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  2. Hello from Aberdeen. Well technically, hello from the North sea, as I am currently currently working night shift on a boat bobbing about the North sea. I joined the forum and thought I'd say howdo. 2 weeks ago I purchased a 2018 Estate in Indium grey, 19" Black pretoria wheels, black mirrors and roof bars. Shortly after buying the car I got the modifying bug.... and fitted a luggage net, which sadly I never got a photo of.... this is a must as the speed this load lugger goes round corners my beer was getting thrown everywhere in the boot!... I know they all look alike but here are some photos of the car.... Right, I better get back to work (by that, I mean read all the forum threads)...
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  4. Wow that's an expensive fish finger! Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  5. Yeah that's the point really, do whatever you want, just be prepared for the consequences if any arise Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  6. Yeah I know it was said with tongue most definitely in cheek, although registered keeper does not mean owner either [emoji39] Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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  8. G13 from Euro car parts, its only a few £ for a small bottle already made up or they do a concentrate Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  9. Steve are you cleaning them every weekend? Mine are 4.5 yrs old old are pretty much as new. Just can't believe how many manky pipes I see around on a £30K+ car.
  10. Not what I’ve been told unless the salesman is wrong as there is little info on pricing and spec but a lot assumptions! The sales manager was pretty confident it would be a cost option and there is a costly brake upgrade. All in all I have all this already on my R and yes I know I’m buying into new tech and a new rear super duper diff I could really afford to keep wiping out my rear tyres! Nice car but not the price. I find most hi end Merck’s don’t seem to hold their value as well.
  11. No ones stopping anyone modding the car they happen to be driving but they should be aware of any potential problems like getting served with a bill for 30k to purchase the car for being in breach of your agreement. Happy motoring however your paying for it.😀
  12. I took out a loan - a personal loan @ 3%, unsecured, not on the vehicle. I own the vehicle, can do whatever i want to it. This is different to any loan secured against the vehicle (they own until more than 50% paid) and even more different to PCP which is more than just secured against the vehicle - until it's paid they completely own it, and you have the option to buy it at the end of the PCP deal. Lease of course is just pure rent. A mortgage is different to the usual type of 'loan' but does have stipulations (like having to have buildings insurance and unable to sublet or perform a change of use etc), but otherwise you are allowed to do what you want with it. Point is, with PCP in particular and certainly with lease, you have to be careful what you do as technically ya in breach of your agreement with modifications.
  13. FFS 😂 Any modification can be removed and is really no different to going over your “mileage restriction” there’s nothing in law to stop you doing it and the worst that could happen is that you may be asked to repay your loan. Why give a toss how someone else paid for their vehicle or how they modified it, enjoy your car and let them enjoy theirs 🙂
  14. DCC has a significant effect on the steering weight. Car's fitted with DCC will adjust steering weight depending on how much it thinks the car is 'loaded' - i.e. how much weight it's carrying. The idea being to keep the steering weight reasonably consistent if the car is carrying a lot of weight. DCC, in mk6 models at least, would use the rear axle level sensor to determine how much it would adjust the steering weight. Mk7 models i expect do something similar, but may also bring the front level sensors into play. This would be a problem if you have lowered or raised your suspension but kept DCC active - as the system would think there is more/less weight in the car and would lighten steering. If there is a suspension problem where the front or rear is not sitting at the correct height - it can also affect the steering weight. The effect DCC has will be in addition to whatever you have set in your driving mode. You can see this in effect if you have jacked your car up and the car is momentarily riding higher until it settles down again - depending on which end you have jacked up, you can feel the steering is lighter or heavier than usual, despite you not adjusting any mode settings....it settles down after a while as the suspension settles down to its normal ride height. If there are faults on the DCC system - with the way the modules are coded when a car has DCC, it's possible to loose the ability to adjust steering weight via the driving mode.
  15. AFAIK with electronic steering like our cars have they achieve different steering feel by altering the amount of assistance from the electric motor on the steering rack so in this case you problem may lie there.
  16. I was under the impression from the reviews I’ve read that the aero pack is standard on the S, and that’s the only model the UK is getting??
  17. I wouldn’t have thought DCC and the shocks has anything to do with if the steering stiffens up as cars without DCC can have the stiffened steering when in the correct driving mode. whats your mileage.
  18. I think not.! https://www.parkers.co.uk/car-finance/advice/modifying-cars-on-pcp/ There’s nothing in a mortgage agreement that says you can’t extend the kitchen etc. Modifications to a house add value. Modifications to a car potentially devalue it.
  19. Some people choose to take out a loan to buy a vehicle, could be PCP, HP a personal loan, finance of some other kind or a credit card for that matter. They will still be the registered keeper of that vehicle and can do with it what ever they like. The point I'm trying to make is that if you owe money on your house that ain’t really yours either.
  20. I had my intercooler fitted yesterday and was told my front shocks are leaking, with these cars having dcc could they be the cause of my issue where if I’m in sports mode, the steering wheel doesn’t stiffen up, it feels the same as if it was in comfort mode or eco mode
  21. Cheers bud, really enjoying the information on her. On niggles at the minute are seems really quiet and subtle which can be good too. But the ST had exhaust, downpipe and turbo smarts etc.
  22. Posted them up after getting in the nice weather today 😃😃
  23. Please could I ask how you go about topping your coolant up? Do you just use water from a tap with antifreeze on a 50:50 ratio? Also, should I be topping the coolant up when the engine is cold ro warm, and to what level? I know this sounds noddy but i've studied the Owners' Manual and it has just confused me! I believe I have a small leak from my thermostat housing so just want to gather the knowledge now before I have to top it up myself. Many thanks in advance! Callam
  24. The last owner wasn't into cleaning the Golf properly, it was covered in tar mostly around the arches so I've been busy getting all that off, clay bar, polish and waxed. 9hours later its clean 😅
  25. I can, it’s about £15 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  26. Thanks everyone 😃 appreciate it haha I'll post some pictures of the car now, the extras on the car are 19inch wheels, sound system upgrade, reverse camera, ACC, DCC. Mite of missed a few more 🤔. So far I've painted the hubs behind the alloys, added a dashcam hardwired in and put my plate on 😁
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