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    Keyless ignition

    I seem to recall it being an optional extra on the 5 door at one point because it prompted me to ask the dealer whether the one I was buying was keyless or not (the pre WLTP 2019 model that we test drove was a 5 door without keyless....) tbh I'd have preferred not to have keyless as they're not quite so easy to steal !
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    What detailing have you done today?

    Woke early so got straight out on a Sunday when still nice and cool. Suns out now and all done [emoji106] Gave it a final rinse down with some filtered water and it made drying so much easier - going to be doing that more often for sure. Top up the collinite and popped the winter wheels on (a tad early) so that’s it set... Winter prep for the wife’s car in the next couple of weeks... that’s going to take a while... Happy with the reflections and will be taking it out for a run as the suns out [emoji108][emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    nige bcs

    BCS Powervalve Exhaust Sport Vs WRC

    Hi everyone. We've been having a lot of inquiries asking for the full turbo back Powervalve REV III exhaust system sound variants... So here are a couple of short vids for comparison purposes. Full WRC system Full Sport System Thanks for looking Cat back option also available. Cheers Nige
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    What detailing have you done today?

    First snow foaming today 😁. Was quite nervous and was half expecting to blow the neighbours up with foam. Didn't go too badly! Next time I'll be waiting for the car to be fully dry so it doesn't slide off so much, and take a slower approach as missed a few bits! Proper fun though. Not the best of days to wash as its on/off rain but had to get the motorway crap off from yesterday
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    Hi Everyone, bought a Clubsport S in July which I am currently using as my daily driver. I had been looking for one for ages but most were well above what I wanted to pay and there were very few white ones. Anyway got one now and the handling is amazing. I find I switch between comfort and individual on the DCC depending on traffic conditions or mood. The ride is really supple despite the 35 profile tyres. I am getting about 36mpg on my commute which is pretty good. Cheers Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Keyless ignition

    Thats right, it was an optional extra on the 5 door and the 3 door until they removed the choice from the latter in 2016 iirc, and before it became standard sometime after 2017. I added it as an option on my 65 plate and one of the best additions I went for. Despite all the talk of keyless being easier to steal, still every R stolen from owners on this forum had been break-in or car jacking for keys. It has its security weaknesses no doubt but it gets a exaggerated bad rap imo. I think keyless is fantastic.
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    Interior alarm

    Yes. It also switches off the dead locking as well (so your car can be opened from the inside even though it is locked).
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    I doubt you will get 360/370 just plug and play with map 2, maybe if you have a few other mods already. At the end of the day it's just a number, map 2 feels significantly quicker than stock that's all that matters. Easiest way is to remove the battery and go through the small grommet under the glovebox, it's a pita but the easiest way, geed the OBD cable through from the cabin and then pull the data cable through the opposite way and job done. Sounds easy and it is apart from the 1st time! Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    <This is going to be a gif heavy post> One of the important options I wanted to get on my FL estate was the true Dynamic Light Assist LED headlights. I had the Mercedes equivalent on my C-Class and they were brilliant (ha!). I couldn't find any info out there specifically on the performance of this option on the 7.5 Golf so had to hope that it was the equivalent of the option on the Passat (where there is a little info out there). And it is. They are the excellent. Maybe not as good as the Merc for corner tracking as they don't seem to have as wider angle for when you are following a car but still very good. I got the Lane Assist including Dynamic Light Assist option which was £630. I know when I originally ordered my car in February, you had to do some kind of dance with this option plus another ~£340 for the actual LED Dynamic lights. I'm not sure if they have sorted the confusion now and it is just the £630 option (£1225 Lane Assist Plus option) that is needed. I will try to not mix my terms as I'm originally Australian and we call them low and high beams whereas here in the UK is is main and full beams. Whereas the standard car comes with auto full beams which will dip them down to main beam when it detects a car, the Dynamic Light Assist will effectively just dip the small area where the car you are following or is oncoming is and keep the remainder of the full beam on. It can only do this for a certain window in front of the car so if you are following a bit closer to a car, you may find it will only keep full beam on the left side and main beam for behind the car and to the right. This activates when you are going around 30-40 mph or above. Firstly, the turn on sequence is pretty nifty. I haven't driven a standard car so I'm not sure if it does this; When following a car, when you switch from the normal main beam to full beam, it looks like this; To give you an idea of how much extra light you get on the sides of the road with Dynamic Light Assist, this shows me switching it off back down to normal main beam that you would be on when you are normally following someone. You can see the huge drop in light on both sides of the road. Here I am following a car with Dynamic Light Assist on with an oncoming car coming around the bend. You can see it go back to full beam each side of the car in front plus it track it around the bend and switch the left side down to main beam when the car is further around to the left. This is the one area where the Mercedes lights were better as it would have tracked that car all the way around and still would have been able to keep a sliver of full beam on the left. Still great though! Lastly, a very hard test with crests, dips and bends and it reacting to oncoming traffic. Probably not as good as manually anticipating traffic coming ahead and dipping your lights before it appears but still very quick. I haven't been flashed yet from someone thinking I was slow to react. I hope that has been helpful to anyone thinking on if they should get the option.
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    I use Shak all the time for mods/ servicing. Top bloke. Really knows his stuff especially JB4's. He fitted mine, took less than an hour. I've recommended him that much half the guys in my work use him now.
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    What did you do to your R today?

