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  2. I have a 650 2 ch and I’m very pleased with it. Fit & forget, WiFi connectivity & easy access to footage without removing SD cards etc. Mine came with a 16gb card which I swapped to a generic 128gb. Blackvue’s own-brand cards are a ridiculous price & others work fine. The power magic kit is essential in my view for parking cam function. Some have had had issues with DAB interference from the rear facing cam, but I’ve had no issues from day 1.
  3. The flag is only applied if VW require a full scan in the event of a major failure. If the engine or gearbox dies they'll require it to be hooked up for a chat with HQ to compare all of the map parameters and runtime values the ECU records. If discrepancies are found then the flag will be applied based on remap or tuning box (I forget the code for these, TD1 is remap). Otherwise the dealer won't know and if it's a well known and very common fault with a TSB they'll just do it.
  4. Not necessarily, the US has required GPFs well before we had to have them. The res delete here is probably to deal with everyone's chatter about the GPF killing noise. It might not be legal in the US to have it that noisy or VW don't feel that their market requires it. Ours clearly does as lots of people were getting upset before the cars arrived.
  5. Hi all Looking to buy the above dash cam. I can get the DR750 2 ch with the Blackvue Power Magic Pro for £297 (not fitted). What’s owners of this dash cam thoughts on its performance? Is this a decent price? Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. I much prefer twisties myself too [emoji106] Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  7. Your view might win the traffic light grand prix but my view might win in the twsties. I know which one I'd prefer to win, especially in my standard car that already does 0-60 in 4.42 (Draggy timed, 2-up on a damp road)
  8. Each to their own indeed, 50bhp or some lighter discs [emoji848] Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  9. each to their own ... I' d take a set off light weight discs over a JB4 any day of the week.
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  11. I put some tape around the end of the rail to fixate the small piece that was resonating. Since then, no more whooshing sound. Not even at 200. Have not yet driven faster.
  12. wow ok great thanks. I'll check against mine, run tests and report back
  13. A reality check on a forum? Lets all remember this thread when someone starts getting heated over 0-60 times. 4.6 seconds, no 4.7 seconds, wrong 4.5 dim wit, grrr!
  14. Always amuses me this weight thing on a family car built on standard Golf platform. i do wonder when refuelling if people think, " okay SPG is about 0.75 kg/l, if I only put in 31 litres I improve my performance by ...' then go 'shit' when they put in 33 litres'
  15. goodbadboy

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    Welcome to the forum Enda, ....and Congratulations on the stunning looking Blue R...💙
  16. Yeah, I had a whooshing sound. Came from the standard roof rails on my estate. Sounded like it came from the side of the windshield or from the windows, but was hard to pinpoint. Found a solution. See my thread
  17. I am also on 19"s - OEM Conti's
  18. Great to hear that you’ve identified the source of the noise and I hope the dealer sorts it permanently. Also a very useful thread for anyone else that might suffer the same issue. Unwanted sound issues are enough to drive someone insane!
  19. Manual will still sound more throaty just without the dsg bangs in upshifts Coding the exhaust valves permanently open helps with sound too, can be done with OBDEleven
  20. Folks, I have an estate with DCC/ ACC. My wind wooshing noise is definitely coming from window ( working theory of cause is side mirror housing, but could be something else who knows). DGR, are you getting a wind wooshy noise?
  21. No GPF then I'm guessing, the res delete should give you a little more noise especially in race/sport Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  22. I have a US spec R. Just went to double check and mine definitely has a resonator.
  23. Have you tried updating via USB not an SD card? You say you have a Pro Nav unit, easiest way to double check is to go to media and see if you have the jukebox function, if you do then you have a HD in the unit for music and maps etc. It could be a fault with the HD possibly, try adding some music to it and see if that works? Put the map updates on a USB stick and try that, even the non pro units can be fussy with SD cards, USB will be quicker and more reliable I'm sure. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  24. Dont get me wrong, I understand the physics of what you are saying, and of course you cant argue with physics... but in the real world on a car that is heavy like a Golf R, is a little unsprung weight loss really going to be that noticeable and make that much difference even when having a hoon on the public roads? I've just fitted Nitrac discs all round and I'm pretty sure I didnt notice much difference when I went to Asda yesterday afternoon for some shopping... Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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