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  2. Driver training used to be offered in US high schools. The 1963-'64 class I took was the last year in our district to use cars with manual transmission (three-on-the-tree). I took my driver's test in my mother's Oldsmobile station wagon with automatic but mostly drove my father's Anglia, which he traded on an Opel Kadett late in 1964, both manuals, thereafter. Later I bought the Opel from my father . . . first car.
  3. I used to give a cheaper version of these to Burglary IP’s. In terms of value for money I think they are awesome.. Any one tries to force a door or a window (where it’s fitted) and the alarm goes off.. perhaps enough to put off the casual sh*ts.. and certainly an early warning to allow a call to the police..
  4. Not used mine at all. Best get it out of your system and show it off to your family/ mates/relatives when it is Run In and thoroughly warmed up too. It’s a fun, popular feature that has great appeal and enables nearly All to achieve optimum acceleration times, consistently and repeatedly. Damn quick cars, these R’s! 😀
  5. For licensing purposes, any car lacking a clutch pedal is considered an automatic, and DSG-type boxes are generally considered as a type of auto anyway. It is therefore the ability to operate the clutch manually that is the key thing, not the ability to change gear (e.g. using DSG in manual mode). If you pass your test in a DSG car I therefore assume that you are limited to driving automatics. https://www.simplemotoring.co.uk/automaticvmanual/
  6. Lovely R Wagon. Good to hear you are pleased with it and enjoying it too.👍
  7. I've owned my car since July 2018.........used launch control once.
  8. DSG is classed as auto, therefore limited licence. @Cogito I would guess that 99% drivers learn in a manual. tend to be mini, pug 208 Yaris etc size. personally they should limit people to 100bhp or so until 10k miles or 3 years. that way they might actually learn to drive. getting to be too many fuckwits learning to drive (as in the learning after passing test) in high bhp cars. they seem to think Gran Turismo works in the real world.
  9. It's not very common over here to be honest. Pity whoever buys the GTi afterwards! 🙂 Given there's 3 pedals, it's a manual. You are right however about being limited to driving an auto in the UK if you pass your test in an auto. I'm not sure what applies with a DSG box though.
  10. It would have been wonderful to have a driver training car like that back in the day. Here in the States they say Millennials are less enthusiastic about learning to drive and owning a car than previous generations, although you'd never guess judging by traffic congestion. Is it the same in the UK? The GTI appears to be DSG. Does that restrict the license to automatic vehicles in the UK? It doesn't in the US, where virtually everyone learns to drive auto and few want to learn manual but are free to drive whatever they can manage.
  11. Good day folks o have found a golf r that I am thinking about purchasing, was wondering if this seems like a good price to golf r owners, its a 16 plate, white 19000 miles, upgrades are full leather, DCC, pan roof, sat nav, Pretoria alloys, they are wanting £20500 for it, this is from a Volkswagen garage comes with a full Volkswagen history aswell, also should the haldex service have been done as its over 3 years old? Or is it mileage thanks andy
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  13. As above wait until well bedded in etc. also launch control is hugely overrated, just a gimmick with zero real world use. well apart from laughing at some fuckwit that uses it at the lights.
  14. Personally I'd wait until 1000+ miles so everything has bedded in.
  15. Well I’ve got Carista OBD2 and it does not seem to be on there . Which app has the battery re set on it . It’s not on the Carista app as far as I can see. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. Well I’ve got Carista OBD2 and it does not seem to be on there . Which app has the battery re set on it . It’s not on the Carista app as far as I can see. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Guys. Get into my brand new R tomorrow morning finally after a long wait... (well a week but still 😂) In regards to the launch control. How long should I wait before doing the first launch. I wouldn’t want to damage anything by launching out the dealership 🤦🏻‍♂️
  18. I'll take more as the weather permits and as I put my own stamp on her 😎 But what a weapon, perfect sleeper till you see the quad pipes 😂
  19. Just a couple of pics of my wagen before I officially picked it up, and one are I got it doing e sensible thing 😂 using it to do a food shop. Hope you enjoy 😋
  20. It's oddly comforting to hear that others have problems like this. I thought I was the only one too lame to figure out why one evening shortly after I got my latest R the rear interior lights wouldn't go out. No doubt I'd pushed an unintended button. But which one? I continued to press randomly with increasing irritation until finally all lights worked as expected. Still don't know what I did to cause or cure the issue, but now I try to pay closer attention to seemingly simple, innocuous adjustments.
  21. Many thanks for your input, I do really appreciate that. Its handy to know that you don’t have to completely remove the turbo to check it which I really should get done by my tuner. It’s just getting the time to go back to him as he is also 1.30 hr drive from me. First off I would probably be best to get a new OEM DV and as you said start the elimination.
  22. Blimey that’s a good find. Spec’d up nicely for some track action as well. Previous owner spent a fortune! Great soundtrack too. What plans have you got?
  23. It’s quite easy checking the play of the impeller shaft impeller and visually inspecting the inside of the turbo housing without having to remove the turbo itself. Just take the pipes off on the turbo and inspect from there. Extra boost wouldn’t cause a screech tbh certainly it has never done that on both stage 1 and 2 on my R. It maybe the diverter valve but on the OE valve again I’ve not had this noise on mine....some slight whooshing and tweeting you get with the VWR 600 intake. I suspect your car will be ok but it’s a case of elimination as we all know the stories of turbo issues on some cars over the years as documented on here. Better off being safe than sorry for not checking certain areas of concern.
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