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  2. Not from what I've heard. If you follow the mk7 process with obdeleven, one of the rear sensors doesn't set at full droop. Supposedly the ACC and DCC are tied together and both need to be set for things to work. I decided not to bother trying the DCC only with obdeleven and will just let the dealer do it when it's in for diagnosis of an oil leak.
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  4. Transfer box / Bevvell slipping…..or your pump isn’t sync’’f in. Have you a good VW tuner near you?
  5. Thanks Luke. It did have a build page few years back but took it down at some stage and never really updated the progression since. Below is a "shortened" what I would use for a show type display specification list that gives you a rough idea what it's running. Factory Specification: · Night Blue Paint. · 2.0 TSI 4Motion 6 Speed DSG Petrol. · Black ‘Vienna’ leather With ‘R’ Logo. · Alloy Wheels 19” Pretoria. · Technology Pack. · Panoramic Sunroof. · Lane Assist Including Dynamic Light Assist. · Exterior Mirrors In Carbon Fibre. · Advanced Telephone Connection. · Climate Windscreen. · Winter Pack With Leather. · Convenience Pack · Voice Activation For Audio. · Rear View Camera. · Car – Net App – Connect. · Rubber Mats – Front (Spare). · Rubber Mats – Rear (Spare). · Safety Kit. · Smoking Pack. (Non-Smoker). · Discover Pro Navigation Radio System. · High Beam Assist. Every option ticked but the additional darkened rear window tinting which is not my thing at all. Additional Modifications: · Full Blueprinted And Balanced Bottom End. · Rotating Assembly Balanced. · Custom Wossner 83mm Competition Specification Pistons · Custom 83mm I-Beam Connecting Rods. · Custom Made Pins. · Block Bored 0.5mm Oversize And Honed With Torque Plate. · Polished Crankshaft. · Machine Head Porting. · APR Valve Spring Kit. · ARP Head Studs. · Sputter Big End Bearings For Conrods. · Gaskets, Rings, Bolts, Covers, Seals, Lifters, Water Pump Belt, Auxiliary Belt, Sump Plug, Oil Pipe, Oil Pressure Switch, Fuel Line, Water Hose, 8 Startline Hose, Filter Extender, Knock Sensor Bolt. · TSI Rear Main Seal With Billet Flange. · Moroso TSi Baffled Sump. · Exide EK700 AGM Battery. · NGK Racing R7438-9 Spark Plugs. · Coil Packs. · Generation 3 Port Injection Kit. · GDI Injectors. · Loba HP20.3 High Pressure Fuel Pump. · Daza RS3 Low Pressure Fuel Pump. · Daza RS3 Fuel Tank. · Custom Fuel Pump Loom And Lines. · Flex Fuel Kit (E85). · ORB-6 Oring Boss Adaptor And Swivel Adaptor. · B1 S1 Lambda Sensor. · R600 Racingline Intake System. · Custom Intake Pipe. · Mocal Oil Cooler. · Leyo Oil Management System. · Drain Line With Valve For Leyo Oil Management System. · IMS780 Turbo. · Forge Divertor Valve. · Actuator. · MRC Black Billet Inlet Manifold Including Gaskets, Downpipes and Coolant. · Integrated Engineering FDS Intercooler. · AEM Water Methanol Kit Without Tank. · One Way Valve For Water Methanol Injection Including Wiring · Water Methanol Pre Mix · Volkswagen Racing Lower Engine Mount. · Black Forrest Industries Engine Mount. · Custom 3.5” Downpipe Ceramic Coated. · Custom Valved Cat Back System With 200 Cell Cat, Cerakote Black Tips. · 2 No. 4 Bar Map Sensors Including Conversion Loom. · New Engine Control Unit Including Recoding. · MRC Custom Engine Re-Map With Map Switching (Petrol, Race And E85 Fuel). · DQ500 RS3 Gearbox. · DQ500 RS3 Clutchpacks. · RS3 Transfer Box. · Starter Motor. · Gear Linkage Adapter. · RS3 NSF DQ500 Driveshaft. · RS3 OSF DQ500 Driveshaft. · RS3 Daza TCU. · Sachs Flywheel. · Custom DSG Catch Can. · Custom Bracket For Transfer Box To Block. · Modify Cooling To Gearbox Cooler. · DSG Filter And Fluid. · Black Forrest Industries Pre-Assembled Stage 2 Transmission Mount. · Black Forrest Industries Torque Arm Insert Stage 2. · RS3 Subframe And New Bush For Forge RS3 Insert. · MRC Custom DQ500 Gearbox Re-Map. · Ohlins Road and Track Coilovers With DDC Delete And Upgraded Stiffer Springs. · Super Pro Bushes. · Super Pro Rear Suspension. · Super Pro Race Arm Kit. · Front 26mm Adjustable Sway Bar. · Rear 22mm Adjustable Sway Bar. · AP Racing Pro 5000R 378mm X 36mm 6 Piston Big Brake Front Kit. · AP Racing Pro 5000R 355mm X 32mm 4 Piston Big Brake Rear Kit With Additional Belefe EFB Calipers. · Custom Bell Housings. · Ferodo DS250 Pads. · P3 Gauge. · Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S Tyres. · Full Wheel Alignment. · Significant Security Set-Up. · Driver Door Alarm Light Changed To Blue To Mirror All Flashing Lights. · Paintshield Whole Car Coverage Plus Headlights And Foglights. Upgrade To A Pillar, Wing And Sill In One Piece. · Fusion Plus Ceramic Coating. Performance Data: This is literally pulling over and doing a run with 1/2 tank plus of fuel and I run the car at 36psi pressure in the tyres all around so it's really not set-up for optimum acceleration runs but it has always remained in full blown road car trim. Also never done a full set of data results on E85 yet so the below figures for 100-200kph as an example were 5.56secs on race fuel. First and only ever run to date on E85 this was 5.13secs in a previous post so good as makes no difference half a second quicker so it will go much quicker than all the below numbers all over when I get the inclination/desire to go back out and do a full bore launch but its still not to shabby. Performance (Renegade Pro E85): Power – 744.3PS (734.1BHP) Torque – 778.3Nm (574.0LB/FT) Data (Race Fuel circa 710BHP) 0–60Mph – 2.95Secs 0-100Mph – 5.92Secs 60-100Mph – 2.97Secs 0-130Mph – 9.36Secs 30-130Mph – 7.85Secs 60-130Mph – 6.41Secs 0-100Kph – 3.06Secs 0-200Kph – 8.62Secs 100-200Kph – 5.56Secs 60’ – 1.75Secs 330’ – 4.48Secs 1/8 – 6.73Secs @ 109.30Mph 1,000’ – 8.67Secs 1/4 – 10.30Secs @ 138.21Mph 660’ – 1/4 – 3.57Secs 660 – 1/4Mph – 28.91Mph Regards Damian Mac Donagh
