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    So back home now. The whole process was great and fast. I love the look. Pretty boring compared to most people’s replacement steering wheels I’m sure but I wanted the OEM look. Went for RSW’s “thicker option” Leather feels nice. Not quite as soft / supple as the VW leather but nice. Thanks!
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    I had for a while been back and forth about who to do the stage 1 on my car. APR seemed a good company, but the GPF figures are what I was looking for (a more stock feeling with more kick). Revo seem to be leading the way on GPF models and the power curve matched that of the stock file, just higher. I booked in on Friday last week after talking to the guys at GotBoost in Bridgend, South Wales for today at 10am. On arrival, the chap waved me straight into the garage and told me when to stop. The wife and I got out the Car and was greeted by there shop dog 'Mac'. A 58kg german shepherd who straight away came for a good smooth. (we have a german shepherd so we were over the moon to meet him. The wife was certainly his favourite!) And one next to my Wife for a size comparison. (she's 5'1) The guys spoke with me about what I had on the car in terms of mods already, and proceeded to do an initial scan to see if there are any faults and check the car over in detail. All good to go! Car hooked up to power, and remap started to be installed! (this took around 30 mins or so) Stef, who was working on a Focus ST with some god awful welding exhaust job, showed me around the shop after, me being a nosey bastard started asking about some of the cars there. They had a Trans Am, that needed a fair bit of work. A VW Camper and 2 full on race cars (they run a race team) Including a few race cars where the chassis was mangled from crashes and mounted on the walls like trophies! Enough waffling about other cars. The map was installed and ready for testing. I decided against a Dyno run (which they have) as I am not chasing numbers but want to have a car that felt good to drive since it's my daily driver! Since I declined the car, they took the car for a little drive to confirm no faults, or issues were present and that they were happy it had gone without issue. Since speaking to @marshy about the SPS plug in, the Anti theft option really interested me. They demo'd it on my car and showed that the car simply won't move when it's in anti theft mode. Think of it as a disgustingly bad map that chokes the engine to the point of stalling. I jumped on it and I am glad I did. A really good option if you want piece of mind. It takes around 5-10 seconds to switch the modes so won't impact my daily use. The modes are as follows: We laughed the entire time from getting out the car to driving off. They really set themselves apart from the rest for us. We left with a big smile on our faces at such great service and I will be using these guys for all my work in future. I cannot thank them enough. First drive... well what can I say. It drives and handles just like stock and the power curve mimics that perfectly with a god almighty lot more power (running the 99 octane mode since that's all I put in). The wife almost made a mess on her seat but thankfully was OK! It's transformed the car and I am glad I went with Revo, and used the GotBoost team. Cost: With the 20% discount I paid £575.xx (cannot remember the pennies) for the stage one and £118.xx for the SPS switch which is above and beyond what I expected from it. Suddenly, having a GPF Model isn't such a pain in the ass and the car is a joy to drive. The Milltek cat back (with Valve delete - thanks @marshy) and pedal box is exactly how I wanted the car! Thanks Jon
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    Jim Gibdon

