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    R in storage until May

    It's a car, it's AWD, it has heated seats. its made for winter. its an all season car. if cars where biscuits, the R would be a Hobnob. Hard as fuvk n ready for anything.
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    Charles M

    Akrapovic Sounds Kind of Crap?

    Am I the only person in the world who is happy with the exhaust on the 7.5R?
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    30 years ago today (Adult humour)

    It's 30 years ago today that I met the wife. We were at a young farmers get together, always the charmer I said " You remind me of my little toe" ..... "Small and cute" she replied, " I smiled, "Well that and the fact that I will probably end up banging you on the coffee table" Like any marriage we've had our ups and downs, the lowest point for me was when I overheard her telling her friend Yvonne her sex life was like a 100 metre sprint ! " Over in less than 10 seconds ? " said Yvonne " No I usually do it with six athletic black guys" replied the wife. I took her infidelity badly and ended up stood on a bridge, in desperation I rang the Samaritans " I'm on a bridge and I'm about to toss myself off " I said "That's inconsiderate, what about anybody passing underneath" said the woman at the end of the phone.. " They will probably think it's just bird shit " I replied........ Seriously, she's an absolute diamond, here's to 30 more.....
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    Akrapovic Sounds Kind of Crap?

    I'm happy with the stock exhaust on my Mk7 estate. And you'd have to stick my bollocks in a bee hive to get me to part with £3k for an exhaust.
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    BMW M140i or GOLF R

    I've commented on this before (and got a flaming from RWD fan's) - so it's just my personal opinion....but like all my opinions, it's usually based on logic and reality, albeit my perception of reality. If this will be your only car, or your daily driver - then RWD, at these power levels, make's no sense to me. RWD can be fun - however on public roads, on a car that's supposed to be a daily, an all rounder, then i think it's useless. What's the point of having a car that can't put it's power down in all conditions, or at the very least if it can't then it tend's to fail in a controlled manner (FWD) rather than a dangerous one. These car's are hatchbacks - they are not sports cars, they are not track cars, they are supposed to be an all rounder just by mere definition of them being a rather square box, with back seats and a very large practical boot. So by marrying them up to a RWD powertrain - you have killed their all round use. I'm not just talking about driving in the snow either (good luck with that with RWD). When it's wet/damp you have to constantly be aware that you will struggle to put even half your power down, and if you do then you have to fight the back end flying round...or learn to fall in love with the traction control light, which won't save you all the time with RWD. People say i just don't know how to drive RWD - i can drive it just fine, i can power that back end round a corner fine....9 times out of 10. However for my daily car? - on public roads?, i don't want to be power sliding round a round-about. No matter how good you are, and how great you think you are - when that back end is flying round, you are right on the edge of control, one wrong move or one unexpected condition and it's gone - you are in a spin and your fate and the fate of anyone around you is down to a roll of a dice. I do want to drive fast, very fast, on occasion, i do want to have a blast on some country roads, but i also want to try and do it safely and when i get near the edge i want a more controllable, calmer failure of grip i.e. understeer....and when i'm done playing i will then pick up my shopping, as it's my daily practical car. The primary point here is if this is a daily and even more important if it's your only car - then RWD is way to big a sacrifice of all round practicality for me as i can't put the power down in all conditions....and if i try then it can be dodgy. FWD at these power levels is barely acceptable - but at least when grip fails on that its just understeer, which is boring - but boring = safe. Again you will be driving on public roads, and no doubt on occasion way beyond the speed limit - failure of grip should be controlled. So at these power levels, all year round - AWD for the win, FWD still works but barely, RWD fails
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    R-placement - M2 / M4?

    I’ve seen you drive, buy a 116i Msport.
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    After a small pause I'm happy to report that modding will resume next week with new rubber all round predictably PS4S and a change of colour to the alloys going gloss black 😀 😎 I must admit to having a blip where I looked for an R replacement with a tad more room in the back for my wing man on his booster seat but coupled with a change of location for work I'm going to stick - there is nothing out there that is as good an all rounder as the R - end of. And believe me I've looked 🤯 Need to treat her to a good clean by means of an apology ha ha
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    Mrs Privatedoc Joins the fold!

    We now have a pair !
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    Was this a DSG WTF Moment?

