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  3. Most guages do read differently. You're still looking at 25psi differential to cylinder 1. Is it the cause of the misfire though?... it's not out of spec but it is the problem cylinder...co-incidence only or root cause?
  4. Gorgeous! Great to hear your first impressions are good ones, and it’s been worth the long wait. Enjoy getting to know it and stretching its legs once you’ve put a few miles on it.
  5. Delivered on Friday! Huge step up from the 7.5. Love the way it drives, the modern interior, new tech etc. Haven't fully tested it's power until it's run in a bit. Thanks to this forum for making the wait easier!
  6. Not exactly a 8R video more like a 8R in a GT4 video @ 1:08 He was passing it by on his way and I guess it caught his attention as he was looking back at it (double take) Was just wondering if it’s someone from here
  7. Great thread Msportman! What are the Ohlins like at slower speeds over bad roads, pot holes etc. I've been toying with the idea of getting Ohlins for about a year now, but not sure if I should go for Ohlins or just swap out the wheels for some 17s and get chunkier tires.
  8. The Final Chapter After a few months of trial and error (and an amount of stress!), I am delighted to confirm that everything is running excellently (touch wood). Following the replacement of the direct injectors the engine was still a little twitchy sometimes, but I think I can put that down to it just settling in and clearing any residue in the cat. I say this because, last week I had a cat error code come up, but I ran some cataclean through and everything is all good now. The engine is smoother and performs much better than it ever did (revs higher, etc). So, I think the car had a faulty injector right from when I got it, but the walnut blasting brought that issue to life. With a few other red herrings thrown in along the way, it has been a long road to sort it! Thanks to everyone for your help, it really is very much appreciated. Cheers!
  9. I can now confirm that after driving for a while and a bottle of cata-clean, the 'non-misfires' have settled right down!
  10. Emotion Start is a gimmick. I tried it merely out of curiosity and that was with around 16k miles on the exhaust, and very underwhelming, it’s not something I’m ever going to bother with again tbh. Aside from that though, the exhaust sound will definitely improve as the miles go on whether it’s the standard exhaust or the Akra.
  11. Absolutely stunning, what a beautiful car. You must be thrilled with the result! The pedal box is a very good decision! It a must ime. Enjoy it to the max!
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  13. I remember the episode where Richard Hammond was so excited that RHD Mustangs will be brought to UK … it was a nice one 🙂
  14. So I did a compression test myself cause mechanics suck and my actual readings are 160 psi on all cylinders except the first Which is like 135psi so there's an issue but not as bad as the mechanics made it sound idk if they lied or their compression gauge is way off but glad I did it myself
  15. I like these! Sent from my Pixel 6 using Tapatalk
  16. Got my R back from TK Detailing on Friday last week, I am blown away with the improvement and what he has managed to do to refresh the paintwork. Also (after literally hours of reading threads on here!) fitted a Pedal Box Pro yesterday, the car feels brilliant now. Since getting the Golf in July I didn't think the stock performance was lacking, but always felt there was some lag in the power delivery which I wrongly assumed was just turbo lag. Since fitting the pedal box this has been completely eliminated, the drive is transformed (but all of you who have done this already know ). Only cost £11 to declare on insurance too. Anyway here are some glamour shots.... new R caliper decals installed supplied by EZmods (again thanks to this forum for this!), they are a perfect fit over the orginals.
  17. Welcome ! Hope you enjoy your Golf, the paint looks lovely
  18. good to hear you got a good price from motorway, yep I’ve heard nothing but good things from them tbh and I certainly will give them a consider in the next few weeks. A pal also had a pleasant experience with Autotrader and their instant cash valuation, many maybe not aware of them offering such of the sort. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/instant-offer
  19. Hi we are collecting our R20 on the 3rd of October and I sold my Mustang last week on Motorway, and was really impressed with the ease and price that I got for it. Previous to that we had an Rs3 which I wish I had sold on Motorway but i part exchanged it for the Mustang.
  20. It does get much better I’m at 7k km (4.5k miles) and exhaust is constantly improving its sound getting throatier and deeper with each 1k But still the ‘emotion start’ is nothing more than a gimmick The fact you have no soft limiter is much more exciting although also useless for all practical purposes But it is fun to know you can rev up to 6k RPM while standing 🙂
  21. I've tried this on mines its not that great, I don't have the Akra exhaust just standard with 1000 miles on the clock so dunno if it would get better as the mileage goes up.
  22. These are details of what he used. Its a custom blended angelwax solaris. It had a slight higher ceramic content. Wheels tail pipes and calipers is 2 coats of carbon collective platinum wheels and glass was 2 coats of carbon collective platinum glass. Interior is gtechniq smart fabric and gtechniq dash. He’s on insta as AJH Details if you want to ask about price
  23. I've decided to buy the thermostat housing as well. Probably worth doing a proper job for peace of mind. A second look with the borescope showed some crustiness around the radiator return pipe.
  24. This is the kit I used. There is enough in the box for at least two wheels.
  25. Last week
  26. I've used the low profile GFB DV+. No issues. GFB T9381 DV+ | My Golf Mk7 GTI
  27. You are very welcome! I'm glad it worked out, its what the forum is all about, helping fellow R drivers, I've benefitted in the past and it's good to pay that forward to others 🙂
  28. Nice one Tony! Thanks! It went a treat - my internet here is not the best, so downloaded within two hours and merged with the existing files without hiccough, so now I have the UK and Eire maps added. I did not see the version number, but the last update on the website was June of this year, so pretty new! Again, thanks. You saved me £30...! I owe you one!
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