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  1. Who does the best Carbon bits

    Looks good not seen one of those before
  2. New member - New R ordered

    Hi I am new here to and will soon have my new R does anyone think its odd that new cars have rear air bags as an option ? a must have I would say I guess its an easy way to get more money out of us
  3. Stefan's oryx white R

    Looks stunning has someone already asked what springs are they
  4. I want one spotted Autocar feature today
  5. Getting my R Soon and always loved the carbon bits I have seen a few cars with front lip spoliers and a smart rear defuser what other bits can we get and any pics most welcome
  6. Selling/buying parts

    Went for Onyx Performance Pack Pan roof Vienna Leather Dyn audio Rear camera Heated seats Lane assist electric drivers seat Discover Pro sat nav Carbon mirrors Heated screen
  7. Selling/buying parts

    Many thanks guys looking forward to getting it I went a bit mad on the spec
  8. Golf 7R Photos - Part 2

    Anyone got an Onyx R with a high res pic of the side view ?
  9. Hi All I am getting a new Onyx R in the next few months and have added the performance pack so have the Spielberg wheels and wanted to buy another set without paying the new price I have looked for a classified section and cant find it ???
  10. Valves in the Exhaust

    I don't yet own an R but was just wondering if you can adjust the exhaust valves to be open all the time ???
  11. Golf 7R Photos - Part 2

    Hi all new here am trying to make my mind up I think I want Oyrx white with Spielberg wheels has anyone got some clear pics of it