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VW prepare for Frankfurt Hot Hatch Showcase


It appears to us that Volkswagen is gearing up for a rather large party... as many will know, 2016 will be the 40th anniversary of the Golf GTI, and with any big birthday, there's no harm in starting the party a little bit early.


The 40th birthday of the GTI is being marked with the very special GTI Clubsport, a 287bhp (on overboost) version of the Golf, with reduced weight, improved aero, a manual gearbox, chassis tweaks and a roll cage.


Dale Lomas who runs the website 'Bridge to Gantry' has spied the GTI Clubsport being tested at the 'ring in what looks to everyone like full production spec, even down to the side decals, and it looks fantastic.


You can view Dales photos on his website by clicking here.


Now, with a car in full production spec, it's surely going to be unveiled at a motor show in the not too distant future. Conveniently, Volkswagens home show Frankfurt crops up in September, just over two months away.


But could we be in for a double party?


Volkswagen has been very keen to get the R400 Concept seen by as many people as possible, with recent appearances in the UK at Goodwood and GTI International, and it has also been testing an R-based mule the Nürburgring. So, VW has two months to finalise the bumpers and get it on the stand at Frankfurt - certainly possible.


Rumour within the industry says that we will see both cars there, with Clubsport deliveries starting at the end of the year, and R400 deliveries starting in late Spring 2016.


So, a double launch party... one hell of a way to kick start the Golf GTIs 40th year!






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