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TR/Black FL7R "I'm ready to go home now"

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Cheers all.  ''Tis Crystal Serum Ultra (new) topped with Exov3.  


Asked Matt to put in extra time refining finish.  Seems to have worked....3 hours on front NS wing to correct/refine.  😳


Not had had chance for proper photos, and wet today😂But...IMG_2966.thumb.JPG.91c8db99a131368e45735167642f3b42.JPGIMG_2950.thumb.JPG.e7c0cc20f5c8a79aa966b1f64fab05e4.JPGIMG_2964.thumb.JPG.6548ea34ce9f005ac997887bc3a22de0.JPG




Will be concentratung on minimal touch washes to preserve finish and underlying clear coat. 


Paint is soft (there was a lapis blue in as I dropped off) and was told the TR is as soft, but should harden over time as per NB. 


Satisfied with choices. 👍


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