    I agree that spinning is not unexpected, but given how common haldex issues are if it was me I'd see if the the haldex AWD was working properly by accelerating hard on a dirt/gravel surface, just to be completely certain. Maybe get someone to stand outside and observe or video what happens. It doesn't cost anything, not too hard to do, won't take much time and then you will have hard evidence. If only your front wheels spin then you know to investigate further. [start rant/lecture] If the following doesn't apply to you then all's well and good, otherwise please take this in the helpful (safe driving) manner in which I intended (with my Dad hat firmly on ) Re the "traction switched off fully as it always is" does that mean you always drive on public roads with your stability control switched off as well ? If so, I have a problem with that being the usual setup, as it means you are relying totally on your driving skill and current attentiveness to keep you and other road users safe when something unexpected happens and your car starts to slide (eg water, diesel or cow crap on road just around a blind corner). Very, very few people are that good a driver ALL the time, in fact many track instructors insist on their students leaving ESP enabled during track day driving lessons. ESP is something that will normally only kick in when the driver has already stepped over the limit and the car may be about to get totally out of shape. Typically happens when enthusiasm and/or ego outpaces actual driving skill. Having "crappy tyres" on a car with lots of extra torque would make a slide even more likely. Sorry to be so blunt, but this is an issue that gets my blood boiling, and it seems to crop up on car forums way too often. Many people on car forums believe that just because they are car enthusiasts they are much better drivers than they are. [end rant/lecture]
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    Preparing for winter

    Polished the car today, ready for the winter, as I’m not one that enjoys polishing I use Soft 99 that lasts 12 months, think it looks quite good now although I’m sure the die hard detailers will be horrified Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    NEW Turbosmart Recirculation Valve

    Hello everyone, I hope you all had a good weekend. I went to AET Motorsport's VAG open day, it was brilliant. However whilst I was there I picked myself up a new Turbosmart Recirculation Valve, it's a new development for the Golf & I know a lot of people run GFB DV+, or just a standard valve. This has been designed to fully recirculate all of the boost, and from first reviews it's a very good addition to the car, people have tried it on Stage 1 and Stage 2, and have reported better sustained boost, and pulling harder. I currently have a standard car so I wanted to let you guys know my thoughts. In terms of fitting (I fitted it myself), it was fairly easy. There were some finnicky bolts/clamps to get to, but that is the case with most vehicles, it took around an hour and because this valve is in 1 piece, it's a lot easier to get in. OK, so first impressions are good, I took the car out for a spin after fitting it and I can definitely feel more sustained boost, there is an increase in turbo noise too, not so much spool, but flutter when letting off the pedal. All in all I think it's a great product and has seen strong results on cars up to and over 500bhp. I'll update this thread once I've lived with it for a week or so however at this moment in time I think it's a good investment for anyone thinking of an alternative to the dump valves or dual ports. On the topic of noise, it isn't in your face, it isn't anything like the fast and furious, so don't worry if you're thinking it brings that to the car, that's the one thing that usually put me off the DV's. I'll pop a link to my install video once it goes out this week so you guys can see the process. But if anyone wants some more information, pop me a message across and I'll point you in the right direction.
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    Golf R DRL's

    Really like the new lights but they have come at the expense of the R losing their signature differentiation. Could immediately pick an R coming in other direction, now it could be any of the performance range. So in terms of style not much in it, maybe even slightly prefer the new DRL but in terms of keeping R the top of the tree a backward step
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    VW say oil service not required?

    Or just get a Brillo pad yourself and swirl your own paintwork 😂
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    Akrapovic Sounds Kind of Crap?

    I am happy with the exhaust on my 7R. Unnecessary pops and bangs always seems a bit chavy to me. I would rather listen to my music than my exhaust popping and banging away.
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    What detailing have you done today?

    Spent too long on this and only got a handful of pictures. Heres a list of steps: Snowfoamed with Bilt Hamber Autofoam Washed using 2 bucket method using Meguiars Gold class shampoo Detarred tardis Clayed Bilt Hamber Claybar Fallout decontamination using Bilt Hmaber fallout remover Machine compound using Menzerna Compound Machine polish using Menzerna Medium Cut Machine finished using Menzerna Super Finish Sealed using Menzerna Powerlock. Didn't get around to waxing it because of time constraints. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    Kieran's Stage 3 7R (524PS/671NM)

    Few updates recently! I've fitted a new carbon fibre spoiler, installed a VWR dog bone and subframe mount, installed Vagbremtechnic 362mm two piece brake discs with Ferodo DS2500 pads, and had Michelin PS4S (235/35/19) fitted. The car is almost where I want it to be now, it's just unreal to drive now. Just a few more cosmetic mods on the way, with an oil catch can and maybe WMI to help improve reliability. All ready for a track day at Oulton Park next Wednesday now. I can't wait, first one since it's Stage 3!!!
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    Was this a DSG WTF Moment?

