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  2. So, If I’m in doubt about Oil change intervals I’ll get a Henry Vacuum..😂
  3. I guess it depends on the area. I'd say this is very true of older GTI's, but I don't see many of that type driving mk7 and up. Interestingly I'd say I see more average Joe's driving GTI's and lots of women driving Golf R's. Friday just gone I saw a middle aged woman driving one and what I'd guess was a 60-70 something woman driving the other... the latter did upset me I won't lie.
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  5. or even better fit a panel filter and turbo elbow. made a huge difference on my dsg.
  6. first thing to check after that would be your battery.
  7. no it never came back after i cleared it with obd11
  8. They have definitely toned the Type R down a bit.
  9. Good old Henry vac - massive suction and good shaped nozzle thing. I bought one purely for car stuff
  10. I'm looking to do something similar soon - TVS Stage 2+, unicorn self tune stage 2 high torque.......did you go for an intercooler upgrade - i want to get the wagner but the sheer cost is offputting.
  11. For me it isn't a problem - but I'm sure to some people it is, but for me I always cycle through to race mode after starting up. It appears to me that it is not just the valves that get triggered when you cycle through modes, but all maps. You default to normal every time (in my 2015 7R at least), so even if it says race mode because you left it in race mode, you're actually driving in normal mode, engine map as well as every other change the different modes make. That's why I just cycle to race mode every time. If I simply coded valves always open, I'd still have to cycle to race mode anyway.
  12. Civic Type R Mode!.....if only it had the deactivate button.
  13. Jeez - what sort of Ale do you drink??
  14. So you would rather spend £140 + on a solution which may not work, does not work on all tv’s and may mean re-routing of cables? Sky is £13 a month, I’ve just paid that for two pints of ale at my local pub. This solves your problem in 10 minutes, is guaranteed to work and any problems will be fixed for free! I’m surprised you have an R if I’m honest. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. It' another £13 a month I don't want to give Sky just to watch TV in one room. They're giving me a new Sky Q main box, but not a Mini Box for other room. I think the solution will be to either try the unit I linked to above, or just move the Sky Q box down to this room and re-route cable from Dish, or move dish if it can be to avoid long run of cable around the house. I could save that money to put MPS4 tyres on my Cadiz Alloys!!
  16. He ordered some terminator plugs from eBay for £25 or so No errors and permanently open
  17. Hi, is the Golf now sold?

  18. Yeah might as well try it with the pro but I found very little difference, pedal box is worth saving up for and wont become redundant once you go stage 1 or even further Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  19. I'm just going to throw this thread back up real quick, although I know its a vintage one lol. Guess I'm not quite ready for an upgrade YET because I can't seem to settle on a decision, however I have been looking a little more for when I am. If I get the TTRS callipers, what size AP discs do I get? - does anyone have any links? Have I understood it right - can use TTRS callipers and get the AP bells and discs? I have also been looking at the following.. https://www.awesomegti.com/shop-by-brand/vagbremtechnic/vagbremtechnic-front-brake-kit-6-piston-ap-racing-caliper-362x32mm-2-piece-discs/ However, the Vagbremtechnic is very pricey. The kit Forge do (356mm) seems pretty decent and isn't badly priced. But are these any good? https://www.forgemotorsport.co.uk/Front_Brake_Kit_356mm_18_or_Larger_Wheels--product--1099.html What do people actually recommend doing? Baring in mind, it won't be for track use. More so for a fast road set up that and something to look good behind the wheels.
  20. Sorry, it’s a while ago I did this, but yes, I recall just removing the plastic trim.
  21. This was a while back I know but did this fault ever return and was there a fix? I've got this start stop error message coming up every time I start the engine, coincidentally straight after it went in for a service. Scanned and error on vacuum sensor showing but cannot clear it Dan
  22. just removed the plastic border at the end of the roof ?
  23. I’ve seen people using pedalbox throttle box,just wondering if anyone is using the Racechip box?
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