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  3. It could be axle tramp (wheel hop) where a tyre loses grip, spins, and then regains grip, causing the engine & gearbox to move so much that it hits against something in the engine bay. It can happens when there is uneven grip from side to side, and also if not in an absolute straight line. This is very common with GTis, and some tuned Rs. There are a number of stiffer engine and gearbox mounts designed to reduce the movement sold by after-market suppliers. Be aware that some increase NVH considerably.
  4. Same for me. I have a vague idea that the Mk7 didn't, and a TCU tune was needed to enable the display (but I might be mis-remembering)
  5. It's only money. If you can afford it then it isn't a problem. At those low miles covered per year I (like several others) would also cast my net a bit wider, and possibly consider s'hand "special" cars as well if you are looking for fun driving.
  6. Sounds like leaving is definitely the right thing to do. It might be worth seeing a lawyer who is expert on working conditions, you may be entitled to more than you think eg payment in lieu of notice, long-service leave etc.
  7. Drivers who don't slow down in thick fog don't annoy me, they scare the cr*p out of me. I know they can't stop within the distance they can actually see, so I'm constantly worried about being hit from behind. We don't get a lot of fog where I regularly drive, so some drivers ( a minority, thank goodness) obviously don't get enough regular scares to re-educate themselves about appropriate speeds when there is poor visibility. I have lots of other pet peeves, but have listed them in another thread ages ago. "Other drivers doing dangerous or inconsiderate things" pretty well covers it.
  8. So this happened tonight, car was parked outside house, 3 guys in masks broke in to the neighbours, they didnt get far, they ran out the house, smashed the read, driver side, and rear left passenger side windows on my R. Sped off and smashed 1 window on an audi up the road. I didnt see any of this i was in my room and only heard the noise, ran to the window and saw/heard my alarm and i knew exactly what had happened. fair to say i am in a bit of shock, not sure what to do now, i really dont want to go through insurance. ive covered the windows with bin liner and tape and have left the car unlocked as the alarm keeps going off if you lock it. great start to the week
  9. I bought them from AliExpress. £18 inc. delivery. my caps aren’t carbon, they are sprayed in the body colour. 👍
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  11. I toyed with idea of long life service internal but decided against it as the interval isnt fixed. When I priced up regular v long life service costs it seemed you had to get 16k at least out of the car to break even on long life. Having heard some people's car needing service closer to 12k I went with the discounted 2 year service plan standard servicing. And to be fair, I'd rather not leave the initial oil in the car that long considering the crap it picks up as the engine beds in.
  12. Look very nice. Good choice. Look serious. Great Tyres too. 👍
  13. NRW


    Hi Paul. Welcome here, sure to like it if you’re a VW fan. I’m no Senior - youth the stuff I’ve learned on here about all aspects of R ownership is priceless. Help advice and comments are always available - from a wide bunch of often wise, knowledgeable enthusiasts, who are also really friendly. Nothing to dislike! when you are ok to do so, please share specs and pics - never tire of looking at a nice R.😀
  14. I'm gonna do a jb4 next spring. Wanna get used to it then give it that little extra. Will probably hold off on a flash tune for a few years to keep my warranty.
  15. I'm gonna go for every 5k also. I don't mind the little extra cost and doing it my self.
  16. Looks interesting im always for better headlights.
  17. jp694

    Just joined

    Welcome good luck finding a R I think you will like it.
  18. see the link here https://www.diesel-performance.co.uk/tuning/car/volkswagen/golf-vii-r-from-2012-onwards/2-0-tsi-4motion-310ps228kw-1984-ccm/?add-to-cart=75957#notice Ignore the first item. Look at the first one Pedal Box, which is the best bet. The second one Pedal Box Plus is the same but with app control so if that matters to you then that’s an option. You’ll need to put your car make and model in when you choose. Some fitting guidance here
  19. When someone does that to me, it feels more like a number 2
  20. Hi Anyone link what they would say is the best Paddle Box to buy, I am confused with the number that are available.
  21. Driving way too fast and too close when it’s really wet is number 1 at the moment. After that, it’s a very long list.....
  22. Do you mind me asking what the charge was to fit it?
  23. Completely agree, at that annual mileage, I’d definitely get something that felt more of an occasion to drive. As has been mentioned many times, a ‘sporty’ Golf is a great daily driver that does most things well, it’s not that special weekend car. I had a 740d loan car for 2 weeks recently and covered the equivalent of your annual mileage! Back to the original question.....I’d keep the R or get something completely different, after so many Golfs in a row it would be good to try something else.
  24. Ah I get what you mean now, yeah if the lanes are marked up say left and straight on then you should be in the correct lane, and yes very annoying! You do get the odd person that maybe doesn't know the road etc but you can usually tell them as they are a bit hesitant... Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  25. The thing is, it's not a merge, the entire Lane from start is signed as turn right, it's basically 2 lanes with 1 straightahead the other filters to right. one from the lights is a right turn lane, it's about 100 yes to next lights and the actual turn right junction. with no traffic, I could see the point of a little overtake, however not at 1730 and rush hour traffic. 2 lanes in to 1 lane is one thing, this is just people being utter cocks.
  26. Maybe it's a tweak or a setting somewhere then Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  27. Am sure that my 7.5 shows an M when in manual mode. I have the gear selection showing large in the centre of the rev counter.
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