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  2. Just in case anyone is interested, I watched a few YouTube videos and managed to change the bulb myself. Everything is fine again now, so it was the bulb. Thanks delboy01 👍 I also found a genuine Osram D3S bulb on a well known auction site for £33. Don't be afraid to change it yourself, it's really not too bad! Cheers 😃
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  4. I agree, I learnt to drive on a Mini S, Australian made, 1977 998cc model. Just a hoot. And still the benchmark in heel and toe brick to the rails driving!
  5. lol my old man was playing a round of golf a couple of years back he went into the bushes to retrieve a ball and there was a middle aged couple in there going at it they just carried on like it was nothing and even invited him to join them lol
  6. im looking for a dash cam, never used one before but i wanted one specifically to use whilest my car is parked reason being i sometimes have to park it in a space i dont like leaving it in with a tosser parked next to it ive now got a big dink in my door and chipped paint due to said tosser so i would like to capture such incidents if possible does anyone use their dash cam for the same reason? is it possible to do so? what is the best type to check out?
  7. TCU tunes are available from us, only on MY21 cars, The later cars use a different bootloader on the TCU and it cannot be read
  8. M135i is same engine as Mini JCW at 306bhp, Cooper S was 196bhp and latest model a bit down on that.
  9. You give me hope I wrote it in the right thread (for a minute there I thought it was a gremlin) I’ll try it at night time, and if it’s ok, I will put “remember last setting” back on (Fernlichtassistent Reset back on non-active) and see if it still works as it should I love having it stay on it completed the Auto function where the car does all by itself DRL / city lights / dynamic high beam according to speed and lighting conditions (only turned it back as I thought it caused an issue)
  10. Yes, VW have had a price match guarantee for quite a few years; https://www.volkswagen.co.uk/en/owners-and-drivers/why-book-with-vw/price-match.html
  11. Sounds a perfect match in what I was hoping for 👍 bring it on already 😁
  12. Not got the PP no… I purposely down specced it to avoid the luxury car tax… and annoyingly can’t avoid it either way now. Fun for me is about ‘chuck-ability’. One of my fave all time fun cars to drive was my sisters old mini Mayfair 1.3. (Yes, original mini). That was literally a go-kart, inexpensive and not particularly fast, but it was such a blast throwing it round the B roads. Hope the 8 is as good as you say after this wait 🤣
  13. So just quick update on mine. Basically told today to come and collect my car (and return theirs) as they have absolutely no idea when the steering wheel will come in as still on "back order" They were also supposed to receive a replacment drivers side door handle today to address the keyless entry not working in low temps but that didnt turn up either and has also gone onto "back order" Advised some parts on "back order" can take up to 3 months. So basically they have achived nothing other than replacing the puddle lights and cant give me any idea of when they will be able to replace the above parts to stop this constant anoying/dangerous pinging noise. I suspect that when they do eventually come in it will be approx another 4-6 weeks wait for them to rebook my car due to me needing a courtesy car. Absolutely at the end of my tether with this whole situation, i am sorry but VW is just a complete joke from start to finish!!!!
  14. Looks a lovely car. It definitely gives more dynamically than the mk7, still nice and planted but with added playfulness!
  15. I don’t know, but I wouldn’t have thought so, but no idea
  16. I did have the poor weather light on today in the fog but I didn’t try the high beam with it. Will have to try that out.
  17. Regardless of some of the bugs, you would need to spend a lot more to find a quicker, more sure footed and more fun to drive car than the mk 8 R! Have you ordered the PP?
  18. I think too, high beam works with the poor weather light on too.
  19. Of course!! We know the jay polls out looking for the car, but is the car similarly constantly polling whilst parked looking for the key?
  20. I sold it March 2019. Enjoyed owning it, it had leather, camera, pan roof, sat nav, 19s alloys and the lovely lapiz blue. Running DSG box. it wasn’t quite as fun as my Audi S1 that came before it mainly because of the smaller lighter car dynamics, but the 7 felt a lot more planted. hoping the new 8 gives a bit more dynamically with its new diff whilst retaining the safer feeling when having a bit of fun 👍
  21. Today was the first day I was able to dig into the OBDeleven app on my 2015 Golf R. One annoyance ive had since getting the car was that the exhaust flaps are constantly open regardless of being in normal setting. I had read that alot of people likd to disable the flaps via the coding option. To my surprise they were hot disabled via coding. I had a quick look under the car and saw evidence of someone's DIY wiring mod. They appear to have spliced into the loom for the flap motor. Was this a recognised mod thing back when the MK7 first came out? Are you able to unplug the loom for each motor easily or does one end go into the body?
  22. My VW garage will equal other garage's prices. When I had my brake fluid change last year they wanted £69, but I said Halfords do it for £39.99 and they equalled it. Worth a try? Did the same with my wife's air con service and they equalled it.
  23. I've had that before on a GT-R. Have you been doing some hard braking? Only way I could rid was iron x, then tar remover and then clay, lots of clay.
  24. Thanks for the reply however I've managed to borrow elsewhere, thanks again.
  25. The duck approves! How long ago did you have the mk7?
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