    A quick run out in the R tonight, and what a sky!
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    Jeff R

    Lowering Golf R 2019 with DCC

    Here’s my 19 plate in Oryx white, it’s lowered on Eibach pro springs, yes it could be lower with other spring brands, but these Eibach’s make an already very usable car just that much better to drive, barely any difference in comfort vs stock too, now it looks better, corners flatter, feels more planted & no rubbing or scraping on bumps/speedbumps
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    Scott's Stage3 LapizBlue MK75R

    Modding List Update - July 25 2019 Edited Performance: -TurboTechnics V5 Turbo -TurboTechnics LHD Intake Pipe -RacingLine R600 Intake System -RacingLine Oil Catch Can System -Fluidampr Crank Pulley -APR Intercooler System -APR Silicone Boost Hoses -Catless Downpipe -Volkswagen Akrapovic Titanium axleback with stock middle pipe -APR HPFP -PagParts Walbro 525 LPFP -Torqbyte PM4 High Power LPFP Controller -Aquamist HFS4 Meth System Direct Port Injection -LiteBlox LB26XX LiFePO4 Lightweight Battery -United Motorsport Haldex Tune -TVS Engineering TCU DQ381 Stage3 Tune -HurricaneSport ECU Stage3 Tune Interior: -Corbeau RRS Seats -BFI DSG Knob -LEYO DSG Shift Paddle -AEM Boost Gauge -Aquamist Meth Flow Gauge Suspension: -KW DCC -Eibach Front & Rear Sway bar Braking: -Alcon Car89 Brake System 380mm Discs -Rear 370mm Discs upgrade Exterior: -Maxton Design Full Body Kit Hello everyone, This is Scott from Taiwan 😀 I am here since January but was just lurking around and watching everybody's build thread. After 4 months waiting, dealer told me the car has finally arrived and asked me if I would like to see the car before the official pick-up date, it was really excited for me so I went to the dealer.... Car Spec: LapizBlue | 7-Speed DSG (DQ381) | DCC | Dynaudio | Pretonia |ACC My previous car is AUDI A3 Sportback 2.0T FWD DSG, and was running Pagpart's EFR7163 big turbo kit that made 530WHP & 660NM. The reason I got rid of my 7163 A3 is because I would like to play something different but AWD car, running big power 530WHP on a FWD car was really really terrible once WOT, kind of scary to drive the car at that time.
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    POLL: Stock or tuned, what do we have?

