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  2. Count Drunkula

    Automatic Boot pop kit

    I asked this a while back and got a few options but never went for anything in the end as couldn't find anything tried and tested for the estate
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  4. SpursMadDave

    Buying Second Hand: What To Watch

    Most of what you asked has been covered, if you fit 19's you should let your insurance know as even though they are OEM they were not fitted to your car as standard Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  5. Hi has anyone fitted this to their car ?? If so is there anyone in uk that's supplies the kit ? I Can only find one in Usa from USP, which seems to be the one to buy. Or has anyone made a kit with stronger struts?Thanks
  6. RGirl

    Buying Second Hand: What To Watch

    You’re welcome!
  7. Alexandros

    Buying Second Hand: What To Watch

    Thanks for this, will use the checklist on the day!
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  9. grahamstevo123

    Flip key metal blade snapped

    Many thanks for the replies guys, i popped into my local VW and was told it would not be covered under warranty even though I purchased my R and my wife's GTD from them. IIRC i was quoted around £250 It is a real shame as the electrics all work fine and i can lock the car with the key It is just the metal blade which has come away from the case. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ONE-VOLKSWAGEN-VW-GOLF-MK-7-NEW-FLIP-KEY-BLADE/381865458978?hash=item58e8f47d22:g:WIYAAOSwFe5XxeB~:rk:1:pf:1&frcectupt=true I'm tempted to buy this blade and then just get it cut to fit my car
  10. RGirl

    Buying Second Hand: What To Watch

    Check this thread out, has all the details. I used this when I bought mine last month. Enjoy the car 😊
  11. Raiden

    Buying Second Hand: What To Watch

    When I was looking for one I was just looking for obvious signs of abuse like scratches and dents along with tatty interior. Saw a couple but even tho they had full history I could see they had a hard life. When I found mine it was almost looking like brand new even tho it was 3 years old. A lot of these suffer coolant leaks which I hoped would happen while I had warranty and after 8 months the fault occurred which I was glad as I knew I wouldn't have to pay for it and in theory shouldn't happen again for a few years if it at all in my possession Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  12. Smokeybubbles

    Buying Second Hand: What To Watch

    🤔 might want to get 2 pairs of Spielbergs... if you search the forums there are some guides on picking up a car, and i think there is even a checklist for you to take and tick things off. Good luck, the R is a great motor.
  13. RGirl

    New Television

    I agree; low end LG’s black levels aren’t so good and Sony’s do better definitely but Oled is on a league of its own. And the LG one is arguably the best Oled. They supply all other manufacturers including Sony, their Oled panels as they are the sole producer.
  14. Shug


    Another Sunday bike rider here. Been riding since 16 on a (don’t laugh) Puch Maxi, followed by an FS1E. Always had a bike apart from when kids were small and cash tight. Ridden most things and even had the full fat sports bike because I wanted one before I was 50, got a new 08 blade. After a few years decided was going to lose license as just too easy to go fast, plus back not up to it. Currently on a CB1000r, and does the job for me. Ride very defensively, as lost a mate a few years back to a classic SMIDSY. Mrs hates it every time I go out, but it’s one of my few vices
  15. xSCYTHERx

    Mk7 Golf R Order thread - part 2

    Someone should just write to watchdog and point them in the direction of this thread, they would have a field day...
  16. Maplesyrup


    I don’t think you need much encouragement...
  17. blower

    What do you dislike about your R?

