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  2. I’m not sure if WeConnect dropped out at the time I got the email as I was able to just go out to the car. I had it twice last April as well but a much shorter list of services supposedly deactivated. Again it was nothing in reality.. Hopefully WeConnect will soon be back available for you Mike.
  3. I find the Smart Climate pretty useless, for me the classic climate controls accessed via the mini AC screen I have set up is the best way to control A/C. I almost always have it on auto, only changing the air direction if a focussed blast of air is needed. I find the auto in the mk8 so much better than in the mk7.
  4. Yup. In fact, I wouldn't even be mad if they removed all the options for air direction. Just so long as the defog/frost windows is there. EDIT: Sorry, I just realized I gave the VW engineers an idea. Sorry!
  5. Bmw M cars still need a running in service at 1200 miles. I think it’s to make them feel “special” …….. or just an excuse make money out of M car owners. 😄
  6. Better order that one soon then to make sure you get it in 2026 or 2027
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  8. I hadn't even noticed that lol I must admit, I just like to leave mine on full auto and just adjust the temp.
  9. Imho when VW offer extended warranty packages (All-In) at such attractive prices, it makes no sense not to take advantage - as long as you remain standard tune. Then failures of large or larger component will be paid for by AN other, rather from my own funds. Running something like an R without such cover makes no sense to me. Tight. Cautious. Older. 😀
  10. As long as my Weconnect app starts working properly again I have no problem ingnoring it this time, but if not I cannot see anything for 8 months, lets wait and see what VW has to say about it
  11. Has happened to me several times, just ignore it. 😀
  12. Stock system is ok, just not loud enough sometimes. Depends on music source.
  13. I'll get them to do it when I bring it in for service in 2 months. On a negative note with the new battery stop/start has reactivated, I'd forgotten how annoying it is.
  14. Admit it, you photoshopped it on. Only joking. 😂
  15. Hiya. It has PP , Harmon kardon , reversing camera , winter pack (front) I had initially ordered one through DTD with this spec , dcc and Akra but as everyone knows we were looking at a long wait. This one appeared relatively local to me so I took the gamble… I sacrificed the new m240i for this , it was a done deal (showroom car) but they had lci’d the car before I could even collect it, though I am old school and like buttons I feared that it would lose too much money compared to an lci 240i that had the touch screen etc. I have bonded quite well with this mk8, it seems to be a more fun car than the 7.5 I briefly owned. I do like my BMW’s though
  16. Haha in my defence that is a viewing point in a very small town .. it was very early in the morning and no one was about
  17. Just submitted it , I got lucky with the rainbow I guess
  18. I've not experienced any rattling of the Akra on my mk8R, either in normal Drive with valves closed, or when the valves are open in Race etc.
  19. Thanks Rebecca, yes I got the exact same e-mail, good to hear nothing needed to be reactivated in the car, I'll wait for VW response, since I cannot start the car from where I am, which would proberbly solve the issue, lets see what they can do if anything, otherwise I will have to wait (without WeConnect active) until I am back at the car in 8 months 🥴
  20. I had this happen in August this year, but my car was in my possession when occurred ( parked on my drive) and nothing had changed in the car itself. I didn't have to reactivate anything. There were no links in the email and it was from genuine VW email that gives these WeConnect notifications. Seemed it was just a false alarm unsettling if you are nowhere near your car.
  21. @Booth11 has Akra but not seen many comments from her or anyone else on rattles. Unless it was fixed between the 7.5 and 8.
  22. Fingers crossed for you - keep us posted as well. My car is stock as well and a similar age - MY2017 (pre-facelift) on 53k miles - so always curious when other stock cars get issues like this (it helps me justify paying for another year of warranty ). Did you buy yours 2nd hand or had it from new? Just wondering if that dealer was rubbish then I wouldn't be surprised if their "was it previously modified?" checks were equally rubbish before they put it for sale.
  23. I send an e-mail to VW, I hope I get a real answer as to why this was done
  24. Looks like the suppling dealer is Listers Volkswagen (Nuneaton) CV10 7RH. So a similar arrangement to Drive the Deal I assume.
  25. I can of course ask this for you, though will be up to a couple of months away as I'm missing the crucial part of having the car! As far as I'm aware it's all plug and play, though it looks like there is some coding needed. Here is where I'll be getting it done: https://www.vw-retrofit.co.uk/product/golf-mk8-reverse-camera-hatchback/
  26. Hi AHG, do not think it is a scam, because when I started the Weconnect App on my phone, it does not show any info about the car and the app states I have to re-activate the online services again in the settings of the cars infotainment system, so it is not just the e-mail I received but also the app
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