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    Splitter/side skirts/diffuser Catback exhaust Wingbacks Custom steering wheel Roof spoiler Go faster stripes Wind deflectors Stickers Sunstrip Furry dice Black roof/bonnet Bonnet louvres Lowering springs Spacers New wheels Kitchen sink Cuddly toy Sent from my VOG-L09 using Tapatalk
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    What did you do to your R today?

    Gave it a much needed bath, to rid it of post lockdown road muck. And then it immediately rained, naturally. 😂
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    Blimey! No wonder he can’t come to the phone. I bet it’s a struggle to walk. 😂
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    Q-car confirmation!

    Went to visit my 89 year old mum yesterday, first time she's seen my new R since I told her I'd bought a sensible Golf estate. First off she told me the colour is boring, then after I got home she phoned to ask if there is anything wrong with the car as it sounded noisy as I drove off 😁
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    Hi all, new to the forum, after a 3 months Covid related wait for my R! Agonising [emoji16] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Garage destroyed my haldex

    Would you really let them try repair the diff when they have offered to replace the timing belt on a car that has a chain? Sent from my MAR-LX1A using Tapatalk
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    What did you do to your R today?

    My R now has some company [emoji6] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Touch controls replacing everything.

    Having just been talking to someone who thinks the proliferation of touch controls in a car, is just progress and a good thing - i want to put in my 2 pennies (or since its me, 100 pounds) worth on what I think of touch and in addition voice controls - particularly in reference to the Mk8. In the new Mk8 - they have controversially replaced climate controls with 2 small touch pads. The lighting controls are also now an array of touch sensitive 'buttons'. So this chap argues that the touch controls are fine, 'Look you just stroke there – and anyway how often do you adjust the temperature whilst on the move?...and you can always use voice control anyway if you don’t like the touch, so what’s the problem?' Ah yes the voice feature - first its no good if you have music playing, so you have to press a button. So i press it, wait a couple of seconds for the system to be ready, bark my command - another 5 seconds in doing that, then another 5 seconds or so whilst it confirms what i have just said, then another second or 2 for it to do what i ask and end the voice command session as i push the button again. So 15 seconds or more just to adjust the temperature....Everytime!...where before i turn a dial 1-2 clicks, with instant feedback, in less than a second and there we go. Voice is a complete gimmick, it has some use with the satnav as it can actually reduce time to input a destination (assuming it works well and understands you and you are not stuck in a loop repeating yourself). but to replace functions that you use frequently its an awful awful idea and once the novelty has worn off it becomes just irritating....and yes i do adjust the temperature or AC more than once during a journey - or at least i would like to be able to without going thru some longwinded procedure. As for touchscreens and touch controls in general - they are awful in a car (they are not that great outside of one either). With no instantaneous feedback you are left wondering if you actually pressed it - or should i say, wondering if the laggy imprecise system has picked up your press...so you press it again, but this can end up with things becoming confused as it actually had registered your press first time but there was a variable and hence unpredictable amount of lag in the system response - it's response being the only form of feedback as you can't just feel the button depress. You actually see this in action in reviews of the mk8. In one of them the guy goes to adjust the light level - gently stroking the map light like he's trying to get it arroused, with it sometimes working but then not but then suddenly catching up to the last input - and he continues to stroke it back and forth, with it intermittently responding correctly. In another review the guy blames himself when the touchscreen doesn't respond....(probably an avid apple fan, who usually are forever apologists to the technology they have overpaid for) . It's the same in most reviews, you see the system responding but then not - missing touch presses one moment, picking them up the next - and this is when they are stationary! So that's what i think of touch controls - they are intermittent at best. You wouldn't accept that in a normal button or control... 'Yes sir - all these buttons only work half the time and sometimes take ages to respond, randomly '. That would be considered a fault, but for touch controls its just accepted as a design limitation. The last thing you want are controls which you have to prod multiple times and for them to work at all you have to try and precisely place your finger on the shiny flat surface whilst being jiggled around by a british road - all leading to major distraction and frustration whilst you are trying to drive! They're rubbish!, the touchscreen should always be a supplement to physical controls - not a bloody replacement!
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    VW Boot Badge Drain Tube