    Different story if from factory with more bhp. That’s a stock car then. No modding required. Would have full factory warranty. Would still have ticked stock as I’d have bought the higher powered one. i tend to keep cars for 3-5years, and don’t want the potential hassle on warranty if I’ve modded
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    Jared’s DBP

    You and me both, mine is non res now but it is valved so I don't have to be a yobbo all of the time like you [emoji39] Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Thoughts on the R - Bec's DBP

    After a long 8 month wait, I've had my R a full week now, and whilst it’s still early days, thought I'd post (quite) a few initial observations on the car. Starting with…. Drive: Bloody brilliant! Early days, but has exceeded my expectations already. Handling is taught, sharp, precise, and responsive. The chassis is stiff and agile. Planted and super grippy, it’s a much lighter and more engaging drive than I was anticipating. It still delivers the fun with plenty of aplomb, but without any unwelcome drama, and with a markedly different personality to a GTI. Begs to be driven hard, in and out of the bends. Good turn in and less understeer than I was expecting. Must say the turning circle is noticeably bigger, requiring a change of habit in regular, familiar scenarios such as parking on my driveway, but already adjusting to it. The power is addictive and eagerly available when you call upon it. Plenty of torque throughout the range for smooth, reliable and consistent acceleration. In terms of accessing the power – I do like the top mounted throttle pedal which I was a little reticent about, after years of floor mounted throttle pedals. Throttle response could be a little snappier, you do need to put some effort to get the response. DSG – great as always, that seductive sound of it moving through the gear changes. I was converted 7 years ago and no going back now. This generation has none of the jerkiness in S of the previous version. However as always in D goes up through the gears too quickly, and in S hangs onto the gears a touch too long. Fine if you are solo, but get some funny looks from passengers wondering why the engine is snarling away, lol! Something in between would be perfect, but that's where Manual and the paddles come in. Just wish the paddles had a bit more presence to them. Am looking at paddle extensions. Driver Profiles - trying out the various ones, and switch between them depending on mood. Only one I haven’t spent any time in is Eco. I’m mainly using Individual with this setup: DCC - Sport (occasionally Normal) Steering - Sport Drive – Sport or Normal ACC - Normal Interior engine sound - Eco Aircon – Normal Dynamic cornering lighting – Sport Soundaktor – always controversial and divisive, but with the now ability to alter the volume in Individual mode, it’s absolutely acceptable at Eco setting, not intrusive and does not interfere or detract from the Dynaudio. But, still great to have the option to have more fake noise when the mood strikes! Real engine noise and exhaust note - sublime! Can't get enough of that growl and pop. Tech: Keyless - a breeze to use. Was worried beforehand that it might be hit and miss, and I might end up leaving the car unlocked, but it's really very simple. Love it. And only a couple of times have I gone to put a key in the non existent ignition. A convert to the ignition button. ACC - yet to use this but plans to do so on a winter trip to Yorkshire. DCC – as expected. E-brake/Autohold – took about an hour to be won over by this. Stop/Start - don't mind it at times, but adds a nanosecond too much time to pulling away for my liking, so gets switched off when I remember (town driving). I know that lightly tickling the brake pedal will stop it from activating and have got the hang of that. Where I live is a very congested city with much time spent in slow moving or static traffic and often easier to switch it off altogether. Front Assist - had only a couple of warnings but no braking intervention as yet. Either I’m a better driver than I thought, or it doesn’t work, lol. Parking sensors and rear camera. Handy at times, but could live without them, still like to use my own judgement. There’s a lot of new-ish tech, compared to my previous car, and where it properly aids the driver, without becoming a hindrance, it is very, very good. Interior: I think the black piano gloss is very nice, but could be a mega dust magnet. I always have a microfibre and trim dressing to hand to keep the dust at bay, and probably ust as well. Though I like the dark cabin, I think a few more blue trim accents would have made it a bit more special. So to introduce a bit more colour I’m swapping the harsh white footwell lights for some blue LEDs. The illuminated blue door and sill strips are a nice feature, though the sill guards themselves are not up to that job, so I’m ordering some additional guards. Surprisingly I like the headrests. Was a massive fan of the older style that wrapped over the top of the seat, so was rather disappointed to see