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  2. I've been trying to find a Das WeltAuto Golf R with the right options for months now. Volkswagen and their dealers don't do themselves any favours with stunts like this.
  3. Yes, seriously concerned about operating touch controls for simple things such as cabin temperature and heated seats. Those controls such be push button switches/dials and easily accessible. Like they are now!
  4. This crops up a fairly often on other forums. There seem to be lots of fake batteries out there, and IMO the risk of batteries being fakes and / or poor quality is probably higher if they’re bought from certain online sites. The general consensus seems to that to get good quality, long lasting batteries, you’re best to buy a decent brand from a reputable source.
  5. If you google the wheels a pic shows up of a GTD with them on. They look good, a little like the wheels I run
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  7. Does anyone have Ava Aspen 19 inch wheels fitted on there car and if so do they ever rub and do you have pictures of your car with them on.
  8. Oh and nearly forgot.. you MUST declare to your insurance company that it’s not a UK spec car Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Just make sure everything’s not upside down [emoji23][emoji23] Sorry on a serious matter.. double check you have a rear fog light. That’s an MoT requirement and not all Asia/Australasia cars have them, they also usually have the indicators on the right hand side control stalk too, but not all Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Greetings from Greece. Aoos springs lake 2 weeks ago on a S10+.
  11. Two points - Has the speedo got mph as well as Australian kph? If only kph then, for obvious reasons, it would be a good idea to stick on markers for 30mph, 50mph, 70mph etc. and/or Can the MFD digital speedo be programmed to use UK English rather than Aussie English so it will show mph instead of kph? BTW, before anyone mentions it - it's not a MOT requirement for a speedo to display mph.
  12. Nooooo 😥 Just gone to open the car and ... nothing. No red light on key fob. Cleaned battery and contacts. Tried another new battery (3.31V). Still no light when a button is pushed = no power to keyfob ... The original Panasonic battery was at 3.01V when I changed it. It was working OK but I got the message on the dash asking for a new battery and that's when everything went wrong. I'd say the key has gone wrong but why would it happen just changing a battery - confused. Decided to pull the battery out of my unused spare key, rather worried that it would also die! Guess what, the 'old' key now works perfectly with the battery from the unused one. Put a new battery in the unused key and the light flickers red as if that battery is dead. I think the problem is the shitty batteries I bought from Amazon. 10 on a card for £2 ... what a bargain ... not 🙄
  13. Why couldn't we get those seats in the Mk7 Very nice car you have there
  14. I think they’re having a laugh with the price. Given the standard fit hassle.
  15. Welcome along! That’s a really lovely mk6 R! We have a Classifieds section where parts come up for sale though usually primarily mk7 parts. You will need 25 posts to be able to view all sale categories.
  16. Booth11

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    Welcome along! Your GTD looks very nice. Post up your questions and hopefully help and advice will follow.
  17. It’s that time of year! Stick your grubby Rs in here.....
  18. That does make sense - I assume that Australian R's don't get folding mirrors or Nav as standard. It's possible the mechanism / hardware for folding mirrors is still installed in your car, but the function is software-disabled. That might be worth looking into with OBD2? Agree with your point before though - for a high-spec, relatively expensive car there are some basic features missing in some markets I think. Like in the US I think parking sensors are optional?! Then again, nothing was more surprising than the Audi A3 when I looked at one in 2016 - parking sensors (either end), auto-lights, rain sensing wipers, cruise control, heated or folding mirrors - all optional extras.
  19. That’s not much of an exhaust on there !
  20. It was a learning curve! I didnt put me off VW though, also sometimes a poor quality worker goes a long way in ruining a garages rep. A bit more honesty and i wouldn't be here telling people all this.
  21. billman

    Hi all.

    Thank you guys!
  22. I remember when i was looking for an R there was one that was imported (can't remember where from) and it had the speedo in kmph which put me off.
  23. I recently just purchased a Golf R second hand locally, got it for a very good price with only 6.8K Miles on the clock with it being a January 2017 model. Has all the bells and whistles on it, but turns out that it is a Aussie spec Golf R, tbf the guy did mention this vehicle was bound for Australia but then it stayed in the UK, and the Pdi was done in the UK. Its missing things like electric folding mirorrs, DAB radio but has everything else I think on there, and also has the 206KW de-tuned engine. Is there any real disadvantages of this, the spec is so high and with the miles being so low, does not really bother me, the engine I guess would be sorted with an Apr stage 1 or an M52 tune. Just wanted to know if anyone had a simiar experince?
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