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  2. Arthur Has done it again but in an R

    Good lad, if Carlsberg made Grandads.........
  3. Keyless entry? No thanks

    ^ i agree with a lot of your points in regards to the fact that some changes aren’t always better. What I meant to say was that in general, change is good. Advancement in technology, healthcare, crime prevention etc have improved the living standards of humans. contrary to what some people might believe, we are more better off than our previous generation. Living standards and long life has improved over each turn of the century and will only get better - unless some idiot decides to nuke the planet.
  4. Arthur Has done it again but in an R

    Maybe, maybe not. He did mention wanting to go to pod to race his son in the RS6 so I'd assume he'd want to use LC to get the best start!
  5. Arthur Has done it again but in an R

    True but could be under advice not to use it with that power maybe? could cause some damage i would have thought ?
  6. Arthur Has done it again but in an R

    Saw this but someone needs to let him know how to engage launch control*! Arthur, if you're reading: Traction (ESC) in Sport or OFF Gearbox in Sport Foot pressed down HARD on brake Foot all the way down on accelerator Let RPM build and settle. Release brake Buy new pants 😁 *He may not have launch control depending on the software on the car, I don't know.
  7. Mental build this, guy is a true legend.
  8. Sold manual for DSG

    I bought some cheapish paddle extensions as the full replacement ones are pretty pricey and I'm not sure how much I will actually use them, if I do start using them a fair bit then I will consider the full replacement ones [emoji106] They just stick on with 3M pads but have a decent weighty feel and don't look too bad, although nowhere near as nice as full replacement ones Sent from my SM-J530F using Tapatalk
  9. R v S3

    So I'm in somewhat of a unique position because I've had an R, S3 and RS3 all within the last two years. All new from factory specced how I wanted. I decided to upgrade of you can call it that from an R to an S3 for the extra tech I had on the S3 as I had a PFL R. I would have gotten a FL R but the dealer didn’t do me a deal so went to Audi. I also swapped to saloon shape. To be more grown up and mature. However I really wanted an RS so decided to buy a new one after a few months. I have also recently had a FL R from VW while my RS was in the dealer as a courtesy car. I found the S3 to be louder than the R, comparing a FL S3 to both versions of the R. I found the Audi interior to be far superior. The R just feels cheaper when your sitting in it even though price wise a fully spec R and S3 are about the same. The tech in the Audi is better with the exception of the large new touchscreen in the R. I personally believe that’s a big improvement over the slide up screen on the Audi (one which Audi will replace with a massive display like in the golfs when they revise the A3). Audi’s are also less common than R’s as you said. However in their current FL versions both the S3 and R have the same power and features just presented with a different design so I would say try them both and see what you prefer and what gives you the best deal.
  10. Cheers, I thought as much and finally found a couple of pics to confirm it, thanks for the reply. The 2 small cables are for older model cars. Sent from my SM-J530F using Tapatalk
  11. Today
  12. Golf GTI Clubsport differences

    There are quite a few significant differences between the two cars. Minor but significant. This thread has a table further down the page listing actual part number differences but there are details in the way the suspension is set up on top of actual part numbers including a ‘Ring setting on the DCC of the Clubsport S. https://www.golfmk7.com/forums/showthread.php?t=16951&highlight=ClubSport&page=24
  13. oil leak

    Unfortunately not. It’s relatively easy to spot towards the front of the engine. The tech who spotted & fixed it showed me at the time. The whole job (diagnosing, locating & fixing) took 1 hour only.
  14. temp problems

    also, notice rise in oil remp when exhaust and intercooler just installed but was also very hot weather end may/june BBK installed last week so only now been able hard driving...
  15. R v S3

    I’ve just replaced my DSG R with an S Tronic S3 (2015 so pre facelift) Sportback. Mine has quite a good level of spec, Supersport seats, MMI +, tech pack, cruise etc. Personally I prefer the S3 in both looks and internal finish. They’re also a bit less common than the Golf. This is my first Audi too having owned multiple VWs. Not going to get into a debate about which is the better car as it’s my personal preference. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  16. Oryx white touch up

    Hey guys I'm looking to touch up my golf prior to detailing. but just wanted to know if any of yous on here had the same kind of touch up as me. I received 2 small bottles/jars saying coat 1 on one and coat 2 on the other. When I asked the salesman the best way to use it,he told me to mix them. Surely that is not right,so I'm hoping some of you guys can help me out on the correct way,and what is the best thing to use. They have supplied me with a "tippex" type brush and I dont wanna use that, is there a better way to add the touch up prior to detailing. Cheers in advance as usual guys
  17. Is it possible to remove the centre storage tray in order to get behind it (the one with the 4Motion logo on it)? I managed to lose a small bit of paper down in the slot between the climate controls and the flap 🙄 Thought it would end up in the tray but seems to have been lost.
  18. temp problems

    hi guys, please help ME, stage 2 dsg unicorn vwr intake powervalve full turbo back variable valve exhaust thermal heat rap down pipe wagnor intercooler... BBK SPRINGS ANTIROLL BAR 5w40 oil 400hp 1st run 391 2nd run 374 3rd run oil temp 80-95 on rolling road run on open road few squirts temps 25 then quickly 38 not recovering well motorway 70mph 4000 revs.. outside air temp 18 degrees...?? seens 123 degrees oil after 5 mins with hard driving so changed oil 2 5w40 and got same results on dyno as before ANY idea has anyone had issues with wagnor intercoolers not working correctly??
  19. Any decent Estate dsg lease deals going ?

