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    Unicorn - Re-tune

    So, I've had an eventful 48 hrs. Drove down to Ecotune in Glasgow on Wednesday morning to have my Wagner Intercooler fitted and Remus front silencer fitted to my existing Remus Cat-Back. All went well, no more drone from the exhaust and it's now a bit more subdued, which is what I wanted. Excellent service by the lads at Ecotune. From there I then drove straight down to Manchester to stay the night before arriving at Unicorn first thing today. Rick as always worked his magic and performed a few tweaks. I honestly didn't expect the fantastic results that he got. When he turned the car to stage 1 back in March there were no Engine mods, he got 372bhp and 389ft/lbs torque. Now with the following mods... Wagner Intercooler Remus Cat-Back Exhaust TT Inlet R600 Intake Rick managed to get 398bhp and 415 ft/lbs torque, which is really impressive and I'm still stage 1.... totally unbelievable! He also toned down the pops & bangs from the exhaust like I asked....car sounds really good now and pulls like a train..... So worth the 16 hr return trip from Aberdeen, cheers Rick much appreciated. Just asked for a Littco L420 turbo for Xmas 😁
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    Found this interesting location for the R on our recent road trip around the north west coastline of Scotland Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    New R

    Just picked up another R today nearly new under 2000 miles Mk7.5 18 plate with a DSG damn the difference it makes compared to my old manual.... now i understand what people mean when they recommend the dsg over manual.
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    Money spent on clothes is something the wife and I regularly disagree on. I opened the credit card statement today ,last months spend on dresses, shoes and handbags was beyond belief, if she finds out I'm finished........
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    Pets and Petrolheads!

    Would’ve preferred a pussy pic. 😬
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    Launch locations

    It’s tradition to do your first launch through the police car park 👀
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    Oettinger spoiler photo thread

    Once you see it you can't unsee it... 😂 Jokes aside I have actually ordered myself the Oettinger spoiler too but the one thing I don't see on this thread is the "Roof Spoiler Extensions". Have a look at my order below from Barnetts of St Andrews VW. I really think it finishes off the look of the Oettinger and makes it look 100x better. It does cost £200 for two stupid tiny flaps but I think it will be worth it. Has anyone else bought these?
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    Which wheel width?

    If you are driving over 100mph in the wet then just get any old wheels as you won't be needing them very long anyway Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    Introduction To know whether this review is of any value or even worth reading, I should tell you a little about me and my background. Even though I am from Texas, West Texas specifically, I do not like riding horses or even driving pickups. I like small fast coupes. However, when I found out we were having our first baby a couple of years ago, I had to get rid of my beloved G35 6MT coupe to buy something with room for a baby seat. After hours of research, I decided on a new 2016 Golf R. The R is super fun to drive and all-wheel drive (a must in the winters in the Texas Panhandle). I know I am preaching to the choir. Perhaps most importantly, the R has 4 doors, but isn’t as big as a regular sedan. The styling is also very understated, something that really impressed me. After a test drive, I was sold. While the performance, style, and quality was just what I was looking for, after a few years I wanted more in the performance category, specifically the exhaust, which I always found lacking. Shopping and Purchase I did extensive research on the right exhaust to purchase. I probably did more research on the right exhaust for the R than I did for the R itself. Many were just too loud, other too raspy, some not much better than the stock exhaust tone. Then I found BCS Powervalve. I sent the company an email, and Nige emailed me back. Nige was extremely helpful. In a barrage of emails, he outlined how his exhaust was best for me and how it addressed all of my concerns- no high school-age rice grinder tone, no drone to wake the kid up, and it would not sound obnoxious when I pull up to the courthouse. Again, I was sold. Nige also walked me through the process with some other tuning advice. He sold me on a stage 2 tune and the need for a dog bone insert as well as the heat shield for the down pipe, things I might not have learned otherwise. I followed his advice, and then some, with no regrets. I really cannot overstate how helpful Nige was in the process. Installation I had the installation done at my local Volkswagen dealership. A strange choice, but they had recently become an official APR tuning shop. The box had a lot of pieces, but all had a solid fit and finish. The size and quality is considerably better than stock- many people have noticed. Also, I am nearly three months in and there is still no discoloration of the rear parts of the exhaust, something that is very rare in my experience with aftermarket exhaust. The black tips are also the perfect choice for me. I was unsure if I had made the right choice, but you really have to look close to see that the car has been modified, which I like. Performance- Exactly What I Was Looking For The sounds is great. The sound is a little deeper than stock, until you push it. Then it really starts snorting and the exhaust helps you to really feel the power. The sound increase is noticeable, but not over the top. The sound also is full- not thin, tinny, or annoying. The power is remarkable, but this is also from the combination of engine tune, transmission tune, and the intercooler replacement. The quality was also second to none. Really stout and quality build. Stop shopping around and just get a BCS Powervalve system!
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    dispatches on channel 4

