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  1. Help a brother out

    Hi all, No idea where to even begin... At some point I would like to get my R aesthetically modded, so new side skirts, bumpers and spoiler. I'm wondering if you all could suggest some decent places I could look and who might be able to sort this out for me? Thanks
  2. I completely agree! I've saved up for at least 2 years to buy my R outright and I wouldn't like to be removing things from it, especially when, as you say, it looks subtle enough as it is. If anything I want to be making it look more aggressive, so want to put on a bodykit at some point!
  3. Fair enough! Each to their own
  4. Why would you want to debadge the car?
  5. Adrian Flux member discount pointless?

    Just putting this here that I was quoted in excess of £7k by Adrian Flux (HAHAHAH). I am a 27 year old with 5 years no claims and haven't even modified my car yet. I think I'll stick with Admiral and just declare a stage 1 remap when I get round to modifying my car...
  6. Never done this before so I'm wondering whether I can purchase any dashcam and then hardwire it with a hardwiring kit, or does it have to be a specific dashcam if I'm going to hardwire it?
  7. Mk7 R - How to fit a DTUK PedalBox

    Cool thanks Booth. If it comes to it I can always just switch the unit off. Definitely giving the pedal box a thumbs up though.
  8. Mk7 R - How to fit a DTUK PedalBox

    I've just fitted mine and the response is fantastic. I've followed booth's settings and for the first time I put my foot down in my car it wheelspun! Installation wise I used a flathead screwdriver to flip the new red clip on the pedalbox and it was much easier. It was an absolute nightmare clipping the connector with the red clip on the pedalbox onto the pedal as there's not much room to work with and the other cables got in the way, but got there in the end. Has anyone else had any issues with theirs? I ask because when I took it for a spin there are 3 things occuring which never occurred before installing the pedal box:- 1) when the car slows down it judders very very slightly 2) I can hear some grinding when I put my foot down in sport mode + 1 3) the revs go much higher before the gear changes
  9. New to site.

  10. Mk7 R - How to fit a DTUK PedalBox

    I will hopefully be fitting mine tonight or tomorrow using this guide (The one I have bought is the red OEM clip so I believe these are the later ones?)
  11. Haldex service

    Good luck!
  12. Haldex service

    Nope I used the same old plugs. I drove home after servicing and checked under the car having parked for about 10 mins and saw no leaks. All I used was:- 1. Syringe and hose 2. Haldex fluid 3. jug to catch the old fluid 4. T30 Torx to remove the two bolts on the filter housing 8mm hex for drain plug key and 5mm hex key for fill plug Nothing extra
  13. Haldex service

    Thank you mate, this is the guide I used I've done mine now and it has improved albeit not a lot, but then my filter wasn't as clogged after 35k miles as some other members.
  14. What should I mod?

    Thanks guys, appreciate it! Aesthetically I would like to put on an Oettinger spoiler and side skirts, as well as carbon fibre wing mirror caps. Perhaps coloured callipers and have my Pretoria alloys powder coated in black (I have a grey R). That's about as far as I'd go with the exterior mods. BUT JESUS CHRIST £3k for a new turbo!? I will probably have a custom ECU remap with DSG remap and exhaust resonator delete if modding the car will cost me that much...
  15. What should I mod?

    Hi all, I've always wanted to go all out and really kit up my car. I seen a video on Youtube the other day of some guy who kitted up his Mk7 Golf GTI which then produced 510bhp so I wonder what a Golf R would achieve... Essentially I wouldn't need to ever consider buying a supercar if I could achieve something around this figure but I do not have a clue about the various modifications which can be done. I'd be grateful if people could list what purpose different performance modifications will achieve and what the cost of these are likely to be please, so some sort of list. Like I said I have no idea so this would be a great way to learn. Thanks M3an.