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    310 or 300bhp on Golf R

    Well guys sorry for the delay but it was worth it. So I payed a little bit more and went for the Lapiz Blue, Perfomance pack ( 2018 with 310bhp) with bigger brakes and akrapovid exhaust it also has panoramic roof, DCC and the black Pretoria wheels. I think I’m in love I have to wait for the “legal” license plates but the car is already in my garage. Once I get the plates, I’m gonna wash it and take some photos. It’s simply amazing...
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    Good afternoon Gents (and possible ladies!) Please be assured that we are open and I am indeed working from home (alongside home schooling 2 children and dodging 2 unruley pooches! 😩) Unfortunately, sometimes I may miss a call 😬 If this does happen, please accept my deepest apologies 😟 Alternative means of contact are dropping a message on our Facebook page, email or feel free to message directly on here. I'm often still responding to queries well into the evening! So fire away! 😁 I look forward to hearing from anyone who requires our assistance 😁 Stay safe! ✨
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    What did you do to your R today?

    Picked my car up from the detailers.Any excuse for a pic.
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    What detailing have you done today?

    Few weeks since its had any detailing love, so gave it a good wash today. The usual.....wheel cleaner prewash (Wo-Wo), tyre cleaner (Gyeon) snow foam (Bilt Hamber Auto Foam, citrus prewash (ValetPro cP), 2 bucket wash (Swissvax Car Bath), rinsed, dried (Gyeon Silk Dryer), Tyres dressed (Gyeon Tire), glass cleaved (Gtechniq G6) and tailpipes polished (Mothers Mag and Aluminium Polish).
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    Batch’s Tornado Red 7.5R Wagon

    Couple of little bits today. The six-monthly clean and re-oil of my R600 foam filter element, and a tart-up of my Scorpion exhaust tips. I didn’t like the satin black effect of the standard cerakote, plus they were a bit scraped and scuffed. I did a bit of research and found a VHT paint from America that is epoxy-based, it aims to reproduce a ceramic-type gloss finish. Comes with a trick nozzle installed that made it very easy to achieve a smooth professional finish. I started off going over with scotchbrite in a bucket of hot soapy water, towel dried and left to vent. Then two light coats before a final wet coat. Very happy with the results although I dropped one of the tails, chipping it and in my impatience I over-coated too fast, causing a wrinkled finish. I’ll let it cure for a few days before popping it off and flatting back/repainting. Filter cleaned and oiled: Exhaust tips: Before: After:
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    What did you do to your R today?

    Said goodbye to the R today. Sad to see it go, but very pleased with the new addition!
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    New exhaust tail pipes for mk7 estate R

    I finally decided to do something about the tatty Chrome on my 7.5R tailpipes. Removed the rear diffuser, and about one hour with a decent cutting wheel on a Dremel had the puddle welds on the top and the tag on the bottom cut off all four tailpipes. Sent off for black ceramic powder coating, which took about 1 week. Now refitted with single 4mm pop rivet through the tag underneath. Much happier and much less cleaning anxiety about destroying that crappy Chrome plate!!!
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    finally got my new alloys on Saturday - BBS CI-R's - 19X8J - ET44 - running with Michaelin PS4'S - 235/35/19 Needs coilovers now & i think a rear spacer. Front's seem to be just right
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    Replacement Carpets and underlay

    Bit extreme to find that 50p that fell out of your pocket [emoji1787] Sent from my VOG-L09 using Tapatalk
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    Luke's Pure White 7R

    It's been 4 very long weeks but today I finally picked up my car following it's replacement engine and turbo! I'm not sure if its because I've not been in the car for a while and but driving it now feels so different, the engine feels much smoother than before. Treated it to a little present in the form of some new DSG paddles while it was away, it felt so good to get them fitted and go for a drive 😁
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    Lockdown weight gain / loss

    Thought it was a much better time to have a health kick as my office is full of unhealthy food on a daily basis. Eating cleaner and smaller portions and I’ve lost 1st so far!
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    Postman delivered these 😁 After talking to a couple of members I was about to buy these new but then some came up in the classifieds Thanks Carl 👍
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    What did you do to your R today?

    Way too many people just don't know (or care ? ) about basic car maintenance. I'm not talking esoteric stuff like checking spark plugs, just the safety basics like: Engine oil level Coolant level Tyre pressure and tread depth Brake discs & pads And we have to share roads with these ignorant numpties ....
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    Polished R

    Gave the R a machine polish over the weekend!
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    6 days and counting

    It’s here! [emoji16][emoji16]
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    What did you do to your R today?

