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  2. Talking of pictures, here are a couple of lovely beading shots from 2 cars that certainly. Never get detailed! Bobs gets the once over at the local hand wash maybe twice a year and mine gets treated to a jet wash every once in a while 🤣
  3. Thanks again for the passenger ride, always good to go around with someone that really knows the track! Ohlins felt great and the car was really planted and purposeful, but I'm sure with a few more outings and tweaking the setup you will get it even better 👍 Shame from lunchtime it became a bit of a washout and understandably some of the older cars started to leave, some lovely old cars there and erm some interesting new ones shall we say... Unfortunately won't be able to make 3rd September but have another good day out and hope you get a few more Rs to attend. It really is go
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  6. Thanks to you all for turning up 👍 Its now 0045 and sorry I had to leave early for a family commitment in West London Great to be able to get on track and get a good feel for the car since Ohlins fitted. Good to get a few R’s together even though it’s mainly Fords but we were all welcomed. At least my brakes were properly sorted following my recent Ring trip which was brilliant with great company. Only managed 1 session even though I’d paid for a day then it piddled down and before I knew it the wife reminded me of my family commitment so I had to leave ver
  7. Ahh quality! That is looking very nice mate 👌 👍 May see you on the road one day 🤟
  8. I have just purchased a valved remus exhaust for my 7.5 but am have trouble swapping over the actuators for the valves. The springs down seem to align and I can't see them doing so without me having to deform the spring. Anyone had this issue. Thanks
  9. The rain came in the afternoon and they left. The Evo owner has just had the underside undergo a full teardown and restore, and so didn't really want to mess it up. Cossie is definitely track biased and a bit of a handful. I'm off to Spa/Ring in two weeks with them. Should be interesting.
  10. Yes saw them hammering around track, they were certainly quick.
  11. @Msportman many thanks for organising and great to see you on track. Great to catch up with everyone and see the R collection again. Here’s a picture from the early, sunny morning But the diehards stayed well into the afternoon.
  12. That would be a good thing, the 13hp more is a gimmick, all R's have that, though not VW officially, I woukd not pay a penny more for the ED20 over a equal equipped R
  13. Really good day even though it was chucking it down for most of it, great catching up with people, new and old. Thanks for the comments Bobby/Dave. 👍 I did see that pairing of the Evo/Cossie cruising down the Motorway first thing this morning, never saw them again all day I don't know where they went hiding. Cossie is more track biased right, seen it a few times before, perspex windows, stripped out and all that. Regards Damian Mac Donagh
  14. In this pic it definitely doesn’t have the horrible blue bits. So assume they are an option. https://www.volkswagen-newsroom.com/en/press-releases/golf-r-20-years-anniversary-model-of-the-golf-r-now-available-to-order-7995
  15. Just checked the pic of the config I made, it has HK
  16. Not sure could not open the doors, but they loaded it, was a 73k car in Germany
  17. Great to know, thanks fella. Not sure where I heard that but it’s been holding me back from pulling the trigger. Your input has really helped.
  18. Out of curiosity, how long has Ian been doing trackdays?
  19. Welcome to the July PotM competition. One pic entry per forum member. VW Rs only. No spam, no chat. Photos should be visible in the post itself, no links to third party sites. Bring on your R’s!
  20. No wasn’t me think you went a couple of days after us? we were there 8th/12th of this month.
  21. Did I just miss you ? Was this you ?
  22. Can't see the twitter on the A pillar is it with HK or without ?
  23. I love fabric seats the feel of leather is less to my liking only leather seats require vent since they hear up from your body (like a blanket) most fabric seats are usually pretty self-ventilated (from my experience) never had power-vented seats before and never felt the need (we blast the AC to 22degC 80% of time, so inside the car is chilly) but most importantly I fell in love with the design 🙂
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