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    Golf 7R Photos - Part 2

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    This is the reason why I've been returning my G7R to stock, for me it was a natural progression
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    DUB R4XX

    Golf 7R Photos - Part 2

    Car is looking a little different again...
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    Car has just clocked 7,000 miles so I thought it needed a bit of a spruce up and hopefully something to make removal of fly splat a little easier as even with the ceramic coating it seems to be a struggle and sometimes require the DA. So whilst the wife was away visiting friends I embarked upon a 7 hour mammoth clean - I’m sure I should have been doing something else like painting or something but the opportunity arose - you know how these things go 😜 Couple of pics of the products used and the final result, have to say that the reflections are awesome !!! .....
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    Golf 7R Photos - Part 2

    So I collected my New motor today after it spent 3 days at DDB Detailing getting its new car package which included Gtechniq Crystal Serum ultra. Super impressed with how it looks. My old Golf R has gone to my dad, I'm chuffed it's staying in the family as it's been faultless over the 2 years I had it. My dad also had a detailing done at DDB, few photos of them togeather. I will have to get him to sign up to the forum :-).
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    Engine dog.
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    Detailing station

    So after spending two years cleaning my car at my parents house due to the lack of space to work with, I can now do it at home. Got our drive extended and our garage cleared out. Set up cleaning station and ready for it's first wash this week hopefully.
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    Dazie00 s Lapiz R long term review .

    New Lapiz blue mirrors !
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    #Keepemclean @cgautography @charside instagram
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    Hurdy’s 7.5R

    Well, here I am again. After selling my beloved 6R and a year or so in the wilderness in a Seat Leon Cupra I am finally back to the fold with a shiny new 7.5R. Spec of the new arrival is:- 5dr DSG. Deep Pearl Black Titan Black Vienna Leather with heated front seats 19” Pretoria Black alloys 90% rear tinted glass LED headlights with Dynamic headlight assist Discover Navigation Pro Dynaudio Excite soundpack KESSY DCC Panoramic sunroof lane assist with Dynamic light assist including TSR Winter Pack Already have some aftermarket parts to go on the car:- 19x8.5” ET45 Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.3 in gloss black with Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tyres. Brembo 4 pot calipers with Vagbremtechnic caliper adapters, Brembo pads, HEL braided lines, Clubsport S discs, RS3 Vented dust shields and RS3 brake ducts. Revo lower engine mount and full REVO engine and transmission mounts. Wagner intercooler Forge Carbon intake and intake pipe CTS 90 degree intake pipe and muffler delete. CTS discharge pipe CTS throttle pipe REVO Scorpion 3” downpipe and decat section ( although may go with 200 cell race cat) Tuning will be through Statller, who use ETuners mapping for the engine and DSG. parts on the list to get are:- Catback exhaust system - although it may end up as a full system as I will probably go for a 3.5” downpipe. Big turbo kit. This will either be a TTE, Turbo Technics or EFR...haven’t made my mind up fully yet. Lowering will be Racingline springs as I have DCC. Rear ARB upgrade. Maybe WMI but haven’t made my mind up yet. carbon mirror caps some kind of splitter a rear spoiler extension. Finally, here are a few pics of the car.
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    Keyless entry? No thanks

    I enjoy pressing the start button makes me feel like I’m in a spaceship😂
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    My Blue Jewel

    Hi all.. heres my facelift golf r. This is the first euro car ive owned, as Ive previous owned a few subarus and and evo X. Ive had this for just over 5weeks now and have done a few mods so far.. full maxton auto lip kit vogtland springs carbon mirror covers HnR spacers (front and rear) Res delete pipe a custom tune, Integrated engineering intake and CTS dump pipe coming soon
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    George 3G

    Golf 7R Photos - Part 2

    Few weeks ago near Rhayader Dams
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    My Lapiz Blue 7R

    Hi guys, just signed up to the forum after travelling from NI to England to buy an R last month. Absolutely in love with the car after changing from a MK6 GTD. [emoji7] Plan to make a few subtle changes to it over time but just enjoying the driving at the minute! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Keyless entry? No thanks

    Awwww....not again! You must be new. Flogged to death many times before. BTW, I love having keyless.
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    What detailing have you done today?

