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    Jimbo R

    What did you do to your R today?

    Finished my custom DIY stealthy R badge conversion. I little tint and some carbon wrap. Fiddly! [emoji3166] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Thought I'd share a video of a standard Mk7 R going round the Nurburgring at a very very impressive time of 8.12. I imagine that's way way better most of us on here could ever dream of and really demonstrates just how balanced and good the standard R really is. No extra power, no BBK just a decent set of tyres and pads and a talented driver behind the wheel. Just goes to show that the car doesn't need extra power or bigger brakes to mix it with the big boys over there. 'Some might say' (oh I miss Jeremy Clarkson 🙃), that the Nurburgring isn't a 'real track' so doesn't makes the same demands of a 'real track' (not me for sure) on a car. On a TF day legally this is true but you don''t get a much faster and demanding 'fast road' experience than this on any road anywhere in the world. (Had my trip to the Ring cancelled this year due to COVID but its not gonna stop me forever). 😀 I'm sure someone on here however will say that only reason he went so fast was due to brake fade and because of that he was unable to slow down anywhere. 😜 Anyway for those of us that appreciate talent ... enjoy.
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    Control Customs Wheel

    Got my new wheel this morning, went with Control customs as Royals don't reshape Golf wheels unfortunately, I have had a few Royals wheels before including the one that has just come out of my R, always been beautiful quality so was disappointed that I couldn't get another as I really wanted a reshaped wheel. Wemt with perforated leather, alcantara and white stitching to match my airbag and new gear shifter
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    Bye Bye Golf R

    Well sadly the time has come to move onto something else, i've had my MK7.5 R from new and it's been great over the last three years. Never missed a beat and the only work that needed doing was some new caliper seals after I got the brakes a touch too warm on a track day (just as it got red flagged so I couldn't cool them down). Original purchase price was around 38k and I sold it for 21k to WBAC. I might have got more in a private sale but it was way less hassle. RJ17 VVM was the reg if a new owner pops up on here. Just taken delivery of my M4 Competition Convertible in time to get the roof down for some late summer sun (I hope). The Interior quality is way better than the Golf but I'm going to miss the fully digital dash. It's been a blast, they're great cars. Enjoy.
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    A young (Male?), newly qualified driver in a 300ps 155mph car. What could possibly go wrong?
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    A Collectors GTI. WOW.

    Hi All. Stumbled across this. Had to share.
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    What did you do to your R today?

    Had a nice run out in the car tonight. Did a little local coastal tour for a couple hours in the pouring rain (stopping off for a Thai meal on way home). Not normally noteworthy, but my first drive after a months absence (after breaking my arm), was so great to be back behind the wheel. Everything pretty ok mobility wise, though a few sharp corners, large roundabouts made me wince a bit. It also gave the battery a decent charge after the car being sat idle on the driveway since mid July. Still can’t officially drive for work for another two weeks (insurance reasons) but good to get out in my own time.
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    Advice on Exhaust

    I think a great sounding exhaust and the Golf R whether gpf or pre gpf don’t go together. Let’s face it the 2.0 engine is fantastic at delivering huge amounts of power but never sounds amazing. My 2016 R I tried Milltek cat back then 2 different BCS turbo back power valve systems Rev 2 and Rev 3 Scorpion turbo back and none sounded amazing. I tried downpipe and original catback which sounded terrible when cold but average when warm. Sound wise the gpf car in stock form actually sounds better than the stock 2016 car. In between my 2016 R and my current one I had an RS3 with sports exhaust and can confirm there’s very little around that sounds as good as it did. Just a shame the rest of the car doesn’t live up to the Golf R. The Golf R ticks 99% of the boxes for 99% of the people. The 1% missing is the sound.
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    VW OEM 19" Prets in Matt Grey

    Had these fitted with new PS4S tyres a couple of weeks ago and absolutely love them!
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    What did you do to your R today?

    Drove it on fumes to the petrol station, filled up with V Power, then took it to have new trainers fitted. By the great lads at Lepsons Tyres (they commented on what a lovely wheel and colour silver Prets are, and I agree!). Went PS4S all round once again. Got 22k out of the outgoing PS4S so they’ve done very well wear wise. Need to scrub the newbie set in but they feel so good!
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    Lowered cars - what am I missing?

