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    New turmeric yellow R owner xD

    What's happening guys. Snapped this little beauty up before my works lease car goes back and couldn't be happier. My names Luke. I live just outside of derby. Had to drive all the way to Preston to pick her up and it was totally worth it imo! Thought I'd sign up hoping I could get the low down on this awesome bit of engineering so any support, tips and tricks would be awesome! Attached a photo of the car. Hope ya'll like.
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    Gave her a polish

    Lovely day today need to keep busy under the circumstances. all the best keep safe
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    1:18 scale model

    Finally a 1:18 scale model coming out of the Mk7 Golf R, due out in June.
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    Cheerio - bought an RS3

    As per the title, I bought an RS3 last week. Obviously it's an awesome machine, especially that 5 cylinder engine when you're giving it the beans! However, my R has also been brilliant - astonishing value for money and not too far behind the Audi to be honest. Oh and here's the obligatory pictures....
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    Here is a non exhaustive list of things you should not and should be doing....and no this is not taking things to far, this should be common sense: Hygiene Wash your hands!, a lot! - in particular immediately after you come in from wherever you have been Try not to touch your face at all when outside, unless you have just santised your hands Use sanitiser after contacting unknown surfaces, if you can't wash your hands....see below on making your own hand sanitiser. Be aware of cross contamination, e.g. washing your hands then touching the tap to turn it off - turn it off with a wipe or wipe the tap handle down Clean surfaces regularly, and in particular - door handles, light switches, taps, letterbox, table/worktops, and anywhere you prepare food. Wipe down all the outer packaging of food bought from a shop, using surface wipes As above, wipe down the packaging of anything you have delivered....particularly if they have a plastic outer covering (polythene) Wash clothes regularly, in particular jackets/coats. 60 degree wash recommended...if leather then wipe down with surface wipes. Pay particular attention to cleaning things like your glasses (as you take them on and off often). Also don't forget to clean things that you handle outside, such as car keys, debit cards. Avoid using cash if possible as its just another thing to be cleaning and a cross contaminator. Wipe down car interior and exterior handles, along with surfaces and steering wheels (especially if you are not carrying a hand sanitiser in the car, and using everytime you get in from touching something outside) Travel Dont drive up to snowdonia or caravan second homes to 'self isolate' - amongst 1000's of other people in isolated areas with limited health services. Only travel if necessary, to your place of work or a supermarket IF NEEDED Work from home where possible, pressure your employer to allow you to. You can go for walks in the park, but if they look ram packed then don't - you need to distance from people. Don't sit next to someone on a bench. You need to be keeping at LEAST 2 metres from anyone else Panic Shopping Buy only what you need for the week Dont go shopping everyday, it is a effectively a gathering of people which you need to try and keep away from. Limit shops to weekly. When in the shop keep 2 metres distance from people if possible Don't queue outside with 100's of people...putting yourself and others at risk of spread. As above wipe your food down with a surface wipe before storing it in the cupboard/fridge Wash your hands after handling everything. Isolation Try to stay away from elderly relatives. If you have any symptoms, even a cold, self isolate for 7 days (14 days if you don't live alone - for all members of a household, even if only 1 with symptoms) Keep at least 2 metres apart from anyone else where possible. Don't be a complete moron and still go to any bars/restaurants/events/gatherings which should be cancelled/shut. HEED THE GOVERNMENTS ADVICE/ORDERS - this not just some form of flu and it affects more than just the elderly. It's mortality rate is at least 10 times that of influenza (seasonal flu) and its transmission rate is higher. Everyone is at risk, and yes the younger far less so, but no one is immune or invincible, besides which you should be doing your part to stop the spread. Ignoring the advice and spreading this virus at an uncontrolled rate will lead to a complete overload of the NHS, and 10,000's will die in this country alone if we don't get a grip on it. Hand Sanitiser A highly effective and powerful hand sanitiser can be made from isopropanol (IPA / Isopropyl Alcohol). 