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  2. I've heard a rumour that Hyundai will be replacing their current line up of Ring taxis with EV cars in 2024. I hope Mark & Marcus can still produce the goods.
  3. So I was going to say .... what the hell were you doing to roll an R off the road and into a field? Mk7s & Mk7.5 are almost un-crashable. I can drive like a complete tw@t in my Mk7 and have never had a close call in almost 7 years. Then I read you had a Mk8 😂
  4. Confirmation from Moto 1.com yesterday Europeans also had diesel performance cars from mainstream brands, but the Golf GTD and the oil-burner Octavia RS have recently been canned.
  5. Yep BMW have axed the M340i and 340d and many Derv units have been culled in their line up further up the range. They can't shift EV's at £50k++ a pop and even the sales guy I spoke to was embarrassed at their GFV's as there is no to little equity for your next car. Just got to look at Porsche Taycan ...£100k cars now on Autotrader 2-3 yrs old at £50k!
  6. not a problem as a thief won't get that far! 🤣
  7. Another quickie, what is the part number for the R rim badge for my 19" wheels, sods law one is now missing !!!
  8. Also people are stealing them very easily. No key or scan for the key required. Doh!
  9. That looks very nice. The only thing that puts me off is it weighs nearly 700kg more than a Golf R!!!!!! 😵
  10. I seem to recall on the German configurer for a time there were two R models shown. The normal R and the Performance R. The Performance R came with 333PS. whereas the non-performance version came with the usual 320PS. The Performance version was just an R with the performance pack fitted. Here in the UK all cars were 320PS (regardless of performance pack fitted or not) apart from the 20 Years car which of course is 333PS.
  11. I think that as far as the UK market is concerned, the writing’s been on the wall for some time for ICE hot hatches; increasing insurance costs many models falling into the £40k plus list price bracket, so get hit with the additional VED generally high tailpipe emissions levels, so are likely to be demonised in the same way that diesel fuelled cars have become. The above factors also apply to non hot hatches to a certain degree, and as you’ve said, the majority of car manufacturers investment being channelled into the development of BEV’s will force the issue. Is culling ICE cars and investing in BEV’s the solution to combatting vehicle CO2 emissions? IMHO, I’m not entirely convinced it is if whole of vehicle life emissions, including vehicle production and end of life disposal are considered. Maybe making lifestyle changes in how we use - and how frequently we change - our existing cars for a new replacement might be a better solution to reducing whole of life emissions. That might be an interesting debate - especially on a performance car forum 🤔, but maybe one for another time though.
  12. The inner cynic in me would say that in the UK, the majority of water pumps probably last until after the 3 year factory warranty period has expired, so VW don’t really have any real interest in solving the problem. As @gregozedobe has said, if owners are having to foot the bill for replacements, it’s extra revenue and profit for VW and their dealers. As for harming the VW’s reputation - software issues in current generation cars have probably done more harm to VW ‘s (and the wider VAG) reputation than poor quality water pumps in previous generation cars.
  13. wow very surprising considering the demand on the gtd’s.. those with fully loaded examples should see theirs holding very well.
  14. Unfortunately noisy front suspension is quite normal for the Mk7 & Mk7.5 Golf. There are many, many posts regarding this in numerous VW forums with various temporary fixes. I say temporary because I'm not sure if there is a permanent fix for this. Some fixes last weeks while others can last years but they always seem to come back. Some cars are worse than others. My Mk7 is particularly bad in cold weather. I'd take it back to your local dealer (dependant on who it is though, as some are terrible) and see what they can do. Some dealers will even tell you it's normal and to be expected. There is a TPI though I believe to remedy the suspension noise I believe where they apply 'special' grease. 😂
  15. You'll have to go main dealer with "their" warranty claim. Make sure you show the tech with a test drive and as above its either top mounts worn or bearings that have become dry or bushes in the trailing arms.