they had changed them. But in the flesh new style ones really suit the car. Like the embroidered R logo on them. The MiB2 unit - is great, the larger screen really finishes off the cabin, screen resolution is good. The touchscreen is miles better than older generations which were very temperamental and clunky. Discover Pro Nav - used it on the recent Windsor trip. Very impressed. App-connect works well. Yet to try the Car-net. Dynaudio – just excellent. Head and shoulders above previous gen, even in its yet to be burned-in state, it’s very, very good. Will be superb after about 60 hours. Money very well spent. Steering wheel, thinner than my previous, but I like it a lot. Except I find the button placement is not quite as intuitive as old style. Ergonomics are slightly off, and I miss the mute button of old which is absent this time round. The dials are lovely as are the blue needles. Found the indicator/wiper stalks a bit flimsy at first but got used to them now. Centre console is well designed apart from the Mode button / StopStart button / ESP button, which are poorly positioned on left and hard to see - would be much better on the right side the gear stick, but guess thats a result of it being a LHD design throwback. Cup holders - great and the 'claw' feature very useful for securely gripping cups. Rear cup holders much better located in the load through arm rest. Window buttons - not as ergonomically perfect as in a Mk6 (angled) but small price to pay for the other improvements. Prefer the faux carbon trim on gearstick, doors and around dash to previous trim, looks more premium compared to the my old trim which was a bit incongruous. This is much more in-keeping style-wise with the rest of the car. Love the leather seats and white stitching. But I can see it sagging quicker than the mk6 leather. Preferred the lumbar 4 way rocker switch of old, as the basic handle control on the side of the seat seems crude and a step back, but cost cutting I guess. Reduced boot space. Significantly smaller, but just travel lighter. Have crammed a a lot of my work gear around the wheel well. On the whole I like the interior a lot, I would say it is an upgrade, plus it looks and feels distinctly different from the Mk6 which enhances the experience. Exterior: Colour – you might be forgiven for thinking I might be bored with Deep Black Pearl after a fair few black Golfs, but no! Very glad I chose it for the 7R as I think it looks stunning. Yes you lose the contrast of the black accents, but gain a sleek, stealth look. I like both the brushed silver wing mirrors and lip more than I thought I would, and they add just enough ‘interest’ without blinging or tarting it up too much. Pretoria wheels (19â€) – rumoured to have caused the long, long wait, but what can I say – worth it IMO. A lovely wheel, like a lightweight motorsport wheel, adds an elegance to the car, which stops DBP looking too heavy and clumpy. Might be a pain to clean. Tyres – ContiSportContact 5Ps – thank the Lord! Have run these faultless tyres for last 3 years, and very, very pleased to get them on the R. Front end - the front end actually looks more aggressive in the flesh, and like the grill. Bit sick of honeycomb grills after 3 GTIs, so a nice change. Love the intakes and don't miss having fog lights. Love the double LED U headlights. Overall look is subtle but with hints to it’s intent and purpose. Has enough presence for me. Rear end - absolutely love the smoked rear LEDs, especially against the black bodywork. Quite surprised how little there is of the rear spoiler. Assumed it would be of a similar size/depth to the mk6 but it's much shallower. And, the black plastic side bits make it look even less prominent, but overall it suits the sharper shape of the car. Love the gloss black rear diffuser. Always hated the textured grey 6GTI one, but never got around to spraying it gloss black. Exhausts - even though 4 exhausts are overkill for a 4cyl, I love them. And I think this car needs something a bit showy at the rear to offset the subtlety of the front end. Sides - The wing R badges - now I thought I was going to hate these, as was not keen on them in the pics, but, they seem to work on black. Maybe because Deep Black doesn't have the contrast against the black grill and other black trim, the badges add something without it looking blingy. Deeper side skirts are much better. When I first saw the Mk7 exterior changes, I was not sold. But now I've had it on my drive for just over a week, am totally sold now! Conclusion - Awesome!!! It’s a fantastic car. A capable but utterly exhilarating drive, and still admirably practical on a daily basis. And here’s are the things I’m really glad I specced: Dynaudio Keyless Discover Pro + App connect And, if I could’ve specced only one additional option? Dynaudio. No question. And preferably as part of Tech Pack. But on it's own, for £700 odd it’s a bargain for such great sound which will get better and better. Finally….. Without a doubt the best car I've had to date! (so far)
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    New Car Dilemma