    Damaged alloys

    Success, Halfords finally agreed to refurbish my alloys, the Scottish Manager phoned this afternoon and agreed regarding the damage caused by the fitters and is arranging for the repairs. Guy was a breath of fresh air. Going to the top helps!!!
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    ***** 4 weeks running a Revo Stage 1 Remap on 2019 GPF Golf R ***** Most important information first. 4 months ago I went from driving a Skoda VRS Diesel (194ps) to a Golf R (310ps)... So you can imagine how much of a difference it would have been for me making that jump. 4 weeks I ago, I had a Revo Stage 1 Remap completed on my Golf R GPF and all I can say is .... F*CK ME!! It's a completely different car. I've seen people talk about how a Stage 1 can make it livelier, more responsive, more enjoyable... I didn't understand how you can take a 310ps Golf and make it better. But it's true. I would go do far as to say it's a noticeably different car. The GPF filter does not hinder this cars tunability beyond what I believe is usable. The DSG hasn't skipped a beat. The 7.5 has a 7 speed and it's bloody good. So much so you don't need a TCU tune. I have no idea what power it puts out and I'm not interested (probably 380ps) as it doesn't matter (maybe 390ps if you consider the induction and Akrapovich) I don't care about peak power gains (yeah defo 390ps) becasue usable mid-throttle performance is what counts. The power you get down on the road matters. And this car with this remap just hits the sweet spot, 30mph - 130mph is unbelievably exciting. Things I noted immediately: 30-100 mph - not much else on the road will beat it. Stock is about 8s - Stage 1 is about 4s. this is where I found the most difference (and enjoyment). Launch Control will give you whiplash. It's seriously aggressive. It'll also f**k up your gearbox so get it out the way then don't do it again. When your on the revs, turbo lag is not present. Stage 1 keeps your revs higher for longer, in Race mode obvs. Comfort mode is still incredibly comfortable... but also faster. If you have an after-market exhaust, it will be fruiter. I'm lucky enough to have an Akrapovich... It's seriously the best bit. The rema has really brought the Akrapovich to life. You'll never ever EVER need to out your foot all the way down on a windy B road... too much power. Straight line performance is SOOOOOOOOOO much better and satisfying. Cold start protection is REAL! This car needs to get oil up to 50-70+ before it let's you come to life. A genuine dickhead protection system. Full Transparency I only run on 99 ron. ⚡⚡⚡ I had a full Revo Carbon induction kit fitted at the same time and the turbo noise is addictive. 💉 I had full Alcon (Revo) front brakes fitted... possibly the best mod yet. Going fast is good, stopping is gooder. 🤕 The mechanic who tuned it said if I need to revert to stock for any reason (warranty work), they would do it for me FOC. F*cking legend 👊🏼
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    Finally I wrapped my baby😈

    The wrapping was done few weeks ago, but finally got some time to post some pictures and share with you all😈👊 I decided to go with carbon and matt black..
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    So I’m off to Royal Steering wheels in the morning! I’ve got a 2019 Golf R that I bought new. Never been happy with the steering wheel, too thin, the “ridge” is uncomfortable and the leather on mine isn’t great. Heard many good things about them. Went for full leather but perforated on the side. Will post photos tomorrow
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    Had mine done last week by them. Epic job
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    Number plate spacing

    I think its one of those instances where it doesn't really matter what we think. Incorrectly spaced plates are illegal. End of story. I'm sure that 95% of owners know full well that they are illegal (as did the OP), so you are really just asking for trouble. And for what? In this case 'standing out from the crowd' isn't such a good idea.
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    Steering wheel.

    Just picked mine up. Love it, 1mm thicker too, what a great job. Fully recommend royal steering wheels!
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    MK7 R gone, hello RS3

    Well after much soul searching, cost comparison, finger in the air over the MK8 R i caved and bought a 20 plate RS3 with 4k on the clock. 1 owner previously, in immaculate condition, no swirls, no contamination in the paintwork, zero scuffs on sills etc etc. Whats it like....utterly different from the R, literally runs on rails and omg that engine...... Its well built, well laid out as you would expect, not used to where it all is yet as its layout is obviously different from the R. Only minor irritant is start button on left of centre console so my youngest beats me to engine start button, engine note is perfect, not loud and shouty just a louder and a genuine rumble from the exhausts than the R that makes you grin when your about to start it. By God its fast off the line......easy to make progress in and out of traffic and the colour, whilst not my choice and held me off debating for 2 weeks is perfect. Its another Q car unless your a petrol head, invisible amongst all the others.....just loving it.
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    Latest Car Purchase

    Big brother bought Golf R. Younger brother bought this yesterday. Heavily modded. 425hp.😳
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    What did you do to your R today?

    So today I finally got my Oettinger spoiler (plus additional flicks/flaps) installed. Went for body colour spoiler and the black flicks to compliment the black accents on the car. Happy with how it turned out! Jon
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    Toyota GR Yaris - worth it?

