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  2. PM Stobsie and make him an offer he can't refuse!
  3. Luckily I dont have to hide anything... only trouble is the missus has already started asking about stuff for her new car, headunit with AndroidAuto, new wheels, new exhaust... oh well [emoji16] Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  4. As far as I’ve researched, seems that is a little confusion about what is V4/5 and 6 Turbo. V4 is that one with IS38 Housing and wich Revo sells as IS38 ETR. V5 is that with dedicated developed housings and seems that V6 uses the same housings with bigger Internals. When I got my V5 from VRS, I talked to TT technician and they told me they didnt released in that time. So I dont know if they already released it. If you could confirm with them would be Nice. Enviado do meu iPhone usando Tapatalk
  5. When I bought my V5 from VRS last year we were talking about possibly going V6 but that would have required forged parts which was a step too far for me.
  6. I had one of these on my 17 plate 7.5 R, will fit both models, and it sounded brilliant! I really miss having one
  7. No wheel alignment yet, in a couple of weeks.
  8. Didn’t see any update about this turbo lately. Maybe they have released in last month, but its hard to get answer from both By e-mail and a call from Brazil is not easy for me because my speech is not good at phone. Im a better when I write in english. LOL. Enviado do meu iPhone usando Tapatalk
  9. The TTV6 is already out and available to buy from what I understand. You want to speak to the guys at MRC or VRS in the UK.
  10. Today
  11. I always use Revo who have the R&D behind them so no live logging required when mapping,I always believe a rolling road (dyno) is needed as a datum point before mapping so you know the increase in power.
  12. In Australia I don’t really know of any APR/revo/racingline that use RR at all. It’s all just the custom tuners. There would be 1000s of APR tuned cars here stage 1/2 HO, med etc that have never been on a RR. I guess that’s why you pay slightly more for APR as you’re putting trust in that they’ve done all the extensive testing to get it ready before release. Guess it’s different in UK and probably better to see before and after, would also be nice to see boost levels and AFRs. Coming from having custom tuned GTR/supra in past I did find it very strange this just upload file and off you go but at time there wasn’t any well regarded custom tuners here locally for VAG cars. I just researched lots and happy with APR tunes.
  13. Another one here not convinced by the Golf 8 shape and the speculative outputs of the 8R. Glad I bought my 7.5R when I did.....before the petrol particulate filter came in and after the DQ250 left the car. even if they said it was 400bhp out of the tin I’d still keep the 500+bhp one I have now. 😎🎉🕺🏻🥳
  14. So as my S3 heads towards 100k miles I shall be chopping it in as BIK tax costs me £359 a month and instead opting out of the car scheme, taking an allowance and I'm 90% sure I'm getting a 335D M-sport touring (2nd hand). This car will be doing circa 30k a year. I will be claiming back mileage at 45p for the 1st 10k then 25p etc so this car ticks all/ most boxes. 0 - 60 as quick as my S3/ Golf R 50 MPG on the motorway It won't be as fun but I can't think of any other car with the performance and MPG...... Ps. I know it rides too high but then again it will never see a track.
  15. What you might call a wheely good day! I'll get my coat... Looking good btw.
  16. In the '50-60s era, vinyl records of classic race car engines were marketed to nerdy enthusiasts eager to listen to these classic treasures. I recall a recording of the sonorous but ill-fated BRM V-16 (a mere 1.5 liters, supercharged no less). At a recent estate sale I found an album devoted to the '30s M-B W125 5.6 liter supercharged straight 8, although I bought it to display its evocative '50s-design cover, not to play. Today you can probably hear them on U-Tube.
  17. Fitted today. 19" Ultralegerra HLT 19 x 8.5 in matt black with 235 35 19 Pilot Sport 4 S.
  18. Wheels arrived today.....with the wrong spigot rings [emoji58] Sent from my S9 using Tapatalk
  19. Kudos to everyone for making such a persuasive case for Conka to take the plunge. To which I'd remind him that what other people think of you is none of your business.
  20. Good point, it sounds great having a 5 year warranty (I think it's 6 for 2018 on cars) but if you do the miles then it can still expire sooner than you'd hoped.
  21. Surely better than a 36 year old stuck in a 60 year old's body. Let's hope your wife agrees.
  22. It is made and discredited by the same group It's just an excuse for ball achingly loud exhausts on certain bikes. hateful sounding things that they are. I would argue that if someone isn't using their mirrors and paying attention they won't notice a loud noise somewhere in the vacinity. I've seen plenty oblivious to a Police car or Ambulance behind them with blues and two's in full swing, how the f you don't notice that.....
  23. lol, I was about to say, that won’t work so well with 45kilos of German Shepherd sitting on it. 🐕
  24. Well, what I CAN mention is that after 2 years and 8 months my warranty IS gone! [emoji23]
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