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  1. The dreaded rev rise!

    43k! Do you mind me asking what year your R is, mines a 2016, Ive alway though maybe the later MK7’s had a stronger clutch...?
  2. JB4 & Decat

    Thanks for your help so far guys!
  3. JB4 & Decat

    Wicked! Thanks for your help!
  4. JB4 & Decat

    Hope everyone’s having a good weekend! Im looking to invest into a JB4 soon after hearing so many good things about them, I almost went down the DTUK road but I’ve heard a lot of reports of them leaning out, whereas the JB4 controls the AFR’s and Fuelling. (ps if anyone is selling one secondhand I’ll buy it) My R is a 2016 Manual model, all stock apart from a Custom built cat back which some of you may have seen or even heard. Im planning on installing the JB4 to reap the benefits of the power gains and logging, but I’m curious to know if I install a decat downpipe will the JB4 take care of this i.e no EML or putting it into a limp mode? Sorry in advance if this has been covered, I’m new to the JB4 and if I’m honest the user interface is overwhelming with things to adjust and the forums are split with people saying the JB4 does/doesn’t sort out a decat Downpipe, regards, Dom
  5. Dealers to avoid or recommend

    Good to know, I'm near there and my service is due in March, will consider Watford, not heard anything about Wycombe yet
  6. Number plate holes

    Probably best to seek advice from a bodyshop, I couldn't imagine it costing huge money. But they would be the best people to advise you, plus their work should be guaranteed 👍
  7. I've not used mine for evidence, but I can highly recommend the Blackvue DR650s 2CH dashcam, mines hardwired into the optional power magic pro hardwiring kit so it will continue to record when parked for 12 hours. Pricey bits of kit but I don't think you can put a price on something like that! So if anyone is in the market for one definitely look them up, if you're on a budget I recommend the Nextbase dashcams as they're also high quality and most insurance companies will give you a small discount for having a Nextbase one
  8. It's my idea of a bit of harmless fun, why?
  9. Evening everyone! So today I took my pride and joy out in the snow, I wasted no time doing so, my neighbor's all thought i was mad, but I had a strong believing my motor would be fine. The following YouTube link is a short clip of me having some fun in my manual R I'd love to see more videos like mine if anyone else has some!
  10. My custom built exhaust

    Guys the link you’ve all waited for! Sorry it has been a while!
  11. Evening guys, hope you’re all well! I got around to machine polishing and waxing my beloved R the other weekend with some great hydrophobic results ready for this winter!
  12. My custom built exhaust

    3” with quad 3.5” tips
  13. My custom built exhaust

    Haha I’m so glad you know what I mean, those 2.5L 5cyl sound amazing but they’re loud!
  14. My custom built exhaust

    True, but most of their systems are made this way, I’d rather it be louder to not have drone, a close friend of mine has a full turbo back miltek on his focus rs, that thing is loud, yet it drones like f$&k because as standard the miltek has two rear boxes
  15. My custom built exhaust

    Sorry mate there’s an issue uploading, I will post a link shortly to YouTube 🤙🏻