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  2. Possible id get the code checked out. I’d more inclined to say one of your cool packs have went steve
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  4. Thank you so much NRW, what you have explained here was exactly what I was looking for From my understanding the emissions are not really a problem from the 310ps to the 300ps, i mean it’s “just” more expensive to buy one than the other right? Or is there anything else? Just to get one thing straight, I’m assuming the fuel rail is a good thing and the OPF is a bad one right? in terms of performance I mean. In reality, I just the better car... The “intake manifold” problem the EA888 engine you’ve mentioned is in the 300ps version right. The ones that I’m looking on Mobile, two are from 2018 (June and July) with 310 and the other one is from 2019 (February I think). Ive always wanted the 310ps but when I searched the newer models it got me thinking if the newer ones were better. Once again thank you so much for your answer.
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  6. You are best off getting an up rated clutch before the map otherwise you will have to have a low torque map rather than being mapped to its full potential . the standard clutch won’t last long With a map, mine started to slip on the way back from unicorn on a low torque map, fitted the RTS clutch and then went back for HT. you might as well change it first.
  7. I’ve changed same sound but much better quality bought mine when eBay did 10% off and made 40 quid selling my original one steve
  8. The earlier engine in the 7.5 R had 310PS, 228 kw. or 306 hp. This is the more powerful engine with additional fuel rail/ injection. WLTP Emissions demanded reduced output from VW. R models delivered after March 2019 in UK (but not All markets, eg. USA, Aus) came without the additional fuel rail but are fitted with an OPF, PPF (similar to particulate filter - like a DPF in Diesel engines). These engines have lower emissions but are quieter, and have a reduced output of 300PS (221kw) or 296hp. There are more methods available to tune the 310 engine to higher outputs. Tuners are still developing ways around the newer engine. The WLTP emissions requirements are here to stay. So simply put, the 310Ps engine is currently easier to tune. Although the differences are small, they translate into noticeable differences say 0-62mph, and 62- 124mph. Exact figures are subject to debate. You may wish to look to USA YouTube contributors to sample problems encountered with the EA888 engine option in the R models. Eg “Intake Manifold“ problems. In UK, 2017- 2018 are 310. A few may have come after this. After March 2019 all are 300. I ordered a 310 model. I was delivered a 300 model. VW assured customers there would be no discernible difference in driving. 🤥 You choose the right one for you 😀 while I wipe this fence paint off my trousers.
  9. Thanks guys. So bottom line, although the differences are not that meaningful the 310ps is a better choice, right?
  10. Thankyou will look at them anybody else recommend so I can pick between them cheers
  11. NV Motorsport well known done a good mate of mines car and he said the service was good and the car is spot on.
  12. VW have also seen Injector failures that lead to an enormous recall to replace faulty “Pietzo” injectors from 2006 onwards, across several VAG models. 2.0 tdi. Recall 2011 or thereabouts VW were forced into it. Cost them dearly. Mine failed 2 days after receiving the Recall Letter from Audi.. unfortunately whilst accelerating down a slip road to join the A1 Northbound as rush hour got underway. Happy memories indeed. 😂😂 Buy I’m not bitter.
  13. Contact Niki at R-tech performance in Hinckley. Mapped multiple of my previous vags and I will be going back to him to go stage 2 without question.
  14. I live in the West Midlands have a stage 1 map on my mk7 r want to go to stage 2 can anybody recommend a good place that does mapping don’t want plug and go must be dyno and own map tuning any experience of any good mappers please
  15. @Lmferreira; WLTP certified 300ps R’s built from (I think) around Sept 2018 no longer had dual injection; engines are single port direct injection.
  16. Hi Lmferreira, As Shug has pointed out, there is a change to the 2019 engine ( I think something to do with how the gas is sprayed ) pluss it has a gas particulate filter and thats why it has 300hp. I think if your planning on remaping and going stage 1-2, 2018 would be better. Don't take my word for it, I'm sure someone who is much more knowledgable in this field could give you a better answer. Good luck..
  17. I hope the same honestly. This issue has been driving me nuts for a while now, I have to get it fixed as I love the car otherwise.
  18. Hopefully something simple, could be anything really but I've had the cable thing before in my Jag, hope it's a nice quick fix
  19. Nice! I've got these arriving next week, only £40 and look like they will be a good fit hopefully
  20. Will take it to the dealership since the car is still in warranty. Thank you!
  21. Most likely a cable that is against the door card, you will need to take the door card off to have a look. A bit of soft audio insulation tape will sort it out if that is the issue.
  22. I have the exact same problem on my 2018 Arteon. If I pull the door card the buzzing stops. Have you ever managed to fix this somehow? Thank you!
  23. Hi Shug, thanks for the quick reply. But imagine the same price, same info system, would you go for the 310 or 300. I’ve read it somewhere that the 2019 (300ps) version was a better car, more balanced than the 310.
  24. all down to EU WLTP changes. Down from 310 to 300 ps, and changes to engine and a few tweaks. Minimal differences, but a few additions to spec on later cars. Same car to average driver but subtle tweaks
  25. Not on Facebook but I see there is a raft of threads re dodgy VW injectors!😡 I’m surprised there’s not been a recall. could be an expensive bill ! Seems quite a few have had issues in the R. TBH I had seen this before
  26. Might be interested in some of those bits... be nice to know what you might have for sale....
  27. Hi everyone. Im new to the forum and after a couple of months I’m finally gonna order my Golf R this week :) I’ve only been searching for the 310bhp version from 2018 but I’ve notice that if I try to look for the 300bhp version, there’s a lot more cars to choose from. So what I like to know is: Witch one is the best version and why? I know they de-tunned it to 300bhp because of the CO2 emissions but the torque remains the same. The price range and mileage are about the same. Is there something I need to know or pay attention on this versions? Thanks in advance.
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