    Never thought I’d be making this post. I just bought a Toyota! 🤯 Ordered a GR Yaris Track pack white silver pearl and will be having full Gazoo Racing bits glued on. Order confirmed. Arrives March 21. Complete impulse purchase after watching vids and seeing reviews. Given the engineering, i think it’s a bargain for an effective bespoke hand built rally special. My rationale. The sunset of the ICE era approaches - there won’t be many more fun cars like this for petrol heads. The WRC experience derived pedigree and Tommy Mäkinen. Rather than investment, which I dont believe unless you are buying a Ltd GT Porsche, I think it will become a classic, in relatively limited WW numbers and should therefore not shed value like a South American currency. Oh, and i fancy some driving fun: He approves: Real engineering depth: Not a looker particularly. Not that practical. Interior OK ish. I think it will be a lot of fun. with 265hp and 1200kg, it’s power to weight is not dissimilar to the 7.5R. Will be keeping the R...Making a few subtle mods now warranty expired.
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    Number plate spacing

    Lots of cars in my area with plates spaced to try and make it look like a name. Tend to be white Mercs, BMWs and range rovers, driven by either chavvy looking drivers or (not being racist here but based on observation) drivers of Indian appearance, so guess it could in some areas be a cultural thing? Majority with dodgy plates tend to have tints on front windows as well. I agree with others above that OP didn’t have any other issues, but know the risk, so took the hit. Fair enough.. Do think the standard numbering system gives better chance of remembering the plate, even if you only get a partial, like it was an 18 plate white golf R, last three letters FFS (so xx18 FFS) or whatever, much easier to track down for plod than maybe Mx10UxY or something.. My view on personal plates, if you can’t get a distinctive one, in original format, don’t bother, just looks chavvy Same goes for current trend with plates on front parcel shelf - why?
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    Steering wheel.

    Had mine done recently and very happy with it tbh, still undecided on the paddle extensions though, might swap them for black ones!
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    Cool cars.

    Post a pic of what you think is a cool car and if you want, a few lines about it. I’m interested to see some gurus out there posting pics of cars I’ve never seen or heard of! I’ll start with this - Datsun 510. Two doors, manual ‘box (can you see a pattern here??[emoji23]) interchangeable engines up to 2L and rear wheel drive. It did well in rallying and racing too - plus, I think it just looks right! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Number plate spacing

    I agree marshy but we're law abiding citizens who just want to drive our cars and go about our business. If you look at this from another perspective...how many Police stops which are instigated by 'dodgy' looking reg plates, bulbs out, etc result in further checks which identify more sinister issues; outstanding warrants, gang pool cars, stolen with reg plates/VIN's altered to hide true identity, etc etc. Not the case with the OP but I do understand why some forces may be quite '5hit hot' on it. I think going straight for a £100 fine in this case is harsh if everything else checked out but it could be that there's a local effort to clamp down on that type of offence and the OP just became a statistic, in order to promote how effective "Operation Letsbecuntz" was.
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    Hi all, Hope you are keeping well in these times. With the current situation i found i have more time on my hand so, like many of us i started doing modifcations to my car again 😅. I wanted to show you guys something to brighten your evening! Here is my new LED Steering wheel with the R8 Style buttons. Fully function and what a change to the driving experience!! One of my main gripes with the R was the position of the drive select buttons. It was essentially an afterthought for RHD cars and to keep cost low they kept it in the same position as the LHD cars. Not an issue any more 😁.
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    DSG "crunch"

    Hi folks. Seems a while now but been deplyed with work and now home so can give an update for anyone who has followed. As per the previous described faults I have had partial slippage in low rpm at approx 5-15mph. Also the "crunch" from the box when 2nd to 1st whilst coming to a stop. So I've been in the states but had my car booked in at Ecotune to let them have a look at the car and also reflash my APR TCU map back on which VW wiped. My mate took the car in for me whilst away..... Lol can't believe it but the problems are gone!!! My mate knew the scenario and cld hear the fault and agreed he could also feel the slip and crunch prior to Ecotune reflashing the TCU. Ecotune reset and then reflashed the TCU file....and both problems solved?!?! Now I'm confused as it appears to have been a software fault potentially?? Or a corruption file on the car? Hey im not complaining its a serious win...however I'm hoping it doesn't revert. I must admit the car now drives the best it ever has and now the slip being gone has transformer the car for me as I thought this was potentially a trait after researching the forums....it may be, however mine was definitely slipping. The car now pulls slowly in low rpm with no slip.....Im fcking delighted!!!!! No more crunch either wtf?? 1. VW done a firmware update on the TCU 2. This wiped my APR TCU map off the car 3. Had the car taken to Ecotune to assess and confirmed the crunch and slip 4. Ecotune reflashed the TCU map and both issues are gone??? This one has thrown me if I'm honest. Saved me a lot of cash right enough so delighted but I'm now trying to think back if it done it pre map?... not so confident now. Car feels so much better and the TCU tune is even better than before...less jerky and clamps in 1st at low rpm with no slip...could this have been a bad file transfer or corruption file....any thoughts?
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    Cool cars.