    Normally I would blast a post like this but you've given your advice in a constructive helpful way and you do actually sound like my dad who I try my best not to argue with 😅 You're right traction fully off in the conditions last night together with the state of my tires (they are still totally legally just towards end of their useful life) was probably not the best idea should be taking it easy. Thanks dude 👍
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    Charles M

    do i lease or buy my 3rd R ??

    Ah the good old "poverty spec" line comes out. What have you got that you think is worth spending money on? Me, I bought mine 2nd hand (6 month old ex VW HQ) and as it was the colour I wanted and estate, there wasn't a choice. BUT I am more than happy with poverty spec. So what are the options.... Keyless is something I would actively choose not to have. The Mrs has it on her car and it sends me mad, opening some doors, not others, never knowing whether it is locked etc etc. Rear camera on a car the size of a Golf is ridiculous. Bit like having parking sensors on a Nissan Micra. If you really need those on a Micra, maybe you shouldn't be driving. Dynaudio - possibly would have liked, but find what I have perfectly acceptable seeing as I listen to radio (spoken). Having said that, I do find when I play music it is perfectly adequate (adequate is often one of those words that is damning with faint praise). Leather - I have the details of the company the VW dealer uses to retrofit should I choose to go that way. They do a better standard than OEM. However, I quite like cloth, having got leather in my other cars. Sunroof - my other cars have one and I never use. Alloys - I seem to be in the minority and like 18" Cadiz Exhaust - not something I would spend to make more noise. Brakes - I find the OEMs fine, but an upgrade I am sure would be better. 90% tints - not fussed either way DCC - can't comment, but knowing me, I would be fiddling the whole time. Happy enough without it on the 18s. I think that's about it really isn't it? All frippery really apart from brakes and DCC, which aren't necesary either. Is it really worth shelling out lots of money on these things? Yes, I know its ETTO, and yes, maybe I take a different view of car ownership to many others. But surely there is more important things in life to spend money on. I am fortunate enough to be able to afford buying my cars outright - I do this and keep for years, rather than chopping them in every 2 or 3. Maybe buying them rather than putting things on the never never concentrates the mind as to what is important and what's not. But as is always said, ETTO.
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    Met up with a few petrol head friends, a couple of Porkers, a Beemer that is going to be a track toy and an electric Lexus... Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    How would your rate the Golf R?

    You see that's the contentious point. I view it as a massive bonus, in fact I've debadged and if it wasn't for the stupid four exhausts, two of which look fake on the 7R Estate, I'd probably badge it as a TDi as well. I don't want people racing me. I don't want to have to do my house up like Fort Knox because I'm worried about the car being nicked. I want to effortlessly overtake when I want to, enjoy spirited drives on b-roads (and all roads tbh), and still have a practical, cheap(ish) to run car. If nobody else notices anything other than a smart looking Golf, well, that's a result!
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    What did you do to your R today?

    Going by that...... All those wheels I’ve seen kerbed by blokes on this forum.........maybe there’s something they are not telling us. 💃 ✂️🚶‍♂️
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    Kurtje's MK7.5 R

    Hello everybody Since July I'm the proud owner of a 2018 VW Golf MK7.5 R, it replaces my 2015 Seat Leon ST Cupra. It's a 5 door, Indium Grey with black mirrors. It has the stock Pretoria rims It has more then enough options on it Pictures on delivery day: After 1 month it was time for his detailing session at my local detailer including a Carpro CQuartz Finest Reserve coating on the car and the Carpro D-lux coating on the rims. The black parts are protected by Xpel Pictures after this: The full story can be read at his FB page: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1970118359706326&type=3&__xts__%5B0%5D=68.ARBabSh1ncvcLOpGu2PBVc-VMk5lDJ2qrHBaPgSIv320pZ9otF5OVJy08DV_pw1G5Vu9Ee8gm6E16G_orngQ0qynJC8Pnne6u5AaMCdiuIJGNks1TSbUODx12qkeeFJxTSwrEojDSLIUMWM421VfAAMSpU20DHsWdv3CdCjO8rnAAgq8pEpIjQ&__tn__=-UC-R On the 12th of October I was on the Customer Experience Day in Mettet Belgium for a raceday. It was by invitation from VW. Some pics on the track: On the 28th of October we had a dyno day with the local FB group, 24 cars got their numbers from the Pure Turbos dyno. It was a very nice day with a lot of nice cars! My R made 290whp and 396nm wtq, what was a very good result! Then I decided the get the first mod done, I wanted to lower it. I went for KW V2 coilovers. The only problem now is that the stock Pretoria's need some spacers!!!! What size do you guys recommend? That was it for now! I'm planning to do some mods in the near future. - First some spacers for the Pretoria's - Some new rims next year - Tuning (stage 1 / 2 has to be decided yet) - Exhaust - …. Ps sorry for my English