    Not yet, still trying to decide if getting out and paying the penalty on my BMW or keeping it another 3 payments then handing back and paying the wear and tear. Arnold Clarke Edinburgh said they will get one for me from VW finance, quoted about £22k, £380 a month for a sub 20k miles car for a 16 plate estate.
  20. bmw 335d nearly new £20k off list

    Yes and no but agreed lol. if you both drive on a motorway with minimal acceleration at 70mph or above, the 335 d will get a better return. i have done same trips over a year in my 330d and Golf R, and the 330d returned a better mpg. A 340i will get about the same as a 2.0 R Golf at a constant speed long trip. its when you start pushing them that the 3.0l diesels or petrols start shoving fuel in to those extra 2 cyclinder. at the same time though the Golf needs to spin that engine faster. modern petrol engines are very fuel efficient compared to previous petrols. Big modern 'sports' diesels are designed more for power delivery than efficiency. a trip to Manchester I would get 53mpg in my 330d, in the Golf I can taking it easy manage 48mpg. even pushing it, there is usually 10 mpg difference. with the 335d having that extra turbo and extra horses to feed, there is not a lot in it. one of the biggest difference is over the winter months, a big diesel will use more fuel until it warms up. fuel efficiency and engines (no matter the fuel) giving out more than 300bhp is always a pointless discussion, no one really buys one for efficiency. a lot of 3.0 diesel owners across on the BMW forum, moved from 335 (and 330) to the 340i / 440i. that is a proper petrol engine.
  21. R v S3

    The S3 is noticeably noisier than the R. There are a few comparison videos on YouTube (TRHamza's, for example). In my experience, the sound of an S3 has always turned my head. It's quite harsh, but in a good way, in my opinion. For the record though, I've got an R on order. Couldn't justify the extra expense on an S3, especially given the low base spec compared to the R (although I believe you do get leather seats as standard in the Audi). Also, I think the proportions of the S3 are a little weird, especially the back end. Nowhere near as bad as an M135i/M140i though...
  22. The Quick Question Topic - Part 2

    No mods. Stock AFAIK unless the VW employee who had it before did something.
  23. R v S3

    S3 is an nice car, not for me though. I don't like the interior (central screen) and I did not want leather. So for me it was about speccing the two and see which is best for what I wanted. The R came with more standard stuff I wanted than the S3 so the S3 would be a lot more money for the equipment list i wanted. I was not a massive fan of the Audi dealership near me so that also went against the S3..... Overall both a good cars, I guess the S3 will hold its value a tad more but you pay for it up front. I would also have had to go for the RS if I went Audi!!
  24. bmw 335d nearly new £20k off list

    So my 535d estate used to return c 36mpg. A very fast run down to the Alps gave 28mpg. It was an old one with a quoted combined of 41. Took 5-10 minutes to warm up properly, which greatly affected mpg on shorter journeys. Fact also was, I do about 15k a year which I split between the R and Amarok. Didn't really need a diesel car (as opposed truck).
  25. Irish R owners thread

    Hi all. Have been a follower of this Irish owner thread for a while, but finally bit the bullet and will take delivery of my new Golf R on the first week of July. Quite excited now! 😃 Yet another Indium Grey and with the standard Speilberg wheels - I was going to spec a new one with the dealer but he mentioned he had a car in his pool (There's a pool of cars? Are these cancelled orders, I wonder?) of new cars that had a spec that was probably close enough to what I wanted bar the wheels. He mentioned that a new order now might not get delivered until 2019, with the WLTP rules and such, so I plumped for this car. Reading with interest about insurance. I'm with 123.ie until renewal date of November, so presuming they will cover me on the R with an additional cost until then. Getting great information here on this thread on insurance, great to see all the advice on better insurance quotes, thanks! Coming from a Leon FR 184 (yes indeed) so the R will be quite a bit more fun. I went with DSG, so will be *learning* how to drive with this box for the first while for sure. 😂 Great forum and thread, thanks for all the information! 😄
  26. Official MK7 Golf R Order thread - Part 2

    4monks, the car looks awesome... you had quite a wait between build and delivery, hoping your suitably impressed and it is worth the wait. mine is due to be build this week and I’m hoping for a quick turn around for delivery.
  27. What does your other half think of your R?

    And that’s a problem??? 🤔 😁 I may have been ‘accused’ of no. 5. 🤐 😁
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