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  2. Fingers crossed. Every car I get has a few teething problems so hopefully this is just a minor one.
  3. Bye bye 8p rs3 hello golf r

    What 19's have you gone for. I'm on the standard 18's atm. Haven't decided what I want yet. Does going up to 19's make the turning circle bad like the rs3 lol? Dont do trackdays so sounds perfect for me so I'm gonna check that racingline kit out now lol.
  4. Hurdyโ€™s 7.5R

    Nice little photo.
  5. VW should make gloss black tail pipes an option.
  6. Motorway speed limits

    I'd rather keep moving at 50mph, than constantly on/off brakes 40-80mph at busy times. It's what ACC, Lane Assist and Dynaudio were made together for.
  7. 600HP R on stock EA888??

    See here
  8. Race Mode

    Individual most of time. Dampers in comfort, engine as quiet as possible. Aircon on Eco. Everything else set to Sport, except steering, which I have toogle between Comfort mode, so its not too darty on motorway (that in turn then works better with Lane Assist ) and then Sporty for open road driving, as I like the weighting.
  9. Today
  10. Just seen this video, the car is supposedly pushing out 600hp on the stock EA888 Gen3 which is hard to believe. Looks like a monster. what are your opinions?
  11. BCS Powervalve resonator delete

    Ok thanks for the update James, looks like we'll have to wait awhile longer
  12. Note the title states Members Meet not Members Meat ! .... Now that's cleared up, any plans for a meet/ drive out anywhere in the North of the country ? I'm on the Yorks/ Lancs border so could do anything involving the Pennines/ South Lakes/ Cheshire etc. If not does anybody else fancy planning something ?
  13. Motorway speed limits

    Speed? Yes. Drives a V8? More than in the UK and Europe, surely, but not as much as in the past. These days most US family cars and SUVs are sixes or fours, with many manufacturers dropping their sixes in favor of turbocharges fours and triples. Even our beloved pickups aren't immune. Chevy, GMC, and Dodge still worship at the alter of the V8, but Ford's most powerful 1/2 ton is a turbocharged V6. Performance of their V8 option lags slightly (and deliberately) behind.
  14. R v S3

    I have a FL S3 and as has been said its personal pref as mechanically they are the same car, with tech, extras and handling characteristics differing them. I personally went for the S3 to the R cos of cost. Trying to save money and the R gives me essentially the same but cheaper and thats good enough for me. Although when i did the TD the R was way more fun to drive and easier on the suspension
  15. Best Car you've driven?

    Ooooohhh. Suit you.. Cooler than Penguins P*ss. Red, white and Blue great trio.
  16. Best Car you've driven?

    Agree the 570 looks fantastic, especially in spider spec. Wasn't keen on the 720s at launch but in the flesh it looks fantastic. The gt3rs is guards red and absolutely stunning! The trip was fantastic. The drive back after a heavy weekend less so...... Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  17. My Blue Jewel

    got my CTS intake and res delete done over the weekend. Intake hasn't done much for performance as expected (sounds good tho), but keen to see what numbers it will pull after tune and some other goodies installed ๐Ÿ˜
  18. oil leak

    Hi cannot see any around that area but thanks for the headsup..๐Ÿ‘
  19. Hi. I had my order accepted at the end of May and am expecting delivery around the end of November, which leaves me with far too much time to change my mind. Any idea when the MY19 spec changes will be made available?
  20. Raffe the Mod - Was you ( Honda Raffe )

    Yes it is him :-)
  21. Stage 2 ( Unicorn map ) Question?

    I think we replied to your Facebook post now Bur essentially we tune to the combination of hardware on the car. Our stages are really used for pricing to represent the complexity of the calibration, but the actual tune is often unique. Rick
  22. Best Car you've driven?

    I bet it did. Turning heads not the big motivator for me. Can be slightly embarrassing - admiring glances from those in the know would be sufficient. l Knowing that I am driving something very special is my thing. Visually the Maclaren 720s headlights look wrong, bit like a 1 series, and I prefer the 650 gen looks. A 570GT would be just perfect and my pick of the Macca range. Not that that scenario is likely to be an immediate problem for me soon. ๐Ÿค“ What colour was GT3RS? Must have been a great trip. ๐Ÿ˜€ Pics?
  23. Race Mode

    In Eco the cornering lights don't operate. In Sport, that swivelling response is more reactive, quicker. Normal is between the two.
  24. New (to me) 2015 Golf R with DCC

    It depends on how much sun the car has seen. It will likely be *slightly* different at a minimum, but likely not very noticeable. depends on the condition of the donor as well.
  25. Race Mode

    Mines usually in Normal, sometimes in Race but I find it too noisy so tend to put into individual like ^ and have the sound set to Comfort. I like the heavier steering of Race/Sport With Individual settings, and because I am too lazy to look it up, what are the differences between the settings of the Dynamic Cornering Lighting (ie what do they do, not sport/normal/eco)?
  26. Race Mode

    I'll have to play about with individual mode. I'm 90% of the time in eco as I mainly use it for work [emoji85] Race is fun tho Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  27. Res Delete

    Thanks for that, definitely going to explore this ๐Ÿ‘
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