    Dodged the rain to give it a wash and QD with Swissvax Lotospeed.
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    Turmeric Yellow - Your Thoughts

    Thank you for all of the comments👍 Went out, looked at one in the flesh ... loved it 😍😍 ... drove it 😈😈..... loved it even more ..... so bought it 😊
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    Unicorn stage 2

    Been an eventful weekend for me, went to a dyno day at CLP in Sheffield on Sunday followed by a return trip the morning after to have my intercooler fitted. Can’t say enough about the guys at CLP, great bunch and very informative. Back into Unicorn yesterday to see @Rick@UnicornMotorDev and get my map tweaked to suit the newly added cooler, really happy with the gains I made from last time I was there. Thanks Rick.
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    Into the 2nd week of ownership now (indium grey, 5dr,DSG) and safe to say I love the car! Ordered the car months ago, which gave me loads of time to read-up and research into the car and to collect a few nice 2nd hand and new parts. I have a 700bhp Evo 8 MR tucked away in the garage, so I wanted a quick, comfortable everyday day and the golf just ticks every box. Very nice place to be! Mods so far... - Clubsport S discs - BCS res delete - CAS new tailpipes - APR Carbon Intake - Turbo Technics turbo elbow. - 8mm black H&R spacers front - 12mm black H&R spacers rear. The res delete is just right for me, no drone and just enough noise! Should get a touch louder too as the back box gets more miles on it. The spacers with Prets also I think are just right, maybe even only 5mm needed up front, but didn't want too big a difference front/rear. Thought it would be interesting for anyone thinking of spacers to see what these sizes look like on Prets. I'm considering a JB1 tuning box also. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    DUB R4XX

    Golf 7R Photos - Part 2

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    Car hit my house!

    Not trying to make light of this (as I'm sure it's pretty stressful), but at least the car's insurance can't blame the house for hitting them - "honestly, I was driving along at 30 mph minding my own business when this idiot driving a house at 80 mph crashed right into me".....
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    Anyone else a saddo?

    Had to be done!
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    Supercar day at Dunsfold

    Well i got treated on my birthday to some supercar driving experience from the missus so today i set off to Dunsfold in Surrey to the Top Gear airfield that used to be an RAF base i was told. The company that arrange it was Car Chase Heroes So i arrived around 8am , my first drive was scheduled for 9.30 , after waiting in a long queue and listening to the driver briefing it was off to wait for my name to get called out First up was the Ferrari 458 Italia which just looks so good ,it drove brilliant, so light and nimble, just seemed to connect with you and went exactly where you pointed it, just blown away with it , never been in a Ferrari before so was a dream come true really , these cars get so much use the inside trim has clearly seen better days which was the only disappointment . just to add the 458 had a £40 upcharge , you could have booked and driven a 348 but it was well worth the money imo Next up i went for the manual Aston Martin Vantage v8 . Sounded so good on the track so i paid £30 to have a go in it So slow and heavy compared to the Ferrari , think my Golf would have been far more fun tbh Lamborgini Hurracan next, agin , just amazing but prefered the Ferrari , wow , what a sound this made though , again another dream car box ticked , Aerial Atom next , well , bit embarrased to say i just couldn't get the hang of it, just seemed to kangaroo forward when i touched the throttele , got up to 3rd and left it there for the 4 laps that you got The times i had booked to drive the cars seemed to be all over the place and it was kind of organised chaos After the disappointment of the Atom i swapped my fast atom lap for a go in the Mk 1 ford Escort, proper old skool fun and i really enjoyed it Next up was the Shelby GT500 from Fast and Furious , it was very noisy, quite fast but unsure if it had any brakes at all lol !! Nissan GTR Nismo next which was stage 1 , typical jap plastic interior but kind of cool digital stuff going on , what a drive though , just handled so well , all that tech really helping you around the corners , so fast , could have happily driven it all day . Last up was the AC Cobra , another box ticked, what a massive difference from the GTR, slow long manual gearbox that you had to wait for before adding throttle again, but great fun in the sunshine and what a noise from that engine and exhaust . All in all a fantastic day but expect to be there much longer than you think . Bought the photo and videos package for £50 Track day insurance was £25 Anyone had similar experiences that they would like to share ???
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    Running In Map

    Mine was run round the dial as soon as the oil reached temperature (about 5 miles IIRC) and then given several hours of hard driving up and down the gears. In nearly 20k miles and two track days it hasn't burnt a drop of oil or had any mechanical issues.
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    My Neighbours seem to be Upgrading..

    When I can, I walk my youngest half way to school in mornings. At 11 she is a petrol head so commonest on cars. This morning my car was over shadowed by some new arrivals: What's not to like? Nice spec. "When are you getting one (a 991) Dad?" 😍 "When I've finished education you Kid" 😏 Let's be grateful for what we have..
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    What detailing have you done today?