    What a touch. Mechanic has looked at the Golf and the water pump is fine. He said a valve near the turbo has gone so it’s about £4 for the part plus new coolant. Happy days Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    F1 2020 Season

    The post you've screenshot above who says he knows him from karts sounds like someone bitter and twisted to me. Do I think Hamilton has been discriminated against coming up through the ranks? I have no idea, I wasn't there. He definitely has been since joining F1 though as evidenced by the "Hamilton Family" people in the crowd. Yes the route to F1 isn't fair. Rich kids and ones that pick up sponsors get a helping hand and there are MANY that could of been great that simply didn't have the financial backing, but that goes for A LOT of sports. I could argue that I would have been an olympic level snowboarder, if only my family could afford to take me on ski holidays 4 times a year 🤥... or even just once... To aim it firmly at so called black privilege is complete bullshit. Every driver on that grid is there because of rich backers in one way or another, regardless of skin colour. Now I might not vibe with the guys personality but his driving speaks for itself. You don't become a 6 time world champion just because you had a step up. ALL of them did, yet he has still risen to the top. They can argue in that post that he won because of his equipment, well maybe McLaren and this Zip Kart saw more than just who was winning the race prior to his upgrades and looked at the personality and drive he had, and the overall package of his abilities. It's not always just about who finished 1st every race in karting. As an F1 rookie he came in and matched Alonso in the SAME car. Hell he would of beaten him and won the WC if not for that silly pit mistake in China. Yes the McLaren at the time was one of the better cars but the Ferrari was on an equal level those first seasons if not better. He won his first championship at the second time of asking against what was arguably a better Ferrari that year. 2010 onwards the McLaren was a lesser car yet he still drove the nuts off it and had some incredible results. In 2012 he had 4 wins and 7 podiums, good for 4th in the championship, despite being in the 3rd best car and picking up 5 DNF's, most of which were mechanical failures from memory. Now, has he been in one of the most dominant cars in F1 history over the past 6 seasons? Yep. Would he have won as many championships without that car? Obviously not. Does that suddenly mean he doesn't deserve the accolade of being one of the best? Of course not. Every driver that has ever won a WC has been in the right car at the right time. That goes for Schumacher, Senna, Prost, Vettel... whoever. To win a WC you need to be the RIGHT driver in the RIGHT car. You have to have both, that is just how the sport works. Many a talented driver has come and gone without so much as a sniff at a win because they were in a crap car, that is just how it goes. Hamilton has made the right moves at the right time and achieved amazing results and put in amazing performances on the track time and time again. Do I want to go for a pint with him? No. Is he arguably one of the best drivers ever in the sport? Yes.
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    Flappy Paddles

    Fitted today. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    What did you do to your R today?

    Took it for a 20 mile trip without stopping, first run since shielding started for us 115 days ago. Roll on end of July when I can stop shielding.
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    Hello Everyone!

    Deposit is down! Will be making arrangements Monday! 😬
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    What did you do to your R today?

    Had Suntek protection film applied to the top of the rear bumper, to protect from doggy claws. Almost invisible and will self heal with UV or warm water. Hopefully a good mod....time will tell Also booked in for a Revo stage 1 remap. Getting done a week on Tuesday.
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    Heated Seats

    Unlikely. 😂But See if OBD11 can unlock Panoramic Roof, Upgrade Nav and Climate Screen too! Then Vienna Leather. 😂
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    Lotto Win - Daily Vehicle

    911 Turbo with a few mods
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    1:18 scale model

    Finally got my Golf R model. Just need a Mk6 now.
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    What did you do to your R today?

    Finally had some decent weather today and took the car out for it's shoot after i'd recently had it detailed and ceramic coated again really stoked with how the day went i've got a million pics ive gotta go though but here are a few of my faves for now chatting with the photographer we have a few more ideas and locations planned in the near future hope you guys like
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    Maxton Rear Spoilers 7/7.5

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    Touch controls replacing everything.

    Agree. Seems all cars moving to touch controls. In a few years they will start bring out premium ‘retro’ cars with knobs and buttons again. Bit like watches, in early 70s digital was king, but premium watches are all (mostly) analogue, just look in the ‘What watch does an R driver wear’ thread. Apart from the odd retro classic Casio’s, all of us are posting photos of Tags, Omega, Breitlings, Rolex etc. Everything goes full circle eventually. Look at the CD revolution, now vinyl and record decks are the choice for best sound again...
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    What is your racer name?