    Not happy with Dynaudio on my new-ish Mk7.5..... Have messed with settings a lot - but its just not as good a sound as dynaudio in my mk6. Yes it can get louder - but it severely lacks depth of bass (vs my mk6), and way too much of the mid is being sent to the tweeters, making it sound very harsh and i have to turn mid down to -7 just to get it bearable. Bass sound on it may suit some people, as its very tight and punchy - but has no depth whatsoever. Any attempts to add depth result in a harsh punchy bass along with it sounding very disconnected and muddy. The speakers are actually the same on the mk7 as that in the mk6 - it's just the amplifier/processor is internally setup for a very unbalanced sound and of course no sub on the mk6. Which is probably part of the problem - the processor is setup to send more bass to the weak ass sub instead of the door speakers. I have a plan to fix this though as having gone thru schematics i believe i can retro mk6 amplifier/processor into the mk7 with some coding of the MIB and some extra wiring from MIB to amp along with a complete re-pinning of existing dyanudio amp connector. If it works i should have my lovely mk6 dynaudio sound back....and i can throw that weak ass subwoofer into storage (or the bin where it belongs)
  18. Hello all! New to the forum. Finance on my 16 plate R got approved tonight! Picking it up in the next few days. I’m getting a white Estate with a DSG. 30k on the clock and can’t be more excited! I apologies in advance as I’m sure this has all been covered, but can’t find anything using the search. Wondering what to look out for before signing on the dotted line. Dealer knows I want to test drive it before I sign the contract (it’s unfortunately coming from another dealership so couldn’t test before hand). The VW warranty is still valid for a few more months and I’ve also purchased a Autocare warranty that lasts two years after the VW one expires (got it bundled with servicing, MOT and brake down cover). Finally, does anyone have the Spielberg 19inch alloys? Looking at getting a pair to put on the car (currently has the standard 18inchs). Worried though about the effect on ride and handling, especially considering our roads! Also wondering if it needs to be declared to insurance, as it’s a OEM option? Looking forward to using the forums, sure there is plenty I’ve got to learn! Thanks to all!
  19. GolfRWag

    Flip key metal blade snapped

    Have you got locksmiths or key cutters that also do car keys in the UK ? Here we can get most common brand keys, flip or not, and keyfob remotes fixed, replaced and programmed by Mister Minit, a franchise mob here who do keys of all kinds,engraving, shoe repair etc in many shopping centres. Try Timpson? No idea what they are like. Generally way way cheaper than dealer OE, but check both.
  20. Trentside


    Another biker here, prefer the warmth of summer to ride but keep one of my bikes taxed all year round just in case I fancy a winter ride out. My choice of bike will more than likely send a shiver up the spine of any sports bike riders, I own two Honda Goldwings, a 1983 GL1100 and 2016 GL1800. In choosing the Goldwing I wanted the comfort of a car but on two wheels - I think the Goldwing fits the bill quite nicely. Will be test riding the latest incarnation of the bike on Saturday. The new 2018 model is significantly lighter than my version and is packed with the latest technology. I have already spoken to the dealership about trading in my current bike and much to my surprise we can make the numbers work quite nicely. It all depends on how the latest version performs. I am also restoring a 1975 Suzuki RE5, one of the only Japanese bikes fitted with a rotary engine. As I understand it Suzuki manufactured the rotary engine under license from NSU. Will hopefully have this bike on the road for summer 2020.
  21. leonmac


    This was 2002!!!! Sent from my ONEPLUS A6013 using Tapatalk
  22. JJB

    Any insurance whizzes?

    Thanks for this. Will have a further look. To clarify, I most likely won't monetise my channel for a while yet. I'm nowhere near the requirements needed to get paid for it. Thanks for the responses everyone
  23. leonmac


    Yes I spent my early 20's flat out, mainly on 600s. I'm now what we used to call a "born again biker" lol..... But I don't want to going everywhere at stupid speeds!!! Hence the choice of bike. It's been 15 years since I sold my Ducati 748. Sent from my ONEPLUS A6013 using Tapatalk
  24. Stobsie


    You say your thinking of getting a bike do you already have a license?
  25. AidyG

    New Irish Member

    Alright folks,just joined today I’m thinking about a Golf R in the near future so I’m in for a nosey on best mods etc as I’d be planning on taking it to five or six hundred bhp with some nice suspension and lightweight wheels! Swaying towards a blue one but I’m torn between 4 door or 2 and torn between manual or DSG anyway 👋😃
  26. DanH

    New Golf R on Order

    From what I've read on here you should get the new standard spec.
  27. Tommo1979

    LV= Very Happy

    Has anyone who is with LV had a decat fitted? What did they say or charge?
  28. drdaveboy


    I'm not a fan of riding in the cold but been all over Europe over the last 15 years on bikes got africa twin adventure sport now ideal for steady rides going to do norway in the next couple of years probably do nc500 this year
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