70% IPA, 30% distilled (boiled then cooled) water and a dash of glycerine/glycerol (15ml per 1000ml of solution). The glycerine stops your hands from drying out. Measure out with a measuring jug, mix together in a bottle (shake with the lid on) and pour into small spray bottles (empty out old perfume bottles if you can't get hold of any small spray bottles) This mixture is very effective and annhilates the coronavirus, just don't spray it in your eyes as it will sting like hell, also stings on cuts - but this is the same for any sanitiser. This mixture is what has been recommended by the WHO (World health organisation) for 3rd world countries / disaster zones which have no access to normal commerical hand sansitiser. The only issue is people have cottoned on to this and started panic buying isopropyl - also some B**stads have bulk bought it and selling it for a small fortune on eBay. Although i expect supplies to open back up. As of March 23rd Restricted Travel / Business Operation List of whats still open...and you can travel to - if essential: Food takeaways (no seating areas, no ability to eat food on the premises, no eating outside the premises) Supermarkets, Indoor & Outdoor markets, Corner shops, Newsagents Pharmacies (Chemists) - including non dispensing Petrol Stations Post Offices Banks Garages (repair) Car rental Bike shops Laundrettes & Dry Cleaners Home and Hardware (B&Q, Wickes, Screwfix etc) 'Health' Shops Pet Shops Everything else is banned, should be closed, and not travelled to, specifically these places are prohibited: Restuarants, Cafes inc workplace canteens Pubs, Bars, Nightclubs Hair, Beauty & Nail Salons, Tattoo & piercing parlous Massage parlours Auction houses Car Showrooms Hotels, BnB (except people living there as interim due to their main residence being unavailble, or are a key worker) Campsites, Caravan parks (except people permanently living there) Libraries Community centres, youth centres etc (except when used for volunatry services such as food banks, homeless etc) Places of worship - churches, mosques etc Cinemas, Theatres, Concert Halls Museums, Galleries Bingo Halls, Casino's and betting shops Spas Skating rinks Gyms, Fitness Studios, Swimming Pools, Leisure Centres Arcades, bowling alleys, play centres Enclosed spaces in parks, playgrounds, sports courts and pitches, outdoor gyms Parks remain open, but not playgrounds - they must be closed.
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    I had no intention of correcting my Golf, but quarantine reared its ugly head and the rest is history! First of all she was washed, iron fallout, tar and glue and clayed. I washed it like normal and then used EZ Car Care Reset, it's a spray that strips wax and feels slimy, it strips well, though. Not much fallout which was nice. Next I got her dry and in the garage to be taped, I also ditched the front plate holder and stuck the plate to the bumper. I was undecided about this but decided I like the cleaner look. Ready to polish! I hate polishing and had no intention of doing more than a 1 step. As far as one steps got Scholl S20 Black is the bomb! It cuts well and finishes very well. However, it's not the most efficient, especially on the Golfs hard-ish paint. I'm using pretty basic equipment; Das 6 Pro, Scholl purple spider pads and some lights - Scangrip pen light and a home made sun gun which is a beast. I also like to use a set of hearing defence as it's so loud. Before and after shots - remember this is a one step compound. Pretty impressive, eyy. White is really hard to capture swirls! Once the polishing was done I washed the car again with a strong, 4% PIR Bilt Hamber Auto Foaming to help degrease as much as possible. Followed by a super gentle mitt wash and pat dry. Once dry I wiped with and IPA/water mix. The plan was to coat the car in Tac Systems Moonlight and follow up with Car Pro Elixir, but taking to Rebecca about her Swissvax collection got me curious and in perfect timing, Damien offered a half full tub of Best of Show. While I waited for BoS I took to the interior. Seats removed - it's a used car, so it's nice to do this once to get rid of the previous owners dust/hair. Interior done. I seen a post on instagram about hoovering your mats and then making a 1:7 mix of fabric softener and water, so it makes the mats smell nice and holds the stripes in place. Seems to be working, although the car hasn't been driven since doing them. I wrapped the aluminium dash trim in my old BMW in a black stretchy and sticky backed alcantara. It's perfect for stuff like that because it's also super thin. Anyway, I found some in the attic (must of bought this stuff in 2014), so I wrapped the door handles. Nice touch I think. Swissvax arrived and time for some finished shots! Again, it's so hard to capture gloss on a white car. And this one is the Sun on the bonnet in the hope to show lack of swirls. Kind of worked. Super happy with the results! Hated every moment of the polishing but the results are always worth it! The good thing about doing it in quarantine meant there was no rush, so after about an hour of polishing (more like 10 mins sometimes) I would stop and come back to it later. Ideal. Prior to all this the wheels were removed, decontaminated, clayed and coated. Can't wait to get some proper tyres on this car. Cheers for looking!
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    Batch’s Tornado Red 7.5R Wagon

