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  1. Grant's Pure White R Journey

    Will take some tomorrow morning - been in the garage drying since fitting yesterday and I've not been home. The stuff I used is a PU adhesive and is crazy strong. I've used Tigerseal for body work in the past but didn't have time to wait on it arriving in the post so popped to B&Q after doing a little research indicated that SikaFlex is meant to be on par if not even better - which I can attest to now after using. The front and rear splitters were supplied with nuts, bolts and washers that lock tight and don't come loose. Since you cannot access the other side of the skirts while they are on the car (Maxton have clearly taken this on board)... self drilling screws are supplied instead and a bodywork adhesive is highly recommended in their instructions. Unfortunately I've thrown these out now otherwise I'd post them. I put the adhesive over the entire contact point and drilled the screws in with some adhesive on the thread, then some around the screw head after tightening fully so they DEFINITELY cannot work loose. Removing will be a ball-ache if and when the time comes! 🙃
  2. How *NOT* to deliver a new VW

    How can they get it so wrong... Careless is an understatement! Sorry to hear!
  3. Do I paint my Prets?

    I don't see why not. The finish isn't that special and can be put back and sold on regardless... If mine came with silver prets I'd make them black, but I have Cadiz so also in the market for black prets or spielberg's!
  4. Grant's Pure White R Journey

    Finally received and fitted my side splitters and rear spats from Maxton Design after waiting four weeks due to stock issues.. I see Maxton get some slack on here but my front splitter - and the new sets - aren't particularly flimsy and, I suppose, would break if rattled off a concrete speed bump but I take it easy and avoid certain bumps if possible and haven't had any issues apart from the one I fixed... but that was my own ignorance! It was my only day off to fit them and was smeary with rain but we persevered and popped it in the garage for the SikaFlex to fully bond (using the supplied fixings too) and unfortunately this is the only photo I took. One skirt on here. 😬 Time for a wash and some photos on Friday hopefully!
  5. Grant's Pure White R Journey

    Some more cleans!
  6. Which MIB do I have?

    Mine is MIB2 with nav and voice button, has CarPlay and my booklet says 2016 edition. My friend's is the same as yours with no nav and same booklet and they definitely cannot have car play, car net or performance monitor. You're out of luck I'm afraid man! It's only the 2016 edition onwards of unit that have the ability. I can take a photo of my book later if need be.
  7. Apple CarPlay

    I haggled app-connect (CarPlay & android auto) to come pre-installed for free when I bought my R in October. Took three days extra for the license pack and installation but well worth it. MY16 R with MIB2. CarPlay is great!
  8. Grant's Pure White R Journey

    Forgot to add the res delete video! This is how the 7 R should have sounded from the factory. The mk5 R32 has so much character to is exhaust and, while never competing with a VR6 on noise, the R should have been given more beef from factory. I removed the resonator from the R32 and it was nuts compared to this. Still tame. Pop's and crackles aren't from a map, just 2016 revision like the FL I'm guessing. I have a few friends with 2014 & 15 R's and S3's that barely burble stock. Mine did even pre stage 1 and now more so from the res delete.
  9. Grant's Pure White R Journey

    Very true! I like the mirrors chrome.. for now! I don't think they add aggression like the front end does.
  10. Grant's Pure White R Journey

    The lack of ambient lighting on the rear doors/sills bug me! The glove box is an easy fix and I suppose you could install an LED strip in the cubby.. might be a good shout to be honest! For the plug see post #2 on this thread: http://www.golfmk7.com/forums/showthread.php?t=8308 The previous owner added this, pretty much his only 'mod'. Looks much nicer than the original one though!
  11. Grant's Pure White R Journey

    It's not the easiest part to wrap the grill was much easier. Cutting the shape was trick so make a stencil first i'd say.
  12. Pothole damage

    Poor guy did this on the motorway in Glasgow at the weekend! Was going on a road trip the next day and managed to get an emergency alloy 5x112..
  13. Grant's Pure White R Journey

    Ordered side and rear splitters from Maxton Design two weeks back, just waiting on them coming back into stock then they'll be added to the R! 😁 Looking to get 19" alloys soon, torn between black prets or spielbergs... 🤔
  14. Grant's Pure White R Journey

    Got round to doing the lower bumper trip gloss black. I feel it finishes of the white R nicely. Finished right before it started snowing yesterday!
  15. Grant's Pure White R Journey

    Dirty drive up to St. Andrews! Aaaaand a good clean!