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  2. I can't fault them for wanting to see what happens with std VW wheels. If I was the tech I would be very suspicious of the aftermarket wheels too, especially with the special spigot requirements VW has (as described very well by rwbo above). As soon as you modify in any way, whether you like it or not you assume responsibility for any problems that look like they may be caused by the modification. If you still have the problem when you re-install OEM VW wheels then the ball is back in VW's court. I'll stick my neck out and say it is most likely that the problem is related to your aftermarket wheels, not your wheel bearings (unless you have gone over some particularly savage potholes and managed to dislodge or damage the wheel bearings).
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  4. Yeah but I can see why they have stopped though hopefully you get to the bottom of it Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  5. Apologies for bringing back an old thread. I’m in need of some help. I’m curious how the retrofit for the dynamic light assist went and if you required to change the headlights to get it working? I have a 65 plate R which has the lane assist plus package and dynamic light assist. Unfortunately the car has been through a collision and I need to replace both the headlights. The part numbers on my headlights are 5G2 941 034 E/ 5G2 941 033 E where as nearly all of the Golf R headlights for sale online have the part number 5G2 941 751 D/ 5G2 941 752 D. I’m trying to work out what the difference is in between the two headlights. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  7. I’d be very surprised if all four wheels were buckled. It’s unlikely to be unbalanced wheels either if you’ve had them balanced three times. A few things to check; What is the centre bore for your RVO19 alloys? - the centre bore fitment for alloys on the Golf (and most other VW’s) is 57.1. If the centre bore for your wheels is larger than this, then the fitting kit supplied with your wheels should have included a set of spigot rings that fit in the centre bore of the wheels to reduce it to the standard 57.1 for the Golf, to ensure a snug fit of the wheel on the hub. Not fitting spigot rings (if they’re required) is likely to result in wheel wobble / vibration. More importantly, it would also mean that undue stress would be placed on the wheel bolts as they would be taking the entire weight of the car (dangerous!), when it should be the car’s hubs (with wheels with the correct sized centre bore) that take the car’s weight. Aftermarket alloys usually have a wheel bolts with a different seating face profile to the bolts fitted to OEM factory alloys. It’s important that the seating face profile of the bolts mate correctly with the bolt holes in the wheels, otherwise they cannot be torqued up correctly which could result in loose bolts and wheel vibration. Bolt tightening sequence; I’ve read on various forums that if the correct bolt tightening sequence isn’t followed on the mk7 Golf, then vibration can be experienced. The correct sequence is to tighten the bolts diagonally / in a star pattern sequence by hand to 30nm while the wheel is off the ground. Lower the car on to the ground and tighten bolts diagonally / in a star pattern to 75nm. Lastly, tighten bolts diagonally / in a star pattern to 120nm.
  8. off is best. trust me dcc isnt standard on the estate. it is standard on the cupra though
  9. yeah i did fear that, whats funny is no fault is found but the alloys are wobbling, i asked if they removed the wheel to which they said no... so im my opinion they have stopped at the symptom rather look for the fault. ive asked them to put a set of wheels on whilst on the ramp to prove the alloys are at fault
  10. Looking great [emoji1665] Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  11. I’ll give the soundaktor .turned to low a try to see if that helps. Also switch out any Music volume auto adjust. Ill be using the “offending” stretch of road again soon, as the only other (longshot) things I came up with was that the road itself lacked a top layer of final smooth surface... OR the road surface had been designed to be like that as a Passive safety feature - to ensure that cars did not travel quickly on this section of dual carriageway. Not that I in any way overthink things you understand.😂 Eardefenders an option. I thought all Estates have DCC Standard?🤔
  12. Unfortunately as soon as you out aftermarket alloys on you will most likely get the same response from most dealers, yes it could very well be a bearing issue etc but why should they look at that when you have aftermarket wheels on? By the way I have aftermarket wheels so I'm not preaching, best thing is to put the stock alloys back on and see if the problem is still there, if not then you know where the issue is Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  13. What was ur original monthly payment/deal please mate? I have an 18 plate exactly same as yours. I put £3k down and pay £220 a month, 8k a year. I was planning on extending for the third year. The third year was cheaper with the mrs gtd and gti. Was hoping for the same with my R
  14. hey guys i am experiencing a vibration at speed 70+ to 77 Mph as mentioned on @Scanner thread who seems to have the same problem... as quoted "the car has on a few occasions had a strong vibration throughout the cabin when travelling at 70-85 mph. Seems to happen on very well surfaced roads and is less noticeable on rougher surfaces" but now as my plot thickens i feel it deserves its own thread. long story short is i have a 2019 estate DCC PAN ROOF current wheels fitted are a set of brand new RV019's with ps4's, i have attempted to balance the wheels 3 times my next step was to get road force balance but i didn't get a chance to, so decided to let VW have a look. below is an extract of the techs video report, can anyone give advice on what they think it may be, surely not all 4 of my wheels are not buckled i've probably only done 800 miles on them, does this look like a wheel bearing problem??
  15. try turning off the soundaktor it might help, if anything you should notice the exhaust sound more which is nice
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  17. I have an estate with DCC and 19s... 🙂 What do you make of that? I also had a problem with the roof rails. That's why I wanted to know if VWJim has an estate. Inserting irrigation tubing into the rubber doorseals worked to reduce the wind noise in my car.
  18. Jeez,I don't know which side to feel the worst for you or him.
  19. Yay, another LSG ! =o) Welcome and enjoy Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. And if you're in a 2017 hatch with DCC and 18inch rims, you are probably wondering what the hell we are moaning about
  21. So between my experience, the replies here in this thread and some research reading other similar posts on this and other forums, I reckon: It looks like it might be worse in an estate, compared to the hatch The latest model might have made things even worse DCC improves the situation drastically 18inch wheels are a fair bit quieter than the 19s The stock Continental tires on the 19s make the situation worse than it needs to be, Michelin's are better Dropping a couple of PSI helps a little So if you are in a 2019 7.5 estate and you couldn't afford the DCC and you are running 19 inch wheels on fully inflated Conti tires, you should probably order yourself some ear defenders.
  22. Ford has active noise cancellation, would be nice if this was just something that was switched off on the 7.5's causing the issue...
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    If you want to cure the lean fit an uprated rear ARB - you have a few options but Superpro or 034 Motorsport both have a good rep for the R. H&R do a kit for both front and back but from experience the R only really needs to the rear bar.
  24. Yep, there sure is that feature - but you can't fight fire with fire! That's just more noise on top of noise, it doesn't fix anything, just gives you a headache! ha
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    Hello and welcome Litchfield are a bit posh for mapping a Golf you must have been sneered at in the car park lol
  26. I used the data cable to connect to a laptop, I downloaded the software from the Bms site. Putting the cable through is easy enough and others have said, you don't really need to connect to the JB4 much once it's set up. Mine was second hand I have managed to get a map 6 by searching and there's a thread on here with the values on here.
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