  16. My inner cynic suggests that it was a crap initial design which VW engineers have not (yet) been able to fix (despite designing several different "upgrades". The fact that so many owners have had to replace them prematurely, leading to increased profits for VW and their dealers may be a significant factor as well ... 😭
  17. If it is only when turning look at top strut bearings, if happening when not turning look at bushes in suspension and ARBs. Spraying some lubricant onto bushes can sometimes help for a while. If it is more like a clicking when loaded up while turning then it might be a wheel bearing moving in its hub (there was a batch of cars with that problem).
  18. Sad news on these two great hot hatches: It seems many manufacturers are now culling of ICE cars in general. I suspect their investment in EV's will force it all upon us. Sad times Better get a 8.5 R me thinks
  19. 🤣 All sorted, set sensitivity (Dash cam.) lower and all is good
  20. Sorry to hear that. It hurts...Do you drive hard, were you driving hard? Actually, don't answer that here publicly until you explore VW goodwill first. Absolutely, first have a goodwill chat with VW UK, either directly or ask the vw service dealer to have a chat for you pleading your case. It is not guaranteed to result in any compensation though. But under 5 years, 50K full VWSH maybe there is a chance especially with the report indicating instant catastrophic failure. Where and when did you buy the car? Were you first purchaser? There have been a few failures listed on here and options and a few places discussed. If you don't stick with VW, the two broad choices are a) get used donor engine from a wrecked vehicle or b) rebuild what you've got. In your case I don't think you'll be able to salvage much from that. So you down to one option, sourcing a used engine, but if you wanted to you could rebuild or upgrade that before installation. To give you certainty and warranty etc. Search a couple of posts, there are a couple of recent ones in either the Mk7 chat or Mk7 Modified sections. If you can't locate, I'll try to find them from you. From memory and I could be off a bit so use as a guide only, but VW current price is about £12k for total engine replacement but I can't remember if that includes removal and fitting. A second hand motor at a cheaper garage will be cheaper. But you need to a) find a good donor engine b) use someone who knows what they are doing and C you will have none or next to no warranty on the used engine. It will be cheaper then £12k though... FYI, and this is no recommendation of using this vendor or purchasing on ebay but here is a 22k 2021 DNFC bare engine. Not sure if your engine code is same. £3,700 incl crating. Edit: I'd estimate assuming you can use your ancillaries and other items like gearbox, turbo etc, It's got to be approaching £6k for the used engine swap out. But you will need to call a few VW specialist garages who have done it and will do it to confirm exactly and there is the uncertainty of the other items on your engine. Even better if they can reliably source a used engine for you from a known supplier network. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/126213326301?chn=ps&_ul=GB&norover=1&mkevt=1&mkrid=710-134428-41853-0&mkcid=2&mkscid=101&itemid=126213326301&targetid=1814673647182&device=c&mktype=pla&googleloc=9045836&poi=&campaignid=19089547614&mkgroupid=142438599285&rlsatarget=aud-1164958979180:pla-1814673647182&abcId=9303859&merchantid=138814916&gad_source=1&gclid=Cj0KCQiA84CvBhCaARIsAMkAvkJgSWNOnctV9uQJe3LRPQISx_zucb6u3MMXYHsdDkbW9jD6iUJoDbwaAqZ_EALw_wcB
  21. On what grounds are they refusing to cover it?
  22. I think I’d be having words with Vw. Don’t expect an engine failure on a car of that age with regular servicing. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  23. Always give the wipers a coat of it too, helps reduce judder. But id recommend GLACO DX over anything, its 👌
  24. Good morning R owners Just wondering if anyone can advise me on what to do ? Had my 2018 Golf R 7.5 for two weeks now, bought from Main dealer in Brighton but i live in London and it is part of the used approved programme so two years warranty , i have never had a car under warranty before so all new to me Anyway i have noticed a slight sort of noise creaking, when going over speed bumps , uneven roads, turning left or right i think its suspension realted and its starting to get annoying now not sure what to do ? and the thought of going to any main dealer fills me with dread regards Brandon
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