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  2. My car is a 7R 5dr with 23,400 miles. I noticed this glugging noise only recently but it's probably been happening since new. I've been taking my 5 month old "swimming" lessons and often have to give her the bottle in the back seat beforehand - that's when I noticed it. Turned the car off after a 30 minute drive and I could hear it behind me - pretty sure it was coming from the right-side, and so probably the fuel tank. Got me panicked at first as I was checking for leaks. I'll try opening the fuel cap next time and letting the air out then see if it happens still. Other sounds I noticed: - Beeping from the engine after a fast drive. - Ticking from the exhausts (also after a fast drive). - AC-like sound when the car is turned off It does love a chat.
  3. Hi and welcome, Spurs fan? Lots and lots of chat on here about options, basically you have 3 standard cars - 2014-16 MK7 2017 -19 MK7.5 2019 - WLTP model Lots and lots of changes but significant ones are MK7 is 6 speed DSG and analogue dials, MK7.5 7 speed DSG and digital dash, also facelifted exterior. Lots of popular options, none are essential it's all down to personal preference and of course budget Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  4. Yeah you could get the additional battery mentioned above but it's not cheap Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  5. Hi All, I am new to this site and looking for some advice on what Golf R to get, what to look out for and also the "must have's" on the car, eg DCC. Any advice welcome as i am not knowledgeable on cars but looking to learn. Cheers!
  6. We did. The installer called me back and says it's probably the cameras as he set the magic to 12v so that parking mode kicks in. If its set any lower parking mode won't work. I've told the mrs and now it's my fault lol!!!! I told her you wasn't happy finding dents or people hitting it and driving off plus all the cars in the area getting nicked. Can't win I'll just have to take the van to work once a week. Would it be worth investing in a trickle charger?
  7. Fingertip application or a small brush - I’ve applied both methods and both work well, but I find brush application better and less messy. Then just lightly wipe off the excess with a microfibre, but don’t rub it till bone dry - you just want to remove excess solution as it can run if it gets wet (rain etc). Hope that helps. Good luck!
  8. Hi Booth, About to use Kyrtox on my pan roof, just to recap for instructions, you apply with a finger tip, then use a microfiber to wipe away the grease applied? As in running it along the seal lightly till dry?
  9. Sometimes aftermarket electrical changes can stop the OEM controllers from "going to sleep" like they are supposed to, this can cause flat batteries as they continue to use power (especially on vehicles that aren't used frequently).
  10. Did you fit a power magic type device to stop the camera if the battery gets too low? Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  11. I also think it’s the hard wired camera draining it, with the van doing so few miles.
  12. I would say camera especially if you have parking mode on cameras. I have a thinkware f770 and have bought a neo9 battery backup as I do similar miles to you Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Jens0n


    For me a bitter sweet sad moment, the beginning of the end!
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  15. PhilC22


    Agree. Philip Glenister was very good (with Ant Antstead) in ‘For the love of cars’, which was shown on Ch4 in 2014-15. As for the new TG, it is certainly much better than Evans/Matt/Rory (could it be any worse?) but Chris Harris is still very ‘wooden’. He may be a good driver, but he is no TV presenter. At the moment his main purpose seems to be to provide someone for Paddy and Freddie to take the p*ss out of. If he had been available (?), Jason Plato would have been a much better choice as the ‘professional car guy’. He is a better driver than Harris and has a wealth of ‘car TV’ presenting experience. And he would have been able to hold his own with Freddie and Paddy in the lad humour stakes… P.S. That Tesla leaving the M3 and the C63 for dead off the line was a bit of an eye opener...
  16. This is on my VW California. These where installed a couple weeks ago and all has been fine but today my wife went to start it and the van won't fire up and listening to it over the phone it just sounds like its really struggling to start and the power is drained? Would any of these do this? The does sit about most of the week and does about 5 to 10 miles a week but in the 4 four years of owning it this has never happened before? Cameras are hardwired in.
  17. Dunnie


    Welcome. The other thing to bear in mind with the 7.5 is th DSG is 7 speed rather than 6. Have had both and much prefer the 7 speed. Good hunting.
  18. I’d be very surprised if VW approve the remap so that the warranty is unaffected meaning any dealer will be able carry out related warranty issues, if they occur. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a some local arrangement with this dealer that only they would fix any issues, but nowhere else will. But certainly interested to see what they have to say @Lustral 👍 I think we will be queuing up for a remap if they (or VW) are prepared to put it in writing that any dealer will be able carry out related warranty issues!
  19. Are these just Clubsport S discs? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. Definitely a promising start [emoji106] Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  21. jrw


    Agreed although I still watched them As much as I hate Paddy this series has got off to a terrific start and last night's was brilliant from start to finish. The chemistry the 3 have is on a par with the original trio.
  22. Thanks Charlie. Let us know what you find out. Car does look very well with most options fitted. Will watch this space!
  23. tried to edit post but no joy. Some added info: I got a fault in my ECU for the oxygene sensor pre-heating circuitry which I need to reset for the yearly inspection. Even if I just reset it by VCDS it will of course come back each time I start the engine.
  24. Hi all. Can VCDS tweak memory locations inside engine ECU to keep certain DTC's from not activating Check Engine Light ?
  25. I generally use Waze through Carplay now … mainly to get the live info ..potholes, accidents, police vans, queues etc. On a long journey the other week (Leeds - Crawley) I used both my TomTom 510 (with live traffic updates) and Waze. The routing was exactly the same, and when a detour was required (to avoid M25 queues) both directed me the same way and Waze was quicker to inform me of the required detour. BTW there are so many managed motorway sections and speed cameras on that route (M1 / M25 anticlockwise) it really does make me question whether performance cars are really worth it for me now. Most of my other journeys are commuting in traffic or motorways with speed cameras.🙄
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