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  2. But those internally-tapered anthracite grey tips with those little holes … it is like a fine work of art absolutely beautiful If I can get Akra-style tips for std exhaust that can easily be installed (see link) I may give them a try https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/324031152564
  3. Sorry situation to be in feel for you plight. I would be seeking an independent specialist engineering report by a respected and verified assessor in matters of this nature before I went anyway near legal with VW UK as they'll eat you up for breakfast. If it can be demonstrated it was a possible manufacturing issue you'd be in a much stronger position. Potential of a new engine at £9k + all the legal side if it all falls on deaf ears could be a serious bill and defeats the object as car is only worth so much at that age and mileage. Even if they
  4. I cannot attest as per legal issue, so, my response will focus on the technical and warranty part, based on my own experience. If you plan to sell the car in the upcoming year or so, then a used engine may be the way to go, as it may cut your cost in half or even more. Try to find a relatively new engine from a rear-totaled car (preferably newer than yours) with low mileage, maybe it will even be an upgrade. If you can get VW to swap it with a new/refurbished one for free, that’s great. Keep in mind, free hardware come with no warranty. If you plan to keep the car for 2 or more years, I’d re
  5. Hope they find and solve the fault with your car today, Becs 🤞 After the aircon update, have you tried to adjust the heated wheel settings in Aircon Settings? Mine won't allow me to change it from the off position but the wheel comes on at medium heat every time I start my car. Super weird. Also, following my update, my Mobile key stopped working for 30 minutes. Stood outside the Supermarket trying to lock the bloody thing looking like a right plum 🤣 seems OK now tho 🤷‍♂️
  6. TonksyR

    Hi Everyone

    Congrats! Specs? What Red H’s have you owned? I come from 13 years or various fast Honda’s. DC2, DC5, EP3, S2000 and an FK2. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. True. But it’s not about liking, I just can’t help it :-)
  8. Today
  9. Yes I had that on my old 7.5, did it from new (in fact, I mentioned it in the thread Becca posted above). The dealer did nothing to fix it and put it down to "having the Auto Hold switched on". Seems strange some do it and others don't. Not sure in the end if I just became oblivious to it, or it went away! Cant remember.
  10. GarryS

    Hi Everyone

    Well guys after spending a couple of days reading the forum posts, i’ve put a deposit on a Golf R, so looking forward to joining the forum properly…
  11. It’s not the first time it’s come up. With the 7/7.5 there’s been similar experiences. This one for instance. https://www.vwroc.com/forums/topic/31084-brake-pedal-clunk-dsg/page/2/ Worth a read.
  12. I have mine on all the time as well, tbh I've noticed this for quite a long time but not really taken much attention as I though it may be normal. The clunk sound I'm referring to is definitely from the brake pedal when I release it after coming to a stop. Maybe I should add this to the snagging list when I eventually book car in for a system update and other stuff. But Yes I get the occasional clunk sound from release of brakes when its cold and left over night parked sometimes.
  13. Thanks Rebecca. Same, I had the Haldex Oil change done on schedule at VW, all servicing was done as per manufacturers recommendations. I've spoken at length to the service department manager for the retailer who have my car at the moment, he is very knowledgeable and has a background in engineering and was a technician also so he is able to give detail on the issue. His 100% agrees that it is a manufacturer responsibility, and that the moulding process failed when they poured the molten iron into the casting, and that the fault was there before I even took delivery of the car. I
  14. I’ve been driving a truck this week with no AH and manual handbrake. Fortunately it does have working heated seats. 😜 I’ve really missed the autohold and at traffic lights had to recite the mantra “remember no autohold, no autohold” and on parking, “don’t forget the handbrake”. Fortunately I didn’t forget either so did the roll into the car in front, and it didn’t roll away after parking up. 😅
  15. No not usually. You feel it engage but I’ve not heard a clunk. I have AH on all the time aside from very rare occasions when manoeuvring requires some extra micro movements. The only time I ever hear a clunk is if the car has been sat overnight and there can occasionally be a clunk on release of brakes (not the AH) on first start up, but that only happens in certain temp and humidity conditions. For instance I moved my car yesterday after it had been sat unused on drive since last Sat and the brakes made a loud noise as they released after a long spell immobile, felt like they were welded t
  16. Have to admit I turned off auto hold day 1 and have not used it since so cant comment! 😅
  17. Admit it, you slept like a baby. 💤 Which is great provided the baby in question is not one of those up all night bawling for milk! 😁 My reply was purely for AHG who likes to analyse these matters to the zillionth degree. 😉
  18. New for 2022, Powervalve are now offering 90mm Downpipes as part of the new FLOW90 range for the VAG MQB platform. Collectors are ceramic coated for thermal efficiency. Cheers Nige
  19. Forgot to mention the clunk sound is from the pedal when released
  20. Really feel for you @Operation Blade. Until last year I had a ‘65 plate 7R from new (5.5 years ownership) bought from JCB Medway (via DTD). And like yours, it remained stock (aside from a pedal box) and well looked after and serviced as per schedule and even certain things early (DSG) and over and above standard (Haldex). It also has the coolant leak in 2020 and that was sorted under VW Extended Warranty. Mine was on 33k miles when I sold it, but if I’d kept it and this had occurred, I’d be very unhappy about it and think I’d pursue it. I do hope that VW CS can help further your case and
  21. In jest oh I’m pleased to hear that Rebecca. I could hardly sleep last night for worrying😁
  22. A question for those who use the AutoHold handbrake. When you come to a stop and release the brake do you get a clunk after releasing it? I've tried turning it off and coming to a stop and releasing the brake normally and it doesn't make this sound. I wonder if this sound is it being activated?
  23. Forgot to say yesterday, that I believe there’s a separate inner swing gate and an outer swing gate (they straddle either side of the bollards). You can see on the pics. I suspect they only close and lock the outer gate at night. In which case no harm should come to car. 😅
  24. I have the standard exhaust and its done a little over 7k miles. The pops are quite load on downshifts on certain revs (time it correctly) especially if you have your back seats down and that's from inside the cabin must be quite load from the outside. I've watched youtube vids of the Akra, It does certainly have a deeper tone but the pops and bangs seem to be around the same. Honestly if you can afford it go for it, but having lived with a standard exhaust I don't feel short changed. There seems to be a big difference from the 7.5R and 8 standard exhaust even though they both have GPF exhaust
  25. Well they wouldn’t know if you’ve never told them about it. 😁 Never mind, it’ll be warm again soon…….one day. 😂
  26. No I completely get it - I'm equally happy to pay to transfer the risk, and like you I'd also assume a worst case of £1,000 or £2,000 as a repair bill without warranty. I certainly wouldn't be expecting to be told my engine has completely failed after 5 years and 30k miles, and I need to pay £9,000 for it! The more I think about it, the more I think it's so 'off-trend' that surely VW will acknowledge it's a manufacturing issue. If you said it was 8 years old and had 60 or 70k miles on it, it would be more expected.
  27. 12 months I think is pretty standard at the moment, I wouldn't even expected to get it before then and if you do you're lucky. You MAY be able to get it sooner by dropping the spec but personally I'd rather wait and get what I want.
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