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    Police in pursuit, then this.....

    On a more serious note, three shots from a .50 calibre pistol would get my vote. Some might say harsh but what about the lives they put at risk and the damage done to something that somebody has worked hard for? [emoji35] Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    xSCYTHERx Red R 7.5

    Hi All, So this is my first foray into the world of VW having previously owned a Seat Ibiza FR (2005), Vauxhall Astra GTC VXR (2012) and an Audi TT MK2 (2011). Two out of the three cars I have previously owned have been modified and I cant wait to get started on the Golf R. I originally was going to place an order for a factory new 7.5 MY19, however when I realised I would have to wait until May/June and suffer the issues as a result of WLTP I decided to hunt down a nearly new model, even if that meant paying a slight premium. After a couple of weeks of searching I somehow came across the exact spec Golf R that I was going to order from factory and snapped it up instantly. Specification from standard: 3 door - DSG in Tornado Red Black 19" Pretorias Black 90% Rear Tints Black door mirror covers Dynaudio The first modification I want to get done is to wrap the chrome strip on the front of the car in gloss black, I have seen a lot of people do this and think it looks so so much better than the factory chrome. I also want to investigate and see if its possible to change the LED colour on the interior door and also the door seals as the blue annoys me when the whole car is black and red, not sure if that is even possible though. In time I will then move on to performance modifications where I think I will go for an APR stage 1 tune and also look to get a resonator delete placed on the car. Below are a couple of pictures of the car I have taken so far.
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    (Super) Unleaded Petrol?

    No, I’d marry a supermodel and only let her shop at Ann Summers 😎
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    Nissan pulling out of UK

    Brexit does play a part as does EU - Japan trade with zero import duty. it is by no means early, the initial development, prototyping, pre production runs, tooling etc is where a huge amount of any products costs are. a number of companies I deal with have moved a large percentage of their company over to Europe pre Brexit. i have spent last 6 months working on global supply chain stuff, its a bit of a nightmare, Chinese - USA tariffs, possible Brexit tariffs, component shortages and increasing lead times. being able to save 10% import duty is a big chunk of cash, this would be weighed up against the UK position of having to spend xx millions setting up a production line and unknown import / export tarrifs. i fully expect other companies to follow suit and not manufacture new products in the UK until definite fully signed of tariffs, deals etc are in place. the people to blame are those that voted leave.
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    3 Happy years of ownership

    Hi all, Just wanted to say this forum has been most helpful over the past 3 years of ownership. Traded in my beloved car in yesterday, for a more practical Passat R Line. I have loved every minute of R ownership. Maybe one day I'll have another.
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    (Super) Unleaded Petrol?

    These topics are hilarious as ever. People swearing their allegiance to a fuel brand as if their loyalty will be rewarded in some afterlife. First point, the car is recommended 98, minimum 95. So there will be NO damage whatsoever caused solely by using 95. As has been noted...car is sold in markets where 95 is all you get. Second point, already been made, its a MASS produced car. Its sold in all sorts of markets, with huge variations in fuel quality. It can take it. By design. Which leaves just 1 thing to do. Try it yourself. If you feel that extra fizz when buying the good stuff and are happy to pay the difference. Then do. Regardless of what the internet tells you. If you don't feel the fizz, know that you are not damaging your car, and are using it within the parameters of the manufacture spec.
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    What did you do to your R today?

    Happy with my little purchase to protect the sills. Works well on a white silver car. Might not be to everyone's taste on other colours.
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    Climate windscreen demo

    Only had my R for just over a week, but perfect opportunity to test the climate windscreen with it being frozen up this morning. Impressive on just how fast it melts the sheet of ice, about 1 minute in and its starting to go:
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    De-ice, de-frost, de-snow

    I back it out of the garage
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    Face lift R or not bother?

    If you like it/want it/can afford it.... go for it, you only live once
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    colored seat belts 🤩
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    Best car security product?

    Thinking about this in the current climate, surely this would be the ultimate in car security? Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    WLTP and Res Delete

    Waiting Longer Than Preferable for most people!
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    This is an embarrassing one but I’ve just found out after having the car nearly 18 months that I have the Climate Windscreen option, it only takes 2/3 mins to complete clear my windscreen in the morning rather than me freezing my knackers off scraping the ice away😂
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    Is my dealership telling me porkies?

    Dealer telling Porkies? If their lips are moving, then 99% yes...
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    Golf 7R Photos - Part 2

    Turns out the underground car park is not a bad place for photos. Managed to do a full detail on the car at the weekend and cant believe how amazing it came up looking!
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    Having owned a new RS5 for a year now I can confirm that it would. These things are quoted at 3.9 seconds but I’ve clocked mine at 3.6. It is much faster than my Golf R was. Bang for for buck the R is incredible but it’s nowhere near as quick as the RS5 when driven in anger.
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    Golf 7R Photos - Part 2

    Picked up the Golf R at the weekend after trading in the old TT - honestly blown away after putting 300 miles on the car over the weekend. Will get some proper pics of the car up in the coming weeks
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    Simon's Mk7.5 R

    Recently collected my new 3dr Manual in white silver a few weeks ago and have spent the past few weeks trying to put some miles on it. Coming from a Leon Cupra 290 the grip levels are insane (even in the wet and snow) and the additional power and actually being able to put it down at all times is great fun. Pics of the car: - https://flic.kr/s/aHsmzTxFvW Mods: - Carista tweaks: Reduce soundaktor, window opening/closing via remote/ alarm sound when locking - Swapped silver for black mirror covers - Blue LEDs in footwells Coming up: - Metal footrest ordered - Black rear VW badge - RGM door sill protectors
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    Been a bad night here, must be all of 1mm on my R. 🤣
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    The unfortunate thing here is that over the wall is one hell of a drop, it would have been nice to see it well and truly wrapped around the lamp post or over the wall. Paralysed from the neck down and surviving in agony but only for a year or so would seem appropriate.
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    Theives came for my car.

    For those that do have KESSY you can disable it by switching it off, which will foil thieves using receivers & transmitters to gain entry and drive away. Press the lock button on the fob and immediately press the lock portion of the door handle. You can check it is off by pulling on the door handle, if your car remains locked KESSY has been disabled. To unlock your car just press the unlock button on the key fob.
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    What did you do to your R today?

    Took delivery of these this morning, really good quality. S2T B3.