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  2. @Lustral all personal, but absolutely with you on that £230 a month depreciation as being good. In days gone by, I used to try and get it closer to £2k a year than £2.5k, but now I'm older (!) I think £3k a year is fine.
  3. Unfortunately I've not taken it to track in standard form, which is a shame because it would have been interesting to compare. I'll feedback on how it performs anyway. I'll need to keep an eye on oil temps though as have been told the stock intercooler could do with an upgrade. Also advised i should get an oil cooler installed too. Hopefully the cool April temps at present will help keep it running within tolerances.
  4. I’ve done 900 odd miles in mine so far, and long term mpg is 26 currently. That’s daily use including a lot of city and rural driving with several short to mid motorway journeys. I usually do a few long motorway trips over the year and not yet done any of those in this car but when I do, they’ll push it up a little. Compared to my mk7 the mpg is better even without the long trips. 26mpg in the 8R compared to 24mpg in my previous mk7. Of course mpg differs massively as the many threads in here with respect 7/7.5R mileage show. Some people get very healthy figures but I’ve always struggled to get long term past 24/25. Cost yo fill obviously depends on what fuel you’re using and where you are located. I filled up a couple days back near full tank of Shell V Power and it cost me £74. That was 49.87 litres. Tank capacity is 50 litres.
  5. very nice with some choice upgrades. Have you taken the car on track previously? Will be good to hear the comparison of before and after.
  6. I think this is most probably demonstrated that its about 19 secs quicker than the Nurburgring than the 7R! Some of that could be better brakes though.
  7. awesome! The bonnet vent to help keep engine bay temps down?
  8. gazza5

    R to C43

    Nice write up, its one car on my list to potentially replace the R. Boot is smaller than the R estate, I'm fairly certain of that - it doesn't go as low as the R estate (boot floor) either. Biggest thing that puts me off merc is the part prices. My mates had to replace his front tyres on his A220 (petrol) 2.0 with 197 bhp I think it is, £140 a corner. I know its small differences, but hes only done 14k miles, and I know for a fact he isn't a fast driver, most driving is motorway. Now these are continentals so not a rubbish brand either. the golf r does have the merc c43 beaten for running costs, but just like your review, the c43 absolutly 100% beats the golf r for engine sound, and if I am honest - just like yourself, I am too after just a bit more drama in terms of a v6 noise while we can, i too have ruled out the C63 as much as I would like a v8, quite honestly theres just no point for my driving. I'm not a fast drive, I don't consider myself a driving god, but i cannot wait to get to mercedes benz world and try out the c43 on the handling circuit etc, whener that will be.
  9. I think Darlo said he is getting nearly 22mpg https://www.vwroc.com/forums/topic/38923-darlo’s-8r/page/3/?tab=comments#comment-582629 And Rebecca about 25mpg. But these are brand new, not run in cars so it will getting better as time goes on. But interested if owners think their cars are comparable with their previous 7/7.5's? Or a lot worse?
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  11. Hello All, Ive got my car ordered and curious what mileage you get out of a full tank - coming from a diesel the missus has been having a go at me for ordering one. Whilst i know it wont be the most economical but eager to know what you guys are getting. How much does it cost to fill a tank btw??
  12. Interesting figures blower. I’ve not driven a 7.5, pre or post OPF, so no frame of reference there. But (without any figures to back it up, lol) it’s most definitely quicker than the mk7 and corners better. Re the torque vectoring, I don’t think it can send 100% of power to rear wheels but it would be good if someone can back that up, there was some chat about it in my members ride thread recently. In terms of long term mpg so far, compared to my mk7 it’s about 2mpg better. I’m currently on 26mpg long term average, compared to 24mpg on my mk7. That’s my normal daily driving. I’ve not done any lengthy motorway trips in the 8R yet which is the norm a few times a year so I’d expect that to improve with a few of those added in. Getting more out of a tank, whilst not really of any concern to me, is nevertheless welcome!
  13. Yes, reduced headroom on the 7R, my first had a pano roof and my current one hasn't. The first had noticeably less headroom.
  14. Nice, I was seeing one of these everyday for a week on the A316 on my way to work, they do look nice, and as I have commented everywhere I would possibly take this over the golf 8 r estate (whenever that arrives), although the arteon shooting brake or this I am not sure which one I would choose. Lovely car, enjoy, and keep us updated.
  15. These wheels fit the Gti performance with the same front brakes as the R so yeah 100% fit[emoji1303] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. brilliant thanks for this, I thought so but self doubt crept in!