    Beat me to it Paul, this is my brother's Integrale Evo.
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    Cool cars.

    I reckon another cool car was this...Lancia Delta Integrale....My friend had one a few years back...
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    New Here - 2016 Limestone Grey Golf R MK7

    Hi! it's been almost a year now with the car and was trying to join this forum since day 1 I had the car. This forum was always my go to forum if I have any doubts. Have not done any extreme mods to the car. Current setup are VWR Sport Springs & Rotiform OZR with RE-71R. Was previously running on PS4S and no doubt, that's the best tire I've ever used. Humbly posting my ride below
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    Mk8 VW Golf R Reveal - 4 Nov

    Chipped seems to be the preference on here😁
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    Stage 1 OEM+

    I've been Racingline OEM+ stage 2 for around 18 months now and I was OEM+ stage 1 for a couple of months prior. The software has been great. I've had a few updates to the calibration since it was installed. All free of charge. Low end torque is fantastic and the car pulls like a train. My car is a 2017 MK7.5 DSG as well.
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    Pets and Petrolheads!

    Jasper with his brothers. Collection is imminent. [emoji106]
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    Mk8 R. If Not, then What?

    Well its not going to be an 8R for me, my 20 plate RS3 saloon arrives tomorrow. 1 owner, 4k on the clock, Daytona grey, mag ride, LED interior pack, storage and luggage pack, non smoker pack. Shall miss my 7R but had to move before a large service and mot bill, pointless doing that and then getting rid of it. Best trip, 4 of us skiing in the south of France, she just ate up the miles both ways, loaded to the eyeballs with ski gear, literally.
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    I had an 8P RS3 for 3 years and loved it. Also had the 8V when it came out in 2015 and loved that even more, sold it in 17 for a FL G7.5R because I’d always liked the Golf. Had the R for 6 months then was offered a deal on the new FL RS3 that meant 5K off list. Had the FL RS3 since then and I’m seriously wondering what could ever replace it, as it does everything so well as a daily driver. Did look at a TCR Golf earlier this year but it didn’t have the event factor the RS3 has. The Daza 2.5 is such a superb engine and responds very well to some light fettling/mods. Couple this with some choice suspension / brake / tyre change mods and it’s damn near perfect. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Ian R

    What did you do to your R today?

    Fitted these -
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    Mk8 R. If Not, then What?

    The drive in winter was a big concern for me so I had a go in one. Wasn’t as bad as feared but ultimately I prefer the traction of the R. If I drive the m2 like I drive the R I would sit there with the dash blinking at me [emoji23] I soon adapted to be smoother/liner and it responded brilliantly. For me traction trumps rwd edginess - all the power whenever I want regardless of weather wins. Imho. [emoji106]
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    7.5 Estate Upgrades....