    3 cars done this evening for a quick once over. RS6 My R Swmbo Passat
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    First Attempt

    Ok so this is literally the first time I've washed a car never mind detailed it... the car was over 2 years old when I got it so has a fair bit of swirling going on and several chips / dents that I didn't notice when I picked it up last week... Anyway, I'm happy with the result [emoji16] took me a bit under 4 hours! VW R Wagon Mk7 Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
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    Recieved my car back today. Upon arrival I was treated like royalty and after a real good inspection I’m really happy with the repair now. They’ve rectified everything I complained about, put it on their ramps for me to prove they have changed the hub bolts. Bonnet and damaged front bumper has been resprayed, bonnet has a much better finish now. No cloudiness and patchy spots in the pearl. They’ve used the correct fixings on my number plate holder and replaced my kerbed wheel with a brand new one. Also brimmed my tank for me with what I hope is super unleaded 😂 Overall I’m very happy now, shame they couldn’t have done it like that in the first place as I’d have definitely recommended them going off my experience today. Can’t be forgotten what happened before though. Got all my parts and a few more here waiting to go on the car. I also need to re wrap my front vw surround gloss black as I’ve had a new grill. Then give the car a good clean, seal and wax everything, including sealing my brand new set of alloys.. ha! Good few days worth of work to do there. Finally I’ve got my car back and I had a smile on my face all the way home 😁. I’ll be glad to put the whole ordeal behind me and get back to enjoying my R.
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    Anyone had rusty hubs

    I think the big question is ... Has anyone NOT got rusty hubs?!?!?
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    DUB R4XX

    Golf 7R Photos - Part 2

    3 years on and still love Oryx
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    What detailing have you done today?

    Quick pic [emoji106]
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    R replaced by S

    Had nearly 2 years with my R estate lease but with the discount available on S4's a few months ago I ordered an S4 Avant with a good selection of extras including the Quattro sports differential. It's been cleaned and protected today by Andy from ABC detailing ready for me to collect tomorrow, can't wait!
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    Keyless entry? No thanks

    The people that seem worry most about keyless are the people that don’t have it.
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    Keyless entry? No thanks

    Nope. Love keyless and be one of the first things I’d tick again on spec sheet. Not saying it doesn’t happen with keyless but pretty much every theft documented on here of members’ cars stolen, have been break-ins for obtaining keys.
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    DK Schweizer (UK) Ltd

    Is in the garage so not the best lighting but I’m sure you get the jist of them. I asked for exact OEM to look as of from factory but they can do pretty much anything you want Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Mark's new Golf

    Just upgraded to 7.5 rear lights.
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    Wrong bumper on Golf R?

    This isn't getting any better. Have you put anything into writing to started an official complaint with VWFS and VW UK though? If you haven't do that. My bumper looked similar to yours, it's just fitment error and was fixed by the dealer once VW UK got involved. This is a copy of the letter I sent to VW UK, VW FS and the dealership when I was having issues. It might give you a few ideas as to what to say and how to say it. I got a good result and the car was fine once fixed. As a result of that letter, I had someone assigned to me to ensure my complaints were resolved. I received courtesy cars that were of a similar size to the Golf with reasonable engines. I also received monetary compensation. Hope this helps.
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    Golf 7R Photos - Part 2

    Out on site at work today - East Kent coast. ​​​​​​​
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    Mk7.5 Now Auto only

