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  1. Number plate

    Shall i use a number plate plastic holder or just install the plate with some double sided tape? Which looks best? Thanks
  2. Golf R Owner

    Thanks all Do you happen to know of any good VW (Golf R) online shop which will send things to Malta (ideally from UK)? Anything, exterior, interior, performance parts, any other thing... Thanks! James
  3. Golf R Owner

    Thanks guys...cant wait to drive it and see what it is capable of. Never owned a 4x4 turbo and DSG. 'Closest' i had was a Honda Integra DC2 with 220bhp. Here she is waiting to start the trip to Malta 😊
  4. Golf R Owner

    Hi guys Just wanted to say hi and let you know that im an official R owner. Bought it from UK, 2015, lapis blue, 5 door, DSG, 30k miles. Hopefully it arrives to Malta on Thursday 22nd March. Like waiting for Christmas... Funny thing is that ive never been in an R. Cant wait though from what ive read, and read and read! Thanks James
  5. Hi Binky, do you have a contact like email, facebook, Skype etc? Might be interested.
  6. Thinking of getting a G7R

    Honestly I do like the 5 door version. I was looking at something like this: http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201707187479626?make=VOLKSWAGEN&price-from=15000&advertising-location=at_cars&zero-to-60=TO_5&maximum-mileage=35000&colour=Blue&year-from=2014&onesearchad=Used&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=New&price-to=25000&model=GOLF&radius=200&maximum-badge-engine-size=2.0&transmission=Automatic&fuel-type=Petrol&quantity-of-doors=5&sort=price-desc&postcode=b462dg&page=2 2015 (rather than 2014), low milage and price seems fair enough at a glance as still will need inspection etc etc.
  7. Thinking of getting a G7R

    Ok thanks for the heads up. Wow - just saw your images on flickR- amazing machine that is!
  8. Thinking of getting a G7R

    Hi guys, not sure if you can help me out with this. Which used cars UK dealers would you recommend please ? I know each car has its own different story.....but if you had some in mind, this can help me move in the right direction. Thanks, James
  9. So basically the earlier turbo's on the R (if tuned) might fail and a newer version (if tuned) might fail too. So its all about luck I assume (maybe the early generation has a 'higher' percentage to fail, but still it boils down to luck)
  10. 2014 car versus 2015

    Sorry if I am hijacking this post. So as you might know i am researching heavily to buy an R soon. Biggest dilemma for me is if i should look at 2014 or 2015 cars (as 2016 reg tax will be too much to get to Malta). 2014 (14/64) or 2015 (15/65). Would for example a 2014 car with 25k miles be better than a 2015 with 35k/40k miles ? Im sure there is no correct answer to this...but maybe some advice could really help me make up my mind, especially when some say the 2014 had some turbo issues. My budget for the car only is 21,500 / 22,000 sterling.
  11. Thinking of getting a G7R

    I thank you guys a real lot. So i was searching for a 2014 Lapiz Blue car on Autotrader. Not saying i will buy one of these, but if you had to choose, which 1 will you pick from them two ? http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201708058073484?onesearchad=Used&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=New&price-from=15000&year-from=2014&colour=Blue&sort=price-asc&advertising-location=at_cars&quantity-of-doors=5&maximum-mileage=40000&make=VOLKSWAGEN&price-to=22500&radius=100&zero-to-60=TO_5&transmission=Automatic&fuel-type=Petrol&maximum-badge-engine-size=2.0&postcode=b462dg&model=GOLF&page=1 http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201707287803443?onesearchad=Used&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=New&price-from=15000&year-from=2014&colour=Blue&sort=price-asc&advertising-location=at_cars&quantity-of-doors=5&maximum-mileage=40000&make=VOLKSWAGEN&price-to=22500&radius=100&zero-to-60=TO_5&transmission=Automatic&fuel-type=Petrol&maximum-badge-engine-size=2.0&postcode=b462dg&model=GOLF&page=1
  12. Thinking of getting a G7R

    Hehe reg tax will be between 5500eur and 6600eur depending on year and mileage and another 1.5k for shipping so I will have to find a car worth 20000gbp - 22000 gbp.
  13. Thinking of getting a G7R

    Yes in fact the going for it and driving it back to Malta is on mind. Problem is i am no mechanic/panel beater so I would need a helping hand definitely to inspect the vehicle. Should I steer away from the 2014 model ? Cause I read that these might have turbo issues? Thing is Registration tax will be approx 1000eur more if car is of 2015 rather than 2014, and Reg tax in Malta is crazy.... My budget is 30,000euro (27500GBP). This includes price of actual car, registration tax and shipping. Thank you
  14. Thinking of getting a G7R

    From where do you think will be the best option to buy one ? Is it Autotrader.co.uk (I can find it myself through the internet and a third party will inspect + get it here) ? Does this forum have any 'R's for sale section by any chance please? Thanks James
  15. Hi People, First of all i would like to introduce myself, James here 33 years old from sunny Malta. So basically I always had a passion towards cars, first I had an Alfa Sprint, than an Alfa 155 2.0 16V a Honda Integra DC2 (lightly modified) and finally a Smart Fortwo Brabus. I had sold my Integra cause i never really used it as I should and I had a van from my work. I used to love washing it and looking at it and not driving it if you know what i mean! Now the van I cannot use anymore, so i am using the smart as a daily. Thing is I am thinking of getting a 'family' (good excuse to my partner), 5 door, FAST, daily car, comfortable, can be good as a daily, not too bad on petrol if driven 'normally' and possibly good to go to Sicily every now and then for a track day or a relaxed holiday. I will be after a 2014/2015 ideally less than 30,000miles, 5 door with DSG. I started to love my Automatic Smart so i can imagine how it would feel on the R. Will have to get the car from the UK. It will be garaged during the night but will be outside during the day to go/come back to work. Parking is an issue but if I go early-ish this might not be a problem. Another option would be to get a scooter to use to get to work, but like this I might not use the R enough ? This time I want to use the car as it should, it doesn't make sense having a car in the garage. What are your views on this matter please ? Anything to look at when buying a 2nd hand G7R ? Looking forward for your advise. Thanks, James