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  2. Ok I’ll do it on the mk7 chat. Thank you so much for the quick reply
  3. Welcome along! You can ask your questions in this thread, or post them up in the mk7 Chat section where they might get a better response. Hopefully someone will be able to help you out with answers.
  4. The engine just got rebuilt and needs running in. Its gonna be about a week or two until these are fitted on. Can't wait to show them off!
  5. Thanks, for finding it on the same site👍 I guess this is going to be on my "must have list"😊 I'll read the review..
  6. Hi everyone, I’m about to order my Golf R this week but first I would like to clarify something about the 2018 and 2019 versions with the 310 and 300bhp. Could someone please tell me where’s the right place to ask? Thanks in advance
  7. The little tools and suction pipe were included in the purchase which was great. The one in your link above is a different model, the Masterblaster which is an air dryer only, not a dryer/vacuum . This is the one - the Vac n Blo. https://shop.poleringskongen.no/produkt/6839/bilpleieutstyr/bilpleieutstyr/metro-vac-n-blo-pro-4-hk/998 It has the small tools (see second pic on webpage ) and a few added extra bits (over the UK one) too by the looks of it which is a bonus. I did a review just after I got it back in 2016....
  8. You have no reason to say sorry. All you've been is friendly and helpful. It was nice to know a little about yourself. We just draw a line on that and forget it😊 Those small suction pipes are so cute☺️ Im guessing you had to buy them separately. The Metrovac you mentioned, is it the one in the link below? https://shop.poleringskongen.no/produkt/6840/bilpleieutstyr/bilpleieutstyr/metro-vac-master-blaster-revolution-8-hk/998
  9. Vag Technik great place. https://www.vagtechnik.co.uk Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Another turnip here. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8348039/Police-hunt-idiot-Audi-driver-filmed-hitting-200MPH-M20-motorway.html Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  12. Just been out in my 2014 Golf R and the EPC warning light has just come on and the car went into limp mode. The car was just serviced on Friday by VW and the spark plugs were replaced. Any chance the spark plugs has vent been replaced properly? The car was slightly misfiring on the way back home. any thoughts?
  13. I’ve used torco in the passed it seems to make exhaust note deeper and does seem to run better but may be placebo effect not used any in the r yet
  14. Please don’t apologise Booo! You’re not being nosey at all. 😊 It didn’t come across that way and I really didn’t take it that way. Sorry if my reply might have suggested that. Was just lightheadedly explaining how my mats get so full of debris. It’s ongoing battle, but driving comes first and detailing follows. My job has its moments, and nice to get outdoors regularly and not have to be in the office all the time. It’s a good mix of both. Outside of lockdown that is. The little suction pipe is great! It has various mini tools that attach. All really useful for rooting out hard to reach dirt. Especially down the sides of the front seats. One of my best buys was the Metrovac. It’s a vacuum one end and a car dryer the other with separate chambers for each function. Really good machine.
  15. The TT option is very popular on here. I originally had the VWR elbow and pipe but then switched to the revo all in one. I really rated it - https://www.onlyrevo.com/product-details/air-filter-intake-kits/20-tsi-turbo-inlet-hose. I only had it on for 2k miles before I sold my wagon and got a lease instead. That reminds me, I’ll need to stick it in the classifieds along with a few other parts I took off before sale..... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. Look on CLP automotive, they have their own branded one. I compared mine to the £135 racing line elbow and they were the same, just priced differently. https://clptuning.co.uk/product/clp-tuning-turbo-elbow-vag-ea888-gen-3/
  17. I apologise for poking my noise in your business and thanks for clearing about the messy mats🙈. I fully understand you about moving fort and back from the shed. I have the same problem when it comes to washing my R😂 Sounds like you have a really nice job😁. Going to different places and not working in a fixed place/office. Anyways, I'm sure you're happy to get it cleaned and you've done a damn good job too🙌 PS..I really liked that small suction pipe🤩
  18. They all fit the standard airbox [emoji106] My TT one fitted perfectly on oem and now ramair, others are cheaper and no doubt just as good but I went with the TT one after a bit of research Sent from my VOG-L09 using Tapatalk
  19. As above really, I think the most you'll get from a full bottle of octane booster is 0.8RON and that's in half a tank of fuel - their claims are misleading to say the least. Plus the stuff goes off quicker than corner shop milk, so check the batch date - not much good keeping a bottle in the boot in case you can't get super as it will of probably lost it's benefits by then. It won't do any harm, and your engine will most likely respond well to it, but it aint cheap as a long term proposition. There used to be a few filling stations that sold 102RON fuel in the UK (it's still fairly common in Germany), or you can buy 102RON at some race circuits (be prepared to mortgage the house though).
  20. This is really interesting. I’ve never had an auto and find it easier with the paddles but it’s still not the same? I think it’s more a mental thing where I think if I drive like a manual I’m going to break something! I have an older golf 30 Ed so likely I’m switching between the two and it just feels so different.
  21. I liked the look of those but don't like chrome/aluminiun against white, shame they don't do them in black [emoji22] Sent from my VOG-L09 using Tapatalk
  22. Most are probably useless or worse still dangerous for you car, some might at best boost to just over 100, anything that boosted to 110 wouldn't be road legal anyway I doubt. Not worth the risk imo Sent from my VOG-L09 using Tapatalk
  23. Anyone used octane booster on their R? I’ve seen a few people I follow on Instagram with highly modified cars using it with 99RON to make approx 110 (supposedly). I’m interested in giving it a go as it’s pretty cheap on average, I know it’s not going to a jump in performance but wondering about the good affects of it.
  24. That’s interesting, and not aware if there’s anything special about a pre-2017 R that would mean the 18” Prets aren’t suitable. I’m pretty certain that some members on the forum have fitted the 18” Prets to their pre-2017 R’s. Wheels do have a load limit, so if the axle weight of a particular car exceeds the load limit of a specific type of wheel, then it wouldn’t be safe to fit them, and there’d be insurance implications too. However, I suspect the axle weight of a pre- and post-2017 R would be pretty much the same, if not identical, so axle weight and wheel load limit is unlikely to be the reason. There’s no restriction for fitment of 18” Pretoria’s on the Golf R on this USA website - click on ‘show more’ in the ‘what this fits’ box; https://parts.vw.com/p/Volkswagen__GTI/18-Pretoria-Wheel---Sterling-Silver/69551378/5G0071498A88Z.html
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