    Love mine on KW coilovers , hate the slammed look , showing my age as well then!!
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    What did you do to your R today?

    Gave it a long overdue wash. 10 weeks of dirt to clean off but all better now.
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    What did you do to your R today?

    Installed Vagbremtechnic 362mm discs with TTRS calipers. Also got the matching rear discs (no pic). After there was still time left to also install the BCS resonator delete, much better! :). (althought it definately drones heavily at around 3k rpm both with valves open and closed, impossible to drive between 115 and 130 km/h).
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    Mk7 Golf R - Upgraded Calipers

    There are only 2 direct bolt on callipers (without the use of hangers) that can use the standard disc. Both will require a 10-15mm spacer when OE wheels are being used dependant on model. Macan 4 pot callipers as mentioned earlier. These only come in a matt black / grey colour and can be bought direct from Porsche for round £550. They also work with Mk6 R 345mm discs. There's a very long thread here all about them here. https://www.golfmk7.com/forums/index.php?threads/consolidated-macan-brembo-upgrade-thread-read-first-post.371028/ Mk3 TTS 4 pot callipers. These are more expensive and are around £600+ from; https://www.e-acca.com . These come in red and black with either the TTS logo on the 2014-2018 models or just an S on the 2018+ models. The TTS are in my opinion a little better looking but have a more limited pad options. Both callipers are around 2 inches 'longer' but weigh significantly less that the OE callipers. The TTS are monbloc ATE callipers and the Macan are 2 piece Brembo callipers. I've just bought a set of 2nd hand TTS callipers and have had them professionally painted blue to match the rears and the OE R callipers I had painted a couple of years back. Once I get all the parts finalised I hope to do a TTS Callipers how too guide on here.
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    New Car R35 GTR

    Hi guys, Thought i'd put up some photos of my new Car I picked up last Friday. It's a 2015 White Nissan R35 GTR, running 610hp, 22k miles, 2 prev owners, Full service History, brands new discs and pads all way round. I purchased it from Nissan Aberdeen after taking a flight up from Heathrow and then driving 560 miles back to Essex took 11 hours! Left the dealership at 12:30 and arrived home 23:30! I still have the Golf R, that's a lease which doesn't go back till next May 2021. The Golf gets to stay in the Garage as I don't think the GTR will fit [emoji23]. Thanks Steve Sent from my SM-G975F using Tapatalk
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    Not the best of starts to S3 Ownership

    Ahh mate that’s bad luck but on the flip side at least the other driver did the decent thing.
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    Track day trilogy

    Think a trolly kept his quid.
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    Finally finished my engine bay for now, been waiting for the last bit for a month or so as out of stock, but happy now 😬
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    Only little but the first of the new parts are here 😀
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    New Golf R owner

    Here she is after a quick clean!
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    19s to 18s

    I concur, even if the 18s do ride a little better. Sometimes looks are everything! 😁
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    What did you do to your R today?

    CM rep Prets took a little trip to ATS this morning; Winter setup sorted 🙂
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    What did you do to your R today?

    met up with a mate and did a tour of the cotswolds in the cars today, car was great all round, nice lunch so all in a good day
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    Thoughts on the R - Bec's DBP

    Booked her in at Kent Automotive (2nd Oct) for new brakes - Clubsport S front discs/pads and oem rears.
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    Live traffic on nav

    ...to avoid a jam? Maybe.. wohoho😂
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    Track day trilogy

    My wife and I recently did a cool roadtrip which focused around doing European 3 trackdays in 3 days. Day one - Spa- Francorchamps Public driving Experience. Quite rare, £350 or so for 4 x 30 min sessions at the Iconic track. Day 2 - The famous Nordschleife Tourist Fahrten. £25 Euros a lap Day 3 - Nurburgring F1 track, right next to the Nordschliefe. Very under reported, very fast. Again around £25, but for a 15 min multi lap session. Our 7.5 R handled all 3 tracks with aplomb, car is standard apart from B16 Bilstein coilovers, slightly lowered, better geo, Clubsport discs and Ferodo DS 2500 pads. Car was so well behaved despite oil temp getting up to 130C at Spa in 28c ambient. Had to be careful with the brakes as too easy to overcook them, they were on fire anyway, lol, but soon recovered. Did think about a remap, but decided all that would happen was that we would arrive at the scene of the accident earlier! Here are the 3 edited onboard videos, comedy squeeling from Diane. She has co driven for me on numerous night rallies, tarmac stage rallies as well as having driven FF1600 and hillclimbs herself. (I'm a lucky guy TBH). Fastest speed I saw was 129 mph at Spa, such a speedy little car, my R! Spa: https://youtu.be/LqxUPCm0QgY Ring: https://youtu.be/6SRi0C0lHkg Nurburgring F1: https://youtu.be/wlhHXX3rRZ4
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    What did you do to your R today?