    A word of caution from someone who made a costly mistake....3 years ago I should have bought a Golf R estate but instead I opted to buy a Skoda Superb 280 TSI. Head Vs. heart and head won. A lot of mechanicals are shared but they are just implemented and configured differently. My kids had stupid amounts of rear leg room, we all did. The car was very well spec'd and nice place to be but my life it was as dull as dishwater and I'm not sure the steering rack was in the same time zone as the front wheels. Fair enough it was pretty brisk and a complete sleeper but I oh so regretted not getting the R to begin with. I finally got the R estate back in May. For me, the R is more than adequate for family duties (while not as capacious as the Superb) but an absolute joy to drive steady or a bit harder. It's just a great allrounder. Bottom line, leave the kids at home change the car seats! 😊 I've seen there's a few companies who offer aftermarket 3rd party power tailgates but the reviews are hit and miss. I've not seen anyone on here who's at it done though. I've gone stage 1 in mine (Revo) and it's transformed the car. Same smooth power delivery but just with the volume turned up. A stock R isn't exactly slow but mapped they are on another level. APR are very well regarded on here and have a great R&D program and proven, consistent performance. TBH if I had a reputable APR tuner local to me then I'd probably have given them a go but the indy specialist I use for servicing is a Revo agent so it made sense from a long term support perspective. Also, if you ever feel you may wish to go stage 2 at some point in the future, APR (as of Sept gone) no longer offer stage 2 maps. Not essential for stage 1 but something that will add some extra responsiveness is upgrading the turbo inlet elbow and hose. There's also the 'pikey R600' mod which is relatively inexpensive but gives proven gains (performance panel filter, remove snow grate and drill holes in the RH side of the air intake and optionally fit a blanking plate to the LH side of the air intake). I did this and it cost me ~£150 whereas the Racingline R600 intake cost £380. It made a difference to how responsive the car feels under acceleration. I've also fitted a 22mm rear Superpro anti-roll bar which makes a significant difference to how tight and flat the rear of the car feels during cornering, without compromising the ride in any way (even our dog doesn't complain - in the squidgy Superb he would puke on every car journey). If you don't already have one then a pedal tuning box is also probably the best bang for buck mod you can make. Reduces the initial delay when you press the accelerator; no difference in power output but it feels like a mini remap in itself. I appreciate insurance is very subject but it's worth checking with your insurer beforehand. I was with Swinton when I bought the car but they wouldn't cover any engine tuning so I just terminated the policy early and moved to Admiral who were happy with any power increase that was <25%. It upped the premium a bit but not by that much. I also declared all my other mods and barring the air intake changes, they didn't make a difference. The anti-roll bar is noted on the policy but didn't affect the premium and ditto the Clubsport disc and pads I also fitted. The stock R estate is a bloody great car but for a bit more cash you can make some significant performance upgrades without compromising it's daily driver practicality and usability. Sorry, I may have just killed your budget 😂
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    Cool cars.

    Easily one of the best looking cars ever imo. Will be my next car to run alongside the R!
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    Cool cars.

    Was lucky enough to have owned one back in 1997.Epic car.
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    Mk8 VW Golf R Reveal - 4 Nov

    Keyless as standard? that would put me off even more than the interior.
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    Mk8 VW Golf R Reveal - 4 Nov

    I suspect it will be a car with a horrendously frustrating and dangerous driver interface. Personally I have no interest in a car like that.
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    Drive the Deal has the Golf R Mk8

    Just checked DriveTheDeal and the Golf R Mk8 is up. £4.3k discount with nothing ticked comes at £34, 927. List price £39, 270
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    Drive the Deal has the Golf R Mk8

    Oh yes here we go....just as I mentioned on the MK 8R Reveal thread. Bet they are waiting for their Price Guarantee to expire tomorrow afternoon(2 Dec)and then amazingly the full configurator will be available on Thursday 3 Dec.
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    LLF🤔 Hes now taken up scrapping with somebody called DMO at Vmax recently. Terrible driving on public roads I just wonder how the likes of Evolve Automotive ( Venturi Intakes) use him as a marketing platform on YouTube??🤔
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    New R estate owner

