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VW Driver Golf R special

IT IS NOT OFTEN that we devote so much space in one issue to a specific model within the VW range, but we’ve made an exception for the Golf 7R, such is the current level of interest in this latest ‘hot hatch’.


I can still clearly remember when the previous Golf R came out, the Mk 6, back in late 2009, with a mere four-cylinder 2.0 turbo engine replacing the previous 3.2 V6, but following the first road test we realised that it was not only faster but more fuel-efficient, it handled better without the weight of that V6 hanging out front, and it was technically a much better car all round.


And now we have the new 7R, so much better than the 6R because it is based on the MQB chassis. As many owners – some featured in our special issue – will attest, it really is an amazing all-rounder; not only a comfortable, practical family hack but also capable of blowing away all but the most severe of supercars. And, if it isn’t quite good enough in standard form, then there are already a great many very effective performance upgrades available, as the features in our special issue will show.


AS WELL AS this special issue of the monthly magazine, and the digital version with extra pictorial content, we’ve also compiled all our previous articles on the Golf 6R and 7R into a digital portfolio that you can download from www.pocketmags.com With 135 pages of exclusive Golf R features, it’s well worth a look!




Neil Birkitt


Editor, Volkswagen Driver magazine


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