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  2. Do you get the whine from cold that most (if not all) mk7.5 R's have?...just wondered if the mk8 does it. This is a whining noise that you get from a cold start (or where the oil temp is below 45c).....it's not too bad on the first start, but if you do a short run before it gets up to 45c oil temp, stop and then start again, its noticeably worse. As soon as it hits 45c it stops completely - and i mean completely!.....using the dash oil temp gauge is a good way to tell, although it only starts reading at 50c and it looks like that's when it stops the whining, but monitoring with vcd
  3. Just changed the setting and it works a treat, thanks very much.
  4. Yesterday
  5. Im with cheltenham too . Mines been in UK port since Monday. Hopefully be ready to collect within 10 days. 🤞🏾
  6. The build week can jump forward and back until you get a confirmed. Mine did.
  7. thanks for your reply, i'll give them a few 100 miles and see if it gets any better
  8. BW18 was last week and it's already at the dealer's PDI centre? That's really quick! Mine was BW18 also and had the stage 5C confirmation this morning.
  9. Thanks for all the replies. I feel a bit better that others have experienced a similar thing and is hopefully somewhat "normal"
  10. @SloGold @EcosseGolfR & @Booth11 apparently this is a user setting, see below; I'll see if there's a side wide setting, but you can do it quickly and choose your preferred option here.
  11. Ridiculously good monthlies considering the prices I’m seeing for mk8!
  12. Ordered in January, confirmed for BW18. Dealer contacted me yesterday to say it's arrived at their PDI centre and sent lease docs over. I'm delaying delivery until June when my current car will go back.
  13. Well I bought the car the week before last, things not on the advert so far, high beam, lane assist, telephone prep (I think) and dcc. I wasn’t fussed on the leather and it has nappa which I’ve since discovered is expensive 😊
  14. Right, so you need to be in the sub-forum? Gotcha 👍 I'll see if it's an option, or if it's a feature change. You can easily go to the last post by clicking the time of the last post which is displayed under the last posters name.
  15. Always nice to find out you have extras! 😄
  16. Ooh exciting thanks, another thing I didn’t know I had 🤗
  17. Is it a mk7? On the mk7 High beam assist was included with Lane Assist. To activate high beam assist (with headlights on and in auto), if you push the indicator stalk away from you you should get a white headlight symbol with an A in it on the dash. That means it’s activated. You have to activate it this way it for each journey if desired. It only works at speeds over 37mph iirc and will automatically switch between high beam and dipped beam as required.
  18. For anyone ordered on a PCP ......... do you know that the APR has gone down from 4.9% to 4.6%? Not much but it’ll save about £6 a month I think. Does the dealer honour this if you’ve already ordered and not received the car?
  19. Aah it does have lane assist so that makes sense thank you. I don’t think it has high been assist, without trying to blind someone is there a way to tell?
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