    This is my old mk5 all done by the guys at Vw racing 👍🏻 So solid engine mounts,LSD,kw v3,pro race 1.3,full 3inch system +race cat,all Poly bushed and Vw racing big brakes and loads of other bits. Loved the car but after 12 years was time to move on.
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    Great questions in your post. I think a lot about that decision of eliminating petrol cars by 2030. It’s unimaginable to me but who am I but a lowly petrolhead. We all have to make an effort to save the planet though. I’m well up on the E revolution I think and look closely at the developments. I would by an E car for sure but the real problem for now is do you have the courage or real desire to 1. Sell your R and go over to the “ other side”. 2. Keep your R ( as it is IMO the most phenomenal - in terms of technology, performance, safety, cross country ability, production Golf ever made) and go over to the “ other side”. The trouble is that while I think the Golf Mk7R. Is a keeper it’s also a car that you will still want to drive and put a lot of miles on. I had a Mk1 Golf (KVV170Y) and put 150k miles on it and I’d drive it to my bedroom if I could. I did 100mph everywhere in it everyday- even going to work!But that was 1980. My Mk7 is the same to me but I’m not a lunatic and I know that cannot and should not be done these days on the public highway. It would be really hard to keep mileage low on the R that you keep. I watch with interest for the rise of the E car tuning specialists. I hear rumblings already. Do you recall quite recently Chris Harris testing an E Aston or an E McLaren and when he brought it back into the pit lane the pit crew slid out the battery pack from the underside and slid a new charged one into its place? Done. That’s where we need to go. Meerkat seeeeeemple! 48kWh out and 200kWh in....( I’m sure it’s not really that simple but let’s go with it for now. ) These are just musings... Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Hi everyone, Always wanted a Golf R - so have been a long time lurker on forums of this type. but after 10yrs and several different cars (most recently a 69 plate G20 BMW 330e MSport) - I’ve finally come out of my works company car scheme and got around to buying me a fun car. so I went for a Golf R Estate - mk 7.5 in Indium Grey - pretty standard all round really. 18 plate with under 14k miles on the clock. Collecting it in the next week or so hopefully! can’t wait to get involved. I may have a lot of questions! hope you like:
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    Used value.

    How rude![emoji23] There’s a reason why the Porsche 911R and Yaris GR have manual boxes only - they’re driver’s cars where as anything else is just for button pushers who can’t drive properly.[emoji48] Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Just got the car back from MRC after 5 days. the original stage 2 tune wasn’t playing ball with the L380X, it had massive surge issues and felt very strangled and held back, to be honest it didn’t feel great to drive and I wasn’t happy at all. But now they have done a completely custom engine and gearbox tune, and it’s amazing, night and day difference, I didn’t realise how much the issues were effecting the car before! Feels like a different car completely. they also added map switching, so I can switch between stock power, tuned and octane booster map. the car made 426bhp & 562nm and on the octane booster map it made 443bhp & 584nm. ive only driven it on the normal map so far, but even though the numbers are not much different than the previous stage two map, the car feels so much better, very happy with it.
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    Vandalised :-(

    We call them "oxygen thieves" 😠
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    Mk8 R. If Not, then What?

    The £40K future road tax thing is going to dictate a lot of std cars around, and to be honest cars that 'just' creep past the £40k wont be that much better speced, For me (looking into the future) a car with a list of £41K would probably be worth less than a £39K car at two years old, the limited extra's would not appeal against the extra £350 road tax for the next 5 years If your going to pass the £40k list price it needs to be done properly, lots of big ticks in the boxes But, on the what instead of a Golf? I have looked at RS3, A45S, and M2 RS3, too expensive to get the likes of ACC, I also dont like the pop up sat nav A45S, yearly £900 service because of the AMG badge, seats very hard as well M2, I just think with this kind of hp 2WD doesnt do it, sitting at a T junction and being able to spot the smallest of gap's in the traffic and just go for it regardless of weather is a big plus
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    Cool cars.

    Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Dr Mike Oxgreen

    Cool cars.

    If we're allowed to include racing cars, then they don't come more perfectly formed than the Chevron B8:
  47. 4 points
    Charles M

    Cool cars.

    This to me, if I had enough money to buy & a mechanic to keep it on the road, would make me happy. Possibly the most beautiful car ever made, and only 18 ever were (I think).....the 1968 Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 Stradale. Some had twin headlights, and some single. Not sure exactly which is which, but presume a different year of manufacturing. I wouldn't kick either out of bed. And I look at today's designs next to this.......
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    Soft 99

    Been great weather to get the car PTFE coat on before winter arrives Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Cool cars.

    to bring balance back to the force.. how about a nice 5 door estate with an auto-box.. this monster has a 4.0-litre twin turbo V8 develops 1,010 bhp and 922 lb-ft of torque. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Mk8 VW Golf R Reveal - 4 Nov

    It looks decent and if I was looking new it would def be at the top of my list over the A35 and M135i. I need to see the estate before I decide where I go next, but list is Golf 8 R Estate, Areteon R Shooting Brake, CLA35 Shooting Brake, M340i Touring and wont be changing until next year anyway.
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