    Hey - I'll have you know that Cornwall was way ahead of the game with superfast broadband. European money.....😀
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    Keyless ignition

    There’s a risk with everything, and for some keyless is one they don’t wish to take understandably. But sadly there’s post after post on here about break-ins and attempted break-ins for keys, and let’s face it if thieves want a car and come ready to take one then they’ll do their best to achieve their scummy aim. Adding security to make it harder is probably the best thing you can do if you are unduly worried about it. And of course, you can always disable keyless if you’re really bothered about it. You can do it with vcds or obdeleven, and on some cars you can deactivate it by another procedure. https://www.vwroc.com/forums/topic/30978-how-to-disable-kessy/ https://www.vwroc.com/forums/topic/31307-can-you-dissable-kessy/page/3/#comments
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    Keyless ignition

    From 2016 model year vehicles (I think), keyless entry / keyless start was only available on 5 door Golfs. It wasn’t available on 3 door models, so maybe the 2017 car you’ve seen was a three door?
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    What detailing have you done today?

    Don't you've got me thinking now. It was their when I bought it [emoji85] Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
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    What detailing have you done today?

    Should we ask what kind of stain‽ 😁
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    What detailing have you done today?

    Always frustrating seeing that after a wash and hours of effort. Unfortunately unavoidable. But at least it’s not true watermarks (as in limescale) but rather whatever crap is being suspended in the overnight condensation (or rain if it rains). In some ways wax and other protections compound this issue as they concentrate the residue held in the water into spots and marks and once the water has evaporated you’re left with lots of little marks all over especially horizontal panels,, which are more noticeable on waxed and sealed cars than those without any protection!
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    All season tyres

    Reread that post - that is what tinman was saying... he found the same as you! [emoji23] That’s an important point though - fancy trying Michelin myself based you what you’re both saying as tyres can go off as they wear so good to know the Michelin’s don’t do that [emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Manual or DSG?

    Wow!!!....That's a steep incline...and still no problem for the R....
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    What detailing have you done today?

    Took the opportunity whilst the little one was having his morning nap. Been at least 4 months since it’s last maintenance wash. [emoji51] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    What was?

    1983 - Escort 1300E, it's upside down for a reason.... Oops
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    Buying New Tyres?

    Quick review after driving home on my newly installed MPS4S's.... WOW!!!!....What a difference!!!.....I thought my Pirelli P Zero's were a good tire.....The Michelin Pilot Sport 4S's are twice as good.... I know I'm comparing used tires with 22,000 km's on them against brand new MPS4S...But the effect of driving on the new tires is literally night and day!! Very happy to say the least....They have transformed my R....and has made it now even more enjoyable to drive.... The hype is true....These really are unbelievable....So glad I bought them...Great investment... The grip there tires produce is unreal... Best tire I've ever driven on by a BIG margin...
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    Autoglym yes or no?

    Bought this with 52k on clock last December. Swirl city and never been washed "correctly". But I know the previous owner so knew it was a good car. Spent a day doing a deep clean, machine polish and ceramic coat. Everyone comments about how good it looks. No dealer can ever get a finish like that let alone apply the life shine correctly. So either have a bash yourself or save up and get a pro. Or just cheat and use Gyeon Wet Coat. Wash car, rinse off, mist body with wet coat, rinse again, dry, admire the results!
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    Me and my friends always said cars like the golf R, A45 etc were quick whereas cars like RS6s and M5s were fast. Quick to me means pointy, darty, good handlesing cars that can carry some speed and acceleration. Fast cars are just on the next level of power and torque, ones that have so much grunt it just goes no matter what gear its in etc. Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
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    Buying New Tyres?