    This is becoming a bit like a witch hunt (Lol) with other comments in this thread like "you would have to be stupid to buy a manual". It seems that some DSG converts (evangelists?) are not content with just stating their preference, but seem compelled to make some disparaging remark about people who prefer manual cars. Very strange. Not just in this thread, but many tedious "manual vs DSG" threads over the last year or so. When you can easily buy the car/gearbox combination you want, why would you want to see an option eliminated that someone else might prefer? You even make it sound like autonomous driving is a good thing, and implicitly associate DSG with it. And there was me thinking that car enthusiasts like to actually drive the car, rather than just accept a future in which they become some sort of robotic passenger. Sadly, you may well be right about the manual gearbox's days being numbered, but I think they will be around for quite a few years yet. In ordinary cars, of course, but also in Porsches and BMW M cars. Ok, maybe not in VW and Audi performance cars, but since when did VAG have a monopoly on wisdom? Check out Chris Harris's 2017 TG review of the M2 manual version on YouTube, in which he turns the debate on its head..."Yes, you can have the paddle shift if you want but, trust me, you don't". Not difficult to find similar reviews for the R too .. and the new Megane RS. As for classification, some DSG owners appear to be quite touchy about their beloved toy being referred to as an automatic (or even a semi automatic) even though this is how most of the world refers to them. A car without a clutch pedal, right? Just try searching on Autotrader or Motors for Golf R DSGs. Under 'transmission', the filter option you will have to select is "Automatic" (or "semi automatic") as you won't find an option that says "Dual clutch manual" or such like. Anyway, we can argue semantics till we are blue in the face; what matters is the registration (V5) details. https://www.pistonheads.com/gassing/topic.asp?h=0&f=10&t=1195224 I haven't owned a DSG car for a while, but did manage to find a copy of my V5 from when I owned a Golf GTI DSG. Under "model" it says "VW Golf GTI Auto", which seems pretty conclusive. This bit isn't academic because if you pass your driving test in a (conventional) automatic car you are not licensed to drive a manual. However, if you have a automatic (only) licence you are allowed to drive a 'semi auto', so this logically puts them into the same group as far as insurance etc is concerned. https://www.drivingtesttips.biz/automatic-licence-to-manual.html Has anyone taken their test in a DSG or know for sure what the licence would then cover you to drive? That would be an interesting one.
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    Mk7.5 Now Auto only

    It's not Automatic 🙄 - DSG is a dual clutch manual gearbox.
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    Just had the roof rails wrapped in gloss black [emoji106]
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    Finally de-chromed my R!

    Very happy with the outcome, much prefer the red and black rather then the chrome. next mod is wheels any suggestions, Torn between black (the obvious choice) or going graphite, very dark grey?i I
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    Sound & sports pack (GTD)

    I think the sound pack enables the selection of various engine type sounds. Massey Fergusson New Holland John Deere Fendt London Taxi VW have said they really stretched the performance of the ability of the Soundaktor. although making a 4 pot diesel sound like a tractor can't really be that hard
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    My Mk7.5 Golf R is my other half.......problem solved.
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    My new ride

    Hi all I'm new to this I had a gti edition 35 for a few years and loved it so I thought I would go the hole hog and purchase the 7.5 and what a bit of kit it is wish I had bought the R years ago now Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
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    What detailing have you done today?

    Well needed Sunday spruce.
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    Golf R 7.5 Front Emblem Tint

    Had mine done today. All works fine and well pleased with the result, pics dont do it justice. Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
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    Attempted Car Jacking!

    ...........and a cigarette lighter to light the spray..........[emoji48][emoji91][emoji91][emoji91][emoji23] Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    What detailing have you done today?

    A wash.
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    Are we too old to own an R?

    Had a laugh reading this topic from start to finish 😂 some of the comments are great. I agree with everyone else, you’re never too old to drive what you want. You’ve worked all your life so why not enjoy spending your money the way you want to. The person that got me into performance golfs was my maths teacher in comprehensive school. He’s always had R32’s since the day I started there. He’ll be in his 70’s now and guess whos car was the first mk7 R I seen on the roads. He’s still got it now and I’d bet my house on him getting a mk8 when its realeased. We get it at the other end of the age spectrum too. I’m 28 but I wouldn’t say I look my age, probably only look about 21/22 😂. I’ve had a bit of negativity off middle aged to older aged men about my car. There’s been two occasions that really stand out. The first was back last summer, few months after I’d bought the car. I’d just cleaned it and was in the petrol station filling up when a car pulls up to the pump next to me with a middle aged chap and his son. His son was probably 13/14 years of age, he shouted to his dad “Oh my god dad look at his car, its got 4 exhausts aswell!” I gave him a little smile and laughed. His dad got out of the car, looked me straight in the eye and said “Don’t blow smoke up his arse son, daddy probably bought it for him”. I was absolutely fuming! I had a go back but then thought whats the point in arguing with this idiot. Second one was at a restaurant, I parked in the car park opposite another R but this one had cadiz alloys. As I got out of my car this bloke and his misses were walking towards the other R. I’d say he was mid 50’s, his misses said something about both R’s but commented on she prefered my wheels to his. He replied but made sure I could hear by saying “Aii but mines paid for love”. I just looked at him, laughed and called him a dick head. There could definitely be a topic called “are we too young to own a golf R” 😂. Us young R owners, or young ‘looking’ R owners are definitely stereotyped as drug dealers, daddys little soldiers and what not. Where a lot of the time they couldn’t be further from the truth.