  17. That’s for 2 tyres not 4! No secret I’m afraid!
  18. So.... I wake up with a text message from VW on my phone...... cue get excited..... Read it.... and it says my car has now moved (cue even more excitement)...... to Stage 2 with the Factory 🙄 At least I know the text service is keeping up with the online tracker that has been sat on stage 2 for 6 weeks already haha Checked online just to make sure it had not changed and my car now has no colour and no interior assigned to it. I reckon if i delete the car and reinstate it the tracker wont recognise the number so ill just leave it for another week.
  19. I think Sam likes it....
  20. That was a warm welcome! Thanks for all your messages. I guess you’ll find me lurking on the Tiguan board. I’ve had the car over 3 weeks now so expect a post on first impressions soon
  21. Hmmm. Well you have confessed your sins, so I guess 3 "Hail Volkswagen's" and a hefty donation to the Moderaters drinking fund just might (I say might) get you over the line .... 😅 😅 😅
  22. Hit 2.5bar few times today, with it being 15c outside....it doesn't generally run that, normally its maxing out at 2.4 bar, but will occasionally peak at 2.5. I do think the mk8 does have an edge in a straight line, but there is not much in it vs a 7.5R pre-OPF. The 0-60 and 1/4 mile times seem to show that vs my car anyway and thats with my car being fat vs the press cars (leather, pan roof etc) The car weights are similar, if anything the Mk8R is actually heavier on the curb weight vs a 7.5R pre-opf (1525kg vs 1550kg Mk8) for same 5 door DSG model. Guess the electronic diff's and that massive OPF are adding a bit of weight - despite them dropping the spare wheel & switching to the Audi S3 Alu front subframe. No doubt the mk8 handles better in a corner - altho i do not think it ever sends 100% of the power to the rear wheels. It just will send more to the rear quicker and more frequently, probably has a bit of a bias when in race mode - where the mk7 series is nearly always FWD unless there is any loss of traction. The torque vectoring sounds good though, need to read up more on that and how it's been implemented (i.e. is it true torque vectoring or just more of this XDS fluff) Other interesting stats: Rev limiter on mk8 is 50rpm lower (6750 vs 6800 rpm) Full torque band is slightly smaller and comes on later for the mk8 (2100 to 5350 vs 2000 to 5400 mk7.5) Fuel economy is apparently worse (but i expect that is due to comparing old standards to new ones) CO2 emissions higher on mk8 (177g vs 164g), but again i think this is NEDC vs WLTP test cycles.....still it costs more to tax. How are you finding the fuel economy vs ya mk7 booth? - not that it really matters on these types of cars, but i'd be surprised if the mk8 isn't doing better mpg on day to day driving.
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  24. The unholy Trinity. We’ll need a forum meeting of all members to decide that one......... 😁
  25. From the long arse text: Suspension was covered in this part: 'The cars various drive modes are more of a contrast to each other than the 3 series or R’s. In comfort the suspension softens right up and I’d say it can actually feel a bit like MB of old where they were a bit… dare I say wallowy? It’s by no means bad but it’s certainly softer than anything I’ve experienced. This has its pluses as there is no crashing over pot holes and it irons out road imperfections well. It also stays fairly balanced in the corners as well, not that it matters of course because when you see the corners coming you’ll throw it into sport or sport+. If I tried to put my finger on it, I’d maybe say it’s more wallowy feeling front to back rather than side to side. Like there is more weight transfer when breaking as an example. Sport I’d say is about equal to a non-DCC R or fixed M Sport suspension and then sport+ a step up on that again being quite harsh but very flat and controlled. Thankfully you can pick and choose your set up at will so Sport+ gearbox, comfort suspension, powerful exhaust, mix and match etc.' Brakes in this part: 'Cornering ability is surprisingly good. As said, it stays nice and flat in the bends and gets the power down well. It’s a permanent 30:70 rear bias but I think you’d have to be trying hard to get the back end out. You can feel you are being pushed rather than pulled, but the car is as planted as the R in most conditions. It’s also really agile as well. I’ve thrown it through some quite tight bends at decent speed and it just grips and goes. At one point I thought I was starting to feel some understeer but when I turned in tighter it followed the line rather than wash wide. The longer wheelbase (2840mm to the Golf’s 2630mm) does means it doesn’t feel quite as nimble as the R and doesn’t turn in quite as hard, but its certainly no slouch with the rear bias really helping rotate the car. The brakes by the way are incredible. I know the mk8 has addressed the problem but the 7.5 was really lacking here. Despite the C43 being a fair bit heavier I’d bet it stops sooner. This is largely down to the huge 360mm discs up front matched with 4 piston callipers. You’ve then got 320mm in the rear and together they are really responsive and keep things in check nicely. The discs are also cast with holes in rather than cross drilled so they handle heat pretty well and I didn’t notice any fading. Mileage may vary if you take it on track of course. '
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