    The last 4 sets of tyres I have bought were from Camskill in Whitehaven. They are generally cheaper than other on-line suppliers and supply direct from the manufacturer, so the tyres are new. Suppliers are allowed to sell tyres up to 3 years old as new! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    How to fit blue footwell LEDs. When I first got my R I was pleased with the interior but felt it was a little lacking in colour. The blue needles and light strips in the doors are a nice touch but felt it could be livened up and complimented by having some blue LED lighting in the footwells. So I decided to swap out the standard stark white LEDs units for some blue LED's. Here's what you need: As the standard oem footwell white LED light units are sealed units, you can't open them up and just swap the white bulbs for blue bulbs as you could with previous Golfs. New light units of the type that can be opened up and house tungsten bulbs are required instead. The R has two of these already - one in the glove box and one in the boot. Whilst the glovebox light is the same size as a footwell light and could be used for this mod, the boot light is longer so not a straight swap size wise and would also require a festoon type LED. For this mod I ordered two new replacement light units. If you decide to use the existing glovebox light you will only need to order 1 unit. The lights units you need to order are Glovebox light units from TPS (Trade Parts Specialists) - part no. 7L0 947 415 approx £11 each. You need to phone up or call into your local TPS as these items often don't show up on their website. Give them the part no, and it takes only usually 24hrs for them to get them. You Also need 2 Blue LED bulbs available widely from eBay. These are the ones I ordered http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/4-x-ERROR-FREE-CANBUS-5-SMD-CAR-LED-BLUE-W5W-T10-501-SIDE-LIGHT-BULBS-BLUE-/320865983677 Here's how to do it: First you need to replace the tungsten bulbs in your new replacement light units. Take each existing light unit out - to do this, there is a little recessed notch in edge of each plastic light cover (on the right on the nearside light, and facing you on offside light), using a short flathead screwdriver or small trim tool, insert it into the notch and gently prise and ease the light out of its recess and away from the trim. Once the existing light unit is removed, disconnect it by squeezing the sides of the connector to release it. Once the unit is fully detached, using a flathead narrow screw driver, pry the metal casing part of the light housing at each corner until you can pull it off. Then remove the existing tungsten bulb and replace with a blue LED bulb. As with any LED of the type, it has a polarity and you need to check you have the polarity correct before closing up the light unit again, so pop the LED in, but do not close up the light housing just yet. Connect the unit to the power source and see if the bulb works. If it doesn't remove the bulb and replace it the other way round and test again. When you have the bulb working, replace the metal housing and close up the unit. Do the exact same with the second unit. These are now ready to go. Next you need to remove the existing footwell light units and replace with your new blue LED ones. Removing and replacing the driver's side light unit is a very easy, 2 minute job. The electrical wire on the driver's side is quite long so easy to access. And now a word of caution - the passenger side is much trickier. The wire is extremely short and the connector sits just inside the hole, but there is no scope at all to pull it further out. It's easy enough to remove the original light unit but fitting the replacement unit into the electrical connector is very fiddly and needs two hands. Helps if you have slim fingers, but if you have chunky digits, you may struggle. You could always remove additional trim (I didn't). And because it's so tricky and a pita, I strongly recommend testing the passenger LED bulb in the driver!s side first BEFORE putting it in the passenger side, because once you finally get it in, you will not want to be going through it again if the bulb is in the wrong way. And that's it! You may then wish to alter the brightness of the footwell lighting in the car settings menu: CAR - SETUP - LIGHT - INTERIOR LIGHTING - FOOTWELL LIGHTING - choose desired % of brightness. Mine are set to 80% A few installation pics: Remove standard white light LED unit Fit Replacement light unit and blue LED
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    OBD Eleven - The Basics

    I have to say, this is one of the best devices i have purchased! Its completely changed my car for the good! Its the small things that make the biggest differences. Coded 19 different functionalities in the space of 2 days!
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    How old are you and what do you do?