    Hope everyone is keeping safe and well during the pandemic and lockdown. I’ve actually been quite poorly so not done much at all for a fortnight, however there have been some changes since my last update as well as yet another clean, and with time on my hands I managed a rare engine bay clean, tailpipe polish and quick fizz over with CC Speciale ceramic detailer! Couple of weeks back, I finally had the EBC Redstuff rear pads installed, along with braided rear brake lines to match the fronts, and a refill with Racingline racing brake fluid - we’d only chucked in normal fluid when the new brake kit was fitted. I also fitted new front droplinks, shorter heavy duty ones. Jury is currently out on those! Annoyingly, with the current situation as it is I’m not going to be able to put the new setup through its paces any time soon... Gratuitous front brake porn shot... I also caved in and picked up a Racingline dipstick from the guys at Progressive Parts, a great firm to deal with who also suppplied my droplinks recently as well as many other bits for me. I added this after grabbing a lower engine cover which I think tidied the bay up nicely...
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    Thoughts on the R - Bec's DBP

    Today it was time to get started on a full DA polish. Needs some correction and refinement all round. But today’s mission was to spend some time on the smaller areas such as B pillars, boot lip, wing mirrors and door sills etc,using a Rupes Mini Bigfoot which is perfect for these areas. I first gave it another very quick wash to get rid of the dust that had settled overnight, the problem with having to work outside! Gear ready.... Taping up and getting started Pre DA, lots of swirls on the B pillars, some hedge inflicted scratches and the consequence of the sun getting to fallout remover in about 10 secs after application! , but was knew it would polish out and it did Post DA swirl and scratch free Next up I tackled the boot sill, which despite care, still gets scratched lifting gear in and out of the boot. Swirls, scratches and scuffs Banished with the DA Onto the wing mirrors Pre DA a few scratches and looking a bit dull Post DA, scratches polished out and paint refined One thing I found today was that Rupes polishes and sun baked panels do not mix. I started out first on the B pillars using Rupes pads and polishes but the sun heating the panels (unfortunately no choice but to work in sunlight on the drive) was causing the polish to dry instantly on the hot panels meaning it couldn’t be worked properly. So I decided to switch to the Meguiars Microfibre DA System using spot cutting pads with D300 Correction Compound followed with Meguiars Finishing pad with D301 Finishing wax (still on the mini Bigfoot), as both Meguiars polishes have a much longer working time and don’t suffer the way the Rupes polishes do on hot panels so are fine to use in the sun. They worked a treat on everything. Currently working on door sills and door shuts but decided to call it a day as I’m knackered now! Will continue next week...
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    Weekend toy

    A couple of weeks ago i picked up a new weekend toy, a nardo grey RS3 I still have my R estate which i use for work, shes currently on 110k Miles but never misses a beat. Love the RS3 the noise this thing makes is incredible, has anyone else made the move across?
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    1:18 scale model

