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  1. Haldex service

    Slider, where did you get all your bits please mate?
  2. Haldex service

    Are you aware of any guides with a walk-through video tutorial and links for the parts, by any chance?
  3. Haldex service

    Thanks very much
  4. Haldex service

    Hi all, My car has done 34k miles and I don't think the haldex fluid has ever been changed, not according to the service booklet anyway. I'm unable to find the service kit anywhere online, will I have to purchase from be direct, or is there a genuine retailer I can buy these from please? Thanks
  5. Cruise control without ACC?

    Hi mate. That's exactly what I do too. Might just be a feature I don't like, but I'll try getting used to it.
  6. Anyone in the Teesside area with VCDS?

    Hi all, The person who owned the Golf R Mk 7 before me must have tweaked with the settings as since I've bought the car the rear pace lights are on instead of flasing on and off, and the front indicator lights are permanently on. In fact I think I like the rear pace indicators, but I really need to have the front indicators reverted back to stock settings. Does anyone live nearby that might be able to do this for me please? M3an
  7. Hydrophobic snow foam wow

    Looks fantastic mate. I have been looking into ceramic coating and have been advised this is the way to go. Not quite sure how some stone chips play into this however.
  8. Cruise control without ACC?

  9. Cruise control without ACC?

    This may be a stupid question, but how do I find out please if my R has lane assist?
  10. Cruise control without ACC?

    Hi xPetezx THe issue I have with it is that I usually drive at 60mph to save as much fuel as possible. Therefore when I overtake a lorry I put my foot down and even with the ACC at the closest distance it brakes as soon as I pull back in to the inside lane which makes the lorry whom I've just overtook consider me a *****
  11. Cruise control without ACC?

    Thanks guys, appreciate the responses. Limey mine is a 7 also, it's definitely there.
  12. Finally joined the R club :)

    Thanks Guy, I'll keep you in mind.
  13. Finally joined the R club :)

    Thanks mate! I've been looking for ages and got this at a bargain price!
  14. Cruise control without ACC?

    Hi all, Apologies if this thread is in the wrong section. Is there any way to put Cruise Control on without having to use the Adaptive Cruise Control function. Every time I switch modes I have to either leave ACC on (otherwise cruise control won't work) or use speed limiter. I simply want to have the cruise control function on without using ACC or speed limiter. On another note my indicator lights stay on permanently during the night, is this a feature or do I need to get this looked at? Thanks
  15. Finally joined the R club :)

    Thanks all. I wouldn't need stealth paint with the speed of this car here are some pics! Also I will be modding it at some point but for now it will be asthetic mods such as spoiler. Performance wise do you think a tuning box is better or an ECU remap?