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  1. How *NOT* to deliver a new VW

    Spoke to them directly at the dealership and VW Customer services on the website via the chat. The lease company then also backed up my concerns as well.
  2. How *NOT* to deliver a new VW

    I take your point and I gave all VW branches a chance via Carwow and my locals the option for me to buy from them but as @bodas73 says why would you pay more for the same end product. I could not find a VW Dealership offering the same car for the £220 a month I'm paying for this one, OK, that needed a £2.5k deposit, but that money went to VWFS not the lease company. Unless you are buying something used you expect something new to arrive undamaged, the dirt and salt is not an issue that was just disppointing as VW Swindon supplied my last VW via the same Lease Company, but the damage, nope. VW have agreed to compensate this morning and resolve the tracking so it's a win after a bit of stress.
  3. How *NOT* to deliver a new VW

    I have to say Atlantic Blue was definitely the right choice for me. Years of grey, then a white car and then this. Properly happy with it. Waiting for some sunnier days to take some photos up on the hills here.
  4. How *NOT* to deliver a new VW

    They said because it was a leased car it wasn't coming from their dealership. All they would do is offer different delivery slots no matter how much I insisted. I think this is basically a sign that a lot of groups are being squeezed where they don't make the direct sale.
  5. How *NOT* to deliver a new VW

    Did all of that, this still happened. Sh*t shower from start to finish. My complacency came from the fact that my VW Polo GTi also came from them and it was spotless and pick up was arranged. All nice and easy. So I just didn't anticipate this at all. So much for repeat business.
  6. Weird rattle between gear changes

    True. It's curious that they can tell you it's within tolerance without knowing what the 'it' actually is...
  7. Weird rattle between gear changes

    I'm afraid this is atypical of almost all car brands. I had the same experience with Audi on my A7 and issues with vibrations being "within tolerance" the dealership is unfortunately beholden to VW, so in any case the dealer at least seem to be decent by approaching VW. My Audi problem got resolved by the problem getting worse, I've no idea how the problem got worse 😉😉😉 but it did.. 🤷‍♂️ and then they had to fix it...
  8. How *NOT* to deliver a new VW

    The driver to his due was very apologetic but simply didn't know what else he could do. I messaged and documented it all and wrote on the paper work AND emailed the dealership AND sent them a video of it showing that I couldn't inspect the paint work as it was filthy so hopefully that gave me enough protection.
  9. How *NOT* to deliver a new VW

    I tried to but Swindon VW said it wasn't an option and has to be delivered. Never heard of that before, but they insisted. 😒
  10. How *NOT* to deliver a new VW

    Thanks, all. Hopefully, it'll be plain sailing from here on in. I'll see what they come back with. The rear is good though! 😊 Just be glad to get these issues sorted. It goes without saying that if you're leasing then Select Car Leasing will fight your corner. Highly recommended.
  11. How *NOT* to deliver a new VW

    Given the time, choice, I definitely would have. Issue was up until the day before I thought I was going to Swindon to pick it up. Juggling child, work, family etc, doesn't leave much opportunity. Leasing company is on fire though, they're really nailing VW to the gate post so that's good.
  12. How *NOT* to deliver a new VW

    A good improvement.... One scratch still proving resilient. Tracking is definitely out, not helped in the first instance by the right hand side tyres all being 7PSI higher than the left... Bill sent to VW, shall see how it goes...
  13. Well my "new car day" finally came last week. It's not gone entirely how I would have liked. It arrived tucked right underneath a leaking VW Passat... To say it was a bit filthy is a mild understatement As I worked my way around the car it quickly became apparent that it wasn't just salt on it. So today I spent a considerable amount of time getting her cleaned. The bonnet was actually caked in oil - presumably from the Passat above and the sides were covered in brake dust, presumably from the lorry. Then it became apparent that the rear drivers wheel arch was scratched, the rear passenger door is scratched in multiple places as well and the gloss trims just look like someone drew with a paper clip on them. So I now have a valet guy who is very good with scratches to see what I'm left with and I go back to shout at VW...
  14. Whos waiting for the 1st March?

    Now that's a legitimate reason! 😄
  15. Whos waiting for the 1st March?

    I didn't bother waiting. Car is on HP so it goes back in two years anyway. Is the value impact really that significant these days? Most car buyers (of these types of cars) are much more concerned about the build month so they know what features it has.