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  2. As above, possibly wrong wheel. as to delay, there is a bit of a global crisis going on, the supply chain for all companies in all countries is well shagged. the key thing is what have they responded with when you contacted them?
  3. Maybe they just (stupidly) sent you the wrong wheel? How did they react when you called / mailed them? Does seem rather expensive, are you in US or over here?
  4. Shug


    PCP has been mentioned a few times over the years as a way for dealers to shift metal on a regular basis, with lots of people who otherwise wouldn’t have the car trading up every three years, getting bigger, shinier toys, so also keeping supply of decent second hand cars flowing to further increase dealers profit. Dealers do well out of it, as get repeat customers and just raise the monthly payments just a bit on each renewal. The risk is exactly what is mentioned above. Many (not all) using PCP couldn’t afford that car any other way, and even a short term income disruption upsets the model. PCP works for some people but is a ticking time bomb for others. Unfortunately, the UK (like many other western countries) Is selling the ‘have it now, pay later’ logic. Too many people taking loans for stuff they can’t really afford, and with little care for the future. Low interest rates support this type of finance, and short term living above people’s means, but screws the prudent who save for the future.
  5. Saw it too, great stuff 😎 Always a good read this and such an amazing looking car. Nothing too crazy and everything just works well together.
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  7. So I stupidly ordered a steering wheel from EZT around 10th January.. for 1200usd paid via wire transfer as he only accepts wire transfer for international orders!! with many emails some were very unresponsive regarding stitching etc.. so after two months wait, 10th March , Bill delivers wrong color stitching and wrong center band.. wtf? is this a joke? since the payment was wire transfer i'm pretty much screwed over.. so any other buyers.. please beware, my experiences with Bill is very poor and he is only responsive when he hasn't got your money yet.
  8. blower


    I'm a cross between a bower bird and a powerful owl, that makes me a bower owl or... a powerful bird
  9. Msportman


    Pretty grim analysis of tv tonight Re jobs the economy and people struggling with their finances with many people planning to hand their PCP finance’d cars back to dealers because of jobs or no money. I suspect many will have negative equity and some having no income or a means to pay back. Sad times
  10. My R was on main dealer Castrol oil until last year then I switched to Fuchs equivalent of the Nano drive tech oil. Runs 1-2 degrees cooler. Both good oils but my advice is to swap out your oil every 6-8k. The R engines run particularly run hot and if keeping long term to aid engine longevity being a turbo charged car Id change on a more regular basis. When mine was under dealership service plan I paid the extra at my local VW specialist and tuner. Well with it. Has VW said anything re oil consumption??
  11. Yesterday
  12. Hi Mark Cant speak from experience with the RTS however have heard reports it’s generally closer to OEM than Sachs/helix. The helix in my car in my opinion is 100% something most people could live with, I drive maybe 10 cars a day and the pedal feel is noticeably heavier than a ‘normal’ pedal however not to the point it negates from the drive.
  13. I had this on my R estate, vw had it 4 times and I took the techs out in and they didn't have any ideas, just told me they needed to speak to vw Germany. in the end they swapped a set of wheels from a car on the forecourt and i had the car for 2 weeks with no issues at all. Turned out to be the traction control didn't like the tyres I had fitted on the fronts. Changed all 4 tyres as I wanted it resolved and it's been fine ever since.
  14. Yeh that's the thing. I think once the area of loose soil he's been digging is covered with grass he'll probably stop.
  15. Hi Mark shifter non at all but avent driven that much n not mapt yet but seems sweet I’ve ad no bother with any mountune stuff Speak to AKS (01234822324)bout a clutch lads know there stuff I ad braided hose too from them g-tech (mappers) put me on to them Glad to help hopefully Cheers Pat Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  16. Evening BD and Pat, Nice one, really helpful. It sounds like it's either Helix or the RTS. Is the Helix pretty close to OEM in terms of feel/how heavy and is their any judder? The OEM one slipping is driving me insane, it feels like the car has got "only" about 250bhp. Pat - shifter sounds great. Any downsides from your perspective? Cheers Mark
  17. @Rwagon glad you happy with it mate car looks awesome
  18. will do! Thanks mate, much appreciated
  19. The best thing about is I haven’t been furlough’d. Off work, full pay.
  20. Saw you posted on a FB group and it was great to see people lose their minds over your R, yet there's a well documented build thread here. Good to see forums still have a place. Keep the updates coming.
  21. Nile

    Gogs tcr

    Some photos please🤠
  22. I guess I'll have to look at purchase of the BT device then.
  23. Have you tried pressing and holding the traction control button to turn it off completely to see if it still does it? You really need to drive the car whilst it’s plugged into diagnostics and read the actual values from all 4 wheel speed sensors to see if they are all reading correctly.
  24. At roughly 1 litre per 3000 miles that will fall well within VW’s usage limits and isn’t really something to be concerned about, just kept an eye on and topped up. If you don’t like the thought of it then changing to a Millers 5W-40 NFS or motul 300V 5W-40 will reduce oil consumption in my experience.
  25. Could go on and on then! As long as it’s stopping him digging up your turf though.
  26. Good job @Rwagon Almost makes me wish I'd been furlough'd so I'd have the time to do mine...
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