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  2. Given that my R flashes the indicators when locking/unlocking it certainly looks related enough to your problem to be very, very suspicious .....
  3. A lot of people thinking about an Akrapovic exhaust forget that the price premium you have to pay is only an upgrade price (ie not the total cost), because if you get a std exhaust you have already paid for that in the price of the car. So the real cost for the akra exhaust is a lot higher than just the option cost.
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  5. Clp tuning. c£360. Bit lumpy. https://clptuning.co.uk/product/clubsport-s-340mm-brake-discs-vag-mqb-platform/ There are probably better disc choices for less money but these suit what I need.
  6. They are aluminum. Another plus. No rust or paint.
  7. Well, James @ JCB has confirmed my Akra has been removed and leather added. Additionally my car has moved up to build week 51 from 2. (Don't think its related to change) I will take these dates with a pinch of salt though. If I see it before March I will be very surprised. I thought I would feel a bit regretful, but I actually don't. So that in itself kinda justifys my changes to myself. Need to grab a bottle bar keepers friend for the chrome now 🤣
  8. Haha 😂 tbf the one part of the build I didn’t expect was the 3 week wait time at awesome every time i had an issue, so might indeed do all 4 injectors if it turns out that’s the issue 😂😂😂
  9. Fair play…,,good luck….yeap I had injector go down last year. Ended up changing all 4 in case others went a similar way thereby saving on labour. Coils and plugs all changed …more expense 😂
  10. No mate, I completely understand why you’d be delighted with a stage 2 car, I really didn’t mean to offend. I fell in love with mine when it was stock, stage 1 was amazing, and more than enough. i can’t justify this build as something’s that’s needed or sensible, but I’m 25, I have no responsibilities outside of my professional life, no kids, no long term misses and as sad as it may be this car is my priority. yep a caterham would have been a better on the track, yep I could’ve bought something faster, but tbh the idea of having to sit inside anything other than this golf i
  11. I get why you want more and commend you for persistence and the related issues you’ve encountered. “But” …I personally have been down the road of turbo / engine failures before and in the end I got so fed up as I didn’t have an never ending money tree. At the time (some 18.years ago) I had younger children and even though my wife worked our priorities were the usual expenses we all face. My wife wasn’t best pleased on on-going projects encroaching on our finances so I made the decision never again to go down big turbo route whilst also trying to track the car and have fun . As with most h
  12. @EcosseGolfR They are aluminium, that’s how they are from new. The CSS discs I fitted to my mk7 were just the same, as are the Mk8R ones.
  13. Where did you get the CS disks from? Im interested in these. Might stick the standards on my octy (has same size brakes and they're knackered) and the Cs on the R!
  14. Pleased indeed! Not had time to take her out for a spin since driving home, just parked back in the garage. Pictures don’t do the finish any justice. Difficult to describe, but has kind of a deep wet look to the paintwork. Bodywork coated with Kamikaze Zipang, wheels with Kamikaze Stance, and the glass with Kamikaze Intenso. Just need to buy some new products now to keep everything looking good. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. @Richard_Nottm I thought the CS disks had aluminium hubs, yours look painted. Did they come like that or did you paint them yourself?
  16. Look fantastic with those wheels! They’re a nice upgrade, better looks and improved stopping power but still feel and look very oem.
  17. That looks stunning! You must be so pleased!
  18. It was until those two OTA updates, lol! For the most part it has been and is hassle free, yesterday was a rarity with it throwing a wobbly. But happy to say today normal service has been resumed and all is well, no warnings at all or issues with system loading. I did a 400 mile trip up north today and not a single issue throughout - used ACC for the majority of the journey and it worked absolutely perfectly - detected correct speeds and all in MPH, none of the KPH error which I’ve still not experienced. No overtaking issues either. Was a god send on the various motorways with
  19. I had a set of PS4S on previously also. In fact they've been on for 3.5 years/ 22K miles. The rears still had 4.5mm on. I've chucked them on ebay. Just had the standard OEM VW brakes before, which were still fine tbh, Ordered the tyres during lockdown at c£115 each online which was a great deal. They've been sat in the garage for ages. The brakes were a guilty purchase! 🙂
  20. Haha problem is my friend I take a great amount of pride in having a unicorn golf r, yeah I got a bit frustrated with them at one point, but there’s a reason his stage 1 cars would f*****g smoke APR and Revo Golf Rs… Plus not a fan of you southerners generally speaking 😁😁😁
  21. Looks really nice, what did you have on prior to the MPS4s and CS disks and pads?
  22. Mines been throwing dust out too recently My15 Golf R. Has anybody had any luck with having this fixed or evaporator replaced? cheers
  23. Yeah, my brother has an A45 S, similar price to the new RS3, both those cars are another level over the Golf R. Even if you specced everything the Golf is still a class below.....but spending 50k on a Golf.....madness. Though the interior of the A45 is a bit of a mess of chrome, Mercedes need some pointers on styling. 😆
  24. Ready for winter. Nice new set of 18" Michelin CrossClimate 2,
  25. Been a while posting up but still enjoying the R. Finally got around to fitting 4 x new PS4S tyres, 4 wheel alignment and Clubsport Disks / Pads / Silver R inserts, Looks better IMO. OEM+ Not bedded brakes in yet but seem ok so far. Did ponder a new car purchase but now looking to run the 7.5R for a good few years now until i'm beaten with a stick into a Tesla or something 🙂
  26. IMHO, and I know my scale is way off (due to taxes I have to pay), the added 3,000£ is worth it for those who can spend it without it effecting them too much. Here is would’ve cost me over 5,000£ to add it, so I gave it a miss as well as the PP. Adding both would have brought it awfully close to what a new RS3 would cost here.
  27. Assuming selling on when out of warranty I can see the Akra being worth a few hundred quid on the sale price at best. Its probably got about 80% mark up on it.
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