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  3. vagnum

    Dealers to avoid or recommend

    Recently had my Passat in at Motorline volkswagen coulsdon for a EGR replacement very helpful done under the 23R7 emission warranty got a replacement car to use while it was in no problems, this is also the dealer I’ve ordered my Golf R from that’s currently in the WLTP waiting list always been kept up to date and got a great deal on the car via car wow. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. vagnum

    Transfer VW service plan

    Probably not a major would be more like an oil and inspection with pollen filter. Depending on millage and other filters if they are due if it’s a VW Financial Services plan then also you’ll have to pay for the additional ac service, Haldex, dsg service when they are due too Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. So basically where VW lied about the emission on dieselgate they messed it up for everyone!! so now they brought in WLTP where each car model is tested in real life condition, rather than build a model drive in round a circuit for 24hrs while measuring the emission and take an average they now drive round town and motorway, different driving conditions, different weight loads, different model spec and so on then work out how much nox and other bad stuff that comes out the exhaust (that makes our summers really nice now [emoji1744]‍[emoji3603]) and find a way to tax the driver harder depending on how much your car kills the atmosphere!! Then we as enthusiasts will undo all that hard work vw put into this and take out the cat/PF, remap them and really show the world how we can make the artic melt [emoji1787]. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Charles M

    40 new colours for the R...

    Bought a green Mk3 for the Mrs years and years ago.
  7. Yesterday
  8. Sorry for the late reply. I got them from BLK Motorsport in Melbourne. I would have preferred a non-black colour but they had the blacks in stock and they are growing on me. Very satisfied with them overall, however on my first few track sessions I had to re-torque my wheel bolts before going out as the heat had accelerated the paint wearing away between the wheel and bolts (not visible once mounted).
  9. Baldchap

    What did you do to your R today?

    Got a dog guard fitted!!!
  10. CZR

    CZR's Oryx White 7R DSG

    Thought I should revive this thread so I'll catch up by a series of posts, else it would be a huge one. ... Turns out Tarox are known to rust a *lot* and also their pads were not covering the entire surface of the disc so I decided to try Stoptech + Ferodo DS2500 for the rear. Also the Haldex decided to give intermitent errors (only during a launch but not always) so I flushed the fluid at 30.000km. Also checked the filter which wasn't looking very bad based on what others posted around. Cleaned and no issues since. Also cleaned the engine bay using Sonax Engine Cleaner followed by Sonax Motor Plast as a sealant These were until April this year ...more to come
  11. swissi

    Flattening front passenger seat

    dammit, thanks for that. disappointing that vw cost cut at the expense of usabiity
  12. Shug

    Flattening front passenger seat

    Hard to give any. Think you have nailed it and not missing any tricks....
  13. Shug

    "Merica'n Mk7.5 dip mirrors? (geez)

    @352FG-R yep fold from knob and when car locked. Thought this was standard on car screen setup? Downside is our cars cost about the same number in £ as you guys pay in $…
  14. Booth11

    Pure Water Final Rinse

    How would pure water and a brush method work on our cars? Badly. You’re comparing cleaning glass with cleaning automotive paintwork. A brush would be a recipe for horrors! Soap or no soap!
  15. I’ve got the 7.5, being manual it’s really controllable with the clutch so tend to leave it enabled. There is one thing that does my head in though... the car starting the engine back up when it detects the one in front moving away. Sat at the lights still on red and car infront decides to crawl a few inches forward... on comes the engine 🤬 If anybody knows how to stop that ‘feature’ with VCDS it would be great to know!
  16. Shortdan

    Ryan’s Tornado Red MK7 R

    I have literally just discovered the 'Ammo NYC' guy on youtube. he posts some great content. are you using Ammo products? any good? Car looks really good by the way.
  17. Turbo69

    Wheel spacers

    Cheers,I’ll be looking to sell them as soon as possible and looking to get something nicer and maybe deep dish (staggered maybe) do u know of a website that I can go on to upload my car on it so then I can put different wheels on it to see which ones I like and which ones look suited to it?
  18. swissi

    Flattening front passenger seat

    Would appreciate some advice if possible
  19. B1GMAC

    Race Mode

    Ok thanks, I've got a mk7 so I'll have to try it
  20. JJB

    40 new colours for the R...

    The dark green is lovely as is Atlantic Blue. I like the extra colours, adds a bit of pizazzzzzz to the range haha Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. Charles M

    40 new colours for the R...

    Not for me. Happy with Atlantic Blue. Might have gone for a dark green though.
  22. RWJ

    Transfer VW service plan

    When I bought mine it had 1 service left on it. Before the sale, the previous owner phoned the dealer to confirm it could be transferred to me - no problem. Got the service done without any hassle. I did use the same dealer though.
  23. RWJ

    Race Mode

    It's under driving data on the dashboard display on my Mk7. Next to mpg etc. Get to it through the button on the right hand side of the steering wheel.
  24. And now you have them some , how are they looking ?
  25. B1GMAC

    Race Mode

    How do you display engine oil temp?
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