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2017 Rocco R ticking noise from engine

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So I've owned my 2017 Rocco R for nearly a month now and so far it has 1100 miles on the clock. Since then, I've been lurking the forums and even posted a question about the turbo charger. All is well until earlier this week when I've started to notice that the engine makes a tapping / ticking noise when it's idling. I thought it's only because the engine was cold because previously my GT86 would have this slight tapping noise as well when the engine is cold. However it's a lot louder on the Scirocco R and after a nice 20 mile drive to warm the car up and get it going, the car still makes this tapping noise while idling.  (I've recorded the noise and linked it below)


Is this normal for VW engines especially the  Rocco Rs which I understand have an older engine. It's the first time I've ever owned a car which continues to make this tapping noise even after the engine have been warmed up and at pretty high volume as well.


Here is a video showing the tapping / ticking noise when the engine is warm. 


I hope I'm just being paranoid..


Thanks all :)

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Hey mate.

Had a watch of the video a few times and can't say I hear anything I'd personally be worried about. Mine is the pre-facelift Rocco R with the EA113 engine (yours is the newer EA888 engine which is what the Golf 7R has) so can't compare it with mine.

I'm a bit OCD with noises too so totally understand your paranoia haha.

It's obviously still under warranty so no harm in getting VW to have a quick look/listen.


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Most VW engines are quite noises.

Get it checked over to be on the safe side.

Im not sure if the Gen 3 engines suffer from the Cam chain tensioner issues of the Gen 1 engines. worth checking to be on the safe side

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