    42 - Self employed, 1/4 Technical Consultant....3/4 VAG Specialist VAG as in VW Audi Group - unfortunately not a pussy specialist.
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    How old are you and what do you do?

    50, Male escort Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Ferrari 458, it's not the 0-60 time in a car like that, it's the feeling of it still accelerating just as fast even when you get to over double that speed
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    Wheel refurbishment

    They look awesome just like that are.....Not a fan of gold wheels personally...so stick with your first 3 choices Keano...
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    Jamie's Oryx White Golf R

    So not much to really update on the Golf. Since getting a little run around due to changing stations at work I have not really used the Golf that much this year so far. With that in mind I decided to get a CTEK charger for the car so I knew whenever I wanted to go out in the car I could just unplug it and go. Our friends asked us if we'd like to go to Donington with them for the day to go out in their new aventador sv and their gt-r track toy. Whilst we was there I could not turn down a good photo opportunity. Cleaned and ready to go back in the garage. Having decorated the garage I thought about getting some posters then saw someone had a drawing done of their car. I thought they would look nice in the garage so had a couple drawn up. Both are A3, just need to take them to the framers and get them framed. Jamie
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    Hurdy’s 7.5R

    Absolutely my thoughts when I took my Prets off and put my 18 inch Team Dynamics back on. They look slightly smaller but the handling feels sharper on turn in less vague on the PS4’s. Dont get me wrong the 19 inch Prets on Conti 6 are still good but 18’s with better offset and a more cushioned tyre is better as a daily. Just feels more chuckable!
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    GTD/GTI Grille for 7R

    Some additional info for y'all: I wanted to also change the lower grille but this is not possible, not without some modifications.
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    Spending over £2000 and still having a warning light on would boil my piss [emoji3] Only cool feature of the AID is having the map in the centre of the dials. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Race Mode

    No, there isn’t the option to change modes via the steering wheel which is an oversight imo. That said, mine rarely strays out of Individual, and as SpursDave says, for a quick change from D to S, nudging the stick is the quickest way.
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    What do you dislike about your R?

    For me its the flat area of the bumper at the tailgate. Water just pools there and leaves dirty marks, doesn't help my my R is white.
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    R Front Number plate delete (UK)

    Over here in sunny Melbourne (and most of Australia), our number plates typically run a lot smaller (you can get all sorts of plates here as it goes, but they're regulated by the state), yet they still insist on fitting the European plate holders, see here: Before I had the car detailed and ceramic coated, I went for an interim fix, removing the holder and fitting some colour matched bumper plugs from www.bumperplugs.com which could be an option here, especially if you don't want/aren't ready to cough up for smoothing etc. No front plate is definitely not an option here, so the plate has gone back on with a plate protector added... yes, they have plate protectors here too. Does clean things up a little though.
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    Interior alarm switch off

    No argument Jon, it’s easy enough, but it’s still a lot more of a P.I.A. than a single button push Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    New 7.5R in Tumeric !

    Spent a large part of the weekend poking around, cleaning & protecting. Ceramic coating on the wheels, tips and body. Polished out some horrific marring on bonnet, roof and tailgate.
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    Get out of here! 😁 😘
  47. 1 point
    Thanks for the write up. Got round to doing mine in carbon wrap at the weekend, quite pleased with the results.
  48. 1 point

    Oettinger spoiler photo thread

    I am happy
  49. 1 point
    I'm pretty embarrassed now, when I picked mine up all I checked was that they gave me a full tank of fuel, got into it a drove off
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    I've used double sided padded tape guys. This bring the plate off the car around 5/6mm and get it as near to the edges as you can. I've took some photos for you to see. My front has actually got marks on the paint almost like indents from the original black backing but luckily enough the new plate covers them just. Also you will need double up on the tape half way down to the top of your plate because if you put it on singular the plate will have a slight angle pointing upward so the double up on the tape levels it off. Ts bevause of the slight angle on the front bumper. I'm sure you will know what i mean from the pics.
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