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  2. Hard to tell from listening to the video but at first I thought the rattling sound was coming from the rear of the car but it turned out to be one of the front brakes that was causing the rattling sound. Hope you get it sorted as I know it was really getting on my nerves at times.
  3. I run the APR system. Very high quality unit great sound and quiet when need via factor mode button. Tbh for me it was between the BCS and APR.
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  5. USA Spec Golf R, 6spd Manual😳
  6. What a shame you’ve parted ways with the 7 and no doubt you’ll miss the car. Certainly I always remember parting with my Edition 30 a black 3 door DSG car tuned of course. to make way for my 7R . Wondered whether I’d done the right thing but the 7 R ticked all of my boxes at the time What great cars that got VW back to form after the MK3/4. I had two previous Ed30’s one was a manual Edition 30 tuned by APR to stage 2 running Clubsports. It was number 30 of Edition 30 featured in VW Driver. I was recently going to press the button and move my car on as residual values are so good
  7. Think They stopped the 3dr R when still making the 7.5. Pretty sure I was told No 3dr when placing Factory build order in May 18. No. GPF/OPF in 3dr.
  8. Yes. I think Jeff mentioned (on Page 1) that it's the brake disc guard. He pushed it back and it solved the issue. Did the dealer fix yours?
  9. They look great Paul😎. About as big wheel tyre combination as tasteful ?
  10. I'm in the US so just a deposit to hold my spot in line right now but these are awesome tip when the day comes! Planning on getting a GAP quote from my own insurance provider and it'll be approx $10k USD down and finance the rest with more saved for a PPF on the bumper and hood.
  11. just going though my insurance Doc's for cost of windscreen glass replacement its crazy if I use an approved repairer £115 Non approved repairer £50 !!
  12. I'm in Australia with a MK8 GTI, it looks like we have no speed sign recognition, no sure why exactly at least our signs are in K/H. I've been using the ACC to and from work everyday for 2 weeks and it's had no issues.
  13. feel like I’ve done too many pcp’s and pretty sure I’ve always paid what was agreed price at time of order was, not sure if any of those increased between the order and pickup tho. I will confirm with the dealer just to reassure myself, I still have no build week so sure I have time to find the tax thing out. my weird logic is if I ever go into the luxury car tax would like to do that proper with a RS3 … I did enquire about it
  14. I ordered an 8R in December 2020 and took possession of it in May 21,between my ordering and receiving my car the 1st Year VED increased £25 in April.This increase was not passed on to me when I settled the balance of the car in full so unsure if VW absorbed it or my car was exempt from the increase.
  15. "What kind of lifespan do you want from the protection? " A month or two would be fine, the easier it is to apply the shorter the lifespan can be
  16. Gloss gunmetal Bola B17 19 x 8.5 Michelin ps4s 235 x 35 Didnt believe how good these tyres were until i got them on absolutely love them.
  17. I created an account just to ask if a price increase will affect just lease cars or those on pcp as well in reference to the luxury car tax. I wanted to keep under the 40k so just made a colour change, checking my order confirmation form it states the otr price with license fee already… surely that’s the agreement price you signed not future price changes?
  18. Thank you. I know so surprised they done that. You would think with the original golf being a 3dr they wouldn’t have stopped it, but I guess it all comes to money for them. The skirt extensions are actually for a 7.5 but fitted no bother from maxton.
  19. As long as my original quote doesn’t change in August I’m not fused as I’m well over £40k. 🙂
  20. So very true. I really do like the milltek as well. They are both very high quality great sounding exhausts!! The truth is I was sold on the Remus by jamesr50 on YouTube, who is based in Wales and certainly cannot complain. I agree with the insurance claims far to risky to not. Would be a hard job explaining it all if something were to happen. I am up in Scotland and he not had any bother so far but never know. Thank you got new wheels and tyre on it bow as well.
  21. Best thing about the a45s is that its exhaust is so loud you can’t hear any clicking from the brakes, and has no Qi charging. Hence, problem solved. Old school ;-)
  22. Interface-wise, Apple’s Maps (used to be called TomTom, which was bought by Apple) is the best nav app ever, Google Maps is probably next and Waze is probably third or lower. But, if you consider traffic avoidance, and arrival time estimates, nothing beats a widespread UGC like Waze, as long as it is commonly used in the area. Also, it can connect to your calendar and can let you know 10min before you have to leave, in order to arrive to your destination on time (according to your current location), even if the app is not open. In the all around time/function they are the best. And that’s wh
  23. He probably ordered one in December and still doesn’t have a BW, so he is roaming the streets zombified looking to bump into other people’s 8R’s. Poor sod.
  24. Feel for you, I’ve had a few hits that have physically made me duck.Luckily however the climate windscreen on my 7.5 has held up well, not even dents to report. Doesn’t surprise me no screens in the UK and a completely unsatisfactory situation when UK such a big VW consumer and having a serviceable and legal screen is a necessity. Good luck getting one soon, and hoping doesn’t get worse meantime…just avoid potholes and you should be ok…oh wait, this is the UK so pretty impossible to do that
  25. Very nice 3dr Golf R liking the side trims, so wished VW hadn't discontinue the 3dr with the MK8
  26. First Long trip to Yorkshire this week everything going OK 42.8 MPG. On the return trip passing a HGV next thing hear a loud bang on the windscreen, then I saw the star shape cracking. its not too bad but need a new screen. Phone auto glass this evening no screens in the UK. Can I please start to have some luck with this R
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