  6. If the black one is going to be ready only 2 months after I'd stick with your original choice. The white one will have a standard stereo so wont be as good as the HK, not sure how important that is for you. I personally would not go for a sunroof as it reduces headroom inside and adds weight in the wrong place. I think if the black one was 6 -12 months after the white one I'd go with the white one. But personally I'd stick with the black one. But its all down to personal choice!
  7. Just to make you aware then, when I took mine to the dealer to investigate my haldex issues, the technician said they don't do any pump learn procedure. This absolutely needs to be done to make it work, hence why I took the car to a specialist instead.
  8. I meant other Cupras. I haven't heard of the Tiguan getting it, but it'd instantly make it a more interesting model .
  9. any idea which rims are those on the 4th pic?
  10. Tyke looks a gorgeous old boy.
  11. My car has PP, DCC and pan roof. PP would be a high up for me as I think the spoiler makes the car and driving modes (Special) is brilliant. DCC is good but I think i would choose PP over DCC. I wasn’t sure about sunroof as never speced a car with it before but really like it. It’s personal choice but that’s my thoughts. Hopefully it helps.
  12. Turned out to be the in tank fuel pump
  13. Just an update on fuel cuts issue, turned out to be the in tank fuel pump regulator valve, new pump in and going grand, but just wanted to ask if it's failure could have been caused by running the Apr hpfp without a specific tune for it, I'm stage 3 l450 and there is some parts in the low to mid range where the HP falls slightly behind requested, and I was told that running the Apr hpfp just maintains rail pressure more consistent and doesn't really require a tune because the fueling will still remain the same. I can test this myself obviously comparing logs but I do remember the autotec and vis internals saying even on a stock car with improved performance.. any experience welcome thanks all
  14. PP with no DC is not the ideal spec but its what I have got and its fine, unless you have driven a DCC car you won't know what your missing! Go with your own preference, you've waited this long, a few more weeks will not hurt too much imho
  15. Hi guys I ordered a Mk8 R in sept 2021, the wait has been long (so far!) and spec is below: black 19 estoril alloys DCC Harmon Kardon stereo They have had a cancellation and have offered me the following: white performance pack pano sunroof. The white one is £30 pcm more and £350 more on the deposit. Available July delivery. The black one is now showing (as of today) as having an unallocated build week 33 (14 August) and the dealer was very confident that it will be a September delivery. I would go for the cancellation/white option but it concerns me that it doesn’t have DCC which from what I have read is an excellent/very important option. Any thoughts on the perf pack with no DCC? And any thoughts on delivery likelihood for the original/black option? I’m leaning toward waiting for my original spec but the delivery time/likelihood of getting it in sept still makes me nervous. Many thanks!
  16. Well when you put it like that, room for one more set… 😄
  17. That’s them fitted to the Edition 45 so will give a better idea of how they will look
  18. Definitely keeping the R20 wheels as factory- that’s one the things that sets the R20 apart After going to look at the car I’m going to fit the ones on the rear on it R360 will go one the CSS Revo’s may well be a future purchase Just checked I’ve actually 6 sets of 19’s and a set of 18’s with winter tyres but spreading them across 3 Golf’s doesn’t make it sound as bad !
  19. Okay so what about changing the colour on the originals or is that not an option.
  20. Sorry to hear about your R OP, glad your wife is ok. This thread reminds me of coming across a car on its roof on a country lane about 15 years ago, I was the 1st on the scene, I was driving quite quickly in a bit of a rush to get to work and nearly hit the car. Thankfully the occupants were ok.
  21. Same here. RF019’s are far and away the best aftermarket wheel for the mk7 and mk8 imo, and don’t like either of the options but if pushed @SEAN G the ones on the rear look better to my eyes.
  22. This is my doggo, Tyke, he turned 18 last April.
  23. It’s ok, appreciate your new here. Best just to have a single thread going. 👍
  24. Is this a mk7 as indicated in your other threads? If so this is the mk8 section.
  25. Sorry didnt really know how this forum works
  26. Hi @Ultraxgolfr. I appreciate you’re desperately seeking help, but you’ve posted up 4 different threads on the same topic this week. I’ve merged these and they are in this thread in mk7 section. Can you just stick to this one thread please. Thanks
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