    Fit the new roofbox. It's massive! I'm contemplating putting the wife and our two girls in it, and having the camping stuff in the car with me and the dog... [emoji848] --------------------------------------------- Come on, get up. Let me see your bruises. ---------------------------------------------
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    Proud owner of 7.5 R

    Hello guys, im new here, i wanna introduce my car, I bought him a month ago. It's all stock on car, only thing is that I change my wheels from 19'' Spielberg to 19'' Pretorias, and put DSG paddle, also for sure I'm gonna put new exhaust system like milltek or akrapovic but step by step. Any suggestion from you guys which changes I should make ? Here is one pic of my car
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    What did you do to your R today?

    My interior modifications are nearing completion. The centre console has been partially trimmed in nappa and semi punched leather. The armrest has also had a similar treatment.
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    Super great estate!

    Hi all. I've been doing a lot of reading of the topics on this forum. It's excellent, loads of useful information. The threads that I've read in the last 2 days alone are probably going to help lighten my bank balance by at least £5k!... I picked up a black estate last week. It was registered in December 19 and due to be a dealer demo, covid obviously changed that. It is gpf so looking forward to seeing what developments there are with mods for that... I'm loving the car so far, it seems to fit my life well. I've been wanting to do some track driving for quite a long time now, but as a family man, have always gone with practicality in my car choices. I'm hoping that this car has the potential to cater for track and family time (I also spend a lot of time on my mtb so the space is needed)? Thanks all.
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    What did you do to your R today?

    fitted DTUK pedal box just now, my god that changes the throttle a lot depending on the mode, some not drivable in my opinion in anyway, maybe the turbo elbow, pipe, panel and air filter changes doing their job also, but anything higher than sport and one green it mental. Ended up with sport and 2 or 3 red as my choice for now after 10 min drive, though if in race I would argue it's too much Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    New owner

    Thanks for all the feedback 👌,think I'll go with the lockwood ones due to recommendations 🙂
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    Following on from my appalling launch above, I just tried it again and no wheelspin at all this time and did 0-60 in 4.51s. Quite pleased with that for a stock WLTP car. No gradient this time, which do doubt helped. 🙂 So haldex must be fine.
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    Charles M

    Mk 8 R Estate

    IMO this looks much better.....
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    What did you do to your R today?

    Took delivery of new racingline style paddle shifters, fitted them today. They look great, such an improvement on stock and give such a more purposeful sense and occassion to every shift. Highly recommend, took 5 mins to fit and are excellent quality 👍 took her out for a spin to try out on this gorgeous evening, love going to get the milk these days 😉
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    So here’s the final result (for now) its now rolling and steering again
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    Show us your stance

    Just got mine done today 25mm drop all round. What’s everyone’s thoughts?
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    19" Prets Tyre Pressure

    Just for info. My Door sticker says 36. 19 plate, 5dr DSG Hatch. 235/35 Continental CS5 on Factory 19” Pretorias.
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    Car Security

    Bought my R with manual transmission. Works in the States.
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    Remap Kings

    Nope never heard of them, might be ok but what’s that’s saying in life you get what you pay for? If it were me I’d rather go with a tried & tested tuner on my £20,£30k motor.
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    Lowered cars - what am I missing?

