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  1. My custom built exhaust

    3” with quad 3.5” tips
  2. My custom built exhaust

    Haha I’m so glad you know what I mean, those 2.5L 5cyl sound amazing but they’re loud!
  3. My custom built exhaust

    True, but most of their systems are made this way, I’d rather it be louder to not have drone, a close friend of mine has a full turbo back miltek on his focus rs, that thing is loud, yet it drones like f$&k because as standard the miltek has two rear boxes
  4. My custom built exhaust

    Sorry mate there’s an issue uploading, I will post a link shortly to YouTube 🤙🏻
  5. My custom built exhaust

    i love the sound, it’s perfect, under acceleration when it gets up to 4K it’s like you’ve awoken the beast, it sounds awesome! Ive noticed no droning hence why I’m glad they advised me not to have a rear box fitted to eliminate that. i won’t lie to you though, sometimes when you come off the throttle it can give off a really deep tone, not all the time but if you tap the throttle it just burbles and pops which is pretty cool
  6. My custom built exhaust

    £799 all in which is cheap considering bolt on milteks are like a grand without even getting it fitted! But thier work is flawless, highly recommend!
  7. So on Monday I took my car down to EMP Performance in St. Albans after discussions about what system best suits my requirements, I told them I was after something louder than stock but not over the top, to which they told me a catback (centre and rear) system would be best with one centre silencer and no rear box as they create too much drone. With that said, I paid a deposit and booked a date! Dave tended to my car on the day, I told him I want the tips to poke out slightly and stagger them too, he reassured me none of that was a problem, so I let him loose on her for the day. This was the end result, and it exceeded my expectations, I’m so over the moon with it and glad I went custom!
  8. Evening everyone, Just thought I'd share with you what i booked in today! I booked in my MK7 Golf R today for a custom cat back stainless steel non resonated, non valved exhaust system, Its being fabricated on the 2nd October, and I'm dead excited! Can't wait to give you all feedback and pictures (maybe a naughty video if you're lucky) If you're curious where I'm getting the work done it's a place not far from me, you should check out their work if any of you are into your welding. EMP Performance in St. Albans
  9. My new purchase!

    @MattM7R the only reason I think I'm going to do without valves is because Eldin at EMP said, "I have a MK7R myself and we have done many now and personally I would not recommend building the exhaust with valves as with the increased gas flow the valves tend to start rattling. They are weak and some have failed with centre silencer delete if driven most of the time with the valves closed."
  10. My new purchase!

    Absolutely! I'm just looking around at the min, I've been priced £799 by EMP Performance for a custom catback non res and non valved inc fitting, if you've not heard of them I would check them out, their work is flawless, oh and they quoted £90 for a centre res removal. if you're looking for an uprated intake I've heard good things about the following two: VWR Cup Edition intake http://www.racingline-performance.com/vwr-cup-edition-intake VWR R600 intake http://www.racingline-performance.com/vwr-r600-intake I might do springs in the future too but as for wheels I love the pretorias
  11. Instagram: dominicleeee
  12. My new purchase!

    @MattM7R ticked every box for me too! I just wish it was a bit more ignorant (louder), thinking of installing the non resonated, non valved milltek cat back system🙈
  13. My new purchase!

    @MattM7R I see why you mean now haha, thanks for clearing that up! Yes the doors are longer, I'm very used to it as I've always had 3 doors, I almost brought a red 5 door and it took me by surprise how small the doors are on them! It even shinier now, I was out for 5 hours the other week, clay barring, machine polishing and waxing her🙉
  14. My new purchase!

    It sure is, We're using the other halfs car for the kids, can only imagine the stare they would leave it in 🙈
  15. My new purchase!

    I held out for a while for the blue and pretorias! So worth the wait!