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  2. Shy Bairns get nowt. or in English If you don’t ask, you don’t get. Well done. 30% discount. £60 not to be sniffed at.👍
  3. NRW

    Wheel Refurb Anyone?

    And lovely little bits in the paint that they’d never noticed before.😂
  4. I think if they bring out the BRZ next year with the turbo thats rumoured, it'll be ~250hp and may well be tunable to 300 then it may well tick all the boxes! In the mean time (cos i dont fancy a 200hp BRZ or a 6 year older Cayman for the same money as my R), I will do a res delete, induction (boost pipe, elbow and maybe an induction kit) and see how that goes. Don't fancy laying out £1-2k for a cat back! The previous owner had the tyre pressures quite high and it make the backend a bit more lively, I posted on here and eventually i reduced the pressures and it sorted it out. I guess that may be why he did it, to liven it up a bit!
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  6. I bet that Mini now has opaque silver window tints!
  7. He doesn’t need to. Any virus has to eat through the lacquer coat, then the top coat, then the base coat before it hits his system 😱
  8. Yes as above, they can often run for a bit. Totally normal.
  9. My fans often run for a minute or so even after a short trip. Sounds normal for the R to me...Shouldn’t worry unless running for ages.
  10. Just wondering if anyone else has the fans running a lot when stopped? Not always when I’ve been “leaning“ on the throttle but even after short steady trips the fans seem to cut in often. Any ideas? Cheers
  11. No, he just reported that everything was spot on and couldn't be running any better at stage 2. I asked him about an aftermarket intake and he said that, in place of a modified stock airbox, it would make zero difference to power or torque. Not in his interest to miss out on a potential sale, so he told it as it was.
  12. Excellent. Did you get a fueling graph from CLP? Once I get a car I'll pop over and speak to Dan.
  13. It was on the upper limits of what APR claim: http://www.goapr.co.uk/products/ecu_upgrade_20tsi_gen3_mqb_r.html
  14. I’ve seen the issue on a couple of forums but never a definitive answer. and I agree it’s gotta be a cheap fix! is there anyone who repairs these dsps? This post https://www.golfmk7.com/forums/index.php?threads/helix-p-p-installation-issues.351052/ has same issue
  15. finally got my new alloys on Saturday - BBS CI-R's - 19X8J - ET44 - running with Michaelin PS4'S - 235/35/19 Needs coilovers now & i think a rear spacer. Front's seem to be just right
  16. All sorted. Apologies for not updating sooner, I've just got back from my second drive of the evening 🤷‍♂️ 😊 I wasn't expecting such a noticeable difference, it's not like the R is slow to begin with! Very pleased with the map; the car retains that nice smooth and linear power delivery but has just been 'turned up'. It is fast! The DSG just 'works' so I'm not going to be in a rush in hunting out a TCU tune just yet. I can't believe how bloody quick the car is and how effortlessly it seems to cover ground. Really chuffed with the results. Exhaust note has also got a bit beefier too. 😃 @marshy I forgot to ask about the gauge recalibration but when I checked my sports display it didn't show a max Kw, bar etc on the dials, but I can't recall if it did anyway? It does have cold start protection (from 70º IIRC, perhaps yours is higher to allow for GPF operating temps?), thermal protection and the speed limiter has gone too. I didn't get the SPS unit but they'll do that for me at a later date if I want to get one. I only use 99 RON so not fussed about the switchable map but the anti-theft is something I'm interested in. Toying with an Autowatch Ghost but only if they become Thatcham approved. I'm a happy bunny!
  17. I'm already looking at parts. Just need the car first 😁 What figures did you get with those modifications?
  18. The time has come for me to purchase my first pads and compound, can anyone recommend some of their favourites please? I am swaying towards 3M pads as they are expensive but from the reviews I’ve read they seem to be top quality - I have the DAS-6 so I’m looking for a 5” and 3” pads (or 6” and 4”). I was interesting the the Carbon Collective pads and compound but there’s not much in reviews so would be a gamble. For the compound I am still unsure what to use seeings as Lapiz paint is so soft! Ideally I’d like to find a cutting compound and a separate finishing compound both with no fillers. Thanks 👍🏼
  19. I'd recommend the Scorpion downpipe with sports cat, the MST version 2 intake elbow and pipe, modify your stock airbox and add a drop-in K&N panel filter. Dan stocks all of this. Intercooler is optional (necessity on track) for the APR stage 2 HT map - but the Airtec is best bet and stage 3 lads have found they perform brialliantly at over 500 bhp (if you go that way in the future). Oh, don't forget the race spec plugs - Dan has those too
  20. Looking online at other forums it seems so. Wish I knew which component was faulty as I bet its an easy and cheap fix.
  21. Not sure.....definitely read it somewhere that Unicorn are higher usual going by the logs. Maybe the OP could run some logs once he has a new blower!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. Cogito

    Private plates

    Might be cheaper to move to Georgia, Huw. Just checked online, HUW 1 is available. I've had vanity plates since the '70s when I devised an anti-55mph speed limit message (a national law passed in response to the fuel shortage scare of the era that wasn't officially rescinded until the '90s) sufficiently subtle to avoid unwanted attention from the constabulary (NO22X5). The cost today is reasonable, $35 manufacturing fee (the state provides all plates) plus $35 prestige fee plus the usual $20 plate fee. Annual renewal omits the manufacturing fee, and the plate can be transferred from one vehicle to another. No need to manipulate numbers into letters, etc., but choices deemed offensive are not granted. Originally we were limited to a maximum of six characters. Now it's seven. I have COGITO on the R and CARNUT on the Boxster. Neither is vehicle-specific in its theme. The RAM has a handsome military themed plate Georgia offers gratis to veterans. Would I indulge if I lived in the UK? Probably, if I could find something I liked that didn't cost a fortune.
  23. The most important thing for me is that the fueling is right. Ive seen certain subaru tuners live mapping and run cars dangerously lean and thats what I'm trying to avoid. My TTRS was fantastic with the APR Software with no issues while I owned it. What hardware do you have ?
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