    That'll be the most stolen toy car at nursery 😀
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    We are yet to be briefed on the outcome of riots. At the minute no one knows what the next day will bring. We are having to deal with deaths, as the police attend on behalf of the coroners and its not confirmed if coronavirus can be caught from people passed. We still have to attend domestic incidents with people who may have the virus, with limited knowledge that PPE issued works, this before we then think about processing these individuals. The problem we have mostly are people ringing with trivial matters that in this time are just not a priority but that caller is still expecting us to deliver on their normal expectations and service. Also dealing with idiots who are not or do not want to listen to the government advice and think they should be able to come and go as they please. I dread to think of Riots on the back end of this. We as police have seen massive cuts to numbers, equipment and cash yet now expected to deliver a higher level of service with less resources at unknown risks, risks that could cause implications on my family. I understand people are losing their lifes and this is tragic. A lot this could be stopped by people doing as they are asked and stay in, wash your hands and try not to touch your face. Its basic advice and only requires common sense. DO NOT GO OUT, NO NOT VISIT FAMILY OR FRIENDS UNLESS ITS AN EMERGENCY AND NOT BECAUSE YOU ARE BORED! STAY IN, SAVE LIFES and think about others.
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    I’m on day 8 of this bug now. been in isolation at home since weds night. started off with a sore throat and mild fever and cough. progressed through the week into a crazy tight chest and lungs burning. I’m asthmatic but this has not triggered my asthma. ambulance came out in the night as I couldn’t breathe and they were here within 10 mins. all was ok and I was allowed to stay home. normally I’d have been taken in as a precaution but as you’d imagine they are full so only the worst will be taken. feeling much better today and have a mega painful chest but after a chat with the doctor she reassured me I’ll probably be ok. Just like to say thankyou to any key worker right now.
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    After a long time of lurking around here. And waiting for the right time to get rid of my A3 lease. Coronavirus spooked the dealers to reduce the price of an R only if I took the keys by Friday. So here she is! My 3dr Tornado Red DSG! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I'm one of the minority then, and prefer to buy via a dealer/(reputable) trader, as I think the extra few percent is worth it.
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    Team cowie

    Team cowie Racing

    Let’s hope so we won the Scottish saloon car championship with the seat. Need 4wd now as struggling to put down 540 bhp through 2wd
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    Yes I totally agree with you. We don’t permanently ban members lightly but I’d already given Reapstar a 2-day temporary ban in the week following his previous activity. That spent, he returned. I wanted to leave it a while yesterday to see how it went in the thread. But last night I read the thread and all the posts of yesterday and the line was well and truly crossed, so made the decision to ban him permanently.
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    Must admit, if these offensive posts continue I’ll stop frequenting this part of the forum. While I agree that people are entitled to their opinions, there surely comes a time when name calling in near enough every single post cannot be ignored. This is a tough time for everyone, there’s no need to be flinging linguistic poop around.
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    Nice to have some time to do a proper detail, wheels changed over to summer Revos which are so much nicer, touched up the red brake callipers and cleaned under the arches. Machine polished and finished with 3 coats of Gyeon MOHS . Full interior spiv up , all the rubber trim sorted, even new wipers ! Taken a while but came out pretty good for a 6 year old !
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    Haven’t read all of the posts on this topic and no idea if I’m going off topic with my post or even repeating what someone else has already said but here we go... It’s more of a rant than anything so feel free to ignore it. I’m an electrical engineer in the clean water industry so I’m obviously classed as a key worker. I have no problem with going to work everyday, in fact I’m glad I’m having to work as I’d go out of my mind being stuck in the house not being able to do anything or go anywhere. It’s actually nice to keep some sort of normality in amongst all of this. The thing that infuriates me the most, is the people that cannot help but to take the piss and abuse the system in times like this. I’m talking the idiots that are seeing all this and thinking to themselves “yeah, I’d love 2 weeks in the house with full pay by pretending I have symptoms”. We’re stretched enough in work at the moment as it is, without these selfish bastards abusing the system. All they’re doing is putting their work colleagues under more pressure, putting them at more risk by covering larger areas, more sites, exposing themselves to more people and so on. I’m sure its not just my industry that this is happening in and I’d hope its happening few and far between. Our job is very important in all this, without us people simply have no water. We’ve got provisions in place to keep us as safe as possible but these idiots still have to take advantage. There are nhs staff working around the clock, literally putting their lives at risk, saving lives, putting work before their families and then there are people like the ones I’m referring to. I could go on but I’ll leave it there. Sorry about the rant, felt I had to let it out somewhere.
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    My R

