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  2. From the configurator Lapiz £755 + 19” alloys £825 = £1580. Winter pack is an extra £270. So over the current £1600 limit. Your PD11 value is slightly lower than it should be, unless the prices have changed.
  3. Spray both parts of the mechanism with WD40. Mine did the same 2 weeks ago and is now perfect. Don’t start sanding bits..!
  4. My one year old 6000 mile R did this just before its first Service. VW fixed under warranty. Not sure what they did exactly but is all working now!
  5. Have a watch of this..... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Being a mechanic doesn’t mean you know the ins and outs of oil and it’s wear / lubrication properties. So you are basing all these statements on this one YT video? ETTO....Castrol edge isn’t much dearer then your chip oil....I’ll stick with that Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Hey all Have you guy’s all have done the Revo stage 1 are you still using a pedal box ? or did the Revo map get rid of the throttle response you get with these cars. thanks.
  8. This sort of thing can / will lose a repeat sale for the brand. A 3 yr Manufacturers Warranty should cover this in the eyes of many (most) owners. For me, on a range topping car- VW Local Dealer and VW UK are just crazy to mess a customer about like this. Still happens tho 🙄 They spend millions in advertising attracting customers, but risk losing them for a £70 part + Fitting.
  9. Sure these are exactly the same seat and pattern that are in the R line, just blue
  10. Some pictures make the lapiz look not very nice on the mk8. I was in thinking about changing my order to black( if it ever get accepted by the factory) but I like it again now
  11. Different strokes etc. Being an aerospace engineer has pretty much zilch to do with automotive engineering. Different scenarios. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  12. The wheels are getting better or I’m getting more accustomed to them. Either way that’s a good thing 😂 The seat colouring pattern is still going to take some time I think. Initial reactions are I prefer the mk7 pattern 🤦🏼‍♂️
  13. The Mk8 front looks loads better with an estate rear end on it. I really like the look of the whole car. I'd go as far as to say the Mk8 R looks better as an estate (flame suit at the ready 🤣) Paradoxically, I have a Mk7.5 estate, as I need the space but think the Mk7.5 hatch looks way better ...
  14. Thanks all for your thought. I’ll scan it tomorrow. It’s got a months warranty left, but tbh if the part is cheap I’d rather not have the hassle of VW changing it and the risk of it being washed, and my nice swirl free paint being destroyed! cheers
  15. To provide some new info. I have replaced two port injectors, but everythimg remained the same. I was logging fuel trims (short and long) today, half an hour on idle with total of 11 and 13 misfires on 2. and 3. cylinder. This does not seem a lot. Idle is rough, small jerks, like misfires, but they are not recognized. On idle long term fuel trim began to increase (positive). When keeping revs on 2000, 3000, 3500, long fuel trim goes down. This should indicate vacuum leak and I am more and more leaning to this side. Direct injectors do not work on idle (at least counter does not show), port injectors replaced, new spark plugs and coils rotated on cylinders. I could think of it is injectors, it would mean more misfires in half an hour. Misfire counter is being reset after some time, so most of the time it just shows zero. But you still feel jerks, so I think it is some vacuum leak. Maybe on intake manifold gasket on 2. and 3. cylinder or direct injector o-ring on those two cylinders. It seems to be temperature dependant, as it starts when oil reaches 55-60c. Till then it has smooth idle. Will test for lesks in following days. Anybody has some other idea? Will tes Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  16. More of the same. Standard wheels are growing one me!
  17. Isn't the reason that dealers disconnect the dashcam is so it doesn't record the service technician ragging the car to an inch of its life as part of the test drive, just to make sure everything's in working order?
  18. Look good, been looking at brake pads, they are about £150-£190for decent pads just for the front just from looking at reviews, if anyone knows of any good pads that are cheaper that would be good.
  19. VBT do a 'Clubsport lite' front and rear drilled matching set, that offer the drilled looks of the clubsport but sacrificing the alloy bells to keep the budget down. Aren't going to look quite as good to those that know, but you can get front and rears for about the same as the CS fronts... https://www.vagbremtechnic.com/cross-drilled-340x30mm-front-brake-discs/ https://www.vagbremtechnic.com/cross-drilled-310x22mm-rear-brake-discs/
  20. VW source the vast majority of their parts from TPS, so why go anywhere else? If there has been an update to an individual part then TPS automatically knows so you can’t go wrong.
  21. My car is subject to track work and the oil gets a hard time. Castrol will breakdown quicker under the heat cycles over a Nano Drive oil. I also use the Fuchs equivalent as well as Millers. I don’t mind changing the oil after a hard trackday to ensure the oil under normal use is fit as I can see temps on circuit at up to 130 on a hot day. An additional uprated oil cooler would be consideration if I was doing additional track days tbh.
  22. Ive been round brands probably 5 or 6 times but not in the golf ive owned for 4 years 😅 done trackdays in my old fiesta st, sneaked into a couple of villagers days and done the m3 and m4 master. Crazy how greasy the last corner is in february aha. Nearly killed lewis plato in the m4 on the straight kicking sideways at 100mph in the wet 😆
  23. That’s what my dealership uses. Last few services they’ve been using Quantum Platinum 5w40 in mine as per this on TPS website 5w40 for 2013-2017 Rs https://tps.trade/vrn-oil 5w30 for Rs 2018 onwards https://tps.trade/vrn-oil
  24. I’ve fitted MTEC grooved with the protection layer applied to the hubs around 18 months ago. Still look great. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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