    There’s definitely a correlation between age and arch gap! I had a mk4 years ago that was all the way down on coilovers, with the adjusters removed from the rear to get as low as possible. It didn’t drive very nicely (mind you, it was a mk4) but to my eyes at the time looked the biz. I actually felt proud of myself when people asked “is that static?” 🤦🏻‍♂️ Good weekend with the lads at VW Fest here! A few years on and I got the mk5 GTI. In terms of ride and handling it was a huge leap over any mk4 I’d ever experienced. VW nailed it. I wasn’t looking for a huge drop, and I wanted to retain some comfort, so initially went for H&R springs. They were ok at first, then things got crashy as the stock dampers wore out, so I went for some Vogtland (made by KW) coilovers, and ran them 10mm or so lower than the H&R springs dropped it. It was miles more comfortable on the coilovers, nowhere near slammed, and handled even better. As I get older, the ride height of my cars becomes more and more sensible 😏 So, there’s definitely a place for coilovers, but I think in a lot of cases they’re fitted simply because they go lower than springs. Which is kind of missing the point. The point of air ride, however, is just to go as low as possible. Appealing to the young lads, but not to me in the slightest any more. I like the idea of some Öhlins coilovers at maybe 15-20mm drop on my next project. I’m in it for performance now. I watched one of those car review vlogs on YouTube recently, a tuned Audi of some sort if I remember right, and put on air ride by the previous owner. The current (early-twenties) owner - quite refreshingly - said he was going to take out the air ride for a good set of coilies. He didn’t see the point in sacrificing handling for the sake of dropping a car to the floor. So it’s not all young enthusiasts that put form before all function. But the slammed look does seem to appeal more to the younger crowd. Fair enough I say. It’s no longer to my taste. But if it’s your car, have your fun however you want to 🙂
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    New to the OC, fingers crossed you like my baby!
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    RS3 Ceramic Coated

    Decided to trade my pfl rs3 to the fl. I loved the pfl but the tech was really dated. It was the same year as my golf r but the in car tech felt much older. I picked this up yesterday, really pleased with it. It handles much better than the pfl and feels very capable on the road. The virtual cockpit is amazing, has loads of gadgets. The audi lane assist is very clever aswell. Already booked in for ceramic coating the i will look at a remap which should take it to around 480bhp from stage 1
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    R Recaro Wingbacks

    Well I got the Wingbacks I wanted but had to buy a TTRS to get them, can confirm though they are very comfy.
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    A stock R too. Just goes to show that a normal person a with or without a bit of talent (maybe 🤪) , in a stock 30K car can outrun a 150K car .... driven by an over privileged douche bag. 😜
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    I note the R had a proper gearbox too !
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    What did you do to your R today?

    Thanks to Booth11 for sorting the discount 👍
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    Tyre Sidewall

    9 - it's fine 1 - youll die but not due to the tyre (probably) 1 - you'll die but not due to the tyre unless you put it on the rear then you probably will die... (probably) 1 - you’ll die if you use the speed limiter unless it’s an R-Line (maybe) 1 - on the fence, you might be OK or you might be going to die 1 - you'll die if you use 95 ron
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    Having been comfortably at APR stage 2 since 2017 my next contemplation was “what next”? RS3 M2 Comp A45S My R is now showing 35k from new all the hardware and brakes in place for someone else to benefit if I sell unless I strip the car and sell it stock. With used values hardening up for low mileage examples with spec I would be looking to outlay an additional £20-£30k and anywhere in between. All of these cars if PCP ‘d would have to remain stock unless I cash buy or get a bank loan. Doing any track work with such vehicles as above runs risks and you’ll always find their respective weak spots requiring modifications!! So looking at sensible upgrade for my current car I was lucky enough sample a recently converted S3 which was APR stage 2 and now fitted with a TTE V4 and Ecotune software all fitted by Retro Resus VW APR / PGTI VE Cup race team engineers. The beauty of this turbo is that it uses the stock turbo housing but uprated Turbo Technics core. Which means very similar spool with little lost in low down torque. With both fuel pumps changed it’s been tuned approx 480bhp so there’s no need for forged engine parts or uprated clutch packs. My quick drive certainly surprised me how much more this turbo gives. It really pulls hard from 4K with almost stock levels of oomph below this. It is a definite step up on stage 3 with the same smooth delivery but the car feels seriously quick. So once I get my suspension upgraded further I’ll be very tempted in this and keeping the car for many years to come. I can’t see the point in shelling out double the amount my car is worth for the new kids on the block.
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    Oh what a lovely knob!

    Technically a shifter but that wouldn't make such a good title...
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