    Just thought I’d share a picture of my R. It’s now lower and Revo Stage 2. Just need new wheels now and a new exhaust and maybe a rear spoiler extension and a front splitter. The exhaust back box was next on the agenda but as we are on lock down that will have to wait. I love VW always have and this is my dream car. Never thought I’d have one 😊
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    Revo RVO19 Matt Anthracite with Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S went on last Friday,just had a wash.
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    Went to my local store at 7am as I work in food distribution for them and it was such a nice experience, just us staff and other key workers calmly shopping and just taking what we needed, for example I have enough toilet roll so I left what there was for those that need it hopefully. On the way out had to squeeze through the hoards of morons all shouting at why we were allowed in and they were not... how about we have all been working hard to supply the stores and help people rather than sitting on our arses moaning about only getting 80% wages... Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    What did you do to your R today?

    I took the opportunity in the sun to self isolate and washed, polished and wax my R to finally get rid of the delivery scratches.
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    What did you do to your R today?

    Needed petrol so filled her up with V Power and took her for blast on deserted roads. R is the perfect place to self isolate.
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    Batch’s Tornado Red 7.5R Wagon

    The weather looks to finally be on the turn again, which is awesome as I’m totally sick of constant pissing rain! Took advantage of a lovely afternoon Saturday to wash the car and finally can look forward to it staying roughly how it is now for a few days at least!
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    Quick photo I took on my phone last night
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    worrying times for everyone please stay safe 😘
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    Lovely Wife after shopping for us and visiting the pharmacy today remarked that, however much our usual shopping routines are disrupted, there’s still most of what you want/need with a little improvisation. We recalled conversations with her Mother who lived as an adult through World War Two and the losses and horrors that were encountered and endured on an everyday basis. An empty desk at work often meant a bombing victim., who would never return to work. Not getting my preferred freshly baked bread seemed not to matter any more. Please stay safe and stay Well over the Easter and Bank holiday weekend.🙏
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    Gave her a good wash and wax
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    I’m sure we all know the second one. 😁
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    Limestone Grey MK 7 R Estate

    Some of you may have seen my introduction in the welcome section. I'm based in Glasgow and have recently traded my 2016 M140i for a MK 7 R Estate. I only collected the R around 4pm today and haven't really driven many miles but here are my initial first impressions: Looks - I've always loved the look of the R estate...always. I think it looks more of a premium brand than my outgoing M140i. Gearbox - first ever auto in my personal car....superb. Traction - Oh my f***ing god, I didn't think traction was possible on wet roads until this afternoon. Build Quality - Everything seems really really well put together in the R. Just a quick post today, I will see how the car grows on me in the coming miles but if today is anything to go by I'm sure I'll love it. I was kinda sad leaving the 140 behind but hey ho!
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    What detailing have you done today?