    It's not so much they ignore car crime. its recorded and if anyone is available, then someone will get a statement. the car may or may not be recovered, however chances are it will be chopped up. with the number of assaults, stabbings, murders, shootings in the West Midlands on a nightly basis, is there any wonder the over stretched police don't respond to poor Jonny having his car stolen. those same police may also be out providing protection to an ambulance or paramedic crew that attend a domestic attack, or street assault. or they will be handling a mental health case, which can take quite a long time. as mentioned in another post the police can't strike or even get much chance to voice their real concerns. have you chatted to a proper policeman about what their usual shift entails? personally there is too much with people getting off on stuff or too much human rights bollox. Beckham getting off on a technicality police not allowed to use spit hoods on some scum that takes 4-5 officers to restrain. drivers getting to 12 points and being able to drive again, ban them for life. a woman up the road was that badly attached in a supermarket carpark that she was air ambulances out. would I rather the police caught the person that stole my car or catch her attacker? not really a hard one to answer. the police have that great job where not matter what they do or do not do, they get slated.
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    My Golf R 7.5

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    What you like/love about your R

    I love the (my) R because it does everything effortlessly and competently with as much or as little drama as I desire. In a daily driver, that’s the pinnacle for me. The fact I’ve decided it’s a keeper (I usually swap cars at 3 years) at least until I see what’s what with the mk8, is my testament to what a fantastic car it is.
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    What you like/love about your R

    When the head unit tells you 'don't forget your phone' when you switch the car off. So glad I never got a Focus RS MK3. Bag of sh!t compared to the Golf
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    Had to get one

    Excuse the dirty car, hasn’t been used for weeks,
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    My dream garage build thread

    A before, during and after made by the mrs. All that needs doing now is a few bits of the paintwork on front of hose needs touching up and the garage is being repainted inside with a much more durable paint. (any suggestions btw?) 43288410_10156132445391443_8369386823054524416_o by Jason, on Flickr
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    Akrapovic Exhaust

    Crazy prices! I used to be a Blitz and HKS dealer and remember the days when high quality cat-backs were £500! £3k+ for a Golf exhaust is ridiculous! And it will still sound like [email protected] !
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    What you like/love about your R

    I agree with Luke...bit of a geeky thing but I also like watching the lights after you turn the car on
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    What detailing have you done today?

    Quick wash tonight. The usual Autosmart G101 Autosmart ultra mousse Autobrite purple velvet shampoo 2BM Wowo lambs wool mitt Blow dry with a Titan from screwfix Wowo drying towels Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    What you like/love about your R

    It does everything well, I've previously had a car worth three times the value of the 'R', visual impact and 'badge' aside, the Golf is just as much fun to own. As already mentioned, terrific value for money.
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    Pets and Petrolheads!

    Ok here you go
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    Mark's new Golf

    Some new photos.
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    Urgent help - white smoke from car

    maybe a new pope has been anointed?
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    Alcantara heaven

    Very nice...done by Royal Steering Wheels? Here’s mine done by them a few weeks ago...Alcantara on top/bottom,perforated leather on sides.