok, but looking at it it does show how well these cars are made, years ago a hit like that would of damaged the front as well.
  5. What made you laugh

    As said let’s lighten it up a little.. i laughed at the technician who came to do my car yesterday., to start with his computer was flat, then he had to call someone for help and I emailed someone here to try to help him / all the time smiling thinking it’s ok.we can do this 😂. when it was finally done his van had gone flat and we had to jump start it 😂😂🤣.. now over to you let’s see the little things that made you laugh today 👍
  6. Glad you got it sorted, sometimes on things people don’t know about they just don’t post, they read and wait for someone else to post🙂 who really does know about it I bet all of us who read your post are really glad you told us and I’m sure Someone out there will ask the same question and find the answer here . Lovely colour by the way
  7. The Quick Question Topic - Part 2

    A question about auto hold.. if it’s on auto hold in a traffic jam and you get tail ended does it act like the parking break? Or does it release and take you forward.. don’t want to try it to find out 😆
  8. Selling Stuff Online Is The WORST

    Ashleyman you have patience of a saint😂 You deserve a medal for this one.. 👍
  9. Listening to the debate on hands free mobile use in cars I think it's madness. We cant police mobile use now let along hand free mobile use. I can honestly say I never have a journey where I don't see someone with a phone up to their head let alone hand free! How the hell can that be policed?
  10. Mine and the brothers r and gti

    We are a vw family too
  11. Where's Bojam?!

    Nearly as good as the where's wally books zooming in and out to make sure I found what I think is your car 😂
  12. My other car is a shed on wheels

    Apologies for late reply Ollie I didn't set notifications on this post. Ita about 750 if I remember correctly 😀
  13. What a child!

    My mirror got filled with a big black thing 😝