    Did mine and the wifes car today. Both look spanking but I have to say, her 2016 Audi has much better paint than my 2019 R. Shame really as the R's colour does pop when clean
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    I don't think the thread should be pulled as there is nothing wrong with the discussion revolving around Covid-19 and it's all been rather civil and informative for the most part. I just think there is an individual who is either trolling or deadly serious within themselves and doing their best to "enlighten" people. However, you would think said individual would recognise that not a single person on here is interested or buying into it so they are wasting their breath and should just move along. Said person has already decided that we are all "snowflakes" or in Gavras case an "ignorant selfish TOOL" who should "go sit in the dunce corner." Apparently, like JRW's neighbour we all deserve to get it and suffer for our ignorance as well. If I've also followed correctly I believe the individual is also claiming that Shug is a mug who needs to re-attend some English lessons. He also may or may not be in a homosexual relationship with Gavras, I cannot confirm, and DustyBones needs to attend a special school due to serious brain damage. This brain damage may or may not be as a result of 5G or vaccinations, not sure. Anywho... ReapSTAR, maybe as no one on here is responding in a positive manner you should leave it alone and allowing us ignorant snowflakes to die the deaths we deserve. Then, if by any chance some of us remain, you can re-attend the forum and o so humbly give us the "I told you so" speech. Sound fair? Although this option is of course purely based on the assumption you are serious and not just trolling through bordem.
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    Duffy Lake Road Trip

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    Finally got the wheels fitted and I’m veeeeeeeery pleased with the results😁 I’ve taken pictures from different angles. And If anyone is wondering about the alloys ; 19” Bola.fla, Gloss gunmetal, ET42x8.5 without spacers😉
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    Loose panel!

    Indeed....the speed is limited to 155mph, not for safety - just so the bonnet doesn't permanently deform.
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    New Wheels

    Well they are finally on.Could not hold out any longer.Fitted the Raceline stud and nut kit as well.Will not get chance clean it for another week as I’m working all weekend feeding the nation with beans and soup.A few pics.
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    Wife was in tears tonight when all the neighbours came out clapping.Super proud of her.
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    Boo Build thread (MK 7.5 Deep Black Pearl)

    Small teaser 😂 If weather permits, I'll fit them on Tuesday🙈
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    Another R nicked...

    If someone has broken in to the house to get the keys I want them as far away from my family as possible, don’t want the sat on the drive trying to start it - they may come back in the house. Cars can be replaced
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    Yes, exactly. This sums it up....
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    They will. McDonalds is closing tomorrow, that tells me that it will be lockdown after that, I'm going for Wednesday. People are absolutely stupid. I cant comprehend the actions of some people, they dont go out 99% of time sobbing on their xbox and the the moment they get told to stop in they just have to go out!
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    Wagon R

    What did you do to your R today?

    Today’s new desktop image. 😊
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    Wagon R

    What did you do to your R today?

    Coincidence, I went for a blast this morning at 03:00 on my way home from work. Love a dark, quiet road and LED headlights. I keep thinking about going stage 1, then I drive it and realise it doesn’t need anything in isolation …only maybe when you’re going up against others or a clock, which I don’t usually do! If anything they’re already too quick for the twisty’s. The car’s a star. 🥰
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    From my time on this planet I’ve learned not to judge someone on they they look. I know people who wear expensive clothes drive flash cars and there skint, I know people on the other side of the scale who are extremely wealthy and you wouldn’t look twice at them
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    So prets off for a couple of months fitted these for the NC500 road trip with the lads!
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    Limestone grey mk7 R

    Hi everyone. Here's my golf mk7 r purchased about a month back wanted one for a very long time have always loved them. Always been into cars going to shows, had a golf mk4 show car before before this on air, boot build ect but going a different root on this one more performance and some tasteful other bits too. 🙊 Few specs nothing special: 45,000 miles DSG 19" Pretoria wheels Alcantara seats Nav Pretty clean hope you guys like...
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    1:18 scale model

    It's very detailed and lifelike.....they've even faithfully reproduced the orange peel in the paint.
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    What did you do to your R today?

    I knew it! 🤣
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    There is a saying in virology: the problem is that the virus is a lot cleverer than we are. This refers to the virus's ability to mutate and always stay one step ahead. But actually a plank of wood is more intelligent than some of the people we have witnessed over the last few days. We are all going to suffer for their stupidity.
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