    Gareth the Sparkly Dynamite... I sound more like a drag act 🤦‍♂️
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    Painted calipers

    Front and rear done, Just waiting on Black R coming for the front!
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    Hi all [emoji112] I've been a long time lurker and finally joined the forum in the last week as I finally found the R for me [emoji3] Long story short I just sold my MK6 GTC VXR quite unexpectedly. (Arden blue, full aero pack with 20" forged alloys, leather etc. FWD 280bhp Standard) I've wanted a MK7 3dr Golf R for quite some time, I previously had a Scirocco R before the VXR and had a Volvo C30 T5 before that and had a 206 GTI before that and some other tasty cars in my earlier driving years. (MR2 MK3 TT, R19 Turbo, Astra GTE) I've loved all my car's which have all had their own quirks but I am really enjoying driving my Golf R a lot, its in a different league. My R is a 3dr Manual in Tornado red with 19" Genuine VW prets, Res delete with a full kit (See pic) Just got 2xPS4S fitted today so I'm skint! I'm a bit OCD with my car's and I've seen [email protected] seems to be the oracle when it comes to detailing on the forum so I hope this pic gives an idea of what condition I like my car's to be in, You can't beat a clean car. [emoji2958][emoji3] Stay safe everyone and I hope there is a meet soon in Scotland somewhere? Also added a photo of my VXR For comparison/Discussion [emoji12] Cheers, Irvy Sent from my ONEPLUS A6013 using Tapatalk
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    New 7.5 Owner Here!

    Hello people! New Mk7.5 owner here, picked up the car on Tuesday and couldn't be happier so far, although I'm told upgrades will make me happier?.. Any 7.5 owners have any suggestions on a good place to get started? Thinking stage 1/DSG tune? along with an intake and res delete any other nice little additions or must haves? (Have full warranty ahead of me so may not do anything for a while haven't decided yet!) If you could advise best tunes along with decent distributors etc I'm in Herts UK if anyone can recommend and obviously willing to travel within reason. Also anything to look out for in the way of common faults and considerations moving forward would be really appreciated. Cheers
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    MK8 Golf - Purchase Yes/No/Maybe

    Haha, so true! Those eyes, that profile, the mouth. It’s even the same colour as his hair. Just needs the birthmark on the bonnet. 😁 Certainly not the most flattering colour either. Still there’s not a lot to work with!
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    I finally bit the bullet and got PS4S's last week. What a difference. My tyres were near the limit, so much more confidence now. They just grip and grip. I bought them from Protyre who had a fitting place near me. They were £620 😣 but protyre/michelin are doing £100 cashback when you upload your receipt. My cashback got confirmed yesterday thankfully. I've just been on the protyre site and they only seem to be showing PS4 at the moment for some reason.
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    Upgrading turbo for stage 1

    Sent from my VOG-L09 using Tapatalk
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    Heated Seats

    The Long Coding sadly is VW bought only, via Dealer. Dynaudio £700. Pano Roof £1000. Nav £1700. Climate Screen 500. Vienna £2000. These prices reflect Dealer labour costs involved. 😂
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    Paying dealer balance with a Debit card

    Same here. I’ve called the bank and advised I was using a debit card for a large payment in advance and they pre-cleared it. They just wanted to know where, when and how much. Saved all of the security questions in the dealer
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    What did you do to your R today?

    My tuppence worth (and not worth very much) Tend to agree that best tyres normally on rear, but so many other factors at play. The case that @Gavras posted above was aquaplaning and what looked like worn but legal tyres. Guess speed was a major factor there too, as if going fast enough and water deep enough then would be an issue regardless of tyres. Always amazes me just watching other cars how many have clearly under inflated tyres or close to limit treads. Your expensive car and lives of you and family are relying on four little handprint sized bits of rubber in contact with the road. Maybe I’m weird but always replace tyres well before even close to limit, especially if heading into winter..
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    White Golf R Estate Mk7

    Hi all, I've had the car about 2 weeks now and so far loving it! Only mod so far is a Racingline panel filter and looking to get a JB4 soon.... plus whatever else I can get away with without the wife telling me off! Previously had an Audi S1 and a mk2 TT and this car is on a different level, both in performance and build quality!.. I look forward to exploring the forum more!
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    Show us your stance

    Update since my last post on here, OZ Superlegerra’s 18” 8j front & 9j rear et35 in black copper on Racingline springs.
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